The Sissy Switch: When Roles Reverse

 Sissy maid training

I stood beside my husband, watching our guest, his eyes downcast, anticipating my instructions. The role reversal was a thrilling twist, as I, the sissy trainer, prepared to transform another man into a submissive slave.

The sight of my husband’s chiseled physique, contrasted by the submissive male’s slender frame, ignited my desires. I began the training, my voice firm and commanding.

The submissive’s eyes widened as I presented him with a skimpy maid’s outfit, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment. I ordered him to change while my husband and I shared a mischievous glance.

The new sissy emerged, his small cock peeking out from the lacy maided panties. I smiled, relishing my power, as he blushed, aware of his humbling situation.

I made him work for his pleasure, starting with some cuckold fantasy roleplay. I had him clean the entire house—vacuuming, dusting, and mopping—with his tongue and tiny sissy hands.

Then came the moment I’d been waiting for. I straddled the submissive’s face, forcing him to worship my husband’s and my cunts. He licked and sucked, his nose buried in our steaming folds, as we moaned in delight.

But the true test was yet to come.

I instructed him to take a huge dildo, penetrating his willing ass, while we watched, masturbating to his humiliating performance.

He pleaded for more, and I granted his wish, riding him hard, dominating his body as my husband cheered me on.

The night ended with us satisfied, the sissy remains a quivering mess, and I, proud of my sissy training skills.

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