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A for Ass Fetish

ass fetishHe told me he had an ass fetish and it was unfair that I wore tight skirts that highlighted my ample ass.  That was his excuse for not doing well on a test. I wasn’t sure if it was bullshit or the truth. I do have a nice ass and I love to flaunt it at the school boys. I decided to test him again privately. He showed up at my office and I explained, he could take the exam again or he could fuck my ass like a porn star. I waited for what I said to register because I was all business like in my talk. I knew he wasn’t expecting an invitation to make an ass sex porn with the hot teacher. His head spun around a few times when he realized what his two choices were. I just nodded as if he was asking if he heard me correctly. I pointed to his pants and he understood what I meant. He unbuckled his belt; his jeans came off and soon he was holding his young hard cock in front of me. He wanted to fuck the teacher’s ass. I wanted it too once I saw how big his cock was. I love ass sex, especially with younger guys. They have grown up on ass porn. They watch it often, but none of the coeds give up the booty, so they need a sexy milf to fuck up the ass. If the student has a big dick, I will take his cock up my backdoor! He was in a state of disbelief until his lubed cock was up my ass. Then, he knew it was real. I bounced my mature ass up and down his hard cock until his nuts exploded. He lasted a solid 20 minutes fucking the ass of his naughty teacher, which impressed me. This time, he got an A. An A for ass fucking.

Your Brutally Honest Phone Sex Therapist

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. It gives me great pleasure to tell men that their wives are cheating on them because they have small dicks. It never gets old. Guys call me daily to ask me questions about their wives’ behavior. I think they already know. They just want me to confirm their suspicions. Maybe, they even want some humiliation. Tony seemed like a smart man. Harvard educated with a great job at a top advertising firm. Yet, he was so dumb about his trophy wife. She is wife number two and half his age. She travels a lot for work and she is a Pilates instructor. According to him, she has three day trips monthly to improve her skills. She spends lots of time in other people’s homes teaching Pilates. She is hot. He needs Viagra to fuck his wife with his 4 inch dick. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know she is out screwing guys with bigger dicks than her husband. I would be too. She sneaks around because of the prenuptial agreement. I gave him an honest assessment of his marriage. Men in his situation can either divorce their cheating wife or accept the fact that they married a woman well out of their league because they have money and let her fuck who she wants because other men will be envious because they have a hot wife. I mean when it comes to needing a big dick, women will create elaborate lies. We will deny deny deny too. We want our cock and our nice lives. Men need to wake up and realize how sexy it is to have a slut wife. My style of brutally honest phone sex therapy isn’t for everyone. I will not sugar coat your situation or coddle you. I will tell you, however, how to make the best out of having a slut wife who needs more than your little dick and your money to be happy. Money doesn’t equal sexual happiness.

The Naughty Teacher and the Student on Viagra

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher missed her own class yesterday. I was too busy fucking one of my students to pay attention to the time. Honestly, I thought it would be a quick fuck. He is hung, but he is 19. Boys that age don’t have stamina yet. Turns out my usual minute man took some Viagra that he stole from his dad. He doesn’t have dick issues, which means I got a 4 hour erection. I don’t know about other women, but I want a 4 hour erection fucking me. It was just bad timing. Teachers aren’t supposed to miss their own classes, but a four hour erection doesn’t walk into your office every day. I would have been a fool not to enjoy every minute I could.  It has been a very long time since I fucked that long with such a hard cock. This hot sexy woman was a tired woman afterwards. I was bent over my oak desk for hours. With his nut sauce leaking out of my pussy, I taught my second course of the day. I went home after my last class to soak in a hot tub and soothe my sore pussy lips. I think I need to get some Viagra to have on hand. That shit makes a mature pussy hurt so good.

Sexy Chicks Need Big Dicks

sexy chicksSexy chicks were everywhere Saturday night. My girlfriends and I went to a rock concert. Tight jeans, baby doll tee shirts and some good Mary Jane. Brought me back to my college days. There were a lot of hot forty something women everywhere, but we weren’t going home with no losers. In fact, we didn’t take any guys homes. Either guys had a nice cock, but their bellies observed the full beauty of a big dick or they were buff with little willies. We want handsome and hung. Guys would ask to see our boobs, so we made them show us their dicks. You want to see sexy breasts, you gotta show us something first.  We don’t mind showing our tits because it gives us the perfect in to see if their dick is worth taking home. We still enjoyed the concert. We are hot chicks. Yes, a big cock is nice, but when none is around we won’t settle. We just played with each other. We were in a different city for the night, so we had a hotel suite with a hot tub. We had sex toys and lots of wine. We said goodbye to the small dick losers and hello to some sapphic hotel fun. Just you remember, I will eat pussy before I will suck a small dick.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesGuys with foot fetishes are easy to spot. My daughter was in town this weekend and we went shopping. She needed some new clothes for college and stuff, so I took her on a shopping spree. We both became aware of a man watching us at the shoe store. We go to this local high-end shoe store that fits you personally for shoes. No Payless crappy shoes for us. My daughter is a GFE, she knows how to milk men. She started flirting with him with her feet. Poor loser, couldn’t take his eyes off her feet. I decided that what she needed to do was tell him if he bought our shoes, we would give him a foot show.  Of course, since he was buying, we racked up quite the bill. I bought a few pairs for myself too. We all went back to my place and as agreed, we tried on the shoes for him. This poor bastard was worshiping our feet. We even had him sucking the heels of our Jimmy Choos. He was super pathetic. Two hot women in front of him and all he cared about was worshiping our feet. Rich losers, however, are the best kind of losers. I asked him to show me his little dick. I knew he had one. Just as I suspected, his dick was smaller than my foot. Small dick humiliation was called for with Mr. Foot Fetish. I modeled how to do it for my daughter, but she didn’t need my lead. Hell, she was better at shaming him than me. He got off on it too. The poor bastard came on my new expensive Jimmy Choo’s, so I made him lick his own cum off them. I get you have a shoe and foot fetish, but don’t you dare ruin a pair of designer shoes. We made him tribute us too. I know he paid for our shoes, but that was because we are superior to him. The cash was for the hour of our time he wasted being a loser.

Hello Fall with Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexMen call me daily for cuckold phone sex. It is a wonderful way to hello to Fall. I love it too. Nothing more fun than laughing at a small thin dick. Now, sometimes guys call me for a fuck call. If they are stupid enough to say I am going to tear up that pussy with my big 6-inch cock, I laugh. I mean 6 inches is not big. At best it is average. I am not an average woman. I deserve more than average. I love Fall and big cocks. Paul thought he had a big old dick. I had to burst his bubble. Paul had a pathetically average dick. I don’t let average touch me. Paul was not permitted to fuck me. Pretty sad when a sexy babe blocks you even from virtual sex. I rarely have virtual sex because men with big dicks are too busy getting real pussy to call me. Only losers and dumb asses have the time for phone sex. I have a large variety of dildos, so I don’t need virtual sex. Plus, I get off on humiliation. I love being that wake-up call to men who think they are a gift to my pussy with their average dick. I will go outside in the crisp Fall air and masturbate before I let an average dick touch me. Paul was not amused initially that I blocked him from my pussy. No one, not even his wife had complained about his cock. It is sad how many women, your wife included, don’t strive for better in bed. I made Paul see the light. I had him watch some big dick porn because seeing is believing.  If you call me with a small or average dick, understand you get humiliation or therapy. Now that Fall has arrived, my body is not as visible, and neither is yours. I may not initially figure out you have a small dick buried in your jeans, but regardless of the season, I am a hot babe and I deserve big dick.

sexy babe


Naugty Teachers Love Cum on Boobs

cum on boobsOnly a big cock can leave the kind of cum on boobs that I like. School is back in session, and young boys have been lining up for my office hours. I have been a professor for awhile now, but the older I become, the harder it becomes to deny the lure of those college boys. Young and full of cum and all hot for teacher. Not all boys catch my fancy. I am a size queen, plus I like an attractive boy, so not all my students get to fuck the teacher. I have a few assistants who were hired specifically to keep this naughty teacher sexually satisfied, but I need more than a couple guys servicing me. I am insatiable now that I am in my forties. Boys half my age are the only ones who can keep up with my libido. Its funny, because when I was in college, I only had eyes for my professors. Now that I teach college, I only have eyes for my students. Simon was the lucky boy this morning who got to be the teacher’s pet for about 30 minutes. I measured his cock at 9.5 inches. I keep a diary of boys I fuck every semester. I rate them and note their dick size and how well they perform. I guess you could call it my sexual grade book. Simon made the grade. OMG, his cock was beautiful. Big and thick and a nice golden brown. I could feel and see the veins popping out as I licked and sucked on his perfect cock. He was bigger than both ex husbands combined. I worshiped his young cock. I wanted to fuck him, but he nutted on my face and tits before I could bend over the desk. Classes were changing and we both had to get to our next classes, but Simon is coming over to my home tonight for some private tutoring. We are going to work on his stamina.

Ass Sex Porn with a Dirty Teacher

ass sex pornHe wanted to make an ass sex porn in my office.  This dirty teacher couldn’t say no. He is young, hung and full of cum. Just how I like my men. School just started, but he is already the teacher’s pet. He loves that I am a sexy mature woman and smart. He said the only thing hotter than a sexy librarian, is a sexy teacher. Students are in an out of my office daily, so no one pays much attention when a sophomore stays in my office for an hour. With all the hustle and bustle in the hallways, no one can hear my sexy moans as my favorite student pounds my ass. I am such a naughty teacher. I was clinging to my big oak desk as he pounded my fuck hole over and over. He set up his iPad, so he could film his hot for teacher’s ass video. He said he would edit out my face. I like the idea of being an amateur porn star. If no one sees my face, I don’t care if 10,000 men jack off to our little amateur endeavor.  I love being watched. I would show my face if there wasn’t this little thing about not fucking my students in my contract. I can’t help myself. College boys are better lovers than men my age. They have the stamina and don’t need a blue pill to get hard for me. Most of my colleagues know what a slut I am for younger men with big dicks. No one really cares but the administration. I bet even the parents don’t care. Every student I fuck does well in my class and not because I am trading sex for grades. That is not how it works with me. Boys excel in my class because they want to impress the hot teacher.  Do you want to impress the teacher too?

Phone Sex Therapist and Size Queen

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I get to talk to all kinds of men and hear about their fetishes and issues. Cuckolds are my favorite. I was married to two cuckolds and I have counseled countless others. Many, like my two ex-husbands, I turned into cuckolds. Some turn easily, some don’t turn without a fight. Those are my favorite. Bill is my latest cuckold conquest. He is a fellow teacher, married, but has been trying to fuck me for a year now. I don’t do married men. Now, it is not because I am high and mighty. It is that I like to be the center of a man’s world and when you are the other woman, that is not possible. Now for Bill, my guess was he had a small cock too. When you are a sexy babe and a cock size queen, you get good at separating the boys from the men. You are probably self aware about your tiny dick or you wouldn’t be reading my blog. Most men, however, delude themselves into thinking size doesn’t matter until they meet me, and I set them straight. I was right about Bill. He had a four-inch hard cock, which would do nothing but fall out of me. Of course, he was like “let’s try.”  My alternative approach was for him to watch my grad assistant bang me.  My college stud has about a 9-inch cock. He is thick too. Bill thought I was joking until he was restrained to my chair with a pair of my pantyhose watching a boy half his age with a cock twice his size pound me on my office desk. Like many men, seeing is believing. Bill needed to see how much pleasure another man gave me; how much bigger another man’s cock was to accept the fact that I am out of his league. Turned out he enjoyed small dick humiliation. Maybe you will too.

Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is my handle in a few adult chat rooms. I should be clear that these chat rooms are for cougars and cubs. I troll them looking for young studs with big cocks to fuck. I usually strike gold too. Most of the cubs hanging out in cougar chat rooms have cocks that coeds can’t handle, and they are looking for no strings attached fucking. Last night, Robbie was hot for teacher and I was hot for his 9-inch cut cock. He wanted to go to my office and fuck on my oak desk. I am always down for some erotic roleplaying. According to Robbie, he has a teacher who cock teases him. He was living out his fantasy from his own life. I would have pretended to be Julia Childs if that was what got that beauty of a cock hard. I blew him from my office chair and he fucked me bent over his desk. His long thick hard cock went in and out of my cunt at a fast seed. He asked about my ass. I know young girls don’t want anything up their asses, but sexy mature women we love a working cock in our asses. You would have thought I just promised him a lifetime supply of beer. He was being a great stud pounding my asshole with his balls slapping against my ass. It was another hot random encounter. Robbie is coming back another night to bang his erasers against my tight fucking ass. Are you hot for teacher?

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