Naughty teacher takes away your toys.

Naughty teacher takes away all of your toys. You want to play with your pencil, twirling it between your fingers? I will take this ruler and whap your knuckles. Perhaps I will dress as a nun being your teacher. Hide these big beautiful tits under a garment. You have seen them. Sucked on the perky nubs. Laved your tongue along the underside of them. 

I didn’t give you permission to shift in your chair. Bending over your desk to peer under. Are you getting hard? Should I teach you how to cum without touching. Let’s let it spring free. Standing proud and at attention. Pursing my lips I blow softly over the head, suppressing a smile as it quivers. Let me hot breath fan along the length of your quivering member. 

Mmm…the vein is more pronounced. Letting my outfit fall. Black stockings, garter belt, and heels. No panties. Straddling your lap I hover just out of reach or your throbbing cock. Letting my wetness drip onto you. Rotating my hips. Nipples poking close to your mouth. Now, now, no touching your teacher. You will cum without touching. 

Spinning, hands resting on the desk. Gyrating hips, twerking. Look at that pre-cum gushing. Arching my back, fine blond hair tickling your tip. When you cum like a good student I will give you your reward. I know you are close. 

Facing you. Foot braced on either side of you. Lifting my hips to let you get a good whiff of my vagina. Hmm…look at it gleaming with my own wetness. Smell the sweetness. That is cum for me.

Naughty teacher

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