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Booty Call

ebony phone sexThe twins were knocking on my door at 2 in the morning because they were craving my black pussy. I was kind of pissed that they woke me so I made them eat me out for an hour. The twins have huge cocks so I couldn’t stay mad at them forever. They’re both really good with their tongues. They licked and sucked on my clit until my cunt was sloppy wet. They didn’t fuck me until I begged for it..
“Fuck my black pussy, fuck my black pussy!!”, they had me screaming.
They forced me down on my knees and a twin entered me from behind. His dicks slid easily into my wet throbbing pussy. I was ready for a good pounding and they gave me one. My screams were too loud so one of the twins put a dick in my mouth. I sucked and slobbered on his cock until he filled my mouth with warm jizz. The twins are young and full of energy, we fucked until sunrise.

Sexy Little Accident

ebony phone sexI got into a small fender bender with a cute white guy. It was completely my fault, I’m not the best driver. He wasn’t a jerk about the situation and he even flirted with me. We exchange information and went our separate ways. But I couldn’t get his cute face out of my head. I couldn’t stop daydreaming about him fucking me in all sorts of positions. For seven nights, I used his smile as a masturbation tool. I finally couldn’t hold myself back and I called him. When he told he’d been thinking about me non-stop, too, my pussy began to throb. We made arrangements to meet at a cheap motel. We fucked so hard that we fuck the sheets off the bed. I was so wet that my pussy was making loud smacking sounds. His cock was huge and it felt euphoric sliding in and out of my wetness. Porn was playing on the TV but we were the real porn stars. I pulled his cock from my tight black cunt and licked off my juices. I wanted him to finish in my mouth. I sucked, licked, gagged and slurped on his hard cock until warm cum touched my tongue.


Ebony phone sexToday was a wild one! I saw this blouse in my favorite store and I wanted it bad. And I would have brought it but I had just paid my rent and my funds were low. I felt like being bad and stuffed the blouse into my purse. But I did it at the wrong time, a security guard suddenly appeared and he saw everything. He gripped my arm and walked me to his office. I was terrified. I didn’t want him to call the police, I couldn’t go to jail. But my heartbeat slowed when I recognized the lust in his eyes.
“Girl, pull those titties out or I’m calling the cops”
I did as I was told and pushed my top up and pulled my titties out of my bra.
“Bounce bitch, I want to see those titties move”
His commands were making me wet and excited. When he pulled his cock out I knew what he wanted. I got on my knees and crawled to him. I gripped his dick and started sucking. I didn’t stop until his jizz filled my mouth.

My Ex

Ebony phone sexI ran into my ex-boyfriend from high school. He was my first white boyfriend and he has a monster size dick. I ran into him in the dairy section of my grocery store. He still looked really sexy and he still had the same affect on me. When I get around him I feel like I have a heartbeat in my pussy. One look at each other and we left our baskets in the aisle and raced out of the store. I got into his car and we drove to the field behind the store. I put his dick in my mouth just like the old days. God, he still wore the same cologne and it was driving me insane. I took my panties off and rode his dick. We were fucking and kissing at the same time like no time had past. He held his arms tightly around me bouncing me up and down his large shaft. He always loved making my black ass jiggle. I didn’t care that he shot a huge load in my black pussy.

Black Girls Love To Fuck

Ebony phone sexI got my cherry popped by the boy next door when I was a young teenager and I’ve been addicted to sex ever since. I would sneak him into my bedroom after my mom went to sleep. He fucked me so good I had to bite my pillow to suppress my loud moans. Soon, I got curious and I wanted to fuck other boys. Sometimes these boys would line up outside my bedroom window waiting for a turn to fuck me. I know people called me a slut for allowing a bunch of boys to run trains on me, but I couldn’t stop myself. My pussy would get so wet during class because I couldn’t stop thinking about which boys would be at my window that night. By the time I’d become a senior I had fucked nearly every boy in my grade. I was a teenage sex addict and I couldn’t control my sexual urges. One night I fucked eight boys in a row and I still wanted more. I’m older now but nothing has changed, I’m still a sex freak with an insatiable appetite for hard dick.

Jungle Fever

Ebony phone sexI gave the twins a key to my apartment. I wanted them to have easy access to my apartment and my body. Now, they’ve started coming in the middle of the night, ravaging my body as I slept. I don’t wear panties to bed anymore because I like waking up with a head between my legs. These twins love my chocolate body. They’ve caught jungle fever and there’s no cure. Nothing gives me more pleasure than being on my knees sucking them off. These twins own my body and soul. I didn’t know white boys can have big dicks because these young men are huge. I have to stretch my mouth and jaw before I put their huge shafts in my mouth. They tell me I look sexy with a dick in my mouth so I stay on my knees as much as possible. They make me feel like a sex goddess the way they both worship my tight black cunt.

Naughty Neighbors 2

Beautiful ebony pussyThe twins fucked me so good I got up and cooked them a big soul food meal. I cooked fried chicken, mac’n’cheese, green beans, and cornbread. I want to care for these white boys better than a mammy. I never dress because I want to be naked as I serve them. When they’re feeling nice and full I drop to my knees and give them after-dinner blowjobs. I love sucking white cock! I’m a cum guzzling black slut and the twins love to fill my cheeks with jizz. They let me clean their apartment as long as I’m not wearing any clothes. They say clothes get in the way and they need easy access to my black pussy. They fuck me so good that my thighs shake and I never want it to stop. A white cock looks so good dipping into a chocolate pussy, wanna see? These boys can’t get enough of this black pussy, they keep me on my hands and knees.

Black Cum Slut

Ebony phone sexI love waking up between the twins early in the morning with the sun beaming through the windows. I reached for their soft dicks and stroke them until they’re both stiff. They instinctively both reach for my wet pussy and my heart starts racing. I crave white cock and they’re going to give it to me. I get on my hands and knees because I want them both inside me. Brandon runs the tip of his cock across my lips while his twin ran his up and down my wet slit. They love to tease me. When they finally decide that I deserve their white cocks and slide inside me it feels so damn good. I get so wet that it runs down my thighs as they pump my body with hard cocks. I told them not to pull out because I wanted their semen. For these twins, I’ll be a cum slut.Beautiful ebony pussy

Naughty Neighbors

Naughty neighbor pornI guess the twins missed me because they both came over to borrow a cup of sugar. These boys live in the apartment next to mine and they love fucking my black pussy. I’ve been busy with work and I haven’t had time to play. But here they stood in my doorway with stiff dicks ready to destroy my tight pussy. I let them in and immediately drop to my knees and started sucking on their erections.
Together they chanted, “Suck it bitch suck it!”
These boys were addicted to this black pussy. They’ve caught jungle fever and there’s no cure. They love the way my ass ripples when they slap it. I’m turning these boys into men because only a real man can handle these curves. I look like meat on a spit when I suck off one brother while the other twin pounds my tight holes. They use my body like I’m a plastic sex doll and I love every minute. It’s so good having hard cock conveniently next door.

Sexy Ass Black Girl

xSexy ass picMen love when I send them a sexy ass pic. Flat asses aren’t “in” anymore. These days men want a woman with a little junk in da trunk. No other race has more big butts than the black race. Have you ever been with a sista? Are you curious? I have a phat ass and a tight pussy and I love to fuck. I like when you grab my ass cheeks so tight that my pussy lips spread apart. Put your face in my ass, lick my booty hole, and I’ll belong to you forever. Every day I leave my apartment searching for new sexual experiences. I haven’t met a man that I wouldn’t fuck. Men love when I put on a thong and my booty cheeks clap. I’ll be your personal stripper and baby you’re getting endless lap dances. I started fucking at an early age, I know what men need. Men love blowjobs and pussy with no back talk. Come and get this beautiful ebony pussy, you won’t regret it.

Beautiful ebony pussy

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