Hot Sexy Woman: Big Bushy Muff Keeps Your Face Warm

Hot Sexy WomanThere is something about being a hot sexy woman watching 70s porn that really gives you an appreciation for a big bushy muff. A muff with that much fluff is the kind of milf you only wish to be trapped in a house during a blizzard with. Take it from my personal experience. When it comes to family fun I have gotten to be with the bushiest of milf muffs from my aunts to my grandmother. One time we really were stranded during a blizzard. Being able to dive deep into my aunts’ bushy muff and lick her till she begged me to stop from cuming so hard kept my face entirely warm. 

Truly I think muffs are underrated. I do understand the appeal of a slick bald cunny like mine. However, a mature muff holds the secrets of sexual desires that I have yet to even achieve. I learn all my best moves from interacting with a mature muff. There is nothing a cute little baby girl like me can do to match the pure experience that a mature milf holds. Just thinking about this now makes me crave my Mom. Perhaps I will surprise her tonight by climbing under the covers and pleasuring her while she sleeps. Sweet dreams and cumming, hopefully, one day her muff will pass all its secrets it holds to me.


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