Foot fetishes made him my bitch!

foot fetishesThis pathetic little bitch boy is a slave for my feet, he is literally obsessed with them and will do anything I tell him to do as long as I let him worship my feet in the end. Today tho I took it further than I ever have before… today I made him a bitch… literally! He was whining and begging to be allowed to touch my feet, acting like a whiny little girl so I decided to actually make him a girl! I forced him to take a bath and shave off all that ugly man hair and when he was finished I dressed him like a slut. Then we did hair and makeup and suddenly my lil foot fetish bitch looked like a total whore! I wasn’t gonna waste that look so I invited over several of my girlfriends and made him suck and fuck every single one of their strap on dicks. He cried and bitched and begged to be allowed to touch our feet but no one allowed it until every one of us had a turn gaping open his lil man pussy. He was so excited at that point that he literally came on my feet the first time he touched them… pathetic, don’t you think?


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  1. Frank

    I’m obsessed with those pretty feet too!

  2. Myron

    I will worship those beautiful feet

  3. Laurel

    Let me suck on those perfect feet!

  4. Greg

    OMG I want to cum on your feet.

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