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Edging phone sex

Edging phone sexGrab your cock baby, for some edging phone sex, I’m going to take you on the ride of your life. I want you to start slowly, stroking your cock up and down. Your dick will be throbbing, and those balls will be hanging low by the time I’m finished with you. Are you ready to be cock controlled by a real woman? I love hearing your voice strain as you force yourself not to blow that load. The pleasure and pain that is to come knowing how badly you need to cum, but only being allowed to do what I say. Who owns that cock? “You do mistress,” very good slave. Now take that cock and squeeze the head, hard! Use your pre-cum to make it all slick, just like my wet pussy. Doesn’t that feel good? Now take your hands off. You can feel the throbbing as the cum tightens and swells in your balls. This is the part where I tell you exactly how I want you to stroke that cock as I guide your masturbation. I’m going to push you to your limits, and then some. You are so close, aren’t you? Take your hands off, stop touching that pathetic man meat. I haven’t granted you permission yet! You won’t cum until I say that you can. I could tease you for as long as I like, and deny you all together, if I see fit. Sweet release, maybe. We will just have to see how good you obey your mistress, won’t we? Does edging phone sex turn you on. Does having me control your cock make it even harder? Call me so I can tease you, deny you and finally reward you with sweet release, if I feel like it.

Tease and Denial

Tease and Denial Tease and Denial is one of my favorite fetishes. All my sugar daddies say I’m just a big dick tease *giggles*. So, come here big man and show this spoiled princess what you’re working with. Oh my, what a nice, juicy, cock, all the better for me to suck it. But I’m not going to suck it. I’m just going to lick the head a little with my soft, wet tongue. Wow look at him grow. Maybe I should set on that engorged rod, with my rack right in your face. But I wouldn’t be teasing you if I gave you what you want, now would I? I’m going to Lick it like a big old lollipop until he’s rock-hard and throbbing in my hand. I want you begging me, for my warm mouth so you can feel it on that swollen meat stick. Your balls will start to ache and feel heavy. Those loins will burn with heat so hot you’ll think you’re going to melt. You’ll be putty in my hands. Once I have you on your knees begging me for release. I’ll stick my little rose bud right in your face and demand you rim it good for me. You better not touch that cock or else, no nookie for you. I’ll make you leave with blue balls if you test me. Does tease and denial sound like fun to you? Well give your posh princess a call and let me torture you with a little edging. If you’re good and obedient for me, I might let you cum on my boobs.


Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexDo you like to be Cuckold phone sex? Whoever said size doesn’t matter has never fucked a huge cock like my friend Ray’s. I have been obsessed with big cock. Probably because when my cherry was popped by  Ray, as a teen, his 9-inch long 2-inch thick, ruined this cunt for anything small. So, when I met my husband and he had a 4-inch dick, I was like no fucking way can I marry you, But he was loaded and know that a hot bitch like me deserves only the best, and that includes big, hard, throbbing dick. So, I am married now, and I am what you call a cuckolding wife. I fuck whom I want, when I want, and my husband either gets to join in on the fun or sit at home alone and rub his little clit. He is well trained of course. He knows how to find hot guys with big dicks for me; how to prepare me properly for my special dates; how to fluff your cock and how to clean me up after you fuck me good and leave him a nice fat load behind. Would you like to be my cuckold? Lick the cum out of my hot pussy or suck some cock to get it ready to enter my tight cunt or ass? Call me, Valerie the Cuckolding wife and me and my Bull will put you in your place, sissy.


Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSo, you like small penis humiliation from a sassy bitch like me? Well you’ve came to the right place sissy boy. What you got there? An itty, bitty, little dicky? Looks more like a clit. I’m not sure what you think I can do with that tiny thing. The only thing that little tad pole is good for is giving me a good laugh, lol. I have a feeling that’s why you’re here, so I can tell you just how pathetic that minuscule thing is and laugh my ass off. Boys with tiny cocks like yours are good for one thing, and one thing only, being laughed at. Okay, maybe you’re good for being used, too. I could have you fluff some Bulls for me and tell you to be a good boy and get it hard. I might even make you bend over for a good pounding from one of those BBC’s. You know you want it deep inside that boy pussy. Fucking you hard while you try to pump that tiny peter with two fingers. I love it when my little cock sucking sluts call me to be degraded.


Small dick humiliation. Needle dick.

Small dick humiliation

Small Dick Humiliation will put the pencil penis men in their places. Look at this needle dick loser lucky enough to be getting sucked by this cutie. He can barely get erect even when he is being sucked by such a beautiful girl. What the fuck is his problem!?! At least she doesn’t have to worry about choking or gaging or all the things I love about sucking a huge piece of manmeat.

Do you dare compare your feeble little pecker to the big thick cock of my Russian boyfriend? You better get on your knees. Be the inferior sissy bimbo we know you are. Demonstrate you know your place in this world. I’ll strap-on my massive Russian-sized dildo cock. Then shove that larger than life sized latex dick all the way down your wimp bitch throat during our Femdom phone sex.

I get super fuckin horny and crazy feeling when I think about how much pleasure your pain and discomfort will bring me. You do agree of course that all your good for is being a skidmark on the underpants of life right!?! You get that right my little submissive!?! You know that right!?! Well if there is any doubt, just call me, I will remind you very quickly of your place, your little inch worm clittys place and where and when you will serve me.

Lucky for you, my new Russian boyfriend has a fetish that I can relate to. He loves loves loves to laugh at and humiliate little teeny weeny, shrimp dicked, vienna sausage dicked mother fuckers just like you. So line up to serve you small cocked MFers, get in the que then call Valerie for your turn to get your zitdick out and coat it with spit so you can tug it while we use and abuse your tic tac dicked ass. Cocksucking phone sex is one of my specialties for sure, just ask my cuckold hubby.

Small dick humiliation

Forced feminization To A Glory Hole

Forced feminization


Forced Feminization is a way to make Miss Valerie get wet between her legs. It seems forcing a man into submission is one of the latest, greatest kinks for horny guys. Rose is so excited about how many Sissies I have talked to since returning.

You girlie boi pussy holes are all so sexy and fun to play with. I just got off the phone with Philip. I am in the midst of forcing him to the glory hole no no that’s not right. I’m forcing her to the glory hole during Domination phone sex.

I instruct her to dress in white stockings, a garter, and a very short mini skirt. She’ll take her coat off as soon as she walks into the store. Greet everyone in the store and the cashier with the most feminine voice she can muster and then head to the back where the true fun will begin.

She’ll swallow at least three loads of cum from above average sized cocks before she can leave. Then she’ll call me back and tell me all about it while I punish her for being such a dirty slut. “Every time I leave there I have cum on my face and hair and the guy at the front smiles and tells me to cum back soon. I feel so dirty and used Mistress.” Femdom phone sex is a dirty sport.


Cuckold phone sex for U

Cuckold phone sex

Cuckold phone sex is not for the faint at heart. Not only am I a sexy, hot MILF who loves everything dirty and fun. I’m also a cock sucking slut who has an insatiable hunger for a huge hunk of man meat. This bitch can’t get enough of it. I know I’m happily married, but my husband does not have enough to satisfy me. I need at least eight inches long and at least three inches fat. That’s minimum that I want to satisfy my hunger.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. When you look and act as sexy as I do, you should get what you want. But my hubby can not provide that to me, not even close. I fell in love with him before I knew how small he was. I tried to end it, but he had EVERYTHING else I loved in my man. I couldn’t shake himso I started having Fantasy phone sex.

Ever since the first time a cock touched my lips, at a young age, I knew it would be a huge part of my life. I had to have it. I soon started sampling all kinds of cock. It didn’t matter, as long as my mouth was full of dick and creamy cum to swallow, I was happy. But the more I tasted and sucked, the more I wanted bigger and bigger and harder and rougher. Before long, I was searching for size, I was measuring men up by how much Cum on boobs I got. Call and I’ll tell you all about things…..


Exhibitionist sex In the Shadows

Exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex has always made me curious. Everywhere I go, especially when I am out at night, jumping from spot to spot, I watch for couples having sex. The few I have been lucky enough to catch were very hot, erotic scenes. One was right out of that movie Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise and Nicole type people, madly embracing, touching and grinding while they kissed so deeply. I almost went to them, I wanted to touch their faces, kiss them and taste them. When I think back about it, I do go to them, I do join in and it is outstanding.

I’ve seen some Great blowjobs when I caught horny people having public sex. Girls just love to show off when they are sucking their man’s big hard cock out in public. If someone does see them, they want to be doing a real good job. I thought one girl was going to come over and take my mans cock out when she saw us watching her. Horny bitch just didn’t care. All she wanted was big hard cock down her throat. My boyfriend was so wound up when we got home, we fucked for hours, very hard pounding fucking, very erotic!

There are a lot of Sexy hot women out there having sex in the shadows. My boyfriend says I’m like a fuck magnet, I’m drawn to people having sex in public. So keep your eyes wide open when you are out in the shadows.

Sissy humiliation. My Sissy Pets

Sissy humiliation

Sissy humiliation is something I share with only the kinkiest of men. My pets fantasize about having a group of women dress them up like a total slut. Take them out to the local bar and later make them perform various dirty sex acts? Some just like to wear their wife’s silky panties and bra around the house while admiring themselves in the mirror. Most all sissies I know love nothing better than putting on a pair of high heels, laying on their back, pulling those panties to the side and getting the wonderful ass fucking that they deserve and crave. Wait, should I call it ass fucking or should I say mangina fucking? Forced crossdressing will lead to you wanting that tight fuck hole of yours pounded and pounded good. Maybe you are a closet panty boy and you need me and my girlfriends to bring the sissy out of you in a big way. There are various degrees of feminization, sissification, and crossdressing.

I have callers that have been crossdressing for many years. Deep down some of them want to fulfill their dream of crossing over and becoming a full transgender female. You deserve to treat yourself and give in to your desires because you work so hard and you only live once. I know you close your eyes and recall how good it feels to slide on those sleek, silky garments, how hot it made you feel to slip your feet into a strappy pair of sexy high heel shoes. So what are you waiting for? Get dressed up and call me! Or even better don’t get dressed. Call me to dress you up! It is so much more fun to get off with someone who understands your every need during Roleplay phone sex.

I offer the best Sissy, Crossdressing, Transgender Phone Sex Around!


Sissy Humiliation for Splenda Daddies

sissy humiliationI am a sexy woman. I have standards when it comes to cock size. Look at me? I am a sophisticated hottie to the max. This dude I met on a sugar daddy site completely lied. He was a Splenda daddy instead. No money and to make matters worse, no cock. He didn’t get my pussy. He got sissy humiliation instead. I denied him. I was about to slam the door on his face when he showed up to pick me up in a Prius. I was like what the fuck? Do I look like I ride in a Prius? I am sports and luxury car worthy. He tried to scam me again with the I am so beautiful crap that it made him desperate to go out with me. I shut that shit down too. I asked him if he had a big dick. I knew there was no way that he did. He was a broke ass loser. He tried to claim that he did, but it was a shrimp’s tail. No bigger than my pinky finger. I lashed in on him with some of my best humiliation slams ever. I gave him a pair of my panties and slammed the door in his face once I eviscerated him. The nerve of some men. To pose as a rich sugar daddy with a big dick to get in my panties. As if I would ever let a loser fuck me.

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