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Domination phone sex

I was recently promoted in my job to parole officer. I was just an aide but took the tests and now here I am. It’s been about 6 months give or take, but I’m starting to find the best parts of this career choice. The endless and I mean endless parade of the horniest fucking men ever and seriously, some of the most chiseled bodies a woman like me loves to devour.

I don’t care what you look like or what you did, the only thing you HAVE to do, is make me cum. Yes, that is what I said. All my parolees have to fuck me and make me cum, or I revoke them back to prison. Most don’t complain, go figure. I think my career is off to a great “fucking” start though, and I have a feeling my pussy is going to be always satisfied in one way or another. What would you do as my parolee?

What would you do?

Naughty neighbor porn

What would you do… If we were neighbors and I was in my bedroom walking around naked, windows wide open. Would you just stand and stare or would you have to balls to come over? Knock on my door, tell me you’ve been watching me and show me your big hard cock. I have yet to experience that. I so much want someone to have that kind of confidence, knowing I won’t turn a nice hard cock down. And I definitely don’t want a hard cock to go down either! Just come and tell me you need to fuck me, fuck me hard, and fuck me now. Don’t hold back, I won’t say no, I’m not a prude like the other women you might know. My pussy is for fucking, come on baby…fuck me.

New Car Itch

best phone sexI went shopping for a new Audi today, and I saw her sitting on the showroom floor and knew immediately that she would be mine. That must be how men feel about women most of the time, and in a way this car was my girl, too. Though I didn’t need to drive it to knw that I wanted the car, the sales person insisted that we go for a drive. As I drove along, I noticed that his eyes were glued to my legs. I had on a short dress and heels. You know, I had been so focused on the car that I didn’t even realize how hot this guy was. Once I realized it, though, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting it on with him. I wanted to do it right then and there. So, I pulled over and when he asked me how I liked it, I leaned over and kissed him. It was hot and heavy immediately so I unzipped his pants and climbed into the passenger seat sitting on his lap, and riding his cock till we both exploded. It felt really good to be spontaneous like that, and I ended up getting a great deal on my girl.

The Best Phone Sex, Right Here, Right Now

best phone sex

I am sophisticated, and I am hot so it’s no wonder I ended up on this website. I ooze sex, I love doing it, talking about it, the smell of it, the taste. When I walk into a room, I turn heads and I enjoy everything about that. I keep my body in tip top shape so that I can have my choice of men. It’s worked to my advantage, as I have several FWB that are much younger than me and last for hours in bed. On the phone, I have many FWB also, customers who call in daily, every other day or weekly because we hit it off and get off together. It’s the perfect relationship really, if you think about it. Two dollars per minute for the nastiest, dirtiest sex slave you can own for your time together, and when we are done, I go away until you are ready to talk again. No questions asked, just a horny hot lady ready to phone fuck you. Call me tonight and see what the fuss is all about.

My Shrink Got Hard

mature phone sex

While I do phone sex therapy, I also see a shrink of my own. I just started with a new one, and I am so glad that I did! He was hot, and his eyes bore right through me from the moment that we saw each other. While laying on his couch, with my pencil skirt and low cut blouse, I began telling him about my line of work. Guess I turned him on because when I looked over at him, he was sitting there with a tent pole in his pants. I thought, what the hell, and just reached up under my skirt and started masturbating as I talked about some of the sexy calls that I had received. Pretty soon he was stroking his cock as he watched me and I asked him if he would like to fuck. Without a word, he got up, pushed up my skirt and moved my panties to the side. He gave it to me hard and fast and I had such a good time, I booked another appointment for tomorrow.

Spreading the holiday cheer

cuckold phone sex

I went to a holiday party the other night that turned into a cuckolding fuck fest. The hosts of the party were a sexy couple, but apparently the husband had a fairly small cock and liked to watch his wife get fucked by men with large cocks. There were plenty there, as I saw several men hammer fucking her right out in the open while he watched. It made for a very sexually charged atmosphere, my pussy was super wet and I couldn’t wait to get my hands and pussy on one of those big hard-ons. As I sipped my drink and watched, I was approached by a good looking man who must have liked my look because he was eye fucking me from the moment that he sat down. In the spirit of the exhibitionist sex going on in the room, we made out and began our own game of hide the sausage for everyone to watch. I do enjoy people watching me as I fuck, it turns me on that much more.

Cum check out my pretty feet

best phone sex

There is nothing like the look of a beautiful set of feet. Take mine, for example. I keep them well manicured and always with a fresh application of coconut oil. The oil keeps them smooth and silky, and they smell and taste good. Ive been thinking about doing some foot modeling, and I love wearing heels anyway so, it wouldn’t be like work.

When my new friend, “D” called today and wanted to talk about his foot fetish, I was intrigued. Hearing about what turns people on really gets me off. I like the idea of body part worship and feet are so crazy sexy. The higher the heel the better, I always say. D likes to lick and smell women’s shoes, and touches himself as he does that. Seems pretty hot to me, and do I ever have a closet full of beautiful shoes to wear for my men with foot fetishes, stockings too. Call me today and lets talk about how rock hard your cock gets while looking at my feet.

Can’t Wait

best phone sex

I wake up sometimes so fucking horny I just know I’m going to get some no matter what I have to do to get it. I went to the gym just looking for the first hot and horny guy to take advantage of. I saw this guy that I see there regularly and he is always eyeing me. I decided to make my move and invite him into the steam room with me. Once the room got really steamy, I would make my way to his cock and suck it until he came so deep in my fucking mouth! After exiting the steam room, I would get him hard again in the showers. I would bend over for him so that he could fuck me from behind. Ramming me hard, he makes me scream and others at the gym come over to investigate and want a piece of their own. They line up there in the showers and each take their turn fucking me hard.

I Want To Phone Fuck You

best phone sex

With my soothing, sultry voice I can take you to a place in your head better than your own fantasies. I’ll draw the cum right out of your balls with my soft murmurs and moans. Sometimes you just need a break from the stress of everyday life, a GFE experience like no other. I’m just the girl for you and within seconds of talking to you, will know exactly what it will take to get you off. I’m a professional and do enjoy my job. Hearing a guy cum at the other end of the line is so hot, it never gets old, and I love it. I’m good at it too, call me with your fantasies, and if you are into roleplaying, there is no one better in the business! I’m the type of girl that loves sex, everything about it, and I certainly love talking about it and getting off with you. Let’s relieve some stress together, call me today and cum with me.

Poker Party Prize

mature phone sex

I went to a poker game last night in which I was the prize. It was fun sitting there watching the guys play, sweating and watching me, thinking about how good it would be to have me later that night. I’m not going to lie, it was exciting for me too. I looked at each one of them and thought about what they would be like in bed. Who would be best, biggest, etc. I learned long ago; however, not to judge a book by its cover so I just sat back and let things play out. Once in awhile, I would get up and walk around, bending over and showing off my tits and ass as often as possible. When Mike finally won, I was happy that it was finally over, and even more pleased that it was him who won. Mike was tall and fit, and had an intense gaze that made me think that he would be equally as intense in bed. Boy, was I right! He was very gentle and nervous at first, but I encouraged him to be rough and get into it and he certainly did.

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