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Erotic Roleplaying For Hot Phone Sex

Your unable to sleep and this erotic roleplaying scene has been bugging you, keep you so turned on and horny. There is one thing you can do to achieve some relief of that throbbing cock and those reruns of the hottest fucking experience you are dealing with. I’m here for you baby with me dirty mind and demure and innocent look and attitude is meant to throw you off.

What I really want is to be thrown down and fucked really good as you manhandle me and harshly whisper in my ear how much a tramp I am. Seduce me into being a little whore for you, and I promise to make it a good struggle to accept that I am, indeed an uptight priss on the outside and a total kinky whore when you get me alone.

erotic roleplaying


Best Phone Sex Fantasies w/ Felecity

I’m a sophisticated kind of slut that loves enticing your desires with my best phone sex pleasures. I believe that you and I are going to really click and have some really wonderfully kinky fun. I think you should return home one afternoon early from work to surprise me when it is You that gets the surprise.

A strange car in the driveway and when you come inside there’s no one in the main areas of the house but you hear noises from the bedroom. Approaching the bedroom the door is ajar and what you feast your eyes on… I’m being fucked really hard by a strange man in a most provocative position! On all fours like a bitch I am taking this strange mans cock without a condom, completely bareback fucking your wives hot shaved twat. I’m moaning like a whore as you watch your dick is growing so hard and then… that’s right you witness this man cumming in my cunt.

Well I think this is where you come in baby… how do we continue with this?

Best Phone Sex

Erotic Roleplaying For A Hot Fucking

Hey so maybe your looking for some form of sensual erotic roleplaying fun with a secretly kinky sophisticated woman. I am her, and the answer for that therapeutic need for tossing off and getting some real satisfaction. I’m all about your satisfaction and all about You sweets, so let me in on your secret passions and erotic fantasies.

I want you to watch me play with myself, finger my sweet slit and roll my nipples between my fingers.Watch me as I penetrate my cunt with one finger then another… now, come closer, and take a lick of my cunt, go on put you tongue inside and lick it nice and deep. Taste my sweet juices, suck on my clit, feel your dick get good and hard as my pussy juice gushes over that tongue. Now just thrust your cock in and fuck me good.

Erotic Roleplaying


Erotic Roleplaying with a GFE Fetish

Erotic Roleplaying

My erotic roleplaying is a hot sensual girlfriend experience that will have you relaxed and those heavy balls drained leaving you to sleep like a baby. I am most certain that you will get the needs that you haven’t felt fulfilled of in a long time taken care of well. I’m very accommodating to my men and  am always a good ear.

Let me help you relax after a hard day and relieve those balls. I’m awesome at draining that cock or sharing some cum in my wet pussy from a previous lover of the night for your cuckold needs. Please think of me when you need an ear and some quality jerk off time with a caring understanding woman that puts your needs first. I’ll let you watch me fuck.

Erotic Roleplaying With Felecity

Hey there sexy! I’m so happy that you decided to drop by. I really hope we have some great chemistry and that we can chill out together with some hot erotic roleplaying and naughty fun. Let me caress your rock hard shaft as I gently nibble on you nipples while massaging your balls. I will kiss down your chest, belly and tease your cock with my tongue. I’ll take the full length of that throbbing cock into my mouth and close my lips around the head as I lick all around that ridge of your mushroom cap.

Erotic Roleplaying

Bury your head between my legs and slide that tongue between my clean shaven outer cunt lips and slip it into my wet slit. I want you to lick me and suck on my clit, as I grind my hips upward begging you to go deeper. I get to the point of squirting my hot cunt juices in your mouth as my hands hold your head between my legs.

Finally, I will beg you for that throbbing cock to penetrate and pound my pussy until your jizz flows deep in my love tunnel.


Sissy Humiliation With Felecity


Crave me and my Sissy Humiliation phone sessions. You’re here for my Entertainment and mine alone. I will make you all the woman that you truly are, and make that inner woman crave cock. My joys of cuckolding pathetic men and teasing them about how they are more a woman than a man is what really launches me into being a Femdom that will forcibly initiate you into the perverse world of Sissification.

You need not hide that inner woman and cock craving from me, as I will exhibit the well endowed man for you to worship and become our little bitch. Dressing your little wee wee in pretty panties and making you watch me fuck a nice plump, juicy hard cock is purely my pleasure. I will have your sweet sissy ass kneeling before your King and Queen and be the sissy maid of cum licking. You are going to serve me and Thank Me and your King for the very opportunity to do such.Sissy HumiliationSo, are you a little sissy slut that wishes to probe into your perverse fantasy of being a girly boy and sucking cock for this Femdom Mistress?

Best Phone Sex Felecity For GFE Fun

For some hot GFE fun try me out for the best phone sex sessions of sensual eroticism. I want to torment every inch of your cock with my tongue and lips. Licking slowly around the head of that beautiful bulbous mushroom cap as I enclose my plump lips around the very tip. I will tease the cum hole and nibble gently on that ridge. I want your stiffness to grow as my lips enclose that fine shaft within my mouth. Let me deep throat your manhood and make you throb for me.

To feel how stiff and big you grow from my tantalizing oral pleasures is such a turn on. My cunt starts to get really drenched and I push your head down between my legs. You lap at my juices and slide your tongue inside my pink slit. I quiver for your licking and for your tongue to go deeper, I thrust and grind on your mouth moaning as my juices begin to flow…

I want to feel you inside of me and thrusting deeper until we both become spent.

Best Phone Sex


Best Phone Sex Pleasures W/ Felecity

I’m always very open minded and love to seduce younger men with my best phone sex seductions. Like the other day the young man in the grocery store that almost tripped over his own feet after I flashed him a smile as I was fondling some tomatoes. My fingers gingerly grazed their supple surface checking for bruises. I’m very picky about my produce and when I started feeling around the cucumbers to make sure there were no soft spots I think I really reeled this one in.

As I was at the checkout getting rung up, I noticed he was at the next line over and rushing through. It seemed he was fixated on catching me outside and offered to assist with my bags. Of course I obliged and he was certainly quite the hot package. In an instance he was behind me as I opened the door to put the bags in. His body pressed against me as he leaned really close and whispered your place or mine.

It was a hot fucking afternoon when I met back up with him at his house. His cock was throbbing hard the moment I walked in that door and he was not wasting time. Some drinks and his head was between my legs giving me the best fucking orgasm with his tongue. God damn I’m so hot right now thinking about this encounter that I have to fuck my pussy right now! Call me soon sexy and we can recreate any hot sensual fucking scene You wish.

Best Phone Sex

Best Phone Sex Cums With Experience

You know what they say about an experienced woman and when it comes to the best phone sex pleasures it is no different. Seducing men with the slightest bit of leg showing between the raised hem of a skirt and the top of a pair of stockings. The sensual curves of my calves as they stretch as I stride along in my eight inch high red leather heels.

The start of the seduction comes with the sultry whisper and the very descriptive words cascading from my red plump lips as I describe my attire. The best part is the anticipation building as your cock grows, my cunt moistens and the erotic words that caress your mind.

Your hand on my thigh at the restaurant, or sliding my foot from my heels as I gaze at you across the cafe table. You feel the silky soft foot glide over your cock manipulating it driving the urge to fuck me right there. Your mind plays out the scene. Getting up with that raging hard penis and discretely opening your pants you think about grabbing me and bending me over that table and slamming my luscious juicy cunt with a few thrusts before you explode your seed inside my pussy.

Best Phone Sex

Best Phone Sex Fantasies w/ Felecity

I’m Felecity and your late night go to for the best phone sex fantasies to get fulfillment. Don’t let my pretty and proper image throw you off, I am a real naughty vixen behind closed doors and the perfect girlfriend experience for you.

Best Phone Sex

I keep my dirty mind hidden except a few naughty whispers and some playful flirting in public but once behind doors… I will be the fucking animal you so desire. I will ravish your cock with the best fucking blowjob. I will grind my cunt into your face as you devour my sweet pussy nectar. And when we fuck, baby I will be loud and I will talk filthy and expect you to talk filthy to me. I expect you to fuck like you fucking mean it!

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