Sexy Babe Serves up Christmas Dinner

Sexy babeJoin me for Christmas dinner? I’ve got a lovely, succulent turkey, seasoned up just right. I can lay a slice across one breast as I scoop some mashed potatoes and gravy onto the other one. I can already see the gravy dribbling over the sides and down my breast to the valley between them both, leaving a red trail where the warmth touches. I have some delicious cornbread dressing that you can nibble off of my stomach, and a green bean casserole that you can tongue out of my belly button. I can even put a dollop of cranberry sauce on or with any of these. And the crème de la crème? I have a lovely sweet potato pie that I can lay just at the very top of my cunt, and I can drench it in whipped cream, letting the cream work its way down onto my lady lips, down between them, and onto my clit. I would like nothing better than a tongue bath from you as you enjoy your entire meal, before we fuck like animals.

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