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Black Pussy

Ebony phone sexIt’s been a blast having twins living next door. Landon and Travis have 9-inch cocks and hard six-packs. Every day I go to their apartment and let them fuck me. They’re only 18 and their cocks get hard as soon as I walk into their apartment. I get on my knees and wrap my lips around their dicks and suck like a pornstar. The best part about fucking twin brother is double penetration. I love to have a cock in my ass and in my pussy at the same exact time. I get so wet my juices slide down my thighs. I’m a black slut and I love hard white cock. I’m also a cum guzzler. I swallowed every drop of their cum until their cocks were bone dry. These twins have made my life so exciting. Every day we try new positions and I sometimes let them film us. I know you want some of this black pussy.

Two Is Better Than One

Ebony phone sex Twin brothers moved into the apartment next to my apartment. I watched them from my window move their belongings in and these boys were sexy and muscular. I was practically drooling from my mouth and my pussy. I made it my mission to seduce them. It was a hot day and I took two cold beers to their apartment and introduced myself. I was dressed very slutty and their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. Their names were Landon and Travis and they were 18 years old. I flirted and asked if I could touch their muscles. I shocked them by lifting their shirts and touching their hard six-packs.
“Have you guys ever been with a black woman?” , I asked as I pulled Landon’s cock from his basketball shorts.
“No, but we want to.” , they said in unison.
I pulled Travis’ cock from his shorts and starting sucking and jerking them. I amazed them when I made their hard cocks disappear in my mouth. My cunt was dripping wet with anticipation, I wanted them inside me at the same time.
“Landon, I want you in my ass.”
“Travis you get my pussy”
Travis sat on the sofa and I mounted his hard dick. I got Landon’s cock sloppy wet with saliva and he pushed it into my ass. We all worked as one unit to please each other and it was so erotic. Me and these white boys are going to be really good friends.

N*gga Whore

Beautiful ebony pussyMy tight black pussy needs a hard cock as soon as possible. I woke up with my hand in my panties, two fingers deep inside my cunt. I’ll put on some slut clothes, a tiny skirt, and a tube top and see you’ll bite the bait. I’m not picky, anyone can have me. There’s only one requirement he has to have a thick cock. The length doesn’t impress me. It’s all about the thickness, I need something that will stretch my holes. And yes, I said holes. I like it in da ass. Bend me over and make me your nigger whore. The “N” word doesn’t scare me. If it gets your cock harder to call me names, then bring it on. I like to get down and dirty, put your dick down my throat and I’ll hardly gag. I’m a real freak, you haven’t had a girl like me. I’ll put my tongue in your ass and lick you clean, not because it will turn you on. I’ll do it because it’ll turn me on.


Ebony phone sex

You haven’t lived until you’ve had black pussy. Black girls do everything better. We have full lips that were made to suck cock. And curves that will make your mouth water and your dick hard. I want you to lay back and let me do all of the work. I’ll slide my wet pussy onto your dick and ride you real good. I’ll rock my body back and forth grinding on your hardness as a sexual current run between us. Hold my waist as I switch my technique and start bouncing my cunt up and down. I’m the type of girl that has to have sex at least three times a day with different strangers. I’m a black slut with good pussy and an attitude. I have gold between my legs and a silver tongue. And I need your cock to satisfy my insatiable sexual desire. Are you up for the challenge?

Big Freak

Beautiful ebony pussyI need dick right now. I’m so horny that I’m having a hard time concentrating. I put my hand inside my panties and fingerbang myself but it doesn’t quench my sexual desire. I need you to fuck me. My pussy is tight and wet, I’m ready for your hard cock. You can fuck me in any position, but I think you’ll enjoy me being on top. I love being on top because I can control the thrusts and speed. I like to grind my pussy back and forth on your hard dick. It feels so good having your cock inside me. I’m not picky about whose cock will satisfy me. Any man can take care of my tight black pussy. I wish you were here with me right now because I would rock your world. Black women are the biggest freaks with the wettest cunts.

Black Pussy and White Dick

Beautiful ebony pussyI love fucking white boys. I like how my skin looks against their skin. I especially love fucking white men that have never been with a black girl. I like being the black slut that changes a white man’s sexually tastes. My body has thick curves that most white girls don’t possess. No one looks better bent over than a big booty black girl. And I have to mention, black girls have sexy full lips that were made for sucking cock. Don’t you want to make your dick disappear into my chocolate pudding? I can move my body in ways that will make your head spin. I want to be all over you and I want you all over me. I can make your wildest fantasies come true. Call me and let’s talk real dirty. I promise you won’t regret it. I need your white dick!!

Horny Black Princess

Ebony phone sexI need someone to fuck me. I’m so horny and my pussy is wet. I’ve tried pleasing myself with my fingers and sex toys but I need a man to get the job done. I need a hard dick so badly, I feel like I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get. I want to be on my hands and knees because the doggy style position makes me cum faster. If you reach your hand in front of me and play with my clit while fucking me from behind you’ll feel my cunt get wetter than the ocean. Get rough, pull my hair, and I’ll call you Daddy. I close my eyes and I can see your hard cock fucking fast and hard. I want you to pull your cock out of my pussy, it’ll be so shiny with my juices. I want you in my mouth so that I can taste myself on your cock. Do you think you can satisfy my huge sexual appetite?


Beautiful ebony pussyVanilla is so boring and predictable. It’s time for you to try some chocolate. Black women love to fuck. Stand a white girl next to a black girl and see who can make their ass bounce the best. We know how to move our bodies in and out of the bedroom. And we have full lips that were meant to suck dick. All it takes is you fucking a black woman one time and you’ll be hooked. I want your white cock so bad. Come and dip your hard dick into hot chocolate pussy. My pussy is tight and juicy. I’m waiting for your call. I want to get really freaky with you. You know that you want this black pussy. Baby, I want your white magic stick. I know you want to see my fat ass bouncing on your dick. I want you so bad, white boy.

Pussy Tastes So Damn Good

Lesbian phone sexI love dick! Long dicks, thick dicks, short and stubby dicks, crooked dicks, I love them all. But sometimes I want pussy. Right now I want to put my face between a beautiful woman’s thighs. I have a co-worker named Tasha. She’s thick and curvy just the way I like my black women. When she walks by my desk, her perfume drives me wild. I’ve wanted her for months but I didn’t have the courage to make the first move. But today I’m going to get that pussy. She got up from her desk and walked towards the restroom, and I followed. She was in the mirror putting on lipstick. I gripped her arm and pulled her into the handicap stall. I pushed her against the wall and dropped to my knees. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t pull her panties off, I just pushed them to the side to lick her sweet pussy. She never fought me off and the way she ground her wet pussy against my face let me know she wanted it just as bad as me. I licked and sucked on her clit until she squirted into my mouth. We walked back into the office like nothing even happened.


Ebony phone sexI love strange dick. Fucking the same person more than twice is so boring. I love walking around my city flirting with men and convincing them to come home with me. It’s not hard at all, they see my sexy body and it’s hard for them to say no. I love married men the most because it’s a real challenge. Getting a man to break his vows is an instant self-esteem booster. I fuck like a porn star and that’s turned many guys into stalkers. I suck harder than a hoover vacuum and my pussy’s tighter than a vice grip. You can put me in any position, I’m very flexible. And I’m black so I can make my ass bounce like jelly. Come home with me, let me make your wildest sex fantasies come true. As soon this blog is finished I’m going to put on my sluttiest dress and looking for my next victim.

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