Surprise Exhibitionist sex at a party!

Exhibitionist sexMy feet took me to the strangest places in my youth, including exhibitionist sex. I remember this one party where the wealth ran like a waterfall, and everyone was born with a silver spoon that shined of lusty delight. I’d snuck off a little to get away from the stuffy environment and get some air, and tripped right into a studly man who picked me up right on the spot. “Oh um, thank-mnnn-” My lips were interrupted mid-thank you by his. He pressed against me, drove his tongue deep and explored in ways I was very much not ready for. My dress was lifted up, my panties moved aside, and his drawers dropped in a practiced motion that I was far too drunk to pay attention to. The wine had also ran like a waterfall, and I was pretty sure my pussy would be too in a second given he wasn’t giving me a moment to even make a faux attempt to tell him to stop. “Hau!” I’d cried out in surprise as I was entered, my pussy devoured by his hungry cock, slipping deeper without even a second’s delay. “Holy shit!” He got fucking me hard and smacking my ass against the wall, his hands holding me tight and sturdy so he could rut himself into a sperm-filled volley deep inside me.

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