Erotic roleplaying always starts with a heat

He gave me a mere moment to adjust to the Erotic roleplaying we were going to be partaking in with excitement, before he swept in to kiss me deeply, painting my cheeks with a thick dusting of embarrassment, and a deeper wetness in my core. Surprise kisses would get anyone’s heartbeat racing, they’re just not meant to be a surprise! Overwhelmed, and unsure, his lips felt right but I knew he was after a very different kind of lips. I was proven right a moment later when his cock split me, driving in and breaking my thoughts in one stroke. In return he found himself covered in tight pussy so clingy it’d be impossible to pull out and not grace my hot oven with a few buns, the unsuccessful of which would soon be leaking down my Sexy legs and making a great big goopy wet mess. I had him where I wanted him, he’d fallen into my lovely velvet trap while I was pinned beneath him in shock. My insides work despite my brain rebooting, they’re trained, exercised, ready for anything and I was proving it by riding him with potent rocks of my hips and an over eager cunt already drenched for his behemoth. It must have been hard to move inside me, being so tight and all, because he let me do all the work of getting him off deep inside and didn’t even bother to thrust or buck or fuck despite the aggressive way we started! “Oh Fuck!” I heard him cry, visibly stunned by my masterful working of his rod, but I wasn’t anywhere near done. My whole body shook with anticipation, “perfect pussy!” He shouted, and I knew this probably wasn’t the only time we’d be meeting up for the Best phone sex he could imagine, and I could give.

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