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Fuck Him Then Send Him Home

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Ever since I was really young I’ve enjoyed playing with another person’s toys more than my own. And now that I’m older nothing’s changed except instead of toys it’s now men. I’m addicted to the challenge of seducing men to cheat. It’s a huge self-esteem boost when I get a normally faithful man to cheat. Nothing feels better than doing something forbidden. Hot sex in a cheap motel makes my pussy sloppy wet. I fuck them like a pornstar then send them home to their boring wives and girlfriends. I fuck them until I get bored then I move on to my next conquest. I’m a homewrecker with no conscience, I never feel bad. If these ladies did their jobs their spouses would race to get between my legs. I wonder do the wives taste my pussy when they kiss their unfaithful husbands.

Cathy’s Husband

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I’m taking a nighttime cooking class and we meet every Tuesday and Thursday. Cathy sits next to me and we’ve become good friends. She invited me to a family barbecue today. When I arrived she introduced me to her family and friends. She introduced me to her husband and I felt that familiar spark between us. I wanted him and I wanted him bad. Cathy is my friend but I can’t help it, I’ve always wanted what someone else has. Cathy and her husband have a huge house and when I caught him staring at me I walked away from the crowd of people and disappeared into an empty bedroom. A few seconds later, Cathy’s husband entered the bedroom and we were all over each other. We ended up on the floor of the closet completely naked trying to fuck quietly so that no one could hear us. I rode him like a cowgirl from Texas and he couldn’t keep his eyes off my beautiful tits. Bouncing on his hard cock felt so good that I came within minutes and his orgasm followed seconds later. We got dressed and returned to the party like nothing even happened. I know I’m a bad friend because there’s nothing hotter than someone else’s husband.

Being The Other Woman

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Nothing turns me on more than attached man. I see a man with his wife or girlfriend and becomes 10x more attractive. I’ve been seeing a married man for a few weeks now, and he loves that I do stuff that his wife won’t do. Dumb women, keep acting like prudes because there are women like me who will wreck your home. This man loves that I’ll put my tongue in his ass and I let him fuck me in any hole. I got him wrapped around my finger because I behave like his very own private pornstar. He puts his dick in my mouth and I always suck him dry. His wife doesn’t swallow but I love how his semen tastes. He wants to leave her for me but I don’t want him all to myself. It won’t be fun anymore without his prudish old lady. My cunt gets wet because being the other woman is so exciting.

Fucking My Sister’s Man and His Brother

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My parents went out of town and my sister and I had the house all to ourselves. She invited her boyfriend over and he brought his brother. We all got drunk on Daddy’s liquor and high from a joint I’d been saving. My sister started throwing back shot after shot. She always drinks too fast and ends up passed out. I wanted her to drink fast because as soon as she passed out I would have her boyfriend and his brother to myself. He kept staring at me because we’ve been fucking for months. He knew my sister was a light-weight and she couldn’t handle alcohol. He helped me make her shots.
When she finally passed out, her man, while sitting right next to her pulled his cock out for me. I love his dick. I think its beautiful and he knows it. I got up and sat between his thighs. I sucked on his dick even though my sister was passed out right next to us. His brother got behind me and started playing with my tits. He pinched my nipples and it really excited me. Eventually, his hand found its way into my panties and he played with my clit. I got so wet that his fingers slipped easily into my cunt. I kept blowing my sister’s boyfriend while his brother fingered my sloppy wet pussy. The brother lifted my ass up because he couldn’t wait any longer. He had to feel my tight cunt around his hard cock. The brothers turned me into the London bridge, I had one dick in my mouth and the other in my pussy. I was in heaven. The possibility of my sister waking up and catching us made me wetter. I can’t cum unless it’s with someone else’s man and I felt a big one coming. The brother slammed into me and pumped my pussy with hard dick. And that motion pushed dick further into my throat. The gagging noise I made was too much for them to handle and they both filled me with cum.

Her Boyfriend

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I got into a stupid fight with my sister. She really knows how to push my buttons. She said that I stained her favorite t-shirt, and I saw the dried cum stain on the Guns&Roses T-shirt. I started laughing because she was so mad, but she would be furious if she knew whose cum stained the shirt. I’ve been fucking her boyfriend for months. He likes to cum on my face and some of it dripped on the t-shirt. She yelled at me, her face red with anger and I stood there thinking about all the times I sat on his face. I wonder if he licks her pussy like a madman too. I’m a homewrecker, a side chick. It turns me on when a dumb girl kisses her man and she tastes my cunt. I always want what doesn’t belong to me. When I see a cute couple showing lots PDA it makes me wet because I want the guy between my legs.

Backseat Orgasm

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When I was younger and I figured out that I could make myself have an orgasm, I did it all of the time. I stopped playing with my Barbie Dolls and started playing with my self. I couldn’t wait to get home from school and get completely naked. I would try cum over and over again until my parents got home. Sometimes the urge to play with my pussy was so strong I didn’t care who was around. I remember going on vacation with my parents and these really long car rides to our destination. I would be in the back seat and dirty thoughts would flood my brain. The urge to cum would overwhelm me, I would put a blanket on my lap and spread my legs. My pussy would get so wet as I rubbed tiny circular motions against my clit. My parents would be in the front seat arguing about directions and I’m in the back seat getting off. When I would dip two fingers into my cunt I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. The danger of possibly getting caught was intoxicating and I would cum so hard.

Revenge pt. 2

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Last week I overheard Jan and Christie talking trash about me. I thought these women were my friends, but I guess I was wrong. I wanted revenge so I slept with Jan’s husband. Now it’s Christie’s husband’s turn to feel my mouth wrapped around his cock.
Christie’s husband’s name is Paul and he’s a lawyer. I went to his office and pretended to need his services. I wore a tight red dress with high heels, I looked classy with a splash of slutty. He couldn’t stop staring at my tits. When I knew I had him wrapped around my finger I got straight to business. I pulled my dress down revealing my perky tits, he rushed around his desk, dropped to knees and started sucking on my breasts. My nipples got so hard from the way his tongue swirled around them. My pussy was throbbing for some attention, but I needed to feel him in my mouth first. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock like a bad girl. I show him that I could swirl my tongue, too. He held the back of my head a forcefully fucked my face, and I liked it. Finally, I got him on his back and rode him like a cowgirl from Texas. I have to admit he was a better lay than Jan’s husband. Revenge is so sweet.


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I was shopping at my favorite boutique when I ran into Jan and Christie. They’re so fake with their fake smiles. The moment I walked away I heard them bad mouthing me. Jan called me a slut and Christie said something that made them both laugh. But I would get the last laugh…
Jan’s husband, Ray, owns a used car dealership and I’ve been meaning to look into buying a car. I put on my shortest mini skirt and a tube top and paid Ray a visit. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me. I dropped my car keys on purpose because I wanted him to see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. It didn’t take much to get him alone in his office. Poor Jan would be tasting my pussy tonight because her husband ate me out on his desk. He bent me over and gave it to me really good. He couldn’t stop telling me, “Your pussy is so tight.” All of his employees heard our moans of pleasure, and someone was bound to tell Jan. Revenge makes my cunt so wet.

Sexy Neighbors

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The best thing happened this week, my mail was accidentally sent to my neighbors’ mailbox. I know you wondering what’s so exciting about a postal mistake. Well, my sexy neighbor, Greg, had to bring over my mail. He’s married to a lovely, sweet woman but that only makes me want him more. I invited him inside for a cup of coffee and he walked right into my web. His smile and beautiful blue eyes made my cunt wet and throb with anticipation. I sat on facing each other giving him a full view when I spread my thighs revealing my bald pussy. Thank God, I wasn’t wearing panties that day. It was so cute the way his face turned bright red. When I started fingering my tight cunt it was so quiet. The only sounds were the smacking of my fingers dipping into my wetness. He pulled his cock out and started stroking, it was so hot watching each other masturbate. We never touched each other, there will be plenty more future opportunities.