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Princess phone sex

Princess phone sexBabe look at me opening this pussy wide open for you, while you fuck my tight little fucking asshole! I want to ride your cock all night long. I love how you get my pussy all fucking wet baby! I cant wait for you to get down on your knees and start licking my pretty little tight pussy! Oh yeah baby I love you so much keep fucking me like this every night and you will have to turn my little princess ass into your wife! I love how you fuck me every night and I just want to make you and your big fat long juicy cock happy! Let me pour some vanilla flavor onto your dick and let me start sucking your cock till I could drain all that cum out your big fat dick! I just want to milk your cock into my pretty little mouth baby!

Phone sex therapist

Phone sex therapistYour sexy hot blonde with a shaved wet pussy is waiting for you at home in bed with her legs wide open! That’s right baby I’m so horny for you my pussy is dripping wet. My little clit so swollen waiting for you to cum and lick me, oh yeah baby lick my clit up and down and all around till you make me orgasm twice in a row! The more you lick me the more my tight little pussy gets wet! Then boom you make me squirt all over your face! You still keep tongue fucking my pussy fuck hole swallowing each drop of my pussy juice! I grab your dick at the base of your fat shaft and pull it towards my pussy rub it up and down and all around then you slowly penetrate my pussy with your fat dick! You start fucking me faster as you are ready to cum in me!

Sensual phone sex

Sensual phone sexBaby just look at me finger my tight little pink pussy fuck hole. I love licking my fingers and finger my pussy then lick them again! I just taste so fucking delish! My pussy just feels fucking amazing its so tight and soft in there. I cant wait for your dick to fuck me really fucking hard! I just want you to throw me on my bed and jump on me and start caressing me real soft and kissing my neck and my lips. Then going down to my belly with your tongue. Then you going lower to start french kissing my sweet sweet pussy. I love how you start tongue fucking my pussy fuck hole in deep. Flickering your tongue on my clit so soft till you make me orgasm twice in a row. Then you gently put your big fat cock in my pussy fuck hole, and I start squirting all over your dick and balls.

Compromise with me

fantasy phone sexI have this friend who loves playing the dominant role it sort of clashes with how I like to rule my sessions with my partners you see I love being in control I love telling a guy just how to fuck me or lick my sweet cunt. I must have complete control but sometimes there is room for compromise because some men do not enjoy being emasculated.

I am here to help you bring those wild fantasies to the surface maybe you want to tie me up  and lick my cunt until I squirt everywhere or maybe you want to tickle me with a feather. I can agree to this but can I do the same thing to you love.

sweet escape

best phone sexI tried something a little different and lets just say I thoroughly enjoyed the experiment so I think it would be okay to let a guy dominate me every once in a while but i dont want to make a habit out of it. To be honest it was a very orgasmic experience to be told what to do to get on my knees and crawl on the floor like a big wild animal waiting to be fucked and to beg to touch his cock with my mouth. It was so humiliating. When I rode his cock he made me bark like a furry little creature. When my orgasm neared he told me to hold it back god it was definitely a struggle but next week i will be paying him back

Completely Wasted

best phone sexI dont really remember much of last night except being faced down in a toilet most of the night puking my brains out! Normally I can handle my liquor but something about last night really got me shit faced. I think one of my normal johns spiked my drink because I remember getting my ass hole stretched out with fingers and a tongue around the rim. I also remember kind of having cum drip from my ass hole and a bit of tenderness from the rough handling! I wish I could remember just what happened to me last night or what the hell I did. Where the hell did most of these bruises come from and why do I remember so many different cocks cumming down my throat! Ugh I still feel like shit today but I am still so freaking horny too!

I trained him well

Erotic roleplaying        This guy I have been seeing for a while I wouldn’t call him my boyfriend or even my lover for that matter. He’s more of my personal slave that I do with ever the hell I wish to. I love abusing him or forcing him to eat another man’s cum out of my ass. He doesn’t have a choice on what he gets to do because if were to talk back to me I’d use my paddle Mr. Big stuff across his face or ass. Not to mention if my little slave boy were to disobey his mistress I’d tie him down to my desk legs aspread and fuck his little asshole with my thirteen inch dildo.

          I trained him to get on his knees and beg like a good little boy. I am his world with out me he is nothing but fucken scum. This little buck wasn’t that hard to break now tonight I’ll give him a little treat and suck his little cock while he eats cum out of my ass the fucken loser has no choice in the matter and if he cums before I give him permission to do so his fucken ass will be beaten and forcibly fucked anally.

         I’m happy about my new little pet.. Would you like a collar too? Let me dominate your world I promise you won’t miss your freedom you fucken shit.


            Ass fetishYou want to help me out in the kitchen washing up these dirty dishes or would you rather sit there watching some porn flicks jerking off your cock until I tell you to blast your load? The thing is either way you need my permission to do anything honey or have you forgotten you belong to me I’m your Mistress and you always have to ask me before you do anything my little puppet.

             You want to watch me rub my clit while you jerk off or do you want to wash those filthy dishes? You know exactly what you’re going to do! Get in that fucking kitchen and wash those dishes by the time I reach my nut you should be done to catch my squirting juices in your fucken mouth yes? I would like to hope so puppet.

All By Myself

hot sexy womanSometimes you need to play with yourself to get that quick orgasm to start your day off right because let’s be honest who knows your body better than yourself and it’s perfectly healthy and probably recommended to start your day off with a good orgasm. I bet a lot more people would be happy in the morning if they got there rocks off at the break of dawn. I love touching my pussy getting her all nice and wet until my bed sheets are soaked though with my cum. I love getting myself off you don’t always need a man to stroke your pussy just the right way to make you gush when you can do it your damn self. Stop being lazy and use your hands! There’s nothing wrong with masturbation do you need a little help with learning to touch yourself love?Best phone sex

One Sexy Babe

sexy babeI love getting compliments about my body how yummy it looks and what a sexy babe I am how badly they wanted to lick the heels of my feet. Dreaming of having me walk all over them like they were my own personal mat. They definitely wanted me and knew it. I flaunted it! Ha I relish the thought of man fawning over me knowing he may never get the shot at being with me because I’m an expensive piece of china almost priceless the powers of my pussy, the brutality and force behind my words when I punish one of my many slaves the fact that I get away with it is all so laughable really.

I bet if I took a blade and sliced a chunk of their hair from their head they’d just enjoy it saying thank you mistress, you’re the best mistress I deserve to be humiliated. Being a sexy babe takes a lot of hard work and commitment I don’t just roll out of bed all nice and firm in just the right places with out effort. Have you ever tried paddling someone’s ass for thirty minutes with no break in between well it requires a lot of upper body strength so your arms don’t get tired.

I recommend hitting the gym at least five times a week not only because you get a hot bod getting loads of compliments like “Got damn she’s sexy as fuck”, “That’s the sexy babe I want to see my cum drip out of” or my personal favorite “I want you to just crush me beneath those sexy feet of yours babe.” You get the most clients surprisingly from just perusing the gym it’s shocking how many muscle head beefy “manly” men want to be dominated by a hot young female. They want to be humiliated their asses penetrated, beat, and just made to feel like the lowest piece of shit in the world.

It excites them in the bedroom raising the performance level and at the gym makes them try a thousand times harder. Just know the next time you see a guy hitting the gym super hard and he’s already really buff he has a hot young sexy babe crushing his ball sac beneath her dainty foot. Yummy right?

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