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phone sex therapistPhone sex therapist is what people call me. I don’t just counsel guys who pay me. I counsel students and friends too. Earlier in the week I got a call from a teacher friend of mine. Last year he married a girl way out of his league and half his age. I was suspicious of why they got married, then I discovered she was a mail order bride. She was looking for a stable man to get her green card. He called me upset because he thinks Tatiana is cheating on him. I was just surprised to find out it took him a year to figure that out. She is a hot 22-year-old and he is a frumpy dumpy 50-year-old man with a comb over and most likely a small dick. He comes from money; he teaches because he wants too, not because he needs the income. My guess was she knew he had family money and figured she could endure anything to leave Russia. Sometimes phone sex therapy is hard to deliver. I gave him a wake-up call. I had him check her panties in the hamper. Sure enough they all had cum stains. Of course, she was cheating. She is fucking hot. The female teachers would all do her over him. He is one of those desperate love lorn men. I told him if he really loves her, he will let her have all the big cock she can handle. He can divorce her and lose the hottest woman he will ever have, or he could be her cuckold husband. Think about it guys. If your woman is way out of your league and you have a small cock, you will not keep her happy. Let her fuck whoever she wants if you can say you are married to a hot woman. If you want to be a great husband, watch her fuck a big dick. Get her ready for her play dates. Maybe get some sloppy seconds. When you call me for advice, it may not always be what you want to hear but it will be what you need to hear.

Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is my favorite kind of call. Guys ask me what I am into. I am into a lot of things, but honestly, nothing turns me on more than fucking big dicks and shaming little ones. My ex-husband number two has been trying to get back together with me. Not sure why, because he knows I am a cock size queen. He thinks it was some sort of phase I went through and that with Viagra helping old dicks get hard, I would let him back into my bed. I let him back into my bedroom, but not how he was wanting. When I told him to come to my bedroom, it was so he could watch me fuck a younger stud. A younger stud with a bigger and thicker cock. I was riding Tom reverse cowgirl when Dave, my ex-husband, walked in. He started yelling about what a cunt I am and how I will never change. He stopped dead in his tracks when I asked to see if he has changed. All his new bravado, I thought perhaps he had grown a few more inches since I last saw him naked. My laugher was uncontrollable when I realized he his dick had shrunk not gotten bigger. My lover told him to put some panties on to cover up his shameful clitty stick. My ex was never good with small dick humiliation. Are you? I mean, any man, my exes included, is stupid to think a size queen would suddenly stop caring about dick size. If anything, over the years, I have become more of one. I get older, but my cocks get longer. I think my ex finally came around to accepting the fact that the only place he has in my world is as my cuckold.  Think you will learn your place easier than my ex?

Naughty Teacher Farah Loves Students

Naughty teacherBeing a naughty teacher never gets old. It is summer time, but I manage to run into students all the time at the mall and at Starbucks. One student, I keep running into. I am a creature of habit. I have a predictable routine and I think Clay is on to my routine. Over the weekend, I ran into him at Starbucks then the gym. And, he was at the dog park when I took Buster for his daily run. He acted like it was all coincidence, but I didn’t buy it. I didn’t let on that he was transparent, however. He thinks I am a sexy babe. I happened to think he is a handsome young man. My guess was that he had a big cock too. I am a cock size queen. I have learned to size men up with their clothes on. I am rarely wrong. I made the first move. I started with the “I’m no longer your teacher” speech, then invited him to my place for nightcap. He isn’t old enough to drink, but he is old enough to get head from his former teacher. He got more than head. I was right about his cock size, so I let that young stud into my pussy and my ass. I am not supposed to fuck current or past students, but I just can’t resist those teen and young 20’s studs with their hard cocks and cum filled balls. They have the stamina and the sex drive to match this horny cougar. No Viagra needed with much younger men.  I fucked my former student for hours last night, even let him spend the night. I think I am in trouble with this one. I can’t stop thinking about his long, hard cock. He is coming by again tonight.

Erotic Roleplaying in the Bedroom

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying in the bedroom is hot. I love naughty bedroom roleplays. I have this college boy I have been tutoring for his grad school exams this summer. We do more fucking than studying. No amount of studying will help him because he doesn’t want to go to grad school. It is his parents pipe dream, not his. He may ruin the family name by getting into porn. He has a huge cock and he is great between the sheets. He is creative too. He set up this naughty roleplay for us last night and he even brought supplies.  I was the naughty teacher and he was the bad student. I am a teacher and he is my student sort of, so it was not an extreme role reversal. The nerdy clothes he wore, and the chalk board and other school supplies made it feel more authentic. I put on a business suit to look more professional and let the student seduce me. It is hot to be the one being pursued. I love it when a student is hot for teacher. The roleplay was that I caught him cheating on a test, so I detained him after school to punish him. He ended up punishing me with his big hard cock up my ass. He bent the teacher over the desk, yanked off my panties and shoved his cock up my ass with force. I am normally a dominant mature woman, but he wanted to be in control; he wanted to own my pussy. When a guy has a huge dick that feels like heaven inside me, he usually gets his way. Being a phone sex therapist, I see too many little dicks. When a big manly cock comes around, I get weak, even if he is half my age. My pupil and I fucked for hours, not ever opening anything but my legs.

Phone Sex Therapy for Cuckolds

phone sex therapyHe needed phone sex therapy badly. His wife has been cheating on him a lot longer than he thinks. Wives always cheat long before their loser hubbies catch on. Denny’s tale was not unusual. I hear it over and over from cuckold men who have no clue they are being cuckolded. Wife suddenly going to the gym or yoga daily but wears make-up. Wife suddenly interested in her appearance. Wife never has time for sex. Wife showers when comes home from the gym but isn’t in gym clothes. Wife suddenly secretive with her phone and seems to be texting a lot more than usual. The first thing I ask any caller with a story like this is how big is his dick. I really should phrase it like, “how small is your dick.” Almost every man with a cheating wife has a small dick. The few that have a nice size cock, usually have dick issues that require a little blue pill and a 2-4 hour window to see the benefit. Guys amaze me in their stupidity. As women mature, things like dick size and timely erections mater more to their sexual pleasure. Guys with cheating wives have three choices: ignore it, divorce her or be her cuckold. I recommend the later every time.  Being a cuckold is the best option for men with tiny dicks. At least you can watch and participate in your wife’s sexual exploits. Chances of you finding another lover are slim. If your own wife doesn’t want to fuck you, why would a stranger?  As a phone sex therapist, I help men like Denny understand their options and make the best choice. If a man loves his wife, he should want her sexual happiness even if that means she must fuck other men. Don’t be a double loser by being an asshole who doesn’t want his woman sexually satisfied.

Sexy Breasts and Truckers

sexy breastsWhen you have sexy breasts, you love to show them off. When I was a college coed, my girlfriends and I use to flash truckers when we went on road trips. They would honk their horn, we would show our tits or vice versa. I have not done that in decades.  Over the weekend, I took a trip to the beach in my mid life crisis, a new convertible Corvette. I was playing some 80s music on the XM radio station and I got nostalgic for the old days of road trips: mixed tapes, an old beater car, 4 girls and flashing truckers our tits. I started keeping an eye out for a handsome trucker. They are all over the Santa Monica freeway. While Annie Lennox was belting out “Sweet Dreams,” a college age trucker drove by. He honked his horn first, smiled and waved. I waved back and flashed him my tits. He went off the road to the rest stop, so I followed him. It was reckless, but I was horny, and he was cute. When I was in college, I did shit like this all the time. As a mature sexy babe, I think before I fuck. Could he be a serial killer? What if he has a small dick? What if he smells? But, for about 30 minutes, I didn’t give a fuck and I went for it. I got in the back of his cab and fucked the shit out of him. He had a big cock, he didn’t smell, and he was no Ted Bundy. He was just a horny stud who had been on the road too long and needed to sink his cock into a pussy.  I was happy to supply the pussy. I was back on the road shortly and smiling. It was just like 1988 all over again.

Naughty Teacher Roleplay

naughty teacherI love a naughty teacher roleplay. I am tutoring this college stud for his grad school exams. We aren’t making much progress regarding the material. We are however, fucking our brains out. This guy is neither motivated for school nor that smart for grad school. His parents think he just needs to focus. They are wealthy and would never be happy with a porn star son, but that is what he is good at. His skills lie in pussy eating and ass fucking. Last night, he was over, and we didn’t study. Well, we didn’t study the material. We studied each other’s bodies instead. We explored some erotic roleplaying, which was way more fun. I love being a hot teacher and he certainly enjoys banging his cock between my erasers. I don’t know what I am going to tell his parents because he isn’t grad school material. I told him I could get him paid servicing mature sexy women like myself. Women like me love young guys who can eat pussy and stay hard enough to fuck for hours. He will make more money as a MILF stud than a lawyer anyway. There are too many lawyers in the world, but there are never enough men who can please women.

Cuckold Phone Sex Date

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex was a favorite this weekend with me.  I think men crave slut wives more in the summer. Women wear less clothing in the summer, which means more men check them out. Face it, you enjoy men checking out your wife. You may even like it more than she does. It is not just husbands who enjoy the attention women garner either. I was on a date Saturday night with a man I met a few months ago. We have been dating casually. We have not yet fucked because he has an average cock. It is not huge, it is not small. He is within my cock size parameters to fuck, but just barely. He is handsome, intelligent and wealthy, just not hung. He is a very good pussy eater, so that scores him points. We went to a dance club after dinner. Some young stud was checking out this mature sexy babe. I wasn’t sure Eric noticed, but he did. He made a point to tell me. In fact, he talked about it more than I did. I began to wonder if he liked to watch. I asked him some questions about his first marriage. He admitted his wife had lovers and he watched. That made him a cuckold, but there are degrees of cuckolding. Some men suck cock and get fucked in the ass. Others just watch and maybe get some sloppy seconds. Eric was the later, so I brought the stud home to fuck. I have cuckolded many men in my life, including 2 ex-husbands. Eric was the first man who didn’t fall into the first category of cuckolding. He had an okay cock. He didn’t deserve sissy humiliation. He got to stroke his cock and watch a college boy fuck my mature pussy for hours. For being a good voyeur, I let him eat my creampie. Just when I was thinking about dumping him, he proved himself useful.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I can always spot a foot dude too. Usually, I will indulge him if he is handsome.  I went shoe shopping yesterday. I started the morning off with a pedicure, so I would have pretty feet for the shoe stores. I was walking around the mall when I realized I had an admirer. I wasn’t immediately aware that he was a foot guy. When he followed me into the shoe store and stared at my feet, I knew for sure. I crossed my legs continually, bringing attention to my feet. His eyes followed my freshly pedicured feet. I had him hooked. I signaled him over. He looked wealthy by his attire and Rolex watch. His watch cost half of my teacher’s salary I was sure. He looked like the kind of man I could strike a deal with, so I did. Buy my shoes and get a private showing at home. He ate that deal up. Honestly, I thought he was foaming at the mouth with excitement. He didn’t blink an eye when I racked up a $3,500 shoe bill. I have a shoe fetish. I am the kind of woman who buys shoes to match every outfit. When we got back to my place, I modeled every pair I had while he stroked his cock. I was surprised by how large his dick was for a fetish guy. I was happy to watch him masturbate for me. I did more than that, however. I let him cum on my feet. His hot jizz ran through my toes. It felt amazing. I gave him a footjob too. I took a sexy ass pic of his cock in between my pretty feet. I know I am too old to be a sugar baby, but this guy was loaded, submissive and had a big cock. He doesn’t want to fuck me sadly. He is married. I told him if he keeps me in pretty shoes, he can have a footjob whenever he wants.

Sexy Women Masturbating Can Help You Improve Your Jack Off Time

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating is a natural and beautiful thing. I may be a size queen, but I don’t always need a hard cock to have a good time. I have been playing with my pussy longer than I have been fucking. Last night, I went to a Pure Romance party that a friend of mine was hosting. If you don’t know what that is, let me enlighten you. It is a sex toy party for women and couples.  As a mature woman, I always have sex toys on hand. But, a woman like me can never have enough. To give you an idea of how much I enjoy self pleasure, I bought $600 worth of new toys and lubricants. I love to masturbate. I do it several times a day. Just ask my neighbor. He spies on me while I do it. I have many mutual masturbation stories to share. The wind gets me horny nowadays. I think it is because I am in my sexual prime. I love helping my callers discover new ways to jack off as well as providing them with some guided masturbation techniques designed to help them last longer. If you are a chronic masturbator or a quick cummer, this sexy woman masturbating can help you get more from your self pleasure exploration.

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