Get More Addicted

Phone humiliationThat’s right, get more addicted to me. Every part of me is perfect, but you already know this, don’t you loser?! Big lips, big tits and a big juicy ass, let’s have some wild and dirty phone sex so that you can beg to play with every sensual inch of me! I’ve put so many boys under my spell, my ass rules you! I know that your pathetic cock is getting all twisted up just thinking about me and all of my sexy goodness! I love having domination over you and watching how you’re weak at the knees while you worship me! I live a high-end lifestyle so you fucking better be able to keep up and please me exactly how I want to be pleased! Beg to pay me, beg some more, send me as much as you have, serve me, send some more! It’s really that simple and that’s all you’re good for anyways! You’re the luckiest loser around to even be able to talk to me! Contributing to my perfect life makes your life worthwhile. I love humiliating you in the best of ways!

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