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Office Cuck

Cuckold Phone Sex

Today I went to my sugar daddy’s office in the city. I needed some sexual release and money for shopping. To my surprise, his tight little wifey was also there waiting for him. It was so awkward, but I couldn’t help but check out her tight little ass and big tits. She rolled her eyes when his secretary told us he was in a meeting, so I just decided to get up and go inside his office anyway. She followed me instantly demanding to know who the fuck I thought I was. I simply smirked and told her it was so rude of him to keep us waiting and that I decided that I was going to fuck his wife. She gasped really loud and began blushing. Now usually, I don’t after my various sugar daddies’ wives, but I was already getting really hot and bothered.

I decided to pull out the huge strap-on that I knew he kept in his desk for our play dates and ordered her to strip naked and bend over. Her tight little asshole was just on display just begging for a fuck. I began licking it up and getting it nice and wet with spit, rolling my tongue back and forth between her sweet asshole and mature pussy. She was moaning and grunting really loud. I thrusted my 10 inch strap-on into her gorgeous ass over and over and over again. Her screams were heard by everyone in the office.

Should have seen the look on his face when he walked in and I was there nailing his wife on his desk, he’s now the office cuck.

Come On My Pretty Feet

Foot Fetishes

I love guys that have a foot fetish to me that is so kinky. I have this guy that I see on the regular and he takes me out shopping for stockings and shoes. I make sure to walk around and get my feet sweaty, like extra sweaty. We go back to the hotel room he got while he is in town and I sit down on the bed and tell him to take my shoes off and then take my stockings off real slow. As he is peeling my stockings down I can tell he is getting aroused, so I put my sweaty feet right up to his nose and make him smell them. My toenails are painted and I have very soft skin with a high arch. I keep wiggling my toes in his nose and he is sucking in the scent like someone doing a line off a table. I lie back on the bed and he takes his cock out and I start rubbing my toes on the head and down the shaft all the way to his balls. He grabs my ankles and puts his dick in between my feet and I was rubbing up and down while he was holding on to my ankles. I turned around my back and stroked up and down, when I went down I was tickling his balls with my toes. I got one of my stockings and wrapped it around the shaft and was stroking his dick with my feet and he grabbed and was fucking hard. He came all over my toes and feet, I lied back and told him to be a good boy and lick them clean.