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Sexy Ass Black Girl

xSexy ass picMen love when I send them a sexy ass pic. Flat asses aren’t “in” anymore. These days men want a woman with a little junk in da trunk. No other race has more big butts than the black race. Have you ever been with a sista? Are you curious? I have a phat ass and a tight pussy and I love to fuck. I like when you grab my ass cheeks so tight that my pussy lips spread apart. Put your face in my ass, lick my booty hole, and I’ll belong to you forever. Every day I leave my apartment searching for new sexual experiences. I haven’t met a man that I wouldn’t fuck. Men love when I put on a thong and my booty cheeks clap. I’ll be your personal stripper and baby you’re getting endless lap dances. I started fucking at an early age, I know what men need. Men love blowjobs and pussy with no back talk. Come and get this beautiful ebony pussy, you won’t regret it.

Beautiful ebony pussy

Sex In The Park

Ebony phone sexI go jogging in the park after work almost every day. I look good in tiny jogging shorts and a sports bra. I’m fast and it’s fun outrunning men. One guy races me nearly every day, and I usually always outrun him. But today he out ran me and finally told me his name, Bradley. The introduction turned into conversation and conversation turned into flirting. We ended up naked in a secluded area in the park. His dick was so huge, I had trouble getting it all in my mouth. He held the back of my head and face fucked me. Sucking his dick made my black pussy really wet. He made me get down on my hands and knees and fucked me from behind. I couldn’t contain my moans because it felt so damn good. He gave me long slow strokes until I came all over his hard cock. There was no condom between us, he filled me with warm cum.

Sexy Boss

Ebony phone sexMy boss called me into his office today. I was so nervous sitting across from him, he’s been known to be an asshole. He looked at my clothing and said my skirt should be longer. He stared at me silently making me very anxious, but I also felt that familiar twitch between my legs. I wanted my boss’s white cock. I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to give it to me, too. I stood, locked his door, and began to undress. He saw my white lace panties and told me to leave them on. I sat on his desk, directly in front of his body. He ran his hand up and down my panty-covered slit and it felt good. I spread my legs wider and he moved my panties to the side. His tongue attacked my black pussy. I pressed my cunt against his face because I wanted his tongue inside me. He licked my pussy until I had the biggest orgasm. I stood up, straighten my clothes, and walked back to my desk.

Black Whore

Ebony phone sexI’m a whore. I fuck men to get anything I want and need. Men pay big bucks to spend time with me. I have no problem fucking strange men for cash because I’m a horny slut. My favorite place to be is on my knees with a huge dick in my mouth. I love sucking your cock, looking up, and seeing the look of pleasure on your face. It makes my black pussy extremely wet knowing that my oral skills are making you happy. And when you ready for me to open my thighs you’ll see my fat black cunt glistening with my cum juices. Put your hard dick in my tight cunt and you’ll see that there’s nothing tighter. Every day I searched for men to fuck me. I need at least three different guys a day to be satisfied. I’ve made my peace with the fact that I’m a sex addict. And as long as I’m fucking so many men as might as well be getting paid.

Young Black Slut

yEbony phone sexI’ve been a slut for a very long time. I started fucking when I was a very young teen. Once I’d had my first cock, I was hooked. Instead of babysitting for cash, I sold pussy. For $25 I would suck your cock and for $50 I would let you fuck me. The boys in my neighborhood would save their allowance and spend it all on me. I took so many guys virginity that they gave me a nickname, The Virgin Slayer. Summertime was the best time, parents were gone to work leaving teens home alone to play. Guys could be seen coming and going from my house all day. Now that I’m older I’m still a big slut. I’ll do you and all of your friends. I love being on my knees with a hard cock in my throat. Nothings changed, my cunt is still tight. And I still sell ass occasionally. Have you ever been with a black chick? Black girls are the biggest freaks. Come and have some fun with me. You won’t regret it.

Black Slut

Ebony phone sexAll day I crave hard cock. From sun to sun down, I need to have my black pussy pounded. Every day I go into the world and search for a new dick to suck. Half of the population is male and that is countless opportunities to bang. Men see my sexy curves and lose the ability to tell me, no. If I think you’re fuckable, I’ll fuck you once and maybe even twice. But, new dick is always better than old dick. I could never be someone’s girlfriend or wife because I not the faithful type. If you make me your woman don’t be surprised when you come home and catch me with your best friend’s cock in my mouth. I’m a dirty black slut with a tight pussy. My cunt gets so wet from dirty thoughts that I have to change my panties several times a day. If you haven’t been with a black woman then you should try me, I promise you’ll beg me for more.

Wet Chocolate

Beautiful ebony pussyLiving next door to 18-year old twins has been fucking amazing. These young men have cocks that get hard instantly when I walk into the room. I work hard all day but the whole time I’m thinking of them giving me double penetration. I sit behind my desk with a wet pussy. There’s nothing more pleasurable than having a dick in my ass and my pussy at the same exact time. But the best part is spreading my legs really wide and having both of their faces between my thighs. Two tongues lapping my wet cunt until my legs shake. I love teaching these young men all the ways to please any woman. And I reward them by dropping to my knees and sucking their hard dicks. Before me, they only fucked white women and now they’ve caught jungle fever because they can’t get enough of me.

When The Rent Is Due

Ebony phone sex

I only have half of my rent money and rent was due two days ago. I knew my landlord would be knocking on my door anytime today and I would be ready. I put on a sexy white thong because white looks so good against chocolate skin. I sat on my sofa and waited anxiously for the knock on the door.
Two loud knocks on the door woke me from a light sleep. I jumped to my feet and answered the door in my thong and nothing else. My landlord’s jaw dropped to the floor and stammered out that the rent was past due as his eyes never left my bare breasts. I pulled him into my apartment by his belt buckle and slammed the door behind him. I dropped to my knees and freed his cock from his pants and gave him an amazing blowjob. I sucked him so good that he came after a few minutes. He told me I didn’t have to worry about paying rent anymore.

Black Pussy

Ebony phone sexIt’s been a blast having twins living next door. Landon and Travis have 9-inch cocks and hard six-packs. Every day I go to their apartment and let them fuck me. They’re only 18 and their cocks get hard as soon as I walk into their apartment. I get on my knees and wrap my lips around their dicks and suck like a pornstar. The best part about fucking twin brother is double penetration. I love to have a cock in my ass and in my pussy at the same exact time. I get so wet my juices slide down my thighs. I’m a black slut and I love hard white cock. I’m also a cum guzzler. I swallowed every drop of their cum until their cocks were bone dry. These twins have made my life so exciting. Every day we try new positions and I sometimes let them film us. I know you want some of this black pussy.

Two Is Better Than One

Ebony phone sex Twin brothers moved into the apartment next to my apartment. I watched them from my window move their belongings in and these boys were sexy and muscular. I was practically drooling from my mouth and my pussy. I made it my mission to seduce them. It was a hot day and I took two cold beers to their apartment and introduced myself. I was dressed very slutty and their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. Their names were Landon and Travis and they were 18 years old. I flirted and asked if I could touch their muscles. I shocked them by lifting their shirts and touching their hard six-packs.
“Have you guys ever been with a black woman?” , I asked as I pulled Landon’s cock from his basketball shorts.
“No, but we want to.” , they said in unison.
I pulled Travis’ cock from his shorts and starting sucking and jerking them. I amazed them when I made their hard cocks disappear in my mouth. My cunt was dripping wet with anticipation, I wanted them inside me at the same time.
“Landon, I want you in my ass.”
“Travis you get my pussy”
Travis sat on the sofa and I mounted his hard dick. I got Landon’s cock sloppy wet with saliva and he pushed it into my ass. We all worked as one unit to please each other and it was so erotic. Me and these white boys are going to be really good friends.

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