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Great Blowjobs

There’s nothing better in the whole world than giving great blowjobs. And I do just that. I’ve been told that my blowjobs are the best that most guys have ever had, and I believe it. I love to suck cock and to be able to please a man with my mouth feels awesome. Sometimes, I don’t even have to touch myself and I cum when I’m sucking a big dick. I love that. I also need you to know that when I say I suck a cock I mean I really suck it. I want the guy I’m with to feel really good throughout the whole experience. I start by licking and teasing the head while I get a nice firm grasp around the base. I make sure I have a perfect rhythm going –  sucking and stroking that big cock at the same time. I use my free hand to stroke and massage his balls and play with his asshole. Usually within a minute or two of starting this, I can taste his sweet precum, and I love it. I know he’s getting more turned on too because he’ll grab the back of my head and start to jam his cock into my mouth, making me gag on it. I love the way his cock starts to throb and pulsate in my mouth, and the way he starts to fuck my mouth like a hot wet tight little cunt. I really give it my all then and suck as hard as I possibly can, sometimes even putting a finger into his ass and any guy I’ve ever done that to, loves it. As he gets ready to cum, He starts to take a little longer stroke, but still fuck my mouth deep and hard. I can feel the veins on his dick now and I know it’s time. As he pushes in a few more deep deliberate thrusts, I get my throat ready. When he cums, I feel it hit the back of my throat hard. I swallow constantly, because I don’t want to waste a drop. When I am done, I always thank him, because like I said, I love to suck cock, and I’m the best around.

I’m Such A Good Lesbian

Lesbian Phone SexI love cock in my pussy an awful lot, but Lesbian Phone Sex makes me absolutely crave the taste of cunt. There’s just something about a pretty, pink little hole that makes me want to bury my face in it. I don’t know if it’s the intoxicating smell or the sublime taste of a clean little slit that get me going. I know what I like when it comes to sex and masturbating, so I have always been able to give another woman exactly what she needs to get off. All I need to do is lose myself in the situation, whether it be as simple as another girl and I kissing and doing some heavy petting, or if it comes right down to actually the two of us fucking each other, I always give my everything. I want the lady that I’m with to feel wanted and desired. That alone will get her pussy nice and juicy for me. By kissing her head to toe, stopping for only a little extra time at her nipples and clit, I can get her so turned on and hot that she’ll beg me for a tongue fucking while I finger bang her. The way her clit feels as it hardens against my tongue is amazing. I am usually able to make a girl cum in about a minute or less. If she and I stick strictly to using our fingers and tongues and mouths, the sex can be outrageously hot. However, if she and I decide to use our favorite vibrators or even a huge double headed dildo, the orgasms we have can get out of control. My goal, when I’m fucking another woman is to ultimately make her pussy squirt hardcore at the same time that she does that to mine. The amount of cum the two of us make is astounding, and the feeling is out of control. I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more I like pussy.

You Want My Shaved Wet Pussy

Shaved Wet Pussy

I have to be honest with you and tell you that my favorite thing in the whole world is a shaved wet pussy. My boyfriend really likes it, too. It has such a soft and velvety feeling. Whether you’re touching it with your tongue, your fingertips, or your big cock, it always so smooth and silky. That’s just the outside. I’m sure you can only imagine what the inside feels like then. The wetness and tightness surrounded by soft sensuous bald pussy. My pussy is the kind of thing you dream about. Wet dream about. With a cunt that looks like mine, you wouldn’t care if I was your good girl, or if I would be your complete whore for the night. Maybe both, huh? I bet when you think about fucking my bald little pussy, you get so hot and so hard and so turned on, you can’t even see straight. Your cock is in absolute control at that point. All you want to do is bury your face, your fingers and your hard cock inside of me. I can tell just by looking at you. You can’t keep your eyes off of my crotch, even when I have clothes on. You are fantasizing about all the filthy things you want to do to that shaved pussy of mine. You want to see just how wet you can my bald cunt, don’t you? How would you do it? Would you kiss me down there? Run your fingers inside my lips? Maybe your tongue? I bet your ultimate goal is to tease my clit with your big cock, right. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Can you imagine what my soft pussy would feel like on the head of your cock? Oh my God. I bet you’d come almost instantly. Maybe you’d be able to make me do the same. Wanna try? I’d love to let you feel my bald pussy, all wet for you.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

Exhibitionist Sex There is absolutely nothing in this whole world that makes me feel more alive than Exhibitionist Sex. If I can have my pussy hanging out while I finger myself or if I can get fucked in public, while lots of people watch, it makes me hornier than anything at all, and, I’ll cum like crazy. I have a very pretty cunthole and I love to show it off. My body is damn near perfect too, so I like nothing better than to parade around half naked, pick up a random guy, and fuck him right then and there. Let me tell you a secret too. I love to do the same thing with women. A hot juicy wet pussy that wants to fuck and needs to be satisfied is like no other. Usually, all I have to do is slide a finger under her panties and she will cum for me instantaneously. Especially when we’re in a public place like a bar or restaurant. And, if there’s a possibility of a threesome that can hook up somewhere outdoors or in a public place, then sign me up for it. What I’m talking about doing isn’t for movies or videos or cameras. I mean sure if you want to, bring them, this is simply to get fucked out in public hoping to have people see me or even stop and watch. To have my tight wet cunt out for people to look at is hot. To have it available for anyone to walk up and touch, that’s even hotter. But to have my gorgeous shaved bald pussy available for anyone to fuck it in front of a bunch of other random people, well that’s the best damn orgasm I could ever expect to have. I love to be an exhibitionist. Especially when it comes to sex. Hey, it’s what I’m good at, so why stop now? I’ve got it, I’m gonna flaunt it.

I’m The Only Sexy Babe You’ll Need

Sexy BabeYou should probably trust me when I tell you that I’m the only Sexy Babe you will ever need. I can be your everything. When you look at me, all you can think about is fucking me every way possible. You can’t believe that anyone in the world could be as sexy as I am. You often think that I must be an angel or at least heaven sent. Bet let me assure you, that is the farthest thing from the truth. I might be a sexy babe, but I’m certainly no nice girl. I know how to use what I have to get what I need. And I have every intention of letting you use what I have to satisfy your every need. You can take me out, and I’ll be very well behaved and act like a total sweetheart, but the minute you get me alone, I’m going to show you just how naughty this sexy girl can be. See, I know I’m sexy and it turns me on. I know that guys look at me and want to fuck my wet bald pussy and that makes me hot. A lot of women like me rely on their looks, but I not only use my looks, I’ve decided to be good at what men want me for. See, I’m a great fuck. Most guys stick their dicks in me and explode within 2 minutes. Oh, and I can suck cock like a porn star. Better, according to some. I like to use my sexiness to make you feel good, but I love to use it to make me feel great. Anytime I’m feeling horny, all I need to do is make a phone call and I can have whoever I want whenever I want. If you want to be that person, let me know. I’d enjoy showing you every inch, inside and out, of this sexy body.

Mutual Masturbation Stories Done Right

Mutual Masturbation StoriesWhen I’m home alone after a long day at work, I love to call my girlfriends and share some mutual masturbation stories. I often put on something sexy after I take a long hot bath, lay on my king size bed, and pick up the phone. We all have three way calling, and can talk with lots of girls at the same time. My friends are more than happy to listen. I like to start the conversation by telling them exactly what I’m doing to myself. And that they should do the same. I say that I’m lying on my back, legs spread apart and I’m running my hands over my nipples, down my stomach and over my bald mound. I use two fingers to spread my pussy lips apart just far enough to expose my pink clit and gently start to rub it with one finger. Then, I slowly slide another finger into my already wet cunt. I start out slowly and passionately. Making love to myself with every finger, one at a time. After each finger has been inside of me, I bring them up to my mouth and suck them completely clean. My soft, tight cunt tastes like the sweetest nectar. I can hear my friends moaning on the other end of the phone lines, already getting off with the story I’ve been telling, and touching themselves like I’ve told them to. I continue by telling them to get their favorite toy and turn it on. I hear a rush of vibration and the sound of soft moaning. As I tell the girls how I’m fucking my wet little tight hole with my big dildo, I start to feel a rush of heat in my clit. My orgasm is almost here. My body starts to shudder and my legs shake. My cunt tightens and contracts so much that I push my vibrator right out of my dripping wet pussy. The sound of the other girls cumming is going to make me cum even harder. I push the dildo back into myself hard and fast. Slamming it deep into my cunt. I start to cum so hard that I can feel my cream run down onto my asshole right before I gush out a huge squirt of cum from my fuckhole. I love mutual masturbation.

Tease and Denial For Your Needy Cock

Tease and DenialThe best kind of release you can have comes from tease and denial. Sit back, relax and use your imagination as I tell you exactly how I’d make you feel if you’d let me take charge of your orgasm for a while. I’d start by undressing you head to toe and ask that you not touch my naked body. As I’d take your shirt off over your head, you’d feel my hard nipples brush against you. I’d watch you stiffen and start to rise. I’d press up against you and kiss your mouth hard and long. Run my hands through your hair, over your face and down the front of your body to your cock. Stroking your dick, I’d drop to my knees and take you into my mouth. Sucking on you so hard, you’d be able to see my cheeks sink in. I’d feel your cock throb and you would start to thrust into my mouth. And I’d pull away. I’d get up, tell you to lay on the bed and walk out. After ten minutes or so, I’d come back, tie your hands to the head board and immediately straddle your cock, grinding on you and feeling you’re dick rage and slide into my dripping cunt. I’d ride you hard and fast, hear you grunt and then I’d stop. And I’d get off of you. Your shaft glistening with my cum, not yours. After another five minutes, I’d start to stroke you again. Your cock would be ready to explode, so I’d be careful not to let you release. You’d beg me to let you cum and tell me that your balls were aching. So, I’d start to give you the best hand job you’ve ever had. I would feel your balls start to tighten, your cock start to throb again, and the veins in your dick would be pulsating. I’d let go just long enough to fit my mouth tightly around you. All the way to the base and suck you hard the whole way off. And I’d stop. Completely and for good this time. I’m not going to let you cum today. You watch me get dressed and I walk out. Now what are you gonna do? Tell me… I’d like to know.

Cheapest Phone Sex Hottie

cheapest phone sexHey guys!! Anabelle here… I’m super horny and looking for someone to have some Cheapest Phone Sex with. All day long I’ve been thinking about getting fucked. I don’t really care by who, either. As long as he has a raging stiff cock and is willing to fuck me hard, long and deep until I’m satisfied and can’t cum anymore. I want to be used up by a man who knows how to fuck me, and won’t let up on my tight little pussy until I’m dripping with his hot load. But I don’t want to stop there. I want to take his big dick in my mouth and suck him until he gets another hard on, as hard as titanium. Then I’m going to repay the favors he did for me by giving him the best blow job he’s ever had. We’re talking porn star quality cock sucking. I want him to face fuck me, so that I can feel the tip of his cock in the back of my throat. Give it to me so good, that I cum from making him cum. I’d be more than satisfied just to feel his thick hot jizz coating my tongue. Give me the Cheap Phone Sex I want…. Please!!! I need to fuck now!!

The Kind You Don’t Take Home To Mother

best phone sexI may look like your prim and proper girl next door, but trust me when I say looks can be so deceiving. We plan a date night, you and I. Dinner and dancing. A couple of drinks here and there. As we’re finishing our last cocktail and getting ready to leave the bar, so we can go back to your place and you can ravage my hot body, you get a phone call. It’s your mom asking if you could stop over to give her a hand with something. You tell her you’ll be right there, and soon we’re on our way.
When we arrive, your mom’s waiting at the front door. She explains that she needs you to move some things from upstairs to down, and that she’ll keep me occupied. And that she does. The minute you’re out of sight, your mom and I are all over each other. I knew by the first look she gave me that she needed me. We kiss ferociously, our mouths hungry. Before I know it, our fingers are inside of each other, feeling the wetness we’ve created. We passionately fall to the floor and find ourselves in the 69 position, our clothes half off. Your mom licks my cunt with an untamed veracity. Like nothing I’ve felt before. I can only repay her in kind, by giving her the eating of a lifetime. We both start to cum, moaning in sheer delight. Our cunts quivering with each wave of ecstasy.
As we collapse from what seemed like hours of nonstop cumming, your mom and I look up to see you standing in the doorway, watching us with your mouth hanging open. A mixture of disbelief and complete enjoyment covers your face. Your cock is absolutely raging hard and all you can think about is the fact that your girlfriend just fucked your mom.
She and I are more than okay with it. I told you… I’m definitely the kind you don’t take home to mother. Next time, maybe you’ll join us.
Deliciously yours,

Anabelle  xoxoxoxo

Annabelle’s BlowJob Tutorial

best phone sexHey there, gents. This is a little something for you to share with your lady friends on how to give a proper Blow Job, as told from my perspective. Here we go…
We stand and kiss each other, pressing our mouths together hard and passionately. Our tongues find one another and our hands begin to explore the beauty of each other’s bodies. I tell you to stand still and relax. Slowly, I undress you, beginning with taking your shirt off, up and over your head, exposing your sexy chest. I run my fingertips from your forehead down to the buckle of your belt. I unfasten it, and unbutton and unzip your jeans. I slide my fingers under your waistband and push your pants down to your knees. I put my foot between your legs and push them the rest of the way to the floor. I kiss you again, and when I press against you, I can feel how hard your big dick has gotten already.
I drop down to my knees and take you into my mouth. Concentrating on just the tip. Circling the head of your cock with my tongue, and stroking the base of your thick shaft with one hand, while the other hand massages your balls.
I suck and lick your cock and stroke near the base. I can feel you get so hard, you’re rigid. I taste your sweet precum on my tongue and feel you start to pulsate in my mouth. The veins in your cock are bulging and your balls are starting to get rock hard. I take you deep into my throat and gag on your enormous cock. My spit and drool making your dick and my mouth saturated. As I listen to your breathing and your grunts, I feel you start to pump into my mouth. You grab the back of my head, and thrust deep inside of my mouth. As I start to gag again, you hold my head in place with your dick stuffed down my throat and blow your massive load. You let go of me and I can feel your hot cum slide into my stomach. I lick my lips and give you a wink.
Make sure you think about me when you get her to do this for you….
Loving your cock always,

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