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My New Little Maid Outfit

erotic roleplaying


You told me you wanted to try something a little more freaky lately and I figured that erotic roleplaying might be just the ticket to spice things up. I went down to the sex shop and picked up this really sexy and cute little french maid’s uniform complete with  thigh high stockings and heels. Once you sent your wifey away for the weekend, I came over and insisted on changing but you had to keep your eyes closed. Once I told you to open up, you saw me standing there in that sex new uniform- using a feather duster on your chest. You instantly jumped up and grabbed your little maid, insisting that the bedroom was the first place that needed my attention. You carried me over to the bed, slowly undressed me and kissed me all over- while taking my clothes off with your teeth delicately. I climbed up on top of you and rode your cock as deeply as I could possibly be penetrated and kept a steady pace, making sure you enjoyed every single stroke inside my cunt. You flipped me over and slide right in from behind, sticking a finger in my tight rosebud asshole while you got your last few pumps into me before we both came together. I’m glad I was right about that outfit. I guess we’ll have to try some new “jobs” for me over the weekend. Can I get the visa so I can go shopping, sugar? 😉

Sexy Time At The Movies

fantasy phone sex



We love going to the cinema to catch the latest flicks. It’s always easy for you to lie to you wifey and say you just had an after work meeting that you had to escape off to right after leaving the office. I always wear the tightest and sexiest little outfits for you. Leaving little to the imagination. Once we get seated, I immediately reach over and start massaging your cock through your pants. You get nice and hard for me almost immediately. I drop down to my knees and right in front of you and start sucking your cock. Other people start watching and a few men even begin touching themselves right then and there. Pretty soon the entire theater is jacking off at us while I give you the best blow job you’ve ever had. You finally blow your load right down my throat and I drink it down like it’s honey. I’m pretty sure the rest of the theater is a pretty big mess right now too. 😉



What’s Your Fantasy?

erotic roleplaying

We’ve been spending so much time together lately and I love it. You know it’s just a dream come true to have a man like you interested in a sweet young girl like me. I feel like anything I want is just a twitch of the nose away from happening! And to thank you for all that you do for me, I have to ask now- What is your fantasy? Your ultimate fantasy. Is it having me lick you from head to toe? Or letting you suck on my sweet little toes. I could get all dressed up for you in my school girl clothes, we could even play games where you sniff my pantyhose. My pussy gets so wet just thinking about making you cum over and over again. Being your little pet who is at your every need and desire is just the kind of girlfriend I want to be. Draining your balls after a long day in the real world, right into my tight pussy that has been waiting for you. I’m here to help you open up and express all of your dirty thoughts. Let’s have another wonderful & naughty night, baby.

Thanks Neighbor!


naughty neighbor phone sex


Ever since my husband and I moved in next door to you and your wife, you haven’t been able to control your wet dreams and fantasies about having me all to yourself. My husband is much older than me by a long shot and our relationship is wonderful however sexually we are missing that “spark” newly weds should still have. You and I have developed a strong friendship over the past few months and it’s not unusual at all for you to stop by to have a glass of wine with me before our partners finally make it home from work. Let’s just say we’ve had a lot of time to get to know each other and on this particular day I’ve had a little more chardonnay. I confess to you how drab and boring mine and the Mr’s sex life has gotten. I complain that he doesn’t even want to so much as try anal or even get a little vanilla kink involved. You blurt out without even thinking, “I cannot believe that. I mean, you’re so freaking hot Candy! I would have a hard time not getting crazy on you!” It’s at that moment it clicks and we start uncontrollably making out and taking off clothes. The fact that we are outside on the patio by the pool doesn’t phase us, in fact it makes it even better because the element of getting caught factors in. I start sucking your cock like I’ve been starving for a flesh stick all my life and you finger my pretty pink asshole, feeling how juicy and wet my pussy is getting as well. I climb on top of you and you slide your cock right into my ass and begin bouncing me on your lap. My tits pop out and are in perfect reach for your mouth to suck on while you deeply make love to my ass. You pull me down hard and explode inside me just as I start to cum as well. Rocking me gently before you slide out. That was exactly what we both needed and I’m hoping we’ll need it more soon. 😉

My Sexy Feet


foot fetishes


Keeping my feet as pretty as the first time you laid eyes on them has always been super important to you, sugar. I love sitting next to you while you massage, kiss and lick my feet from heel to toe. Kissing all ten of them individually as I look down at you adoringly, watching you worship me like a real queen. You get out the massage oil and begin giving me a relaxing rub down. You especially love to tease me by tickling my feet and driving me totally crazy! I giggle and try to pull my feet back playfully but you wont let up that easy on me. You then kiss your way up my body and allow my to pull your beautiful cock out. I kiss and suck on it gently then give you what you’ve really wanted this whole time. I sit across from you with my feet wrapped around your dick, tightly jerking you off with just the balls and arches of my feet. Taking the time to run my slippery lubed up toes around you. You release your load, letting it drip down my toes and gently cleaning them off with the silk sheets. You make this foot fetish thing ours, baby.

Sexy Girlfriend Porn With Candy


Sexy Girlfriend Porn


I know this might be a little extra kinky but I know you love to spice it up when you can so I thought of this brilliant idea. When you’re not able to see me because of the old wifey or if work has you down- you should have a videos and pictures of all the fun times we share together when we are alone. That’s right, it’s time for some personal and custom made sexy girlfriend porn made by me just for you. I’ve already started shooting a few short videos of me just playing with my pretty and perfect little pussy while I say your name and talk about all the things I want to do together but I’ve set the camera up right over in the corner to capture the blissful sex and oral pleasure that you’re about to enjoy. We’ll just keep updating our little video library every time we get together from now on so that you have plenty of eye “Candy” (lol) to keep you occupied. Love you so much, sweetie. I hope you like the videos.

Lick Every Hole

GFE phone sex


I love it when you take your time. Having you kiss and lick my entire body is just so sensual that it really reminds me of how much you care. You’re never rush, always making sure your sweetheart reaches climax over and over again. You’ve been getting a little more bold though and going where the sun doesn’t typically shine. I didn’t know how much I’d really enjoy having my little pink hole licked, kissed and sucked but it turns out that it drives me crazy. I would of absolutely never thought of myself as being into something so kinky but like a good man, you are always super gentle and show me all kinds of new things I would of probably never tried unless I had met you. It feels so amazing finally having a guy who can really make love to a woman like this. I even touch myself thinking about our amazing love making. I can’t wait to see what new trick you will have in mind for me next.

A Pearl Necklace



cum on boobs




I kept asking you for a pearl necklace just like the one your wife has.
you made a cute joke about how you wanted to give me a bigger and better one
and while this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, darling it’s fabulous and sexy
to get to wear you like this. Down on my knees under your desk at work, giving you
the most delicious blowjob you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting. Working my way
with my tongue from under your balls all the way up to the tip of your head. Sucking
and kissing the shaft. Watching you with my big pretty eyes while you tilt your head
back in sublime pleasure. Your hand on the back of my neck, helping me take you deeper and
deeper. Then you tell me to come up and lift my head back. You spray ropes of your cum
all along my neck and chest. It really is bigger and prettier than the one the wifey wears
but, “we are going the mall after this right?” I say with a smile while I lick your
delicious cum off my fingers. I’m always happy to take another one of these.

Didn’t I look stunning wearing you, baby?

Sweet Sugar Baby Girl

GFE phone sex

You’re the biggest player in the sugar bowl, baby and I couldn’t feel more lucky. I love all the time we get to spend together from the shopping trips to just all the wonderful outings and dinners we have together. I especially love the way you slip your fingers between my legs and tease my cunny while we are sitting at a restaurant. Feeling you play with my little bald pussy lips and enjoying the way I have to keep my moans and pleasure all wrapped up so that no one will notice what is really going on under the table and up my skirt! It drives me crazy and just makes me more and more excited about how wonderful of a time we will have once we get back to your place. You treat me like a perfect little pillow princess and I couldn’t be happier. I love you so much, what kinky playing around can we do at our next date?

My First Mister


sensual phone sex



Being a total cutie pie ain’t easy. The attention I have been getting my whole life from men
is absolutely wild. I sometimes softly pleasure myself thinking about all those times when I was
super young that older men took interest in me. I especially love reflecting back on my sweet next door
neighbor Mr. Fred who taught me all about my little pleasure button. See, he would watch me and my little
sisters when we got home from school- just for a few hours before mom and dad came home. He loved all three of us
girls so much but he was always so kind and expressive about his fondness for my tight pretty body
and developing breasts. One day while my sisters were asleep on the sofa, he picked me up out of the chair
I had fallen asleep in and carried me up to he and Mrs. Betty’s bedroom. Laying me down and confessing
his appreciation for my body and heart. He made love to me like I was his own daughter. Thankfully
he taught me everything I know now, so you have Mr. Fred to thank for my ability to make you feel so good.
Did you want to show me what else my little pleasure button can do?

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