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Afternoon Nap

Hot sexy woman

Your cum was the first thing I saw exploding all over me the instant I opened my eyes. I fell asleep on the chaise lounger in the living room watching tv. When I woke up, it was to the sound of you moaning through an orgasm and cumming that startled me. I opened my eyes and you were standing over me, cock in hand. You were staring at my pussy covered in my cotton panties underneath my blue jean skirt. Your ribbons of white thick cum shot from your hard throbbing cock all over my panties, soaking them. My tight sexy ass and skirt and even some of my face was splashed with your cream. I wish you would have let me wake up to receive that come deep inside. 



Sensual phone sexI didn’t tell her when she came over that you would be watching. I know nothing turns you on more than watching the two of us have our fun. We started making out and taking each other’s clothes off. I love feeling her full tits and round ass. I spanked her good. We laid on the couch, fondling each other, when I grabbed her black her and pushed her down to my cunt. She knew what to do. She spread my pussy lips and began licking me up and eating me out. It’s almost like she knew exactly how to position herself so that you could see every single bit. Once I squirted in her mouth and on her face, she hollered out that she was ready for you to join us. She knew you were watching all along! I guess I’m not the only one who gets off on you watching me be naughty. Come fuck us both!


New Man

best phone sexI was so surprised you’d fuck and steal your son’s girlfriend like you did. I was staying over with him when I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink. We had just fucked a few hours ago before falling asleep. When I walked out of his room and to the kitchen I saw you with your cock in your hand, jacking off to my graduation photo. What the fuck? When I called you out about it, instead of being embarrassed that you were caught, you told me that if I left your son for you, you’d kick his ass to the curb and you’d be my sugar daddy. I was shocked and resistant at first, but then I saw how much bigger your cock is than your son and you promised me a brand new white Range Rover! Forget your son. I’ll be your sugar baby. Let’s fuck so loud it wakes him up and you can make him watch daddy steal his girl!


Sexy babeOur sexy workplace role play phone sex was so fun! I came so hard masturbating to our conversation. I loved being forced to take your cock in exchange for you keeping quiet about some shady things I did behind the CEO’s back. I could lose my job and maybe even go to jail if you told anyone what you knew. You made me sign a contract that I’d let you fuck me, lick me all over, suck my toes and even shoot your hot load of cum deep inside me and get me pregnant. I don’t want anything to do with you, but it’s not like I have a choice. If I don’t do everything you want, you’ll blackmail me and I’ll lose everything! I guess I’m your little fucking slave now. Please keep my secrets. I’ll do anything… anything.

Christmas Toys

GFE phone sex I love my early Christmas gift baby. Going to another friends wedding sounded so boring until you handed me our new toy. A remote controlled vibrator that only you could control. My pussy was watering at just the thought of it. When I put it in my dripping wet cunt you immediately turned on. Oh my fucking God I was under your mercy. My Lacy black panties were drenched before we made it to the wedding. As the bride walked down the aisle you took your phone out and turned my toy on full fucking blast. I came so hard in the pew I almost screamed during the service. You were being so fucking mean but taking such good care of me. I had to turn the tables on you when we made it to the reception. Thank goodness our table was in the corner. It was so easy to take your cock out under the table cloth with out anyone noticing. It was rock fucking hard and so big. I felt my pussy tighten around my toy when you turned it on full blast from you phone. Each pulse reverberating deep inside. “Follow me outside now” , i said into your ear. There was no arguing as you obediently followed me. We snuck inside the limo that would carry the happy couple to their honeymoon. It would be our turn to christen it before them.


Best phone sexEver since that night at the strip club you can’t keep your fucking paws off of me or your fat cock out of me! I’m not complaining though. I love that you got so jealous of all the other men in the club staring at me twerk my ass and grind on the pole. Rubbing my pussy juices up and down that pole, everyone in the room wishing it was their cock I was grinding on. You’re such a jealous man, you would think you’d learn your lesson by now about not giving me the attention that I deserve. For every bit of attention I’m missing from you, I’ll get it from someone else and drive you absolutely wild. You know how sweet this pussy is, and how much you love to have me slide up and down on your fat cock. You better be good to me or I’ll make you watch me give lap dances next time!

Whipped Cream

The only thing I like more than having you lick whipped cream off of my cunt is you unloading your cream from your cock all over me. I was trying to make a dessert for your office Christmas party. I was just getting the whipped cream out of the refrigerator when you walked in the kitchen and grabbed me from behind. You grabbed the whipped cream and put it on the counter, shut the refrigerator door and pushed me up against the cold stainless steel door. The whole thing shook. You pulled down my shirt and bra and pressed my hard nipples against the cold metal door. You lifted my skirt and moved my panties to the side. You took a bit of whipped cream and spread it across my pussy lips before getting low and licking it off. Fuck. You commanded then that I took my clothes all the way off. As soon as they hit the floor, you turned me around, and picked me up. You placed me on the cold kitchen counter and sprayed me vigorously with the whipped cream. It was so cold but you warmed it right up, licking every bit. You sprayed me once again, emptying the can, and had me play with it in my pussy. I was sure to get it deep in there so you would have to tongue me even deeper to clean it out. I know you love eating that pussy. How is that Sensual phone sex Darlinevanilla cream pie, baby?

Strap On

Hot sexy womanI always knew I was sexually attracted to other women. I love feeling their perky tits. I love feeling their wet pussies and their soft lips. I love pulling their hair and biting their lip. The only hard thing about being with women, is I miss having a cock fuck me! I miss having a big dick and someone thrusting in and out of me, dominating me. I discovered a remedy for that. I had one of my sexiest friends come over and put on a strap-on. We made out, feeling each other’s full perky tits. Then I went down on her, licking her pussy, sticking my tongue deep inside. Massaging her hard clit with my tongue, sucking on it. I slid my fingers inside her cunt and finger fucker her until she squirted all over my hand. Once I knew she was well taken care of, I had her put on the strap on and fuck me. She pulled my hair, and called me her little fucking cock whore. She didn’t stop until she returned the favor to me and had me cream all over the dildo.

Long Distance Cum

GFE phone sexI miss you and your cock so much baby! I loved our video chat last night. It’s amazing that you can make my pussy squirt like no one else, even when you’re far away from me. You video chatted me and showed me your cock out of your pajama pants. It’s so thick and hot! Just when I didn’t think it could be thicker or longer, you showed me you had a new toy. You pulled out a penis enlargement pump from your nightstand and placed it over your cock. You set the phone on your chest and showed me you pumping it and it getting bigger and bigger and bigger. When you finally took it off, it was red and HUGE. It was at least a couple of inches longer and fat! You then told me it wasn’t even hard and I was completely shocked! I wanted to see how much bigger it could get so you started stroking it for me. I mimicked your pace and pointed my phone down at my cunt so you could watch my dildo go in and out of my soaking wet pussy. The way you were talking to me, the memory of the last time we fucked, and hearing your deep voice telling me to cum for you, I felt myself about to squirt. I pulled my dildo out, and stuck my fingers inside, exploding on my hand over and over and showing you how I was dripping for your cock. I begged you to cum for me, and you did. You gave me a huge load and let me watch your extra large cock pulsate, sending glob after glob out. I love that cock baby.

Dirty Ride

Phone chat linesDoesn’t this outfit make your cock hard? I know you like looking at my tight ass. Seeing me bent over getting to work on making this hot sports car shine. Getting attention from multiple men is what really makes this pussy wet! I love washing my new pretty blue sports car in the driveway where all my neighbors can see me in my short dress and getting all wet and soapy! Having this white thin dress on lets everything be seen when I’m all wet. I love putting on a show and making all the passerby’s honk and get distracted staring at me! Why don’t you pull into my driveway and let me wash your filthy ride? And give you a filthy ride too!

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