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sexy chicksI went clubbing last night with a few of my girlfriends.  We were the hottest girls in the club. We usually are the hottest girls anywhere we go! Young sexy chicks are always popular with older men, even the ones who are married. Tom was supplying me with adult beverages all night. I could see he was married even though he insisted he wasn’t. He took his wedding ring off before he approached me. I could see the faint tan line. I am not looking to get married. I just love to tease and fuck if the man is worthy of my hot body and tight shaved pussy. We talked most of the night, but I still wasn’t sure if he was packing enough meat in his pants to be worth my effort to take home. Some men I just use for their wallets. Some men I just use for their cocks. But the best men I use for both. I suggested we dance. A slow sappy song came on, so I asked him to dance. The key is pressing up against him gently. If he has a big dick, you can feel it bulging in his pants. I turned around, pressed my perfect ass against him and got a surprise. His dick was erect. When I turned around to face him, I saw the tent in his pants. “Did I do that,” I said innocently. He replied, “You sure did beautiful. Can you take care of it?” I did a quick scan of the club for dark corners. I led him behind a bar that wasn’t being used because it was a weeknight. I gave him a great blowjob he will never forget. His cock was bigger than I was expecting. I used my hands, my perky tits and my pretty mouth to drain his balls in the club. I went back to his hotel last night and had a wild night of fucking. I may never see him again, but I will never forget his cock.


Young GFE Size Queen

small dick humiliationI love shaming little dicks. If a man wants to fuck me, he better fucking have a cock. Guys think because I am young, I am dumb. They think that I am so grateful to have the attention of a wealthy older man, I will not care that my Ken doll has a bigger dick. I hooked up with this man I met in a sugar daddy chat room. He talked a smooth game. Bragged about his classic car collection and his vacation getaways. Talked non-stop about his riches. I knew with all his ego stroking, he was over compensating for something.  I agreed to meet him because regardless if he had a tiny pecker or not, he was paying me for my time. When you are a GFE, there is never an explicit exchange of money for sex. The guy is paying for my time and attention, nothing else. I was very clear about that. We exchanged pictures. He was handsome, but I was still way out of his league. We had enjoyable small talk before he suggested we go to his penthouse. I again reiterated that I was under no sexual obligation. He nodded his head in agreement. He said he wanted to show me his car collection. He wanted to show me his small dick. Now, he thought it was big, so he was not exactly thrilled with the small dick humiliation I launched.  I had my money and I was clear about what that money was for. He asked for a refund. That just made me shame him more. I told him he was a pathetic loser and that if he was so wealthy, he should buy himself a dick transplant. I am young and hot. He was old and short. As I was strutting out the door, I noticed him rubbing his little nub. I think I will be hearing from him again very soon.


Sexy GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI was out clubbing with my friends last night. I was horny; we all were. We were hoping for some handsome older men, sugar daddy types to be in the club. It was not very busy, but it was a weeknight. We flirted with the bartender to get free drinks. He was handsome but working class. I will fuck a broke ass guy if he has a nice cock. If you’re poor, you need to be great in bed or we won’t fuck you. Just as I was about to slum for some cock, in walked a group of handsome older gents in nice suits. We checked them out. Designer duds, big rolls of cash, Italian leather shoes and each one had on a Rolex. Bingo. We hit the jackpot. Suddenly, that cute bartender didn’t exist anymore. We had our eyes on the prize. We were the hottest and youngest things in the club. These were married men, businessmen out of town. We waited for them to come to us. They always do. They opened a tab and bought us top shelf fruity drinks for a couple of hours. I was paired up with Dave, the most handsome of them all. I get weak for an older man with money and salt and pepper hair. He flat out asked me how much to spend the night with him in his hotel. He thought we were escorts. I am sugar baby. I love to be spoiled and I know there is always an exchange of sex for presents, but I have never flat out exchanged cash for sex. There is always a first time. I went high at $5,000 thinking he would negotiate down. He pulled out $5,000 right there at the bar. I asked him if he was a cop to be safe. He was just a horny old man looking for a GFE to rock his world. He was so well-endowed and fucking gifted at pussy eating I would have done him for free, but I had the hottest sex of my life and I got paid. I need to rethink this escort thing.

Sexy legs

Sexy legsSexy legs wrapped around your neck my handsome man. You know what that means. I feel like you could eat my pretty tight pink pussy just about now big boy. Call me for Sensual phone sex, this sexy barbie is feeling naughty! I’ll give you the best Phone sex therapy, I just want to make you release all that stress after work. I’ll be your naughty doll. This sexy doll is ready to suck on you big huge fat cock you have. I love the big round tip you have. I can’t wait for that piece of meat to penetrate my tight pussy. I love the feeling of that big fat mushroom head gong in and out my tight little pussy fuck hole. Anything you feel like doing baby, I’m down. I’m your girl for everything! I’m here to please you and only you my handsome sexy big cock man!

Sexy phone sex

Sexy phone sexHey baby I’ve been missing you honey. I’m glad your are back now. I cant wait to have real dick in my tight pussy. I mean I love using the vibrating dildo that you had bought me its pretty and pink with a big mushroom head like yours and its only 5 inches. You bought me that one so my pussy wouldn’t get all loose for you. Well that is only half your size. I love your big fat long mushroom head dick. I love the taste on the very tip of that head. I love giving you head baby. Love to deep throat and lick you from your dick tip all the way to your tight asshole. You know you love when I tongue fuck that asshole, and stroke your dick at the same time massaging your balls with my other hand. Then I start to finger fuck you till I make you cum.

Princess phone sex

Princess phone sexBabe look at me opening this pussy wide open for you, while you fuck my tight little fucking asshole! I want to ride your cock all night long. I love how you get my pussy all fucking wet baby! I cant wait for you to get down on your knees and start licking my pretty little tight pussy! Oh yeah baby I love you so much keep fucking me like this every night and you will have to turn my little princess ass into your wife! I love how you fuck me every night and I just want to make you and your big fat long juicy cock happy! Let me pour some vanilla flavor onto your dick and let me start sucking your cock till I could drain all that cum out your big fat dick! I just want to milk your cock into my pretty little mouth baby!

Phone sex therapist

Phone sex therapistYour sexy hot blonde with a shaved wet pussy is waiting for you at home in bed with her legs wide open! That’s right baby I’m so horny for you my pussy is dripping wet. My little clit so swollen waiting for you to cum and lick me, oh yeah baby lick my clit up and down and all around till you make me orgasm twice in a row! The more you lick me the more my tight little pussy gets wet! Then boom you make me squirt all over your face! You still keep tongue fucking my pussy fuck hole swallowing each drop of my pussy juice! I grab your dick at the base of your fat shaft and pull it towards my pussy rub it up and down and all around then you slowly penetrate my pussy with your fat dick! You start fucking me faster as you are ready to cum in me!

Sensual phone sex

Sensual phone sexBaby just look at me finger my tight little pink pussy fuck hole. I love licking my fingers and finger my pussy then lick them again! I just taste so fucking delish! My pussy just feels fucking amazing its so tight and soft in there. I cant wait for your dick to fuck me really fucking hard! I just want you to throw me on my bed and jump on me and start caressing me real soft and kissing my neck and my lips. Then going down to my belly with your tongue. Then you going lower to start french kissing my sweet sweet pussy. I love how you start tongue fucking my pussy fuck hole in deep. Flickering your tongue on my clit so soft till you make me orgasm twice in a row. Then you gently put your big fat cock in my pussy fuck hole, and I start squirting all over your dick and balls.

Compromise with me

fantasy phone sexI have this friend who loves playing the dominant role it sort of clashes with how I like to rule my sessions with my partners you see I love being in control I love telling a guy just how to fuck me or lick my sweet cunt. I must have complete control but sometimes there is room for compromise because some men do not enjoy being emasculated.

I am here to help you bring those wild fantasies to the surface maybe you want to tie me up  and lick my cunt until I squirt everywhere or maybe you want to tickle me with a feather. I can agree to this but can I do the same thing to you love.

sweet escape

best phone sexI tried something a little different and lets just say I thoroughly enjoyed the experiment so I think it would be okay to let a guy dominate me every once in a while but i dont want to make a habit out of it. To be honest it was a very orgasmic experience to be told what to do to get on my knees and crawl on the floor like a big wild animal waiting to be fucked and to beg to touch his cock with my mouth. It was so humiliating. When I rode his cock he made me bark like a furry little creature. When my orgasm neared he told me to hold it back god it was definitely a struggle but next week i will be paying him back

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