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Watch Me Masturbate

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I knew you were peaking through my window but I didn’t mind a bit. There’s something extra hot about having a guy go all peeping tom on you. It only felt natural to give you a good show. I pulled one of my dildos out from my bedside table, facing my pussy to the outside world so you could get a good look at my tight bald cunt. Dragging the head of the toy across my slit, teasing my clit and letting my pussy juice up for fun. I shove the dildo all the way inside me and then climb on top of my teddy bear. Using it like a makeshift sex doll. Grinding and dragging a snail trail across my favorite stuffed animal. I look over and I can kind of make out you outside, with wide eyes and cock out- jerking as hard as you can. Right as I climax I look up and see you’re gone but that you let your load explode on the glass. Same time tomorrow?

Sexy Mail

sexy babe


When I get bored in the middle of the day and there is nothing to really do, that’s when I start taking sexy photos and videos of myself. I like to email them to you but sometimes also text or shoot them to you over messenger because I know it thrills you to have something to sneak a peak at during dinner with the wifey 😉 ! Sending you sexy mail turns me on so much, my pussy is soaking wet now just thinking about how you have amassed a large personal spank bank of just photos that are me in my finest poses. I lay across the bed with all my toys you’ve bought me and make you short videos that get you through all the days we are not together and that I cannot be there to personally make you drain that spunk from your balls. What kind of sexy mail would you like next??

Spoil Me

GFE phone sex

I’m so glad to be back and especially because of you. You’re the perfect mature and handsome gentleman who knows how to make a young girl like me beam with glee, and I more than return the favor. You spoiling me all the time leaves me in the position where all I want you to know is how special you are to me. I really adore our time together and especially pleasing you for hours and hours. Making sure my sweet sugar daddy knows he’s adored by his darling girl. All the time we get to spend together away from your wife and whatnot- I know I make you happier and more fulfilled than she does and that’s why we always have such a wonderful time together. From our sex to our conversations, it’s easy to say I’m one lucky lady to have you.

Neighborhood Slut

Best phone sexI love being the neighborhood slut. I love that when I wear my skanky clothes someone always invites me in to give me a sweet cock. I never have to go very far before I find a sexy man who is home alone. Their wives never know that they slide into bed with a sweet little teen slut. They never know how I make their husbands eyes roll back as they shoot cum all over my perky little tits. They never know what a mess we made just 10 minutes before they got home. I have worked it out, down to a science on how to clean up just right. I do it so easily by getting the cum all over me and only me.

Nice Time Out

Best phone sexI love to find sexy men when I am out and see how long it takes before they come talk to me. I know they are checking me out but I want them to be brave enough to make it clear that want to be inside me. I love getting taken to the bathroom and bent over and fucked hard. I love hearing it echo every time we moan and especially when he cums. I love the feeling of being used like a dirty cum rag. I also love the thrill of knowing people can hear us and know we are enjoying ourselves. It is even better when I can hear them masturbating to us fucking. I love getting me off.

Mall Fun

Best phone sexSo this past weekend was so much fun, I went to the mall with some friends and met a total hottie. He is of course a bit older than me but god damn his body is so fucking perfect. He also really knows how to fuck a girl for hours. I saw him at the mall and decided to go up and talk to him. He started flirting back and before I knew it I was bent over in the family bathroom with him fucking me hard and rough. We spent five hours in there fucking over and over again. By the time we were done we were both covered in sweat and I was stuffed full of his cum. I could even feel it leaking out as we were leaving to go to his place.

Best Neighbor

Cheapest phone sexGood neighbor day is today, September 28th,which I am the best neighbor there ever could be. Just ask any male neighbor of mine in a 2 block radius. I really know how to lend some sugar if you know what I mean, hehehehe. They all love my sweet pussy, the taste, hoe wet I always am, and how I feel wrapped around their cocks. My pussy is always tight and grip every inch of their cocks as they slide in and out of me. I make men cum so fast and hard that they beg for more right there, and I always give my neighbors what they need. Once I am down covering their cocks with cum, and juices I always make sure to clean them. I take my time licking their cock slowly and deeply, getting every last drop off of them. I then slowly swirl my tongue around making sure I haven’t missed a single spot. By the time I am done they have emptied their balls for the last time and I happily swallow down what my neighbors give me. Then head on to then next to enjoy myself some more.

Best Present

Naughty teacherThe best week for school is Teacher Appreciation week, all the teachers are in great moods because we are being kind and buying them things. It also makes it way easier to get a teacher to change your grades. I decided to wait until now to talk to Mr. Thorne. He is a totally hard ass, but once teacher appreciation week starts he loves us. I go into his office one afternoon and go to talk to him. I ask about changing my grade and he agrees to if I give him the best present out of the week. He has already gotten a few hard to beat presents, so I stand in front of him trying to think of what to get him. Then I realize, I can give him me. I quickly write on a piece of paper, “5 free passes to fuck me.” He takes it and reads it, he tells me that he want to cash one in now. He throws me on the floor and fucks me long and hard. He cums on my face once he is done. He heads over to his computer and changes my grade to a 100.

I can suck that cock

Cocksucking phone sexI know how to suck a cock like the good little slut I am. I can suck a cock so good that I got the guy cumming in less than two minute every single time. I like to get the pants undone and pull their pants and underwear down as I kiss down their bodies. Soon I am down on my knees kissing at the skin just above their cocks. Then I let my tongue playfully lick its way to the tip of the cock. I suck the head into my mouth letting my tongue dance over it over and over again. I then start taking more cock into my mouth sucking slowly at first but then picking up the pace. I then take the cock fully into my mouth and down my throat while I gag on it. I keep sucking hard and fast licking the bottom of the cock and balls. I suck and tease over and over again until I feel that hot load in the back of my throat.

Fun Maid

Best phone sexOlder men always want a hot young slutty maid to clean their houses. Well I make sure to give them just that. I apply to be a maid for these hot rich men. They all either have wives who are never there or they are single. It always makes it easier to get these guys alone. It takes the same course each time. I walk around the house in my outfit only lightly flashing. Then after I know that they are interested and checking me out I like to show more skin. I never wear panties so that when I bend over all they can see is ass and pussy. It is all on display just for them to stare at. Then they start to come over lightly touching me and obviously wanting me. I feel their hands on my thighs and hips then the next thing I know I am on the desk, bed, couch, the counters, anywhere they can get me. And that’s all that is left to it, I get fucked and fuck these men.

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