Stuck in a snow storm with a hot sexy woman!

Hot Sexy WomanSo I have to type this fast, I don’t want him to know I’ve snuck my phone to tell you what’s going on! He keeps telling me I’m his hot sexy woman and no one else can have me! If he only knew how absolutely obsessed with being a phone operator I am he would probably change his mind about liking me.
So, my brother’s best friend and I have had this off-and-on fling since we were younger. But it’s just recently been turning into more of a thing. However, I’m quickly realizing it’s becoming more of a 50 shades type of thing.
Honestly, he’s very possessive and I love it, it makes my pussy so wet when he growls in my ear whispering that he owns me and I will forever belong to him. I love it so much.
So, tonight he brought me up to his cabin in the backwoods. It was kinda eerie looking, no one around for miles. He pushed me up against the wall when we first stepped through the threshold. His warm breath on my neck as he growled telling me to scream,  that absolutely no one would come to my rescue.
The fear that shot through my body instantly soaked my panties. He’s had me tied up most of the night filling me with load after a load of cum as he turns me into the sluttiest whimpering whore for him.
He is coming back! I’ll write more soon!


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