Ass fetish Anyone?

Ass fetish

He told me he had an Ass fetish and I couldn’t wait for him to jump in. There isn’t much better of a feeling than getting fucked. Unless it’s getting fucked in the ass. I don’t ask for much but when I do ask for something I generally find it so erotic when a guy has an obsession with ass. Nothing will get me to my knees faster than ass play. When someone eats my ass I get all gooey inside. My asshole puckers and my cunt drips. I can feel my g-spot contracting and my sweet cunt hole calling out the echo of erotic pleasures. Once it’s all creamy inside, that’s when you get up to grind your cock against my slippery side slit. Brushing and bumping over the ridges on my asshole. I only want it in so much as I can wrangle it into both holes. Please Jesus take me home tonight. Rape my ass and give me the creamy cum.

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