Puppy penance

Sissy humiliation

What makes something humiliating is subjective to the person being humiliated. At least that is my take on it. My sissy hubby can’t even grill a steak right, so I’m the one that does the grilling. So I make him sit next to the patio door on all fours waiting for his meat like a good little pup.
Once the meat is done he gets so excited wagging his little pup butt and drooling. This time he tinkled all over the carpet in excitement, I was so pissed! I walked him over to the spot he soiled and made him lick the puddle up. He whimpered and cried, but I rolled up a newspaper and he knew exactly what that meant, a smack on his little pup dick.
Meal time he sits next to my chair waiting for me to cut him little scraps of meat. Sometimes I will toss it a little to make him run after it, which is pretty funny considering people aren’t meant to walk on all fours. Sometimes I will just toss it on the floor or let him take a piece from my fingers. Only if he’s a good boy does he get to get under the table and lick the pack leader’s pussy.  Definitely, don’t want crabby pack leader pussy.

Phone humiliation

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