A Hot Sexy Woman

hot sexy womanA hot sexy woman like me can have the pick of the litter when it comes to men. It was a super hot day yesterday, so I went to the pool. I wore a sexy bikini to show off my body. Men and boys alike were fawning over me. They wanted to know if I needed a drink or help with sun tan lotion. I like attention, so I let them make a fuss over me. One boy caught my eye. Well, his cock caught my eye. It was bulging in his swim trunks and looked ample. I asked his age to be safe! He just turned 18. Barely legal is legal. I asked him to come back to my place. He jumped at the opportunity to come to a MILF’s house! While he was over, we had small talk then we fucked. His cock was ten-inches hard. It was an impressive cock for any age. It felt amazing going in and out of me. His cock made my mature pussy quiver. I told him with a cock that size he will never have an issue getting women. He was definitely more skilled and more endowed than many men twice his age. No small dick humiliation ever for him.

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