Sugar baby pay day

Hot sexy womanMy Big Daddy knows that I am his hot sexy woman and that this sexy sugar pussy belongs to him. I love bragging to all of my friends about how fucking spoiled I am and how BDK showers me with endless amounts of lavish gifts. We takes trips around the world and i’ve done and seen things that the average human being could only imagine to ever experience! I feel so thankful and lucky to be able to live this incredibly privileged and pampered life with the living legend anaconda king himself! I never knew that this type of sugar daddy even existed! There are way too many splenda daddies out there trying to steal the shine away from the king himself but none shall prevail! Every single day is a sugar baby pay day, my Daddy always has cash on deck for his sexy sugar princess! Cash is king and so is Daddy! BDK took the private jet out to Hawaii to come and meet me & my sexy girlfriends that I was vacationing there with. They finally had their wishes granted & were introduced to the living legend! We were all so excited! We gave his compression shorts rainbow lipstick kisses all over then sucked off Daddy’s throbbing anaconda. It sure felt good to all be giving him pleasure at the same time until he exploded out with cum! Daddy gave me an early Christmas gift, a huge cash bonus! He handed over the duffle bag and told me how much he loved me while I gazed at all of my delicious money. Of course he gifted my hott girlfriends a sweet cash surprise as well, he’s just that rich and amazing! I’m worth more than these peasants could ever dream to be, all thanks to my Big Daddy King! This millionaire pussy wasn’t made for chumps! #NoPoorPeopleAllowed #RichPussyOnly #RichDaddy #BetterThanYou #KissMyAss #HoeHoeHoes #ChristmasGifts #NaughtyList

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