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I love men and I love cock, especially really big ones that stretch my pussy when I ride them. Sometimes though, I like to fuck girls. I love tasting a nice pink pussy and licking and sucking on it. I love to dominate women and fuck them with my strap on. I had some hot girl on girl sex last night. I spread my legs and had her service my pussy and suck on my clit until I came and squirted all over her face. I pushed her onto her knees and gave her ass a nice hard smack before I began to fuck her tight pussy with my strap on. After I made her cum a few times with my strap on, I pulled out my double ended dildo and we fucked each other ass to ass on our knees for a while. Our asses bumped into each other as we bounced on the long purple dildo and fucked each other simultaneously. With two pussies squirting and cumming over and over, the sheets were soaked with our juices by the time we were done.

Suck my toes while you fuck me

Foot fetishes

Want to hear a secret? Few things get me hotter than when a man sucks on my toes. If you want to make me squeal and wriggle underneath you while you fuck me, the key is to suck on my toes. I want to place my ankles on your shoulders while you stand above me with your hard cock inside of me. As you thrust in and out of me, I want you to take each of my toes into your mouth and suck them. Run your tongue from the base of my heel to the tip of my big toe, flicking it on the soft delicate skin of the soles of my feet. This sends me into ecstasy, and sends chills throughout my body. I arch my back as you suck on my sensitive and polished toes. I cum hard as you suck and nibble on them. It feels so good that I beg for you to fuck me harder and cum inside me. “Cum in me,” I whisper into your ear over and over as you thrust in and out of me. I feel you bury yourself deep inside of me and then feel your cock begin to pulse and throb as you fill me up with your seed. I lay back, satisfied and panting.

Becoming Anabelle

Sexy babe


I wasn’t always the confident and dominant woman that I am now, a woman who fucks as many men as she wants and controls her sissy husband. I was once a shy and demure southern girl from a small town in the deep south. I let men control me back then, I laid on my back and let them have their way with me because I thought that’s just how it should be. Then I got a little older and more confident. I met a guy who liked women to take control of him. He was a natural submissive and I learned through him that I like to be the bitch in charge. I like big cocks and turning men into sissies. I climbed on top of him one day and rode him, he wasn’t fucking me, I was fucking him. I turned him into my pet and fucked him with a strap on and made him my bitch. Once I got a taste of being a Domme, I was hooked. Now cucking my husband and forcing him to be Bi and suck BBC is just another day for me.

Cuckold Gang Bang

Domination phone sex

My sissy cuckold husband had been very naughty this week. He masturbated and played with his tiny pathetic cock without my permission. Now he needed to be punished. I needed to let him know who the one in control was. I hosted a little party and invited all of my favorite Bulls. None of the men invited had a cock smaller than 10 inches. My husband was placed into a chastity device that had sharp little barbs on the inside of it, if his cock got so much as a slight hardness, it would poke and hurt. I had my fun with the Bulls and took turns letting them fuck me in whatever hole they desired. They passed me around and had their fun with my mouth, pussy and ass. My pathetic husband whimpered and groaned the entire time because his cock was in so much pain. He was so turned on from seeing his wife gang banged by BBC bulls, but an erection meant agony. Even when he was fucked in the ass or sucked one off he was in pain from the nasty little cock control device I had put him in. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before disobeying me.

Hot Wife Phone Sex

Cuckold phone sex


My husband loves that I am a cuckold phone sex slut. When he hears me in the other room on the phone with you, it gets him so hard. He loves that I talk to horny men all day and tell them about the dirty things I like to do. I like to masturbate when I’m on the phone with a client and it makes me cum even faster knowing he’s in the other room hard as a rock trying to hear what I’m saying. He likes to read my blogs and see what I write about. He gets a little thrill from knowing that there are men looking at pictures of his wife stroking their cock and cumming reading about what a little sissy cuckold faggot that he is. I don’t do phone sex for the money, do it because I fucking love it. Making men cum for me and letting them listen to me play with my pussy while my husband can’t even come into the room is just so fucking hot.

Sissy maid husband

Sissy maid training


My husband is my little submissive pet. Part of keeping me happy, other than letting me fuck other men and spend his money, is waiting on me and being a perfect little sissy maid for me. He wears a french maid outfit, thigh high stockings, stiletto heels, and has a plug in his ass when he’s being my maid. All I have to do is ring a bell and he comes rushing to my side to serve me. Whether it’s fetching me food and drinks while I’m in bed having marathon sex, or fluffing my Bull’s big cock for me, or climbing between my legs and eating my pussy and creampie. It just gets me so hot seeing him in his outfit, totally humiliated and degraded being forced to wear women’s clothes and a plug in his ass. Sometimes I like to order takeout just so his has to answer the door in his outfit and let others see his shame. I just love degrading him.

BBC Facial

Domination phone sex

My husband and I decided to take a vacation to some place warmer for Christmas. We were on the balcony of our hotel and he was licking my pussy as I leaned up against the railing. He’s become such a good little cunt licker since I started his sissy training. I was moaning and just about to squirt on his face when I noticed two black men watching the sexy scene before them. I winked at them and put on a little show for them. I ground my pussy all over his face and really hammed it up with the moaning and panting and then squirted hard on his face. Then I beckoned for them to come join us. A few minutes later there was a knock at our hotel room door. I let them in and took both of their cocks out and began to suck them while my husband watched. They both fucked my face and I deep throated their enormous 10″ BBC. My husband watched the entire time with a bulging erection. I stroked them both in my hands at the same time, admiring the length and girth of their cocks before jerking them off onto my face. They coated my face in big sticky globs of their cum. I was instantly horny again because there’s nothing sexier to me than pleasing a big cock and making it cum.

Sexy babe of your dreams

Sexy babe


Men dream of having a sexy babe like me on their arm. My husband loves to parade me around in front of his friends and colleagues and show off what a hot wife he has. I look like the perfect submissive little trophy wife who will do anything to keep him happy and his wallet open. They have no idea that behind closed doors, I am the one in charge. I’m the dominant partner here and he submits to me and my every desire. Fucking lots of men with huge cocks and spending their money is what pleases me, so he lets me. His friends and the men he works with have no idea how hard he gets me he sees me walk in late at night with my hair mussed up and my makeup smudged. He practically runs to me and drops to his knees to lick my freshly fucked pussy. He laps up another man’s cum from my cunt and he’s hard as fuck the entire time he’s doing. Think of how scandalous it would be if they knew that under his suits and ties he wears to work, he’s wearing a cock cage, a buttplug, and women’s panties. They have no idea that in his personal life he’s my submissive little sissy cuck husband. I think he even likes sucking cock even more than I do. When he sees my bull’s huge 12″ BBC he practically salivates. He’s such a little fag! Nothing gets him harder than sucking my bull’s cock or taking it up his ass before my bull fucks me. He can ride a big cock better than most women by now, and he can suck them like a pro. He’s been face fucked by my lovers so many time that he barely even has a gag reflex anymore. But no, the people in his life and the men he works with have no idea. I just smile and laugh and pretend to be what they think I am.

I fucked his wife while he watched

Femdom phone sex

I love huge cocks, but sometimes I’m in the mood for pussy. I have a friend named Ashley that’s a lot like me. She loves big cocks and enjoys fucking men in front of her husband while she watches. She asked me if I wanted to have some fun with her Friday and I said fuck yes. I showed up to her place and she had two of her BBC bulls in bed with her already. Her husband was sitting in the corner watching them play.

I climbed into bed and immediately started licking her tight little slit. One of the bulls stuck his cock in her mouth while the other mounted me and fucked my pussy. Her cunt was so wet and tasty! She grabbed a strap on from under the bed and I slipped it on and double penetrated her with one of the bulls. She had a cock in her ass and my strap on in her pussy. We fucked for hours, taking turns licking each other’s pussies and riding her bulls’ BBC. Then we dropped to our knees and let them both cum on our faces.

Now it was her husband’s turn. He had been watching the whole time and was rock hard. He took his cock out and stroked it in front of us. He was so turned on from the orgy he had witness that he was cumming on both of our faces within a few minutes.  We had three loads of cum on our faces byt the end of the night!

Lick my Heels

Foot fetishes

I love making a man submit me to me and worship my feet. I made my husband lick my heels and kiss the smooth leather of my shoes, before sliding them off and worshipping my feet. His cock was bulging so hard in his pants as he took my big toe into his mouth and began to suck it. He ran his tongue along the sole of my foot. It tickled and felt so good, I could feel my pussy dampening at the touch of his tongue. He’s gotten very good at massaging feet during these little foot worshipping sessions. It feels so good, I like to lay back and rub my clit or stick a vibrator on my pussy while he sucks and licks me from my heel to my toes. When I’ve finally made myself cum, I like to give him a little treat. I place each foot on the side of his hard cock and slide them up and down the shaft and jerk him off with my feet. He loves the feeling of a footjob more than anything, and soon he’ll be blowing his load all over my perfectly manicured toes.

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