You Fuck the Maid Right Under Your Dumb Wife’s Nose

Naughty maid phone sex


It is so naughty to play the dutiful maid while your wife is around, but that stupid bitch doesn’t know that we have fun while she is away. She leaves us all alone while you “work from home” and we have our fun. We fuck all over the couch and cum on all of her favorite spots in the house. I remember you fucking me on the dining room table and you squirted all over her favorite chair. I put my fingers in my pussy and rubbed my cum all over that chair too. Now she sits in a chair that is covered in our juices and she has no idea. I also remember that we fucked in you and your wife’s bed for 3 days straight while she went on a girl’s trip. We covered every inch of those sheets in cum and she slid into the covers, smelling my cum while she slept. This house will be completely covered in my juices. I am the maid, of course, so I decide what gets cleaned and what sticky substance stays for your wife to sit in. Maybe I will squirt in one of her coffee mugs so she can taste me too. 

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