Sexy legs will spread for the money

You can make any pair of Sexy legs spread wide open for you if you have a big enough wallet. Since you want to end the year with fucking the hottie of your dreams. The more you spoil me the nastier I get. “I want to use your toes on my cock” you say as you give me my roses. “You can lick any part of me” I tease and giggle as I strip down. Then I sat on the couch.

Sexy legs

“Kiss my pretty feet and worship them” I demand of you. If I dominate you, I remind you of the bossy hottie in high school you wanted to fuck but never could. Now you can and you love knowing you can have whatever you want with me. “The way your pussy looks from this angle makes my cock rock hard” you say as you lift my feet to your mouth.

“Suck on my toes like you want to suck on my clit” I tease once again. After that you slurp my toes up while stroking your cock. Before you bust your load, I will make you lick my asshole. That is because I have an Ass fetish. If you lick my asshole, it gets my cunty really wet. You don’t mind licking me from my feet and working your way up to my ass.

After you lick my pretty ass for a bit my cunt drips down my legs. “You taste like you are ready for my cock” you say beggingly. “Claim your price and fuck my cunty” I say as I wiggle my ass for you. Therefore, you quickly jump up and start poking my wet twat with your hard sugar daddy cock. After I feel you pump your cock in my hole, I bounce my pussy back at you. I will give you the ride you have been wanting. By the end of the night, you will get all your money’s worth.

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