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Fucking in church

Fantasy phone sexWho knew that church could be so fun? The hubby and I go to this new church every Sunday. It’s a laid back, come-as-you-are kinda place and everyone is friendly. I just didn’t know how friendly.

I decided to wear a proper black mini skirt topped with a white silk blouse that showed my cleavage off, topped with a cute black blazer. I added black pumps and a spritz of something delicious. You have to understand. We are used to the looks. I’ve been married to my husband since I was a young girl. He is much, much older than me and yes he is quite wealthy. He has a huge penis but it barely works so he encourages me to get side cock and share with him. It’s the only way he can cum.

Anyway, I was getting appreciative looks from the ushers all the way down to the choirboys. A lot of husbands got elbowed, too. But I caught those smiles.

The preacher walked by and whispered to me. “Meet me in my office after service.”

I walked in to find him looking a bit flushed. “Mrs. Robinson. People are saying you are dressing too provocatively for this church. It upsets the wives.” I moved closer. “Don’t you like what you see, preacher.” He seemed to flinch. “Maybe you need to pray the evil out of me. Tell Satan to leave me alone.”  I sat on his desk, parting my legs. I reached for his hand and placed it against my panties.

We fucked hard right there in his office, cheating on his wife and before the almighty. He began screaming as his cum boiled, bursting into my waiting cunt. “Deliver me from evil, Lord. Take this demon from me.” I giggled. I think he really meant semen. We shall see. Next time I will hold the bible while he fucks me. Or maybe I’ll just crawl under the pulpit and give him a blowjob as he tries to preach.

It’s your lucky day in the neighborhood.

Erotic roleplayingLife is like a carousel of cocks for a  hungry slut like me. My husband knows that I’m a Erotic roleplaying nympho and he asked me today if I needed more meat. He’s old and can’t get it up much anymore but he loves having a trophy wife like me on his arm. I brag about his big, virile cock to his friends but wouldn’t  they be shocked if they knew the real story.

My husband loves being a cuck. Do you? He loves for me to invite the neighbors over for some fun. He likes watching or even listening to me fuck. The only rule is that I have to do it bareback and save the cum for him.

Sometimes we do dares. He’ll dare me to fuck the plumber or the pizza boy. I love a challenge almost as much as I love cock. I’ll dress up in a short skirt and heels. I have to say that I almost get my cock needs fulfilled. What man would refuse the chance for an illicit quickie with a married woman. I’ve only met one and he was gay. So I fucked him instead and let my hubs come in his mouth. We always have such a good time.

Fucking the computer repairman.

roleplay phone sexThe best roleplay phone sex involves fucking total strangers. I always see the UPS man, the pizza boy and the plumber as fair game for some dick. My latest sex victim was the young hottie who came to fix my computer. I was expecting some homely nerd to show up. Oh, I planned to seduce the poor little virgin. Cum is cum. But when he arrived, he was a gorgeous hottie sporting a very nice bulge. Good thing I was dressed for the occasion in a short skirt and no panties. My husband had even set up a camera so he could watch me in action. That really got me off.

The young man was very professional. He barely seemed to notice the charms I had poking in his face. He fixed my problem in minutes. “Is there anything else I can help you with, ma’am?” he smiled.

“Just one tiny problem.” I purred. “I need an upgrade to my hard drive.” “Do you have a virus?” he countered. “How rude.” I giggled. “I just need defragged and you seem to be just the man to do it.” I stroked the outside of his slacks, feeling his cock harden.

My cuckold husband and I spent the evening watching his little video of me and the repairman fucking like mice over the keyboard. Every time the tech spurted his load into me, my hubby blew another load all over himself. I love having the best of both worlds. All the cock I want and a spouse who loves it too. He licked every drop of that leftover cum out of my juicy slit.

Like a good neighbor, Valerie is here.

cocksucking phone sexCocksucking phone sex is more than a skill. It takes a bold woman to take all the neighborhood cock like I do and be this proud of it.  I love cock. Small cock, big cock, fat cock, skinny cock, old or young. It really doesn’t matter as long as I can show off my skills and make those boners rise.

I’m proud of my cocksucking skills. Let’s just say that I’m a neighborhood favorite. I’ve broken in both fathers and sons. Some may call me slutty but so what? They are mostly jealous bitches who can’t satisfy their men. If these wives, would suck those cocks and lick some assholes, the men would keep it at home.

When you show up here needing some tongue service, I jump on that dick. And guess what? My husband doesn’t mind. He’s a cuck who lives to hear my stories and suck your sperm from my heated cunt. He and I love it this way. His cock only gets up when I tell him how big yours is, how you moaned when I touched it, and how it gagged me just a little. Come see me and I’ll share your story here too so others like him can jerk off for us.

The new Lawn boy

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying always make me think of how naughty of a neighbor I can be. I am known in this hood as the married lady who loves to fuck. It’s what I love best. And my old husband loves to do clean-up duty. I swear he knows the taste of every man in this cul-de-sac. Seriously, he can suck my pussy and say “Mmmmm, I love the taste of Tyler’s cum.” Yep, he is a cum connoisseur. Once in awhile I will fuck someone new to throw him off. He will roll that cum around on his tongue like fine wine.

I got that chance today. A young man knocked on my door offering to mow my yard. I usually mow it myself, half naked to make the husbands drool and piss off the fat wives. But he was smoking hot. He named a fair price and got busy. I quickly changed into something easy to access. A short sundress with no bra. When he finished I invited him in for a drink. I bent over to get my purse, exposing my waxed little pussy. I heard his sharp intake of breath. “Oh sweetie. I almost forgot your tip.” I kissed him right on the lips and fondled his growing member.  He didn’t protest so I pulled down his zipper.

Let’s just say that I tip very well for good service. That lawn boy was packing some serious fuck meat. A good neighbor should always follow the golden rule. We were both smiling when he left. I told him to stop back in another week and trim my bushes.

Like a good neighbor…..

Naughty neighbor phone sexThere’s always that Naughty neighbor phone sex freak. No matter where you move, just ask around and you will find her. That innocent looking soccer mom, that kindly grandma, the lady goes to church every Sunday wearing funny hats. And me, the one who married an old fart for his money but has to deal with his shriveled old cock. We all have pussies and if you just picked up on the clues, you could have any of us.

I’ve been thinking about inviting these deprived ladies over for a drink some night. But I want a special treat for them. Some hard young cock to blow the cobwebs out of their pussies. I get turned on at the thought of you making them suck cock. Will they be ashamed or will they gobble it like they are starving.

Don’t worry. I’ll help you. I’m such a voyeur and I love watching other people fuck. Let’s show them the ropes, boys. I’ll spread my legs wide open and be your girlfriend. Once they see that meatstick going in and out of my shaved box, they will be jumping on for a ride too. I’ll even lick them clean when you are done with them. This aint no Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. 

Teasing the Neighbor

mutual masturbation storiesI hope this leads to some hot mutual masturbation stories. My neighbor likes to sit out on his porch and watch me mow the lawn or wash my car.  He’s always out there staring at me. The way his wife glares at me, I know it pisses her off. That makes me want to do it more. I wear the tiniest little bikini, leaning way over to scrub the rims. I make the lather fly, looking up to shoot him a wink now and then. Why don’t you come over here and give me a hand? I bet you have something that needs a good lathering too. I know that whiny bitch of yours can’t give you a hand wash like this. I hear her yelling at you for looking at me. It gives me a sudden urge to pull out your cock and give you a spit shine right here in this driveway.

You’re smiling now as if you’re reading my mind. I bend down, pick up the hose and let the water soak the front of my shirt. You can see my nipples for sure. Why don’t you come over here and do something about it?


The therapist in IN..and out.

phone sex therapyYour wife was telling me over coffee that you’ve been having a little erectile dysfunction problem. She said that your poor little dickie just can’t cut the mustard anymore. I suggested some phone sex therapy.

What she doesn’t know is that you’ve been giving me all of your sperm. Oh yes. As soon as she leaves to go sit for your daughters brats, you head over to my place. I welcome you with open arms and open legs. You may be old and gray but that fat cock gives me a thrill. You look like a kindly grandpa but wasn’t I thrilled to find out that you had skills in bed. You fuck me so much better than my husband does.

I feel kinda bad for your wife though. I even gave her a new vibrator for her birthday and suggested that she find some young dick. Meanwhile, I am teaching you all kinds fo things that she never did for you. Like licking the tender underside of your balls. Or your puckered hole. Or the way I tickle that prostate when I need you to cum just one more time for me. This is some good therapy. If you are older and need some special attention, I’m here for you, too.

That one neighbor…

sensual phone sexSome women just get sensual phone sex. There’s an art to being classy-trashy. It’s not about cursing and being crude. It’s a slow sexy build up that leaves you wanting more. That’s the way I love phone sex.

I’ve been your neighbor for years. You’re a lot older than me and I’m guessing that by all of the grandbrats hanging out, that you aren’t getting your needs met.  I guess with your wife getting older, those balls aren’t getting emptied regularly. You better use it before you lose it, daddy.

I saw you hanging out in the yard while I was washing my car. I smiled at you and walked into my garage. You followed me, pushing me against my work bench, kissing me. I put my finger to my lips. “Ssssshhhh.” as I dropped to my knees and unzipped your pants. I took just the head of your cock into my mouth, slowly teasing you. I cupped your balls, feeling their fullness and need. I took your poor old penis to the hilt, then looked up at you with big blue eyes. “You taste so good, daddy.” I purred. I feel your hands stroking my hair as I pull a load of creamy cum from your dick. Your whole body shudders with pleasure. “Thank you, sweetie.” I hear you whisper as you walk away, your silver hair making feel like I did something good. I know you will be back. Even classic cars run like new ones with the right lubrication. I have a feeling you just got an STP Gas treatment.  You just need a little tune-up now. Hurry back, sexy. My engine is purring….

I dreamed about being in Oz.

Erotic roleplayingI had this sexy dream that  I was Erotic roleplaying in the Wizard of Oz. It seemed so real that I woke up with wet panties. Ever since I was a girl, I fantasized about how I would play Dorothy in the movie.

My Dorothy would be sweet but slutty. She would wear thong panties and her skirt would blow up in the wind, flashing everyone. The tin man with his shiny cock would get this pussy first.  I’d rust that tin can for sure and then give him some KY to lubricate himself with. Next ,I’d unstuff that scarecrow  fast and hard and leave his straw soaking wet.  I’d be cumming like a tornado.

Who’s afraid of the wicked witch? I’d lick that pussy until she melted into a puddle and she’d be the smiley witch.

OMG, I’m such a dirty girl to make a brat’s movie into a sexual fantasy. And that damn wizard and his smoke and mirrors tricks? I’d fuck him all the way back to Kansas. Give me any innocent tale and let me make it into something sexy and naughty for you.




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