Forced crossdressing sissy hubby

Forced crossdressing

I love to make my husband crossdress. He acts humiliated but I know he really loves it. How do I know? He gets hard when I tell him to put panties and a bra for his day.

I enjoy making him mash his cock outside of the panties and jerk off while telling me what a good girl he is. Last week I made him go fill my car with gasoline and he had to wear a tank top, you could see the bra clearly under the fabric. I thought it was hilarious, he did not, but he also knows better than to anger me with protesting. I’m not sure what I am going to have him do today. Maybe he will have to go to the grocery store and buy me feminine products, and when the sissy gets back…I’m going to throw what he bought in the garbage and let him know it was just for my own kicks.

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