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Local Cum Dump

GFE phone sex Even though I am not his wife or girlfriend I just simply can’t help but spread my legs for him whenever he gives me a call or knocks on my door. His wife leaves for work at 9am every single day and doesn’t come back until after 8pm. He works from home so it is so easy for him to take a quick break every couple hours and get his nut. 

It is so much fun being the neighbor down the street who can satisfy all his needs that his wife can’t meet. Some would say I am home wrecking bitch ruining a marriage. I say, I am helping a marriage because he won’t leave her for someone better when he has accessible holes right down the street. I am like a sex therapist for men who don’t get laid. I should be thanked by these women for saving their marriage. If I wasn’t there I bet all of their husbands would either leave or pay for sex else where.

This way is so much better because their wives can be lazy bitches who don’t please their men sexually and I can reap all the benefits by taking all the cock and cum until I am satisfied. It is not my fault that I am a nympho and can’t control myself from spreading my holes for anyone who wants me. I mean it explains why they pick me over trying to convince their wives to do anal. They know my ass hole is always ready for a load. For that, I accept the fact that I am the local cum dump haha.

Bag and tag

best phone sex

I love hunting season! even a sophisticated hottie like me can enjoy getting wild. The best phone sex for me is the real thing. No “giggle giggle tee-hee look at my pussy”  fucking bullshit. Down, dirty, raw fucking is what I’m talking about.

Ever been in a tree stand, on a game trail, just waiting for the perfect buck to come strolling along, and it’s been hours of sitting in the same place, freezing your balls off? Well, imagine having me there, all ready for you to whip it out and let me warm your cock up in my hot fucking mouth. Get a grip of my ponytail from behind my hat and shove my face onto your dick over and over till you dump a hot load of fucking cum down my throat.

Or, we’re walking through the forest, it’s just getting fully light, with frost in the air, and you bend me over a log, rip down my camos and fuck the shit out of my tight little pussy right there out in the open. I’ll be quiet. Shoot your load in me for good luck, and we’ll shoot us some fucking dinner!

Oh, but a favorite of mine, is at night, by the bonfire. There’s something so sexy about watching the flames, smelling the smoke, hearing the wood crackling under the stars. Gets my pussy all fucking wet and horny! Lay me out on a wool blanket and fuck me so hard my tits bounce in your face. I’d love squirting all over your balls when you spill your jizz into my cunt!

What do you think, any adventures get your dick hard for me?