Sexy babe who enjoys Italian sausages

Sexy babeSexy babe looking for a good fuck. I got so many responses on my favorite hook up app. The one that really caught my eye was a mechanic about 20 miles from me. I was away from Southern California and In NYC with my husband for his meetings. I was staying in our east coast home. I didn’t know the area what so ever.

I was not thrilled nor was I comfortable with the distance. For one I didn’t know the area well at all. Secondly, I just needed cock as fast as I could get it. I didn’t want to get lost driving from New York to Jersey.

Seeing the cute guy’s pics made me want to take a chance. I took down the info from the hot Italian guy in his late 20’s. I read his description and flipped through some pictures. He had a ton of pics with other co-workers they were all so handsome and all in mechanic uniform. That’s what got me those tall dark handsome men.

Another reason I decided to chance it was because I knew that the possibility of getting more than one cock was very high in this scenario. I knew I could make some horny mechanics really happy.

So I went and took the drive.  I got there pretty quick. I didn’t get lost to my surprise. Thank goodness for 2017 technology.

I drove to the shop like I was on a mission. I pretty much was. I had a hot black number and heels to match. The guys were all very excited to see a hot thing like me walk by.

I quickly spotted the guy from the app. Introduced my self and I could tell he was very impressed. His name was Joey he was 29 and he was total eye candy.

He wasn’t shy at all he quickly introduced me to his dad who owned the shop and his cousins.

It was a family-owned business. What I loved the most was that there was no bitch wives around and no female presence. It was all about to be all about me. Just how I love it too. They made me feel so good giving all their attention. It was a sweet gesture them going out their ways fetching me a nice drink and giving me a nice seat, but I wasn’t there to make friends nor was i there to find a boyfriend. I was there to FUCK.

So I did what I do best and I made them know what was going to go down.

It was about to be a family affair. I got completely undressed and I wasted no time. Guys were shocked and had no idea what was going on.  I was just so eager to have all of them.

Joey didn’t expect me to do what I was doing.  I knew what I came to do so I was going to do it. All I wanted was all those Italian sausages stuffing me in all holes.

I got my wish. Joey his dad and cousins played with my body o so well. I loved getting penetrated by them. Each cock was better than the last. I got to feel them nice and deep and we all got very well acquainted. The 20-mile drive was more than worth it. I was fucked hard and so good and was definitely pleased. I’ve always loved men in uniforms.  I can’t resist my self I love getting what I want.

I didn’t go to make friends but I ended up making some anyway. I have so fuck buddies all in one building. Anytime I’m on the east coast I will always stop by to get some time with the guys at the shop in Hoboken.

 Sexy babe

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