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Beach Trip

Fantasy phone sexIt took some convincing but I got one of my Daddy’s to agree to letting me take his credit card and go off with my friends for week for a very fun filled vacation. So we are going all out for this fantastic slutfest we have planned. We spent all this afternoon trying on cute little bikinis and slutty little outfits to go dancing in. Giggling and taking pics of each other, thinking of all the kinky stuff we could get into the upcoming week. We decided we wanted to find two very hung guys to fool around with, all three of us. Surely that wouldn’t be hard we are super hot dirty young girls willing to try anything why wouldn’t they want to give our bald cunnys a ride.

The Cost Of Perfect Grades

Coed phone sexClasses are done for now and I’m free for a few weeks. My grades are absolutely stunning. Only cost me a few moments of my time. My high grade in Math I is thanks to weeks of sitting front row is Mr. Rocks class flashing my panties. My high grade in Liberal Arts and Sciences is thanks to a few afternoon blowjobs and quickie for Mr. Lavos. My high grade is Biology was a bit tricky to achieve but after I helped Mrs. Geneva cuckold her husband it was a done deal. Psychology was thanks to low cut shirts and empty promises. Chemistry is a special thanks to the amazing chemistry I shared with Mr. Adams over and over again. I truly enjoyed reaching, bending and climbing on top to have such amazing marks.

My Golden Pedicure

Foot fetishesSo I have very particular Daddy that I spend time with. He buys me gifts and make sure I have the very best of anything I want. In return I do whatever he wants me to do. Well he took me out for a spa day which is normal he really like me to wear sandals because he loves my feet, so I very often go out and get a pedicure. This time he had very explicit instructions for me to follow. He observed the whole time which was different, he watched as the scrubbed and massaged my feet. He picked out this lovely shade of pink they delicately painted on. He patient sat with me while I finished up with the rest of my visit. When leaving I ask if we were going anywhere special he just shook his head and said we were going home. I shrugged and didn’t push further. We arrived back at his condo and he had a cute little bikini laid out for me as we walked in. He instructed that I put it on and meet him by the pool out back. It was a adorable fit in pink, with a cute skirt attachment. He always has great taste. When I went out to the backyard I was only semi startled that he wasn’t wearing any clothes. I giggled and he turned around his big limp cock started to harden as he walked towards me. He smiled and offered me a spot to lay out in the sun. As I laid down and got settled he stood at the end of the chair staring at my feet. He took his cock in his hand and slowly started to stroke it. He then told me I was about to get really wet, which I giggled. I had no idea he meant he was going to start peeing all over me. I felt the warm stream start hitting my feet, I wriggled my toes as it start running between them. He continued to started up my legs and aiming for my pussy. It was warm and wet, I got goosebumps covering my arms. I laid back and smiled allowed him to do what he wished.

Beg To Worship Me

Phone humiliation

So there’s this guy who I often pass off my papers too. He’s never complain and does whatever I want him too when I ask. He’s a totally nerd even fit with those big rimmed glasses all I have to do is smile and hand over what I need him to do. Well today things didn’t go over how they normally do. I went to his dorm and knocked on the door until he came to answer and I started talking to him letting him know what I needed and being adorable. He stops me mid sentence “What do I get?”. He actually asked me, he was shaking so much I was surprised he didn’t faint. “What do you want?” I asked. “I want to touch you…just a little bit” he basically mumbled. I pushed him, and he fell back onto his ass. I entered the room shutting the door behind me. “You want to touch me?” I mocked as he stared up at me startled. “What makes your hands worthy enough to touch me? What makes you worthy enough to even be in my presence?” I hissed at him. “Please” he whined. “Please” I repeated “Please, Please, Please” I started to sing over and over again. “Your going to have to say that and a lot more to convince me to let you lay a finger on me. Unworthy scum”.

Overcompensating For Sure

Phone Humiliation

Let me tell you about the most wonderful date with the most embarrassing ending! So this rich old guy I want to say 60’s, I don’t know nor care. He had the dough so I was ready to go. He’s been showering me with gifts and even offering to help my expenses just to go out with him. So I thought why not, I got to give him a little something before he leaves and takes his wallet with him.  So I get picked up by his driver, I get flowers he tells me how pretty I am. Like, duh? Go to a fantastic steakhouse, I tease him a bit with my feet running up and down his leg. I convince him to go back to his house. So I can take care of him, and for him to write me a little allowance check of course. We get there, I’m excited and he seems quite overjoyed. We get inside and he sits down and pulls out his checkbook. I try to be cute and start to unzip his pants. Figured he could watch my head bobbing while he writes the check. His cock is very small, I assume maybe he’s a grower. I start to lick and suck with all my normal tricks it gets hard but no bigger. Which is whatever he’s rich, I’ll deal with the small gerkin. Then he says “That’s right baby, choke on it”. Well I certainly choked alright, but from laughing to hard

Your a Waste

best phone sexLook at me, I’m told often I’m so cute or adorable. No one really knows how mean I can be. Accept for you of course. Why exactly did you follow me home? What did you think was going to happen, did you really think you had what it takes to handle me?

The moment I heard your steps behind me I could tell you were weak. The sounds of your steps screamed timidness and weakness. I turned to you and asked “What do you think you are doing? You can’t afford me, we’ve been over this. If you think you can catch me off-guard your even too pathetic to manage that.” You look so defeated by so few words.

I walk up to you and spit down at your feet. “You’re a Waste”.