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I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist. I have a hot body that men want to fuck, and I know it. I put on a kinky little show for my neighbor working on his lawn outside my bedroom window. I pretended not to realize they could see into my window and stripped naked and crawled into bed and started rubbing my shaved wet pussy with my hands. I saw him stop working and start watching me. I kept going, still pretending not to notice the voyeur watching me through the window rubbing my cunt. I pulled out my big dildo from the bedside cabinet and slid it into my dripping pussy and started to fuck myself. I put on a nice little show for him, pounding my cunt with the fake cock and writhing and moaning in the bed like a whore. When I was done I cleaned myself off and walked over the window and pulled the curtain shut, but not before giving him a wink and watching him blush furiously.

Country Girls Make Do

Sexy babe

Growing up in the south, my parents tried to raise me to be a sweet proper southern girl. They couldn’t stop their daughter from being a cock hungry slut though. As soon as I blossomed, men and boys started to notice me and they all wanted to taste me like a Georgia peach. I used to sneak boys into my room at night and try to quietly fuck them without mama and daddy hearing and chasing him off. Other times, I would get so horny I would have to come up with my own ways to entertain myself. I didn’t have access to dildos or vibrators like city girls do, so I had to improvise. My favorite way to get myself off was using stuff like corn cobs or cucumbers to fuck myself. I would rub my clit until my pussy was nice and wet, and then slowly stick the big vegetable into my pussy and fuck myself hard and fast with it. I would squirt so much that my sheets would be soaking wet!


Sexy babe

I feel so sexy when I’m wearing lingerie. When I decide to dress up, I go all out. Sexy bra, garter, silk stockings, and if I wear panties at all, it’s either a thong or a g-string. My lover has a serious lingerie fetish, and when he sees me all decked out in silky and lacy garments, his cock can’t get hard enough. I usually forgo wearing panties altogether because I know they’ll just get ripped off of me so he can stick his big hard cock in my pussy. That’s what he did last night when he saw me wearing a matching all white lace lingerie set. He pushed me onto my back, tore my thong off and had my legs up in the air plowing his hard cock in and out of me. He sucked on my toes through the fishnet stockings as he pounded me. He was so turned on he didn’t last long and was soon giving me a nice creamy load of cum deep in my pussy.

Cuckold wives have more fun

Sexy babe

I love being a cuckold’s wife. I get to go out and enjoy all of the black cock I want, without my husband getting jealous. I don’t even have to keep it a secret where I’m going, because it makes his cock so hard seeing me dressing up all sexy and going out with no panties on, knowing that I’m getting dressed up for another man. While I’m out on a date with one of my bulls, I like to tease him by sending him pictures of what we’re doing. I’ll send him a pic of us dancing or something even hotter, like a picture of me with a big thick cock in my mouth. When I come home from my date, he’s rock hard knowing I’ve been fucking and sucking other guys and that their cum is still inside of my pussy. I could never be a regular wife, being a cuck wife is way more fun!

Eat my pussy

Cuckold phone sex

After coming home from a hot date with my bull, I laid on the couch to rest when my cuck husband came in the room and begged me to let him touch me. He said it had been so long since he’d gotten to touch my pussy and he wanted it bad. I was in a good mood, so I spread my legs and told him he could eat me out if he wanted to. He got down on his knees and got near my cunt and saw it was still dripping with a load of cum from earlier. He didn’t hesitate for a moment. Instead, he lapped up all the cum from my pussy and moaned as he licked and sucked my clit and tasted my lover’s cum as it dripped out of me. I press his head into my pussy and made him lick me faster and hard as I began to moan and feel my orgasm coming. My thighs trembled as I squirted on his face. He licked up every single drop of cum from my used cunt and begged me for more like a good little cuck.

Southern Slut

Cocksucking phone sex

I may drawl like a southern belle, but don’t be fooled, I’m a very naughty girl. My daddy may have tried to keep me in line and make me behave, but as soon as I blossomed, he just couldn’t keep the boys away. I sound as sweet as pecan pie with my accent, but I’m hardly innocent. Just last night, I spent all of Valentine’s night down on my knees with a cock in my mouth. I went out on a date and he took me home to his place and when I saw his big dick, I needed to get a taste of it. I dropped to my knees and started to worship his big cock. I licked him from his balls to the tip of his dick, then I slapped his thick and heavy cock across my mouth and the sides of my face. I wanted to really savor his big cock before taking it into my mouth and deep throating him. I stroked his shaft with both hands while swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock and had him in ecstasy. I felt his thighs tremble and his cock start to pulse as he shot his big load of cum into my mouth. Then I swallowed it all down like a proper southern whore.

Two cocks in one hole

Sexy phone sex

I invited two of my friends with benefits over at the same time. I sent them a sexy picture of me and they both couldn’t wait to get there and have me on my knees for them. I as already waiting for them totally nude when they came inside. I took both of their big cocks and alternated between sucking and blowing one while stroking the other one. They both wanted to pound my pussy at the same time, they were too hard to take turns, so they both managed to squeeze their big cocks into my tight little pussy. My pussy had never felt so full and well fucked than when they were both balls inside of my cunt sawing in and out. I rubbed my clit and squirted all over them before they both started to pulse and throb and give me a huge double creampie that left my pussy gaping open.

Pussy stretching

Sexy chicks

I love the feeling of having my pussy stretched by a fat cock or a fist. When I masturbate, I love to ride the biggest thickest dildo that I own. It’s a thick suction cup dildo a stick to a wall or floor and bounce on. It’s bigger and thicker than any real dick, and almost as satisfying as getting fucked by a really hung guy. I had some time to myself this morning and I was feeling a little horny, so I pulled out my big toy and stuck it to the side of the bathroom wall while I showered. The hot steamy water poured on my body while I backed my pussy up to the wall and slowly inserted the thick toy dick into my tight pussy. I could feel my pussy lips stretching to accommodate the big rubber cock and I couldn’t help but moan. I soaped up my body and bounced on the rubber cock. I used a waterproof vibrator on my clit while I pushed back on the dildo and fucked myself. The combination of the buzzing vibe on my clit and the big rubber cock in my pussy sent me over the edge and I came over and over.

Phone Sex Wife

Sexy babe

The hottest part about being a phone sex whore? Knowing my cuckold husband knows I’m getting paid to talk to other men and make them cum. Even the men on the phone can satisfy me more than he ever could. Sometimes he can hear me moaning and furiously fingering my pussy while on the phone with another man and he gets so hard and jealous at the same time. He knows his cock could never please me, in fact it makes me laugh. So I get my satisfaction cucking him by fucking my various big dick lovers and playing with my pussy while having phone sex with a caller. He sees the soaked sheets where a caller has made me cum harder than he ever could and it makes him ashamed and aroused simultaneously.

Hardcore Anal

Sexy babe

I like to be the one in charge, I’m naturally very dominant. It takes a special man to make me submit for him. I will only allow a real man with a really big thick cock to take control of me and fuck me like his whore. I met my match last night. He was 6’5, muscled, sexy, and had a 10″ uncut cock. Just the sight of that big fuck stick made my mouth water. He pulled me onto the bed with him and told me I was going to be his little slut for the night. My pussy was too wet to say no. After choking me and gagging me on his hard knob, he turned me onto my stomach and spread my ass cheeks. He lubed up my tight rosebud and pressed the tip of his thick cock to it. I felt my asshole stretching to its limits to envelope the enormous cock. I moaned and begged him to fuck me like a whore, and he obliged. Once he was balls deep in my ass, he started to slide in and out, slow at first and then picked up the pace. Soon he was sawing in and out of my tight backdoor and I was moaning like a bitch in heat. He creampied my ass before pulling out and making me suck his cock clean.

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