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Birthday Boy

Fantasy phone sexI knew you’d love fucking all three of our cunts! When thinking about what to get you for your birthday, I thought about how every man dreams of a threesome. I couldn’t just do the bare minimum though and how was I to decide between my two hottest friends?! I couldn’t just pick one! I decided a foursome would be the best! So I coordinated with Kay and Tiffany and had them come over. We shaved each other’s pussies and got dolled up to surprise you when you got home. You walked in the door and we were all posed with our asses and cunts exposed. We all worshiped your cock. We sucked and kissed your cock. You watched as we fingered each other and ate each other out. Then, you fucked all three of us. Each in the pussy first. I told you there was only one rule to this present, and it was that you save all your cum for me! You know how much your cum whore needs her cum! Happy Birthday, baby!



GFE phone sexI know I promised my horny cunt wouldn’t be a distraction when you decided to work from home today, but I just couldn’t help myself. I brought in your coffee and newspaper this morning along with a blow job. Sucking you dry is my favorite way to start my day! Then I cooked you breakfast and served it to you in a slutty outfit, being sure to bend over every opportunity I had and show you my wet pussy. For lunch, I sat on your desk, opened my legs wide and told you to eat up. Hahaha! Your dessert was me squirting all over your mouth and paperwork on the desk. For an afternoon snack, I straddled you in your office chair and rode you hard with my tits bouncing in your face. You filled my cunt with your cum and I was in heaven. I don’t think you got much work done today, baby!


Erotic roleplayingFeeling my sweat mixed with your cum was so fucking sexy, I always love this Erotic roleplaying. I always jog a couple of miles around the neighborhood everyday and if I’m lucky, I get a glimpse of you mowing your yard or washing your car. Always topless, you look so fucking sexy. This morning, I finally got up the nerve to speak to you. You said you had noticed me too. Next thing I knew, I was bent over the bench on the front porch and he was fucking me from behind. Grabbing my hips and ramming is hard sweaty meaty cock deep into my sweaty wet cunt. Cars were driving by, but you didn’t care. Just when I thought I couldn’t take more of a pounding, you turned me around, picked me up and had me bounce on your cock while you stood on your driveway. People were honking their car horns and slowing down to see. You laid me down on the hood of your red sports car and fucked my whore cunt until I squirted all over your cock, your shorts and down the hood of the car. I’m going to look forward to these jogs a lot more now!

Hot Cum

Best phone sexThe way your hot cum felt entering my cunt deep as I sat on your cock is unlike any other feeling I have ever had before. The hotness filling me up. You cock pulsating sending surges of cum deep deep inside my tight wet shaven pussy. Big thick hot globs. I love your cum. The way your face looks when you finally give me what I’ve been craving. The moans you make. I made that happen and it feels so good. You picked me up, still inside me and laid my body down on the bed. Thrusting your long cock back into me slowly a couple more times, packing your prized cum back in me deeper and deeper. When you pulled out, a little cum came with you. Luckily for me, you know how much I crave it, so you used the head of your cock and pushed the glob back in me deep, making sure it wouldn’t come out again. Thank you, baby. Now I could get dressed for my day, put on my panties and know I have your cum in me all day makes me feel like your nasty little cum whore, and I love it.

Sleepy Welcome

Shaved wet pussyWhen you finally came home from your business trip, I was asleep in bed. I awoke to the sound of the TV in the living room. I walked in, half asleep, to find you sitting on the couch. Without a word, I kissed you passionately, loving the way your beard scratched my cheeks and chin. I moved my hands down toward the edge of your shirt and pulled it off above your head. I continued to kiss your neck, and shoulders. I could feel your hand sliding down, trying to find the edge of my shirt. I was more eager than you to be naked. I quickly pulled off my shirt, smiled at you and pushed my body deeper into you. I stood in front of you topless, and you pulled down my panties… I could see a nice big bulge forming in your boxers and it drove me absolutely wild. I so badly wanted you inside me, but I also did not want our foreplay to end. I sat down on the floor in front of you, between your legs and kissed your thighs. You could tell I was eager to take your boxers off. You slid your hands behind my neck and pulled my hair back from my face. Ready for what’s next?


No taboo phone sexAll the young ones in the neighborhood love coming to trick or treat at my house, especially the boys. I broadcast scary music on the exterior of the house and have huge inflatable scary ghosts in the yard. When the boys and girls come to my door, I hand out cookies and candy, but when some certain really attractive boys show up, I give them a little extra treat. I make sure my husband is upstairs, distracted, watching scary movies at a high volume, so I can give my little trick or treater a treat of a blow job. By the time I’ve given several, I can’t stand it anymore and I have the next teen fuck me raw until he comes deep in my cunt. I love taking the virginity of the young ones and teaching them a thing or two before sending them on their way.


Best phone sexYou surprised me with a picnic today. It was a beautiful day. We laid a blanket out on the grass and had grapes and wine in the park. The park we went to usually has a lot of people, so it was really exciting when you had me bend over and you pulled my dress up. I hope we don’t get caught, but you fucking me out here where the whole world could see, is so fun! It’s such an adrenaline rush. Suddenly, a jogger ran next to us and stopped when he realized what we were doing. He got out his phone and said he’d be calling the police, but then you told him he could fuck me too, if he didn’t tell anyone. It was so hot having a sweaty stranger fill up my tight pussy and then be on his way. Best picnic ever.  


I Kissed a Girl and I Loved it!

Fantasy phone sexWe have been best friends for years and have been talking about taking a girl’s trip during the summer to somewhere tropical and beautiful. Get away from our men, our responsibilities, and our inhibitions. I feel so close to her, she is like a sister. We finally booked a trip to the Bahamas. When we unpacked in the hotel suite, I realized I had forgotten my “goodie” bag – my bag that I keep all my sex toys like my big black dildo and rabbit vibrator. I knew I was going to miss cock during this girls’ retreat. I was so upset, but she reassured me that she didn’t think I would need them for this week long vacay. We had a couple of cocktails by the pool. Just knowing I didn’t have access to cock made me so horny and miserable. So, my BFF did what any good BFF would do and made every effort to give me my sweet release I so desperately craved. She pulled down my shirt and started rubbing on my hard nipples and wet pussy right there on the beach! I kissed a girl for the first time. I never told her, I’ve wanted to fuck her all these years…

She’ll Never Know

best phone sexSo it turns out the new neighbor couldn’t resist me after all! We’ve been sneaking around behind his wife’s back for a couple of days now. He’s fucked me in their marriage bed, on their new couches, their family dining table where they all sit around and pretend to be a happy family. I squirted all over that table. Every time the wifey takes the little one out on an excursion, he and I fuck like two horny co-eds. Even when she is home, he can sneak out to the backyard to tinker with something and by that, I mean me! Just today, I texted him to look out their kitchen window, near where she was cooking dinner. I had positioned myself presenting my ass and pussy to him on their swing. She’ll never find out how I milk her husband dry multiple times a day. Poor thing. What else is a man to do when the person he marries lets herself go?

The New Neighbor

naughty neighbor pornI saw the “For Sale” sign finally get picked up out of our next door neighbor’s yard yesterday afternoon and a moving truck arrive this morning. I’m the head of the welcoming committee in the neighborhood, so it was pleasure to bake a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies to put in a lovely basket and take next door as a little “welcome to the neighborhood” gift. A plain disheveled woman answered the door and with a quick smile ran out after a rugrat. A handsome man, her husband, came to the door, seemed to be embarrassed by the lack of control his wife had of their little one, “they’re off to check out the new daycare”. They got into their minivan and left and the husband invited me in. He was wearing gray sweatpants, and a white t shirt. He was scruffy, muscular. I could see his cock hardening with every word I spoke. I suddenly imagined him taking me right then and there on the kitchen island. A tight, well-put together babe like me… how could he resist me?

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