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CJ’s Training

Domination phone sexDomination phone sexCJ is a sweet girl and one of my best students I have ever had. About a year ago she came to me looking to learn how to be a good, commanding Mistress to all the sissy and small dick boys around. I took her under my wing and she has absorbed everything I ever showed her. I still make her submit to me. Every good Domme was once a bitch herself. But when it comes to the boys she does great. With Nathan small itty bitty thing he calls a dick. (Laughable!!!) She wields him like a sword. He has what we call “subspace” which means he is totally infatuated with her. CJ happiness is all that matter to him. That is exactly where you want your boys to be. CJ is not done in her training and I have so many more things I still need to teach her about being a Mistress of the boys.

Emergency Alert

Mature phone sex I am putting an emergency alert out. I need your fuck stick. I am so wet for cock. So squishy between my legs. That only cock can cure. Can I have your cock please? Do you have friends who need a super wet slut? How about others that need their peckers drained. I will take them all. All of you can pull a train on me. Ring around the slut. Take me around the world and back again. Fill me full of all your jizz. I will accept every last drop. So please cum my way this is an emergency alert that needs answering right away. Playing with myself is just not enough. I need the real thing I need you.