Erotic roleplaying of the sibling nature

Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying can go in any direction given some imagination. Imagination is what I started off with when my brother was young and I was younger. Mom would let him babysit me. He had some stronger urges for his age. I guess I was absolutely adorable and some would say resistable. I didn’t even know what sex was or what cocks could do. Yeah, I’d seen in the shower when we were younger. But that was totally innocent, just like I was before he started babysitting me. I don’t know why mom thought leaving a boy his age alone with a cute little girl like me was a good idea, Que Sera Sera. I was easily manipulated at that time, maybe I still am, who knows? Bubba made me feel like I was inconveniencing him, and that he would be out having fun if it weren’t for having to take care of me. Bubba told me that if I wanted to let him have fun I would play the way he wanted to play. Of course I wanted to, he was my brother. Only the thing was, what he wanted me to play with was his cock. For a boy his age it certain was huge and only got bigger as he grew. I was amazed at the size and girth as well as the strength and firmness. I don’t consider myself to be into incest but sucking my brothers cock doesn’t count. When he took out that firm rod something in me woke up.

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