I made him a real bitch

cuckold phone sexThis little dickie cucky boy wanted to try to be manly but he failed miserably. All I could do was laugh as he strutted around acting like some kind of wannabe tough guy and boy he did not like being laughed at. He tried to get all up in my face like he was gonna do something so I just slapped the shit out of him and told him that he could never be in charge because he was more woman than man. I forced him to take off his fake man clothes and put on a bra and panties. He actually cried can you believe that? We had a whole photo shoot with him in lingerie and dresses and makeup and he claimed to hate it but his tiny clitty was hard the whole time. Of course I didn’t let him touch that little clit and I definitely did not let him cum either. He stayed in his girly clothes all night long too and I think I will make him be a girl whenever I see him from now on.

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