Tease and Denial Cum Easy For Some Sluts

Tease and DenialOh I love thinking back on how I would tease and denial my sweet daddy growing up. Many days, I sauntered up behind him wearing nothing but a tiny tank top and short shorts that barely covered my ass cheeks. As daddy would pretend he didn’t notice me at first, I slowly ran my hands over his chest before trailing them down towards his crotch where his huge bulge was already forming underneath his pants.

With a sly grin on my face, I started rubbing it through his pants while whispering dirty things in his ear like “Daddy has such a big fat cock” or “Do you want your little girl to suck on this?”


He would moan softly as if trying not to give away how much he loved it but every time he did that low groan it only turned me on more. Then one day when he was really worked up, I decided to take it a step further. I knelt down between his legs and started licking my lips suggestively while looking up at him with those innocent eyes of mine. “Is this what you want, Daddy?” I asked as I slowly unzipped his pants and reached inside for his throbbing cock.

I took it out carefully, stroking the length of it from base to tip as if in worship before taking it into my mouth just enough so that the head was touching the back of my throat. Then without warning, I pulled back teasingly and looked up at him with pleading eyes like some kind of fucked-up porn starlet asking for more dick. His face would turn beet red but he couldn’t resist giving in; soon enough he had me on all fours on top of him as he pounded away at my tight little cunt while moaning dirty things into my ear about how much he loved seeing me like this or how slutty their daughter had become over time. I love making daddy proud.

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