Exhibitionist sex is best with a partner.

Exhibitionist sex       Exhibitionist sex is best with a partner. Now I am not saying that exposing yourself in public isn’t exciting. It truly is. I for one have always gotten a rush when being naked in a public place. As long as you make sure that you don’t freeze any body parts off, I say go nuts. Err…wild. From time to time I will intentionally go to get my mail with my robe flowing, no sash, no nighty. Just the robe. Open for the neighbors to see my amazing body.

       Bend down to pick up the newspaper. Being careful not to topple over with my exceedingly large boobs. All things considered I have never considered it risqué to be naked in my own backyard. Generally speaking that is simply enjoying your own property. The neighbors don’t have to look even if I do want them too.

       In any event this why I like restaurants, galas, parks, among many other places. When there is a partner it is like I have fireworks going off in vagina. Getting all tingly and practically jumping right on the guy.

       To sum up when I fuck in public I scream and squirt. When I fuck in missionary in a house in a bed. I am as quiet as a mouse. Which one would you prefer? Join me for some really naughty fucking making a raucous or tame and quiet?

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