BDK’s babes

sexy legsLena came over to tell me all about her fantastic weekend with BDK. I know we had a blast last time the three of us hung out but hearing about all the adventures they have been on and all about that yummy anaconda had me wanting and an encore. I couldn’t stop thanking lena enough for introducing me to royalty. No one compares to our beloved BDK. He is the king of kings, and he sure knows how to keep his girls happy.  I loved watching Lena grab that big anaconda and start deepthroating it like a good girl.  It’s such an honor to be in the presence of true royalty a true living legend. We have it all with our BDK. Meeting Papi king has been just about the best thing ever. I always find myself rubbing my cunny thinking about that beautiful cock and Lena too. We can’t thank our king enough. Everything about him is perfect.

sexy chicks

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