Naughty Teacher Farah Needs a Live in House Boy

naughty teacherI love being a naughty teacher. I have access to so many horny young men who love sexy mature women. We are approaching fall break, and I have had a student ask if he could stay with me for the break. Normally, I would say no. I will fuck these boys, but not move them in, not even for a week. But this boy is a skilled lover with a big cock. He did not even really need my help in the bedroom. He has been fucking for before he met me. He is a foreign student, here on a school visa. But California is a sanctuary state and he will not get deported him once his visa expires. He is from the Ukraine and has been unable to go home because he will be drafted. He wants to see his family, but he is a lover not a fighter. He is also a boy wonder. Incredibly smart. This boy is going to go on to do great things outside of the bedroom too.

I let him spend the weekend with me to see how it would be to spend a week with him. I agreed to let him stay after 24 hours of intense fucking. He has milf phone sex fever. And I am addicted to cumming on his cock. I mean he has an amazingly big cock, and he knows how to use it too. He made this mature pussy cum so hard, many times. I think he dehydrated me. He has amazing stamina. Like porn star stamina. He stayed hard even as he was cumming. He ate my pussy even with his cum in my pussy. He kissed me after I sucked his cock. He even ate my ass. Those are often things I need to teach boys to do. He told me his nanny growing up taught him all sorts of things. It is rare that I find a student who is good in bed and good in school too. He is my pet just because I love fucking him, not because he needs a grade boost. This sexy babe may move him in permanently as a sex slave. I think I would have lots of boys interested in that gig. What about you?

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