Seattle Rain Storms

sexy babe anabelleIt was the middle of the storm and as usual it was raining in Seattle the patter of the rain hit my face as I headed for my car and caught the phone as I smiled at the number. Raising my voice to an octave whisper I smiled and answered the call wanting nothing more than to duck in the car and be alone with the thought of you. My pussy was wrenching from just the baritone of your voice and the smile in your face when you said you had been thinking of me all day. You couldn’t wait to get to me and so I slipped in the car to hear you as the rain from the outside pelted the car.  Closing the car door, I got comfortable in my seat and prepared myself for the wild ride you always took me on during our phone conversations.
Pulling my hair from behind my ear I listened to you tell me how to place my hands  above my waist. You begin to tell me to move as my lover would and I began to brush my nipples and tempting the aching flesh until my cheeks burned from the need to have you go further. Unbuttoning my shirt I played with my navel and slowly worked my way down to the aching need to go further. And further you were going you wanted me to undo my skirt and I did so willingly thinking of nothing  but to put my finger in my aching pussy and pull  you closer to me on the phone. You told me your cock ached for my youthful fruit and you wanted to shove your dick in me but you wanted to turn over and have me eat your incurving asshole. Spreading your cheeks and kissing your innerlining bliss of life that wanted to show. I wanted so much to turn you over and spill your seed on my aching lips. But.. Call me what are you waiting for I want to tell you the rest.

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