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Eat my Pussy

Femdom phone sex

I refuse to let a man with a small cock enter me. Sure, I will fuck a man with a tiny dick, but only with my strap on. Men with tiny cocks don’t deserve a sexy babe like me. They simply are not worthy of sticking their dick in me. The only way they can satisfy me is by eating my pussy and letting me squirt on their face. My sissy cuckold husband eats my cunt every night. I sit on his face for hours while he wears lacy panties like the little faggy he is. Last night I sat on the couch between two of my beautiful BBC bulls and he crawled to us on his knees and took turns giving all three of us oral. One after the other he pleasured us orally. He sucked their cocks and licked my pussy and had their cum and my pussy juice deposited on his face. Then I instructed him to wear our cum around on his face for the rest of the day. He was not allowed to wipe it off or wash his face. He even had to answer the door for the pizza guy wearing panties with his face covered in our combined cum. Humiliating little sissy cucks like him gives me so much pleasure!

Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy Humiliation


I just love dominating sissies! I think this is why being a phone sex mistress is the perfect job for me. Sissies and cucks are my favorite little play things. I love forcing them to wear lacy panties and humiliate themselves on the phone by dressing up like a little bitch and admitting to me how much they love wearing women’s clothes and sucking the cocks of bigger more masculine men. I will tease and deny you an orgasm until I am satisfied that you have properly submitted to me and my wicked desires. I will make you watch big dick porn and admit to me how much you wish your cock was as big as the men in the videos and how you could never properly satisfy me or any other woman with a dick as tiny and pathetic as yours. I get such a wicked thrill from humiliating you and degrading you. The only way a cuck like you could satisfy me is with your mouth on my clit while my BBC lover fucks me from behind. Maybe if I’m feeling generous I’ll let you lick his cum out of my pussy.

Cuckold panty sniffer

Sexy babe

My cuckold husband loves to sniff my panties when I come home from a date with one of my sugar daddies or my BBC bulls. He loves smelling the juices from my pussy after I’ve been fucked by another man and licking the crotch of my panties to see if he can get a taste of the other man’s cum.

I wasn’t always a Hot Wife to a cuckold husband. When I first married my husband for his money, I kept my affairs with other men a secret and suffered through having to fuck him and his tiny cock. Then one day I walked in on him masturbating with my panties over his face. It was a lacy thong I had worn on a date with my boyfriend and I knew it likely had the remains of my cunt juice and his cum still on it from where he had fucked me, and here was my husband sniffing and licking our juices off of them while jerking his tiny cock. I confronted him and he admitted he knew I had been cheating on him and that he liked it and was really turned on by it. I had no idea that there were men out there who enjoyed this sort of thing! Right away my pussy moistened at the thought of fucking my boyfriend and his enormous black cock in front of my husband.

It wasn’t long before I became the cuckold wife that I am today. I have multiple sugar daddies and various big dicked boyfriends to keep me happy and sexually satisfied and my husband is sometimes allowed to watch or join in a little when we fuck. I still let him have my cum filled panties to sniff, lick, and wear while he touches himself. I love being a Hot Wife!

Addicted to Cock

Femdom phone sex


I can’t get enough big cock and neither can my sissy fag husband. He loves watching me fuck other guys and loves it when my bulls take pity on him and let him suck their cock or fuck his tight ass. When I’m on a date with another man, I like to send my husband texts of what we’re doing. I’ll text him a picture of me with my date’s cock in my mouth or send him pics of my date’s dick so he can see just how much bigger and better my date is than him. When I get home his tiny little cock is always so hard. He can’t wait to drop to his knees and lick the cream from my freshly fucked cunt and ass. He is a sissy cuck through and through. I never actually let him put his cock in me. He is only allowed to cum three ways. Jerking himself off, fucked by my bull, or fucked by my strap on. I think it has been years since he’s had his cock in a real pussy. Through my intense sissification training, I’ve conditioned him to prefer getting fucked in the ass over anything else. He fought it at first, he denied that he was a cock loving little cucky, but I wore him down. I forced him to suck cock and get fucked. He would plead with me not to make him, but no matter how hard he tried to deny his love of cock, his rock hard dick gave him away each time. You can’t deny that you love cock when you’re down on your knees sucking two of them with the hardest erection you’ve ever had in your life! His hard on betrays him each time. It’s so pathetic, but luckily I enjoy having a sissy fag husband to humiliate and degrade.

Sissy Husband

Forced crossdressing


I love dressing my little sissy cuckold husband up in women’s clothes. He’s such a cute little faggot when he’s wearing a tight pair of panties and lacy knee high stockings. He tries to resist and denies that he enjoys it, but he can’t hide that pitiful little bulge in his panties when he’s all dressed up. Last night I decked him out in full lingerie and makeup. He was wearing a matching bra and panty set with a garter belt and lacy stockings. I put my sluttiest shade of bright red lipstick on his lips. The perfect shade for a little sissy cock sucker like him. He was completely humiliated and begged me to let him take it off, but his little dick was rock hard the entire time. I told him he could take it off only when he had completed his transformation, which included getting fucked by two BBCs. 

I had him all dressed up and waiting for them in the bedroom when they arrived. I led them to him and commanded him to started sucking their cocks. He protested, but the one nearest to him grabbed him by the hair and roughly jammed his hard black cock into his mouth. He started to choke and gag on the large phallus. His mascara was running down his face and his lipstick was smeared. He looked so pitiful! The two bulls continued their facial barrage, force fucking his face until his makeup was ruined and lipstick was all over their cocks. While one was holding his head and roughly fucking his face, the other went behind him and pulled his panties to the side and exposed his puckered rosebud. The bull spit on it and pressed the tip of his large black cock to his asshole and began to slide it in. My little sissy husband whimpered around the cock in his mouth as he had his rear door barraged by BBC. They took turns fucking his ass and mouth while he moaned and whined in pleasure like the little cock loving faggot that he is. I watched the whole time, stroking my pussy and filming his sissification. 

When they were done, his pretty lingerie was stretched and torn, his makeup smeared, and mouth and ass was filled with cum. When they left, I made him crawl to me and eat my pussy. His training is now complete. He’s the perfect little cum swallowing sissy I always knew he could be!

Small Dick Shaming

Small dick humiliation


I love huge cocks and I can spot a sissy or a cuckold with a tiny dick from a mile away. I was at the spa with my lover this weekend enjoying being pampered and spoiled when we decided to go into the showers and have some fun. I enjoy the thrill of fucking in public and the risk of getting caught.

We slipped into the locker room to fool around and realized it was already occupied. There was a man in there about to have a shower. He had the tiniest cock I’ve ever seen! It was like a shrimp, couldn’t have been more than an inch long. I couldn’t help but let out a laugh when I saw it. He immediately sat bolt upright and tried to cover himself, but it was too late. I had already seen it and snapped a picture of it with my phone. I knew he was a sissy the moment I laid eyes on him and decided to have some fun. He demanded I delete the photo but I just laughed in his face and told him I would delete it, but he had to do whatever I said.

I told him to stand next to my boyfriend and had both of them drop their towels. I compared his tiny white cock to my boyfriend’s enormous black one.  “Look how small and pathetic you are compared to him.”, I laughed. Then I had him drop to his knees and feel my lover’s cock in his hand and admire the girth and length of it. His tiny cock was so hard as he gripped my boyfriend’s cock in his hands. Then I commanded him to kiss and lick my man’s cock and appreciate what a real man’s cock feels like. He started sucking it and bobbing his head up and down on it while cupping the balls. His pathetic cock was standing at full attention. You could tell this was turning him on immensely.  “Now make him cum and I want you to swallow every drop”, I commanded. My boyfriend emptied his load into his mouth and the sissy gobbled it all up. He began stroking his own tiny cock and with a few quick strokes he was cumming. Pathetic.

We left him standing in the showers shamefully covered in his own cum as we laughed and went back to our room. I just love toying with men with tiny dicks.

Face sitting

Femdom phone sex


I love sitting on a man’s face and having my pussy and ass licked. If a man’s cock is too small, he better be really good at oral to bring me to climax. I can only cum from regular sex if the guy’s dick is really huge and stretches me while he fucks me. My husband’s dick is so little I don’t let him stick it in me at all. Instead, he has to be my little pussy pleaser and service me orally. I could spend hours sitting on his face, cumming over and over again. The whole time he’s licking me, his little cock is so hard. I don’t let him cum until I’ve had multiple orgasms though. Only when he’s thoroughly licked my ass and pussy, do I allow him to jerk himself off. If I’m feeling generous though, of course. Sometimes I don’t allow him to orgasm for days at a time. I love edging and teasing him almost as much as I love sitting on his face!

Foot fetish sugar daddy

Foot fetishes

My newest sugar daddy has a foot fetish. He loves worshipping my feet, sucking on my toes, getting a foot job, and then cumming all over my feet. And guess what? I LOVE it! I just love the feeling of having my toes sucked and the soles of my feet licked. It feels soooo good. I love painting my toenails and putting on my sexiest pair of heels when I meet him and then seeing his eyes light up and his pants start to bulge when he sees my shoes and new pedi. Sometimes I think he likes playing with my feet more than he does fucking me. Last night he was sucking my toes and playing with my feet, an while he worshipped my feet, I rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy. I was so turned on! He gently ran the tip of his tongue from the bottom of my heel, up my sole, and to the tip of my big toe. It drove me wild! He got so aroused he took his cock out and placed it between both of my feet and began to slide it in and out. He held my feet together and fucked them while I rubbed my pussy and fingered myself. He was so turned on from having my feet on his hard cock that he was cumming in no time. He came all over my toes and the soles of my feet.


BBC cock sucking

Small dick humiliation

There’s really nothing better than sucking on a big hard cock, and black men have the biggest cocks of them all. I love sucking on a rock hard BBC while my hubby and his tiny useless cock watch. I like making them stand next to each other and measuring them and comparing them to each other. My bull’s cock is literally TWICE as long and thick as my husband’s. And as humiliating as it is to get your cock shamed and compared to a big man’s, my husband loves it. He’s such a little cuckold sissy faggot! The whole time I’m sucking my boyfriend’s cock and swallowing his cum, my husband is watching and rock hard. I know he’d like nothing more than to be forced to his knees and forced to suck my lover off. He may resist and pretend to not want to suck a BBC, but his rock hard cock gives him away every time. Sometimes I take pity on him and let him suck off my bull or get fucked in the ass, but he never gets to put his dick in me. If it is under 8 inches, I don’t want it. 

Strap on fucking

Female domination porn

My husband’s dick is just too small to satisfy me. I’m so used to getting fucked by well hung guys, that anything under 8 inches is just too small. My favorite way to fuck my husband is to use a strap on and fuck him in the ass. I get to show him how good it feels to have your hole filled by a nice big cock. He was hesitant at first, but now I’ve trained him to be a perfect little cock loving sissy. I never let him put his puny dick in me anymore, he only gets to cum by having his ass fucked by me or my bull. 

Yesterday I decided to give him a little treat and brought out my biggest and thickest strap on to date. When I walked into the room wearing it, he was instantly hard, but also afraid. He’d never had his asshole fucked by something this big. I told him to drop to his knees and crawl over to me like the little cock loving faggot that he is. First I deep throated him with my big rubber cock, forcing it as far into his mouth as it would go and fucked his face. Then I turned him around and made him present his asshole to me for fucking. I spit on his ass and pressed the head of the big rubber cock to his hole and pushed it in. “Beg me to fuck you in the ass!”, I commanded. He began to whimper and beg for me to fuck him. I pressed harder and the big rubber cock slid right into him. He’s been fucked in the ass so many times by my bulls and other strap ons, that there was little resistance. I pounded away at his ass until I was almost too tired.

Once I was satisfied he’d been properly fucked, I allowed him to reach between his legs and play with his puny little cock. I continued my barrage against his asshole until he was squirting his pathetic load. Then I pulled out and made him suck my strap on clean. He’s such a good little cock sucker!

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