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Mutual masturbation stories

Mutual masturbation stories have my hands down my panties fingering my wet cunt. I love to wrap slow circles around my clit and then pull it up like a little dick and pinch the tip.  Eduardo and I decided that we were going to tell each other exactly what we were doing for our call this morning. That sexy motherfucker describes that brown long cock to me with an uncircumcised beefy head! The picture he sends shows how hard he is for me. He asked me what I was wearing and I was to the point at that time I had on my little tank top and a pair of shorts just rolling out of bed. Normally I take the time to find something just a little sexy and that is what Eduardo suggested. So I went and grabbed my little hip hugger belt and was told to keep my panties off because he wanted me to touch myself. 

Your little hot sexy bitch is instructed to grab a couple of dildos and her vibrator. Expert instructions from a man with a raging hard brown dick. I know he wanted to fill me up so he made me describe everything that I was doing. He wanted to know exactly how my pussy felt under my circular masturbation technique. Guided by his masturbation instructions his Hot sexy woman began to get to that beautiful place just before orgasm. He made me hold off because now I had to tell him how to stroke that big beautiful cock of his. Miss Gwen has him squeeze the base, while slowly jerking up in a nice sexy twist. I’m not sure that he doesn’t forget his balls so he can fondle them and possibly even a finger on that back door aka  booty hole. I was doing the same with my butt plug fucking my ass popping up and down on my suction cup dildo. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to be a phone sex therapist and help this man get rid of all his stress from the day. And my pussy came very hard for my sexy Edwardo!

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