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2 girl phone sex with your Sister

 2 girl phone sexYou never told me your sister was so hot. Her tits are so perky and I just want to kiss that mouth. I think she likes me too. Do you care if I fuck your sister? I so want to fuck her. You know…. I don’t know why I ask. I’m just going to sneak in her room at night after you’re asleep and get into that bed. Wake her up with kisses and fingers to that sweet clit. I want to touch her beautiful pussy and feel her tongue against mine before I kiss down her chest. Licking, sucking, biting on her tits. Kiss down her stomach and lick her belly button. I was so close to her pussy and I could hear those sweet catches in her breath, those little whimpers and moans as my face made my way to her pussy. I tease that sweet wet pussy with my tongue. Sucking her clit into my mouth as my fingers press into her silken soft folds. Her body was so warm, wet, and amazing. I finger fucked her as I sucked and nibbled on her clit. Bringing your sister to orgasm, her body tensing. Legs vibrating and her pussy clenches hard around my fingers. I pull them out and move back up to her face. Put my fingers to her lips and moan as she sucks them clean. I’m debating whether I want to go back to bed and fuck you too or if I want to let her make me cum. My pussy is so wet for both of you, and she helped to take that decision away, pushing me onto my back against the bed. Her lips locking on mine as her hands explored over my entire body. Teasing my tits, hips, pussy. Her fingers burying in my pussy. It felt so amazing I knew that I wasn’t going to go back to bed with you tonight until dawn.

Ass sex porn is Addicting

Ass sex pornYou’ve been fucking the sissy’s ass so much lately my ass feels neglected. I know you’re my handsome ass man. Well, you need to leave our sissy’s ass alone and pay attention to mine. I love it when you fuck me and while you have been eating and loving my pussy. Letting me suck your cock. Giving me all the attention I need I still need you in my ass. So, come here and play with me. Lick, suck, and finger my ass and stretch my ass. I need your cock to stretch me open and fuck me. I never thought I’d crave it as badly as I do right now. It feels so amazing as you go deeper and deeper into my ass so deep it feels as if you’re fucking all the way into my throat. Fuck me harder baby, remind me why you own my ass. Why I stay with you. Fuck me hard, deep, and fill my ass up. I fucking love your cock. I need you to fucking come in my ass. I want to feel you fucking me so hard that your sweat drips on to me and you growl at me like you’re a fucking animal. Fuck me so hard that my ass won’t want you to fuck it for months again so you can play with the sissy again.

GFE phone sex my Love

GFE phone sexIt takes a great man to win over a GFE phone sex whore like me. All you need is a good personality, a great and kind heart, an open wallet, and a huge cock. I’m like a pet, you just need to spoil me and make me purr and I’ll be your little kinky fantasy forever. So baby, come over here and remind me why I keep you. Give me that perfect cock. Slide it up my pussy like you love me and fill me with cum. That’s right just like that. Fuck baby. You feel so amazing. Fuck me harder! Ah! You’re going to make me cum baby! Fuck… I can feel your cock sliding in and out of my cunt. It feels so good. You’re touching every nerve and I love it. That’s right baby. Fill up my pussy and keep going. Make that cum slosh around inside of me and don’t stop fucking me until you’re soft. Oh god, this is why I love you baby. You make my world complete and full of orgasms.

Latina phone sex Bad Juanita

Latina phone sexJuanita is a bad girl. We found her going through my clothes and trying them on. I thought I had trained her better than that but I guess it was just time for your magic touch. You had her stripped, panties around her thighs and just wearing her lacy thigh highs and a garter belt. One of our leather paddles was in your hand, the raised heart white leather heart right at the sweet spot. You were rubbing that leather against her unmarked skin, your boss voice making my pussy wet as you said. “Juanita. You need to be punished for going through our things. I’m going to give you 50 swats, you need to count them and say thank you after each one.” she shuttered. Not being one for pain and in the midst of a sob said “Si Señor.” Then the first stroke came down with a hard smack! I jumped, she cried out, sobbing before saying “One Señor. Tank jou.” then another, and another. I couldn’t help it my pussy was dripping down my thighs. I could see how hard making that pretty ass red was making you. I laid back against the chair I was sitting in. Dipping my fingers into my pussy, fucking myself in time with your swats as I brought myself closer and closer to orgasm. Then she got to that 50, her body shuddering with sobs. I don’t think she was expecting you to pull your cock out of your pants and slide it into her pussy. Your fingers entangling with that thick black hair. “Who do you belong too Juanita?” you said as you fucked her hard and deep. Her gasping, moaning reply of you. “Jou Señor.” made me cum so hard. I made a mess over the couch and my fingers. I couldn’t help it. Even as you fucked an orgasm out of her cunt and filled it with your cum.

Latina phone sex and my Neighbor

Latina phone sexLatina phone sex isn’t something that I ever really thought of. I mean, Mexican guys are hot and I love that brown skin but all the girls I usually fuck are white unless they work for me. Then that doesn’t really count in my mind. Using their pussies and them using mine is kinda like a vibrator at that point. Well… I was at your house, and seeing you with who I later found out was your made I couldn’t help it. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. That beautiful dark hair, that pale brown skin, those fucking hips and that ass that jiggled and bounced as she rode your cock like a porn star. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen and I couldn’t help it. I had to finger my pussy as I watched you and her fuck. Your hands moving up to grab those soft, huge, tits in yours making her moan and whimper “Ai… Ai… Si… Papi!” she begged and the way her body just quivered and vibrated as she screamed her orgasm and the way you grunted and groaned as you filled her cunt with cum. I couldn’t help but soak my panties and fingers. Even though I had to bite my hand to stop making a noise. I knew I had to get out of there before you guys caught me especially if you both just came but then of course the fucking maid had to clean up so then I got to watch her lick and suck all that cum off of your cock and… Man if I had known you’d been packing like that… But, seeing her suck your cock. Watching you squirm with pleasure as she made sure that every inch was clean. Fuck, I needed to go home and fuck my maid.

2 girl phone sex: Toes and Scissoring

2 girl phone sexI’ve wanted to fuck my friend Claudia for like fucking ever. I always thought she was on the straight and narrow path though even though I would catch her looking at me from the corner of her eye and checking me out. It wasn’t enough for me to think she wanted to jump my bones. But we hung out all the time and I got to appreciate her tight beautiful body every day when we went to the gym and then when we showered together. Today we were planning to go clubbing so we were dressed slutty and classy, giving each other a quick pedicure to make sure the outfit was complete and I saw her looking up my skirt at my wet pussy. I could see the way her eyes dilated and her mouth watered and then she made my dreams come true. “You know we don’t have to go out… “ she said, a coy tone to her voice as her fingers traced the sole of my foot making me shiver. “We could just stay in and enjoy each other.” she added and when I bit my bottom lip and grinned. “I thought you’d never ask!” she took my other foot, with the polish already try and stuck my toes right in her mouth. I moaned, I loved it when my toes were sucked especially but such a soft mouth.

Foot fetishes

That gentle and warm tongue making sure each little toe got attention I couldn’t help but move my skirt up and finger my sopping wet cunt as I watched her. My toes on the other foot flexed, wanting so badly to tease her own wet pussy with them. If she didn’t stop soon I’d cum all over my fingers and with my toes in her mouth and as fun as that would be I wasn’t just ready for that yet. I wanted to edge myself and make sure she came with me. So I pulled my toes from her mouth and grinned as she looked at me, the sadness in her eyes at me pulling my toes away let me know just how much fun I was going to have with her. When I moved between her legs, taking one and bringing it with me to force her to put her weight on her upper shoulders as I moved to straddle her hips. Bringing my soaking wet pussy against her soaking wet pussy and pressing them together. Moaning at how soft her bald pussy was against mine. The feeling of our clits grinding against each other. I was in heaven and it was no time at all before we both came all over each other and got to lick each other clean. This was a new start to an already beautiful friendship.

Shaved wet pussy

Sissy maid stories Cock Slut Rob

Sissy maid storiesSissy Rob has turned out to be an even better use than I thought. She loves praise. Lives off of it and therefore she’s such a good girl to her Goddess. She’s been sending me pictures of her sucking cocks everyday. The last one was a big black cock and she was telling me how she took him in her mouth and then he fucked her and she moaned for him like a little bitch. The only thing I wish she’d texted me as she was being my little slut. I’d have loved to fuck you while watching my good girl being used. But, Rob knows she’s my toy and loves that when she comes home she knows she can sit at my feet. Rubbing and massaging them before I let her lick and suck on the toes. Worshiping her Goddess from the feet up. Giving little licks and sucks to the soles of the feet too making sure not to leave an inch ignored before kissing up my ankle and licking up my calve. She knows how to make me happy and my pussy wet. I know how much you love watching and we have her trained do well that as she licks me to orgasm she knows to present her bitch pussy to you. Knowing how much you love to sink your big hard cock into her tight little pussy, making her the fuck toy she always wanted to be. I’ll hold her face to my pussy, letting her moan into it as she drinks my cum and begs you to fill her up and be your little cum dump whore. You’re such a good girl Rob. You know just how to make me happy and all I need to do now is thinking of an appropriate slut name for you.

Sissy maid training

Sissy maid training Rob

Sissy maid trainingI think I might have a new sissy go play with. Her birth name is Rob but I’m thinking of a new and more appropriate name. She is an eager, sweet, sissy with a baby face and a head of beautiful light red hair. I have already bought her a sexy maid uniform and a slutty hoe dress to wear when going out. Like right now, she’s face-timing me as she sits in a park. Dressed like a good slut and sucking this stranger’s cock for “tribute” and confirmation to what a good sissy slut she is. The stranger had his fingers in her hair using her throat like it’s a flesh light. My sissies eyes watering and making her mascara run as she gags around this strangers cock. It’s so much fun, she is almost like a puppy. So eager to please even while being abused.  I can’t wait to see just how far I can push her and how much money I can make by making her my whore.

Lesbian phone sex turns Orgy

Lesbian phone sex“Darline! Your pussy is so pretty. You have to show everyone!’ Brittany was begging me. We were at a party and surrounded by our girlfriends while the men all watched sports. So, we were bored with all our cocks busy jacking off to other men. How could I say no to Brittany when she’s asking like that and we don’t have anything else to do. So of course I lifted my skirt up letting the other girls see my pretty pink pussy. Having those girls ooo and ah over it was making me rather wet. The next thing I knew the next girl was showing me her pussy. Putting it right by mine and then another. Soon we were all showing each other our pussies! It was amazing, we were all so pretty and different. I couldn’t help but lean over to one girl and kiss her as another reaches over and teased her fingers up my own wet pussy. The next thing I knew I was nibbling on a girls nipple, a tongue lapping at my pussy, sucking my clit. All of these girls all kissing, sucking, fucking each other while the men watched the game. I can’t remember how often I came, or how long it took the boys to notice. But we all fucked in this giant orgy until we all passed out for the night.

Sissy maid training Service for Pussy

Sissy maid trainingI can’t understand girls that don’t like to eat pussy, it’s such a strange idea for me. Especially when I love it so much and I know that you love it too. You love that I have so many pretty young play things to eat, finger, and fuck while you watch us. I especially love it when I have your cock in a cage, dressed up as my sissy maid. Your hands cuffed together in front of you to keep you a good little girl as you have to watch us. Knowing that we’re enjoying each other more than you’ll be ever too. Maybe, just maybe we’ll let you join us. Let you taste our sweet pussy and let ourselves cum all over your face. But, you know what you need to do before that love. Her boyfriend is over there, jacking off as he watches us fuck each other. Maybe if you help him with that pretty sissy mouth we’d let you play. But, you can just watch too. Just remember your time is running out, you have until he cums.

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