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I remember pledging for a sorority in college. Needless to say once I saw the my pledge sister’s boyfriend. I became more interested in fucking him more than pledging anymore.

I was determined to have his cream spread all over my face like a facial mask from the spa. I wanted to be soaked and covered in his hot creamy sauce. I finally caught him at a sorority party. Like the bold bitch that I am i cornered his ass in the bathroom. I kneeled down and pulled out his dick right then and there and begin to suck the skin off his bone. All the while I am playing with my pretty black pussy. I knew he wanted my ass just as much as I wanted him. I could tell by the way he kept grabbing the back of my head and shooving his dick into my mouth. He must of fucked my face until I could no longer feel my tonsils. He exploded his hot cum all over my face and I was deeply satisfied. I wiped my face with my hand licked my fingers as if I was a sly cat giving herself a bath with her tongue. I gave him a wink. His secret was save with me.I want dare tell a soul. Me and you should have a secret of our own as well. I would love to lick your cum off of my face or off of your dick. Which ever you choose

Girl Next Door

Naughty neighbor porn

I use to always watch naughty neighbor porn. I am obsessed with fucking one of my neighbors. I didn’t care which one it was. As long as it was one of them. If not all! This was a fantasy of mine that my pussy was dying to experience. Then one day my dream came true. I went to check the mailbox and I caught  my  neighbor staring at me. I assumed it was because my breast were hanging out of my top and the little shorts I had on. My ass practically hanging out of them. I had been wanting to fuck him for so long. He was tall and I could tell he had a big dick. I am not sure where his wife was but I did not care. I caught him staring so I decided to walk over and speak. His eyes were practically glued to my big caramel colored titties. I asked him very bluntly did he like what he saw. He shook his head yes. I looked around and then said well are you going to invite me in it is rather hot outside. To my surprise he invited me in. Next thing I know I was on him and his wife’s bed riding his long white man muscle. OMG he dick was so deep into my pussy I could do nothing but scream with pleasure. I guess his wife haven’t been taking care of home. He needed a horny cunt whore like myself to fuck and bust a load in. I wish you were my neighbor. I would fuck you just the same. Ride your dick until the cows come home.

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lesbian phone sex

You see I have a girlfriend. I love me some pussy. I could pretty much eat pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have a girlfriend and her name is Lola. She is a fine sexy thing with a fat juicy pussy. My favorite thing to do to her is slide my fingers inside her cunt and take them out just to taste her juices. Mmmmhmmm does she taste good! Often times we enjoy a nice dick in the mix. It balances everything out. One day the maintenance man icane out to work on a plumbing issue in our condo. Before he got there we were already about to fuck. I was just about to bump my pussy and ride hers when the doorbell rang. We welcomed him in butt ass naked. He was in shock but he grabbed his dick like he wanted in on the fun. Next thing I know he has my  keg up on the counter fucking the shit out og my juicy brown wet pussy, Lola is there watching waiting for her turn. Her mouth watering to taste my pussyjuices on his dick. my pussy is dripping just thinking about it. As you can see every lesbian couple enjoys a dick every now and then.

GFE phone sex stories

gfe phone sex

I call him Professor long dick. Of course no one at the University calls him that. His real name is Professor Alton. Well professor long dick makes it a point to fuck me everyday after class. I throw my juicy wet pussy onto his long white dick for extra credit. He enjoys it so much he cuts his class short just to shove that dick inside my pussy. I actually just left class this morning. He had me walking so funny. He fucked the shit out of me today! He kept slamming his dick in and out of my pussy as if it stole something. I must have some really good pussy because his ass makes it a point to ask me to be his girlfriend everyday. I wouldn’t mind settling down. As long as the dick is good.  Gfe phone sex was the most he could get out of me at first. But when I finally tried the dick. I could not get enough. I do not mind my juicy pussy being sore everyday from the hard fucking we do after class. After all it is worth it. Dick all semester long and a passing grade at the end. I must be Girlfriend material.

Foot Fetishes friendly

foot fetishesI love it when my Johns worship and kiss my feet. I have one John who is in love with my feet while in a pair of sexy stiletto heels. He even likes to fuck me in them. Everytime I see him we do a line of coke and then I bend over a table or chair and he fucks me from the back. After that I climb on the table on all fours and he grabs my heels and rams his thick white dick inside of this tight brown pussy. I swear he watches my shoes and feet the whole time we are fucking. After he makes me cum he flips me over and yanks my expensive heels off of my feet. Of course I let him because I know he will just buy me some more. I play with my pussy and rub on my clit while he kisses and worships my feet until I squirt my cum all over his face.

Titty fucking porn sex

Titty fucking pornTitty fucking porn is my speciality. I love a thick white cock in between my big smooth suckable titties. I want you to fuck my titties while I like the head of your shaft every time your long dick reaches my mouth. I love to twirl my tongue around your shaft and do tricks with the my tongue while you are fucking my titties. I want you to come all over these breast baby. I am in dire need of it. The last time I got titty fucked was last night. I was at home relaxing and decided to order a pizza. The door bell rang and as I opened the door I saw standing there was the pizza man. His bulging dick made a print in his pants and I instantly got horny. I opened the door with a fish net dress and nothing underneath. I was about to log into my webcam site so explained my attire for the night. I must have instantly turned him on.  I invited him inside. I ripped off his pants and kneeled in front of him and entered all of him into my mouth. He begin to slide his dick right in between these big ol titties of mine. I made that  pizza boy cum so hard his toes curled. I am playing with my pussy right now just thinking about it.

Beautiful Ebony Pussy

beautiful ebony pussyMy beautiful ebony pussy was on display last night. The club had a big crowd because of some rock festival in town. Drunk and high white men came into the club after 11 pm in droves. Many of them acted like they had never seen an ebony goddess before. What they had was a bad case of jungle fever and I decided to get rich off their affliction! White men love me. I am a strong, sexy Nubian goddess. I make white men melt. They are putty in my hands. This one guy bought the VIP room for his friends and himself for 4 hours. They were in for a treat. I am a better private dancer than Tina Turner. I doled out lap dances and teased cocks until they upped their game with a big pile of cash. Money talks white boys. The more money they shelled out, the more of me they got to see. The more money that piled up on the stage, the more I ignored the club’s you can look but you can’t touch policy. These men were drunk on bourbon. They smelled like sweat and stogies. It wouldn’t take much work to make them squirt. I gave them all hand jobs and blowjobs until I was full of white man seed and able to pay my car off with cash. You got jungle fever? Be prepared to have your wallet and cock drained.

Ebony Phone Sex Girlfriend Divina

You need an ebony phone sex girlfriend like me, stud. I know how to please my man and when it’s Football season I know how to give the best tailgating parties and feed all those big hungry men. I love cooking and sucking cock, so you know good and well I love taking loads of thick cum and will feed my man right so he makes plenty of thick gooey cum for me. I find it so damned hot to look down at my chocolate cunt and see it blasted with thick gooey white cum. Let’s hook up for some naughty fucking in the VIP box during halftime. Your throbbing hard cock splitting my luscious sweet ass with a good hard pounding as I get the Quarterbacks sweaty thick fuckrod down my throat is a fucking dream for this sports fan. I only hope he’s from the winning team and I get to congratulate the whole team with a fucking hot gangbang followed by an explosive bukkake celebration. I know that cock is throbbing to be inside my ebony pussy while I take a BBC in this sweet black ass. I know that a white boy would be intimidated by so many big back cocks banging me but you’re my beau and I know you secretly get off on it.

Ebony phone sex

My Beautiful Ebony Pussy is Addicting

beautiful ebony pussyI took some time off from phone sex to travel the world as a featured dancer. I am a high-class ebony slut and men everywhere love eating my beautiful ebony pussy. Instead of traveling as a sexy stripper, I am going to go back to talking dirty and stripping at private gigs. I may go back out on the road in the future because I am a restless soul. For now, however, I am staying put for a while. Earlier in the week, I did my first private stripping gig locally. This wealthy man called me up because his son has jungle fever and is getting married soon. He wanted to throw him a bachelor party. I love stripping for white men, especially loaded white men. I arrived at their house in a private limo that they sent to get me. I was set up in a private room with a stripper pole already in it. There were no other guests. This was not the official bachelor party. This was daddy’s special present to his son, the groom. I was happy to give the groom a hot lap dance and a chance to eat my chocolate pussy. A big bag of cash and 5-star treatment, not to mention a great pussy licking made it all worth my time. It’s good to be back home. I can have just as exciting adventures locally as I can abroad.

Ass sex porn outside


Ass sex porn



Ass porn sex outside is me and my man horny as fuck grocery shopping. We went to the store to grab somethings for dinner. We walked through the aisles and I would tease him by grabbing things on lower shelves. I bent over to get some flour that was on a lower shelf. I had on a short skirt with a pair. I saw him look around quickly and with one move slide his big cock in me. He pulled my tits out of my shirt and punched and pulled at my nipples then pounded my pussy. He couldn’t wait another second to have this beautiful ebony pussy. He flipped me around and pushed me against the flour display then proceeded to suck on my tits and slam harder into me. Before I knew it I squirted all over his dick and he came in my pussy. We casually walked out the aisle then the store we weren’t hungry after all.

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