The More You Know…

Naughty teacher

If you need a naughty teacher to show you how to really please a woman, I’d be happy to help you.  Some guys just don’t know their way around a woman very well, it’s not your fault.  Maybe you’re shy and haven’t had much, if any, getting inside of a tight little twat or maybe you get plenty of play but the only thing you know how to do is bang hard and fast.  Whatever your issue with satisfying a woman might be, I can teach you the perfect way to make a pussy purr and keep the women you bang wanting more.

Here’s a great trick; use your mouth.  Yeah, on her horny holes, but you can’t just start there.  Start kissing her like normal and work your way across as much of her skin as possible with your tongue and lips before you even think about eating her box.  Don’t forget to spend plenty of time on the nipples.  If you do it right, she’ll be dripping wet with anticipation by the time you’re ready to eat her out, I guarantee it.

I’ve got all kinds of things to teach you about making a hot sexy woman blow her lady load.  Listen to me and I’ll have you satisfying slutty snatches on a daily basis.  I know what feels good, just take good notes and you’ll be banging it out in no time!  In fact, here’s another hot tip for you; your tongue goes deeper inside both our pussies and our assholes when you eat us from the back.  Make it happen, Man.  The more you know, the more you’ll blow.


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