Humiliating Tiny Dick Losers

Femdom phone sex


I love dominating guys who come to me looking for pleasure. I know they find pleasure in following my instructions and leading them down a path towards orgasm. My favorite kind of femdom lover is those who have a humiliation kink. I love making them feel worthless, like dirt beneath my feet. I can make them feel 1 inch tall and they enjoy it. There was one guy who wanted me to bring his entire self-esteem down to the ground. I talked about how no matter how much money he made, how good he dressed, and how much money he spent he could never get a woman like me because of his small dick. I said that there is no woman on this Earth that would go near such a small dick unless she was a lesbian, and even then she would rather have a woman with a sweet pussy than a man with a tiny dick. I kept telling him he was a tiny dick loser and every girlfriend he ever had cheated on him with bigger cocks. He came so hard in his pants and I humiliated him for that too. 

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