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Ass sex porn outside


Ass sex porn



Ass porn sex outside is me and my man horny as fuck grocery shopping. We went to the store to grab somethings for dinner. We walked through the aisles and I would tease him by grabbing things on lower shelves. I bent over to get some flour that was on a lower shelf. I had on a short skirt with a pair. I saw him look around quickly and with one move slide his big cock in me. He pulled my tits out of my shirt and punched and pulled at my nipples then pounded my pussy. He couldn’t wait another second to have this beautiful ebony pussy. He flipped me around and pushed me against the flour display then proceeded to suck on my tits and slam harder into me. Before I knew it I squirted all over his dick and he came in my pussy. We casually walked out the aisle then the store we weren’t hungry after all.

Beautiful ebony pussy goes sailing





Beautiful ebony pussy went sailing to Cock island lol! Actually my man thought we should take advantage of the good weather and go sailing. I have never been sailing before and thought it would be so much fun. On the boat the wind rushing between my legs and the sun beating down on my brown skin got me super wet. I removed my bikini top to released my nipples that were strained against the fabric. I wanted dick so bad. My man bent me over the side of the boat and pushed my bikini bottoms to the side and slammed his dick into me. I watched the other boaters go by as he slammed harder into my pussy. He grabbed my tits and ripped off my bikini top then palmed my tits. My fat ass bounced up and down his dick as he continued to slam into me. He took a break from fucking me and quickly removed his phone to take a Sexy ass pic real quick. We reached a beach and docked. We quickly found a secret cove and finished what we started. I ended my boating venture with Cum on boobs. I took my hands to wipe it of my tits and proceeded to lick it off my fingers.

Beautiful ebony pussy

Beautiful ebony pussy




Beautiful ebony pussy is yours for the taking. I’ve been waiting to open wide for you all day. My Hershey kiss nipples are hard and waiting for you to suck them. I know your cock needs me, wants me. I am drooling just thinking of you. You pull up to my house at around 1 am. You know I am anticipating you. You pat my pussy and slide your tongue into my mouth. You kiss me deeply. Dam I know my man missed me. You wrap your arms around my waist and grab my supple ass. I know you can’t wait to fuck me. You waste no time and pick me up by my ass cheeks and walk us to the bedroom with your tongue invading my mouth. I’m so wet babes fuck getting my pussy eaten or sucking your dick I need you inside me. You spread my legs a part and slam into me. O my god, my pussy twerks at your entrance. You smile and begin to slow stroke me. That pussy so good you whisper in my ear. I feel you dick throbbing as you start to pump in me faster. fuck babe, imma cum. I feel my pussy gear up to swallow your milk whole. She’s cumming too. We bust together. You blow your load deep in my folds as I squirt all over you dick.

Sexy girlfriend porn: He caught me while I was sleeping.

Sexy girlfriend pornSexy girlfriend porn starts with me already in bed, softly snoring. I didn’t hear you when you came in. I layed in bed leg up my fat ass cocked in the air. I didn’t feel you hovering over me. But I know you were staring at every inch of my chocolate skin. Your hand cupped my ass cheeks. I heard “fuck” escape from your lips. You got closer and began placing gentle kisses on my back. I felt you move my body. Before I knew it your dick was invading my walls. ” Dam that pussy so good” You slapped my ass firmly and began to pound my pussy. My fat ass bounced up and down against cock. ” Shit.” I screamed fully awake. You slammed inside me faster. You grab my waist and relentlessly pounded my hole. My kitty was creaming all of your stick. You quickly flipped me over and began sucking on my harden nipples. A moan escaped my lips. Dam you feel so good inside me. You grabbed my titties and used them for leverage to pump into me faster. I felt your dick throbbing inside me. I knew you were about to cum. I love being the perfect piece of pussy for you, ready at any time to serve you. “ I’m cumming” you shouted as you unloaded in me. You slid out slowly and I went back to sleep.

Ebony Phone Sex

ebony phone sexEbony girlfriend experience phone sex is all about treating your man like a king. Need to feel like royalty??? My pussy throbs with excitement as I hear the key turn into the lock. My king is home. I toss away my apron to reveal a sexy red teddy. I am ready to pamper, treat and massage your cock.  I know you worked hard all day and deserve the royal treatment. I see you smile as you smell the aroma of your favorite food cooking and me scantily clad dripping for your dick. My heels click across the floor as I quickly run to you and remove your coat. I then tell you to sit down so I can remove your shoes. I kiss you gently on your temple before my knees touch the floor. I see by the look on your face you need a some tdc (tender dick care). I can see the bulge in your pants grows as my tits are barely concealed by my teddy. Baby, do you want to eat first, or do you need me to relax you?” You smile and say “Babes, I want both.” I quickly get off my knees and fix your plate. I lay out a tv tray in front of you with your favorite meal and a beer. I leave enough space so I could wedge my fat ass in front of you to take care of your dripping shaft. Before I get comfortable, I flip on Espn. You open your legs as I undo your belt buckle and release your cock from its cage. I know you so badly want to be in my mouth. I open wide and begin to devour you. You are so tasty baby. I here you release a satisfying breath. I catch a rhythm. And bob my head up and down your dick. “Fuck!” escapes your lips as I feel your cock tense. I take my right hand and cup your balls. They are so heavy with cum and I can’t wait for you to fill my belly. I take a break from your shaft and place those weighted balls in my mouth. I pump your stick with my hand as my tongue flicks from right to left.  You quiver in my hand as your balls melt in my mouth. I quickly slide your rod back into my sloppy wet mouth.  “Babes, I’m cumming.” I begin to milk you faster. I feel you pulsate in the back of my throat. “FUCK!” Your breath is heavy as you shoot your thick cream into my throat. I swallow it all. I see your shoulders ease and you’re not as tense. You raise my face with your hand and say, “Thank you babes.” I look at you and reply “Anything for my king.”

Best Phone Sex with Ebony Goddess

The best phone sex is with an ebony goddess. Have you ever had jungle fever? There is the saying, “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” It is from a Zora Neal Hurston novel. I am an educated, sexy black goddess. Don’t ever mistake me for some ghetto bitch. I have rich white men begging to fuck me. Black men know I am out of their league. Now and again I meet a white man who thinks he can degrade me. That never flies. When Adam started his racist rant at the club last night, I got some assistance from some of my hot sexy babes and we yanked his pants down in the club. He had a 2-inch dick. All that superior talk for a micro-penis. Adam must have drank some Koolaid because he was delusional to think he was superior to me. I would never let a loser like him try to dominate me, nor would I let him within a mile of my beautiful ebony pussy. The bouncer turned on the lights so everyone in the club could see his tiny loser dick. The laughter was loud. He didn’t like being on the other side of the humiliation. He has been forever barred from the hottest club in town. A rich white sugar daddy liked how I handled that piece of shit Adam, and he took me home. Not only did he spoil me with his 9-inch cock, but he spoiled me with a lavish shopping trip too. I only allow the best men to fuck my coveted cunt. No broke ass losers allowed.

Best phone sex

Booty Call

ebony phone sexThe twins were knocking on my door at 2 in the morning because they were craving my black pussy. I was kind of pissed that they woke me so I made them eat me out for an hour. The twins have huge cocks so I couldn’t stay mad at them forever. They’re both really good with their tongues. They licked and sucked on my clit until my cunt was sloppy wet. They didn’t fuck me until I begged for it..
“Fuck my black pussy, fuck my black pussy!!”, they had me screaming.
They forced me down on my knees and a twin entered me from behind. His dicks slid easily into my wet throbbing pussy. I was ready for a good pounding and they gave me one. My screams were too loud so one of the twins put a dick in my mouth. I sucked and slobbered on his cock until he filled my mouth with warm jizz. The twins are young and full of energy, we fucked until sunrise.

Sexy Little Accident

ebony phone sexI got into a small fender bender with a cute white guy. It was completely my fault, I’m not the best driver. He wasn’t a jerk about the situation and he even flirted with me. We exchange information and went our separate ways. But I couldn’t get his cute face out of my head. I couldn’t stop daydreaming about him fucking me in all sorts of positions. For seven nights, I used his smile as a masturbation tool. I finally couldn’t hold myself back and I called him. When he told he’d been thinking about me non-stop, too, my pussy began to throb. We made arrangements to meet at a cheap motel. We fucked so hard that we fuck the sheets off the bed. I was so wet that my pussy was making loud smacking sounds. His cock was huge and it felt euphoric sliding in and out of my wetness. Porn was playing on the TV but we were the real porn stars. I pulled his cock from my tight black cunt and licked off my juices. I wanted him to finish in my mouth. I sucked, licked, gagged and slurped on his hard cock until warm cum touched my tongue.


Ebony phone sexToday was a wild one! I saw this blouse in my favorite store and I wanted it bad. And I would have brought it but I had just paid my rent and my funds were low. I felt like being bad and stuffed the blouse into my purse. But I did it at the wrong time, a security guard suddenly appeared and he saw everything. He gripped my arm and walked me to his office. I was terrified. I didn’t want him to call the police, I couldn’t go to jail. But my heartbeat slowed when I recognized the lust in his eyes.
“Girl, pull those titties out or I’m calling the cops”
I did as I was told and pushed my top up and pulled my titties out of my bra.
“Bounce bitch, I want to see those titties move”
His commands were making me wet and excited. When he pulled his cock out I knew what he wanted. I got on my knees and crawled to him. I gripped his dick and started sucking. I didn’t stop until his jizz filled my mouth.

My Ex

Ebony phone sexI ran into my ex-boyfriend from high school. He was my first white boyfriend and he has a monster size dick. I ran into him in the dairy section of my grocery store. He still looked really sexy and he still had the same affect on me. When I get around him I feel like I have a heartbeat in my pussy. One look at each other and we left our baskets in the aisle and raced out of the store. I got into his car and we drove to the field behind the store. I put his dick in my mouth just like the old days. God, he still wore the same cologne and it was driving me insane. I took my panties off and rode his dick. We were fucking and kissing at the same time like no time had past. He held his arms tightly around me bouncing me up and down his large shaft. He always loved making my black ass jiggle. I didn’t care that he shot a huge load in my black pussy.

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