My Dream Lover

Erotic roleplaying


Have You Ever Wanted something that you know you shouldn’t have? Have you ever dreamed about someone that wasn’t your own in fact they were taken? I have I’ve thought about this guy for three years I have wanted him to put his big strong hands on my thighs and rub up against until you got to my inner thighs. I want him so bad it makes me a little bit crazy I feel like if he only knew what I was willing to do to have him inside of me. I think about this man, and I just want to touch myself. I feel so mentally physically sexually drawn to him. I don’t know if I am in a strange exotic love or a raw Thunder lust with him but whatever it is I more than agree with the feeling. I need to have his huge cock buried inside of my wet hot cunt. I need to ride his cock after I’ve sucked and sucked until he’s came at least twice. I want him inside of me all night long after he’s came I want him to sit still inside of me why my pussy muscles hug his cock as he sleeps. That’s just the beginning of what I want to happen because I want so much to happen and I want him so fucking bad.

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