Sexy BabeI had the BEST call today! Roy had been deployed for 9 months. On a ship. No women! Could you imagine??? No sex for 9 months???? I felt so bad for him. And I could hear the longing in his voice. I could hear the lust! And I could hear his hand stroking his cock! So hard and fast! I started telling him how wet my pussy was. How much I wanted his cock inside me. How badly I needed his dick! Begging Roy to shoot his load deep inside me! I could hear Roy was close to cumming. And so was I! Love playing with myself. It is so fucking hot hear the cock being stroked! Knowing I am about to make a man shoot his load everywhere! It is so hot! I started cumming so loud. And that pushed Roy right over the edge. Man I love my job! I get to be the biggest whore ever. And I make so many men happy doing it!

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