Teasing My Slave With My Sexy Feet

Foot fetishes


Come over here and wash my feet while I am in the bath. I want you to get them all sudsy and covered in bubbles. Don’t you just love how I wiggle my toes? How I arch my feet? How I caress one foot with the other? You are begging me to put my toes in your mouth, but you do not deserve to have my feet grace your tongue. Keep washing my beautiful feet with your hard on, desperate for my feet anywhere on your body. If you are a good little slave, I might allow you to jerk off to them while I am bathing. I want you to get between each of my cute toes, up towards my heel and take special attention to my ankles. You are lucky to be allowed to touch my feet. You are lucky to even be in the same room as my feet. I bet if I rubbed my feet on your face right now you would cum in your pants. Let me find out. 

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