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Rent Is Due

,Ebony phone sexI didn’t have all of my rent money and I was two days from eviction but I have a plan. My landlord is an older white man and I know he’ll give me some extra time if I give him some pussy. Like clock work, he was banging on my door demanding his rent money and threatening to throw me out onto the streets. I answered the door wearing nothing but a smile and all of the rage left his face. A dirty, lustful smile spread across his face and he walked into my apartment like a king. He pulled his hard cock out and I got to work. I dropped to my knees and tried to suck the skin off his dick. I sucked and licked until his warm semen filled my mouth. He zipped his pants and told me I had one more week to come up with the money and he left. I got up and dusted my knees off. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do…

Black Girls Do It Better

Ebony phone sexI need a hard dick right now! I need to be bent over and fucked long and hard. Let me spread my thighs and show you my beautiful black pussy. Have you ever fucked a black girl? Believe me, no one rides a hard dick like a black girl. Let me sit on your dick while facing your feet, you’ll enjoy the view of my fat ass bouncing up and down. Then I’ll grab your ankles and you’ll be able to see your cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Lets lock ourselves in a bedroom room all day and fuck so hard that all of the sheets end up on the floor. I’m a girl with a very dirty mind and I promise you’ll never be bored. Fuck me like you hate me, pound my wet cunt until I cry out for you to stop. Come take control of my body, because I can be your sex slave. Black girls throw their pussy hard and we never get tired.

Black Pussy Is The Best Pussy

Beautiful ebony pussy

I’m a beautiful black bitch and I love to fuck. If I don’t have cock at least once a day I’ll go crazy. There’s nothing better than being on my knees taking hard dick from behind. You don’t have to be gentle because I like it rough. Put me on my knees and put your dick in my throat. I love sucking cock and I always swallow. I have my own special word for cum, I call it candy. And I can’t ever get enough candy! Have you ever been with a black girl? Well, have you ever seen a black girl make their ass bounce? Let me make this pussy bounce on your cock. You can lay back and let me ride you like a cowgirl. “Once you go black you don’t back” ain’t just a saying for no reason, it’s totally true. When I put this black pussy on you, you’ll be addicted and you’ll beg for more.

Mr. O’Neal’s Special Project

Ebony phone sexMy boss called me into his office today. I thought I was in trouble so I was nervous when he told me to have a seat. But, he didn’t call me into his office to berate me, he wanted me to stay in the office with him during after hours to help with a special project. I relaxed and told him that I look forward to working on his special project.
After my co-workers left to go home, I went Mr.O’Neal’s office. His door is usually always open but it was closed. I knocked and he told me to come in and there he stood butt naked.
“Give me some of that black pussy!”, he told me.
His aggressive manner instantly wet my pussy. I like forceful men and I saw an opportunity. I took my clothes off and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. I drop to my knees at his feet and wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked it slowly. His cock was huge and heavy in my hand. His mushroom tip looked so delicious and I rolled my tongue around it before putting his whole cock in my mouth. God, I love sucking dick. I looked up to see his face while I sucked and licked. Then he pulled me up to my feet and bent me over his desk and slammed his hard cock into my wet pussy. He pounded me like a man possessed. I took his hard thrusts like a porn star and I was so wet I could feel my juices sliding down my inner thighs. He fucked me so good that moans could be heard all through the building. When he reached in front of me and rubbed my clit while he pounded my pussy from the back, I lost it and squirted all over his hand. I stay after work every day now to help Mr.O’Neal with his special project.

Fucking My New Neighbor

Ebony phone sexThe new neighbors moved in last week. They were an older couple in their late 50’s without any children. I couldn’t help myself, I felt an instant connection with the husband, John. He was tall with salt and pepper hair. He was very handsome and charming. I made it my new mission to get John into my bed. Today, I noticed John’s wife kissing him before getting into a Uber with her suitcase. The time for me to seduce John had finally come, I put on my shortest blue jean cutoffs and a bikini top. I walked over to his house fully confident that his cock was about to be in my pussy. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw my sexy body because I had curves that his wife could only dream about. I pushed past him to enter his house and untied my bikini top revealing my great tits. I wanted him to know that we were about to fuck without saying a word. He snapped out of his shocked state and was all over me. He sucked on my nipples and put his hand in my panties. We fell on the sofa and he helped me out of my shorts.
“Give me that black pussy”, he demanded.
I spread my legs and He felt so perfect between my thighs. He pushed his hard dick into my pussy and an electric current flowed through my body. Every dick thrust he gave me I met with my own thrust. I bucked my hips towards him as we slammed our bodies into each other. My pussy was so sloppy wet you could hear a loud smacking noise and sloppy queefs. We fucked until his warm semen filled my wetness and he collapsed on top of me. Mission accomplished.

The Wedding Gift

Ebony phone sexMy best friend, Ann, from college had an engagement party. It was a great party with good wine and good music. It started to wind down around 1 am, and Ann asked me to stay to help her and her fiance clean. We finished cleaning and sat down to have one more glass of wine. Somehow the conversation led to us talking about the wildest things we’ve ever done. Ann gave me a mischievous smile and I knew exactly what she was about to bring up.
“Divina and I slept together when we were roommates in college”, she blurted out.
I nearly spit out my wine when she confessed our secret. I looked at David and waited for his reaction. He looked at me and Ann then burst out laughing. The conversation subject changed but we continued to talk into the early morning hours. I yawned and Ann told me to go lay down in their guestroom. I fell into a deep sleep from drinking so much wine. I don’t know how much time had passed, but I was awakened with Ann’s face between my thighs licking and sucking on my wet pussy while David stood over us with his hard cock in his hand. I spread my legs wider and grinded myself against her mouth. Ann didn’t lose any of her pussy licking skills, the girl still had it.
“I want to see you sluts sixty-nine!”, he demanded.
We obeyed his command and assumed the sixty-nine position with me on top. We ate each other’s wet pussy until we both came. But it wasn’t over, David never had black pussy and he wanted to fuck me.
I told them, “Count this as your wedding gift.”
I put my face in the mattress and my ass in the air, and let David bang my pussy until his warm cum filled my wetness.

The Fender Bender

Ebony phone sexI had a small fender bender with a very sexy, white guy named Zach. He was so sweet, even though the accident was totally my fault. We exchange phone numbers and insurance information. He was so nice and he kept throwing the most beautiful smile my way. I couldn’t tell if he was flirting or not, but just in case he was I included my address.
Two days passed by before he showed up at my front door.
“I couldn’t get you off my mind”, he told me.
I didn’t need to hear anything else, I grabbed him and pulled him inside. We started kissing and pawing at each others’ clothing. We ended up on my sofa completely naked, we skipped the foreplay because I had to have him inside me. His hard dick felt so good and I bounced up and down on it like a sex maniac. When I hopped off and sucked my wetness off of his cock his eyes rolled back into his head. I licked and rolled my tongue all around his shaft before deep-throating it as far as I could. I tried to suck the skin off of his cock. I could tell he was about to nut so I stopped sucking to let his breathing get back to normal. I hopped back on his cock and I rode him hard, bouncing and grinding until he shot his warm load. Who ever thought an accident could lead to so much fun?

Chocolate Melts In Your Mouth

Beautiful ebony pussyAre you tired of vanilla? Wanna try a new flavor, how about hot chocolate? Come get between these brown thighs. You know what they say, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. Let me put a smile on your face when I wrap my full lips around your hard dick. Feel free to hold the back of my head while you punish my mouth with cock. I’ll drop to my knees anytime and anywhere just to please you. And when you’re ready to experience the tightest pussy on this planet, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Black women are known for our curves and mine our mouth-watering. Fuck me doggy style and let me back my fat ass up on you. I can’t wait to feel your dick sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Baby, I promise once you go black you won’t go back. Call me, let’s play!

Black Pussy

Beautiful ebony pussyI need hard dick right now. I’ve been horny all day today. I played with my pussy under my desk at work today, anyone walking by could see it in my face that I was masturbating. But I need more than my fingers, I need a big hard cock. I need your cock. Have you ever had black pussy? Come get between my thick ebony thighs and let me wrap my legs around you. I want you to feel this hot, tight, wet pussy. I want you to feel my tits against your chest. Put my body into any position your dirty mind can think of, I want to make you happy. I know you’ll love to see my ass bent over in the doggy style position. Grab my waist and pound my pussy. Fuck me hard and make me cum! I need hard cock everyday, that’s morning, noon, and night. Fuck me once and you’ll be addicted for life.

Black Women Do It Better

Ebony phone sexI love sucking dick. I love being on my knees, using my mouth to make you feel like a king. I’m a great dick sucker, I’ve been sucking dick since I was a young girl giving blowjobs to the neighborhood boys for candy and toys. I love sucking a hard cock and looking up to see your eyes rolling back because you’re feeling so much pleasure. Growing up the older kids use to tease me and say I had “dick sucking lips”. Now, I love my full lips because I know how to use them. I want to suck your dick. I need to suck your hard dick. I want to feel you in my throat. Hold the back of my back of my head and fuck my face. Be brutal, I can handle it. Black women suck dick the best. Let me wrap my lips around your cock and show you that black women do everything better.

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