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naughty teacherAll my students love that I am a naughty teacher. I can make a man out of the biggest nerds. I can spot a diamond in the rough. I teach at an elite university. My school has a higher number of geniuses than state schools. That means my classroom has a disproportionate number of nerds and geeks. I get the boys that graduated high school with 4.0 GPAs, excel at video games and speak fluent Vulkan and nerd shit like that. Smart boys, nerd boys, geek boys alike can have big cocks and be good lovers with the right teacher or sexy babe helping them. My pet this semester was a 19-year-old virgin. Math wizard too. Never had a girlfriend or a real kiss either. Head in books and video games all the time. He just needed some special attention. Behind his thick glasses and nerd clothes, was a stud with a big cock. The lad beat off of course, but he thought that was his life. His right hand was his girlfriend. Not anymore. He has been fucking me for a month now. He doesn’t need help with his grades. He is smarter than me. He just needed help with his game. I give him confidence and game with the cute coeds. He gives me a stiff dick and hard orgasms. It is what you call a win-win situation.

Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sex Cuckold phone sex is for losers. Losers with tiny dicks. I have very high standards when it comes to dick size. I don’t do small and I don’t do average. You must be 7 inches and thick or 8 inches with average girth or longer to fuck my pussy. Guys tell me often, “I’m 6 inches baby. I got what you need.” I don’t ever need 6-inches. No woman does. I have sex toys and I am not afraid to use them.  I know what my pussy requires to feel stuffed. It is not average dick. Some women care more about the content of your wallet than the content in your pants. I only care about what is between your legs. I can spot a poser and bullshitter a mile away. I can hear it in your voice too. Don’t think for a moment you can tell me you have 8-inches when you fall miserably short. I will know. This is not accounting. It is fucking. No rounding up is permitted. Once in a blue moon a man with a real cock will call me for some sexy phone chat. Mostly however, I talk to small dick losers, sissies, cuckolds and mama’s boy. I am not complaining. I make bank off tiny dick losers. I get plenty of real cock in my private life, so I don’t need big dick callers. I just prefer them!

Mature Phone Sex Therapy

mature phone sexMature phone sex is the best because a sexy mature woman knows things young coeds just don’t know. Our minds are more open too. Guys are attracted to me not just for my looks but also for my knowledge. When any guy finds out that I am a sex therapist, they pursue me harder. They just know they can confide in me about their kinks and fetishes. They can. I am very liberal thinking. I am not your wife. You don’t have to hide the fact that you like to wear panties or suck cock from me. I am you phone sex therapist. You can tell me anything. I listen and help. I never judge. Marcus fantasizes about sucking cock. He can’t tell his wife because she would think he was gay. There are ways to get cock and stay married too. He likes being married. He just wants to worship a big cock. A safe way for a married man to suck cock is to be a cuckold. Cock sucking is called fluffing and your wife will just think you are submissive to a real man. She may call you a fag. Her lover may too, but you can suck cock and please your wife without her worrying you are really a cock sucking fag. Trust me. Most women think their cuckold hubbies are just into humiliation. The fact that you enjoy sucking cock, will be our secret. Want to learn how to be a good cuckold? You can have your cake and eat it too.

Sissy Humiliation was Needed

sissy humiliationHe needed sissy humiliation. He was about 5’2. I towered over him. He was a small man. He was not handsome or rich. He had nothing to offer me but amusement. He wouldn’t go away, so I made him work for my  attention. I had invited him over but he lied to me. He was a Tinder date but it was not his picture he used. He duped me and thought it would be no big deal. I had him put on the panties I was wearing. The loser didn’t even question it. He just put on the panties. So, I told him  to dance for me too. OMG. He gave me the white man’s overbite dance. He was pitiful. I couldn’t stop laughing. He didn’t realize I was laughing at him. He thought this was foreplay or something. Shameful pathetic loser. I put a wig on him. I put makeup on him and I even made him wear a dress. It was forced feminization that made him realize this was not some sort of weird foreplay. I thought he was going to cry. I almost felt bad for a moment, then I was like this loser thought he had a shot with me. This loser lied to me.  I told him if I was mistaken about his cock size, I would fuck him. That was how certain I was that he had a small dick. I told him if he measured over 5 inches soft or hard, I’d fuck him. No way he was even close. He seemed really confident that he had what I needed. He pulled the panties down, and I measured a 3-inch hard dick. Pathetic. Loser. I just laughed and laughed and he cried and cried. I kept his clothes and sent him home in his new sissy outfit. He is someone else’s problem now.

Ass Sex Porn with a Young Buck

ass sex pornI was love watching ass sex porn. I was watching it last night and started craving a good hard ass fuck. It has been too long since a guy bent me over and rammed his dick up my backdoor. When I was married, my husband wouldn’t fuck my ass. He thought it made me a whore. Lucky for me, many guys lot hot ass sex. I hooked up with a young stud I met online this weekend just for an anal encounter. With all the anal sex videos on porn sites, you would think a sexy woman like myself could get any guy to shove his dick up her ass, but it is harder to find than you would think. This one young stud agreed to meet me for drinks and ass sex. After a few drinks, we were back at my house anal fucking. He fucked my ass down and dirty just how I like it. At first, I was on all fours, with his balls slapping on my ass as his dick pounded in and out of my rosebud. Then I got on top of him reverse cowgirl style, so I could see myself in the mirror. It was wicked hot to see this young guy’s cock slipping in and out of my tight ass. When he came in my ass, I could feel his hot young spunk shooting up deep inside me. My ass clenched down hard on his cock, like it was having an assgasm. I was doing my best to keep that cum inside me. I love the feel of cum in me. Eventually, I knew I had to part with that boy seed, so I bent over and pushed it out. I could see his spunk running out of my gaping asshole. I started playing with my pussy as I watched it drip down my taint and down my thighs. I scooped some cum from my ass and used it to finger fuck myself. I have a strong ass fetish. It made me horny all over again. Apparently, it did my boy toy too, because when I looked at him, he had a rock hard cock again from watching me play with his cum in my ass. We fucked again. The nice thing about a young stud is he needs almost no down time!

Best Phone Sex Babe

best phone sexThe best phone sex is with a mature woman. That is what all the young men who call me say. It is also what all the young men I fuck say. My neighbor college boy is home for a few days for fall break. I was excited to have him back home, because he is a freak in the sheets with a big cock. He is so open-minded for his age. For example, he let me slip a finger in his ass as I was giving him head. I am a licensed psychologist. I know how to deliver a great prostate massage to help men have the biggest cum of their lives. I dipped my finger into my wet cunt then slipped it in his ass. I worked it in slowly as I was slobbering on his knob. He moaned and tensed up, which meant I found that pea shaped prostate. It is a tiny spot that can be hard to find, but once a woman finds it, oh boy. What an explosion of cum. I was struggling to swallow his huge load. He needed to come home from college because it was clear no coed was taking care of his cock properly. He was backed up. Lucky for him, his sexy neighbor has an ass fetish.

Naughty Teacher Farah Loves Younger Cock

naughty teacherI love being a naughty teacher. I went to grad school to be a professor for all the young cock I could get. Originally, I was just in private practice as a psychologist. I wanted access to younger studs, so I went back to school and got my Ph.D. And now I am the hottest and dirtiest woman on campus, but very few know that. I have the reputation of being sexy but reserved. That is just because I reject my fellow professors. Men my age don’t have the stamina or the cocks I want. College boys have hard cocks that work 24 /7. We are on fall break right now, and I am making use of my off-campus time. Every day of break, I have a different boy at my house servicing me for extra-credit. Today’s college hunk is a 20-year-old business major with a 9-inch cock. His name is Denny and he has milf fever. He was all over this mature sexy babe first day of class. Now, he is in me too. He brought me Starbucks coffee and his hard cock. I had breakfast in bed. Denny is by far my favorite teacher’s pet in a while. He is super smart, so I don’t have to trade sexual favors for grades. He has big cock that works like magic. And he is a trust fund boy, so he spoils me better than men twice his age. I enjoyed my morning with cock and cum in bed.

Cuckold Phone Sex with My Loser Ex-Husband

cuckold phone sexMy ex-husband needs cuckold phone sex. Do you? I can’t explain it. He has the most pathetic little cock I have ever seen. Seen is the wrong word to use because I need to squint to see it. Minuscule is a better word for my ex-husband’s private parts. Hence why he is an ex-husband. His teenie weenie couldn’t please me ever, not even once. It didn’t help that he was a chronic masturbator too, so he couldn’t get his nub hard for me. I no longer fuck him. Although I am no longer married to the loser, he keeps on trying to fuck me. I learned quickly with him that a hot bitch like me deserves to fuck a man she can feel inside her pussy. A man with a cock worthy of a sexy woman. Yet the delusional fucker still thinks our shared past somehow will make me have pity sex with him. He came over last night begging for my pussy again and I laughed. Normally, I just shut the door and be done with him, but I wanted to play tease and denial games. I teased him with my hot pussy. I let him watch me play with my sex toys that were bigger than him. I got the loser all excited, then slapped a chastity cage on his worthless pecker denying him any pleasure. He doesn’t deserve to cum. No man who can’t please a woman deserves to cum. And any man who prefers playing with his own junk over his lady’s pussy, doesn’t deserve to cum either. It is a privilege to be in a pussy as fine as mine. So, don’t for a moment think I won’t put your shrimp dick under lock and key too if you think fucking is all about you or you don’t meet my size requirements.


Mature Phone Sex Babe

mature phone sexA mature phone sex slut is like fine wine. We only get better with age. I don’t fuck many men my age. I am a fan of college boys. They have hard cocks that always work. They don’t need down time and they have no baggage. They are horny all the time. And, they don’t want to marry me. They just want to have hot sexy fun with a mature sexy woman with mad sexual skills. I have been fucking Pete for a few weeks now. He is in my introduction to Psychology class. He became teacher’s pet quickly. He hit on me and showed me his big dick the first day of class. During our first office meeting, his cock was down my throat filling my belly up with his hot boy seed. So, it should be no surprise that yesterday I decided to entertain him and a few of his frat brothers. The only thing better than college cock, is three college cocks. I am happy to be a gangbang whore to a bunch of frat boys. I invited them over to use the pool. We skinny dipped because no swims suits allowed in my pool. I tested out my underwater skills. I can hold my breath longer than an Olympic swimmer, especially if sucking cock. After getting those hung college stud dicks hard, I bent over the side of the pool and told them to fuck me.  A mature sexy babe like me lets frat boys entertain all her holes. I had three cocks in me at once the entire day. One in my mouth, one in my ass and one in my pussy. I guess you could say it was a MILF gone wild pool party. I think Pete is going to be the teacher’s pet for awhile if he can bring me more hung studs like he did yesterday to fuck.

Cum on Boobs for the Neighbor Girl

cum on boobsI had cum on boobs when my neighbor showed up. I had just fucked her stepfather. He is married, so we fuck discreetly. He is one of the few men my age I do fuck. His stepdaughter goes to college with my daughter. They are best friends, have been since high school. My neighbor girl has a key to my place because she house sits when I travel and checks on the animals when I get stuck at work for longer than anticipated. We have had some storms lately and I guess a text I had sent yesterday never went through until today, so she thought my pups needed a potty break today. Her stepdad heard the front door, thought it was my daughter and escaped out the bedroom window. When Casey walked in my bedroom, I had cum covered boobs. She looked embarrassed at first, but then she started showing some curiosity. I didn’t dare tell her who’s cum was all over me. I had no idea this young coed was such a dirty freak. She crawled over to me and started licking the cum off my boobs. I wanted to stop her because she was eating her mom’s husband’s cum off me, but the more I thought about it, the hotter it was to me. I didn’t know she was a bisexual hottie or a cum guzzler. I guess most coeds are both these days. She licked every bit of cum off me then ate my shaved wet pussy.

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