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Phone Sex Therapy: A Big Cock is No Good if You Don’t Know To Use It

phone sex therapyBeing a phone sex therapist is informed by my day job. I am history teacher and human anatomy instructor, or sex education teacher. Students come to my office hours all the time with sex questions.  I counsel students constantly about their sexual issues. Yesterday, a young girl came to me to complain about her boyfriend. I don’t think she wanted help as much as she wanted to vent. He has a big dick. Size wasn’t the issue, but as I told her, what good is a big cock if you don’t know how to use it. I will take a 7 inch dick over a foot long dong any day if the smaller cock knows how to use what he has for my pleasure. Some men put forth zero effort and rely solely on their big dick. Women need foreplay. We need lubricated with fingers and tongues. Guys who just think women are ready for 12 inches of hard cock in their pussies with no foreplay are as bad as the guys with 2 inch dicks who think they are god’s gift to women. I told her to kick him to the curb because a man who won’t eat pussy or give a woman an ounce of foreplay doesn’t care about her pleasure. He is a loser like the guy with a turtle dick incapable of giving a woman an orgasm. I don’t need a 12 inch dick, but I don’t want less than 7 inches either. Sexy chicks who are size queens, however, will take an above average cock over a monster cock any day if the man that cock belongs too will eat pussy. Smaller guys, average guys work harder in the bedroom. I am willing to reward hard effort with my mature pussy. So, ask yourself if you really satisfy the ladies with your porn star monster dick. If not, maybe you need some phone therapy.

Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks Only

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are for great cocks. My lips, just like my pussy, don’t touch small dicks. I have been enjoying Tinder dates lately. Last night, however, I swore off Tinder for good. My fuck buddy for the night lied about his dick. He must have found a dick selfie on the Internet of a hung man and passed it off as his own. I should have known better. His cock was too big to be true. He sold me though. I had asked why he didn’t have a wife or a girlfriend with such a big cock. He told me he rarely meets women who can handle it. I get guys on the phone all the time who say the same thing. Now, I can hear in your voice if you are a poser or not. Guys with big cocks rarely brag about their 11 inch cut cock. And guys with such big dicks are rarely calling for phone sex. They are at glory holes and singles bars. I had a picture of a big dick that looked like he belonged on the photo of the guy I was hooking up with. It never occurred to me that a guy would be stupid enough to pull a bait and switch. It is not like I am going to say, “oh I guess the camera adds 5 inches. Me bad. Let me blow your little nub.” Men are stupid enough or horny enough to think they can con a sexy babe like that. Not this one. I sent Tim packing. I called him Tiny Tim among some other choice humiliating phrases, then outed him on Tinder as a poser. No horny woman should ever be expecting 11 inches and get 5 at best.  Let Tim serve as a warning to you. I will hear in your voice if you are a man with bragging rights, or just big dick poser.

Ass Fetish

ass fetishI have an ass fetish. I know callers think that means I like to play with men’s asses, but that is not true. Okay, it is true technically because I do enjoy a prostate exam. Helping men find their G-spot to completely drain their balls brings me pleasure, but I like my ass played with also. I have a male friend who likes to play doctor.  We get together once a month and play with each other’s asses. He brings the lube and latex gloves. This get together was extra hot because we did it in a doctor’s exam room. Teddy is a security guard. Wednesday night he took an extra detail at an office complex that had to tighten security because of threats from a fired employee. He took the detail because of the doctor’s office. It was not just any doctor’s office, it was a large OB/GYN office, that meant we had equipment for erotic roleplaying. We had gowns, an exam table and even speculums. He did me first. I was not about using any device to probe my ass. I like to keep it tight and pretty. He fingered my hot ass with a lubed up finger while rubbing my clit. I had a powerful orgasm. My ass can have its own version of an orgasm. I had a powerful two hole orgasm with one in the pink and one in the stink. When it was his turn, I used an entire tube of lube, so I penetrate deep enough to find his prostate. A woman brave enough to finger fuck a man’s ass knows when she finds the prostate because his dick becomes stiff as a board.  Just a little massage and that dick erupts like Mt. St. Helen’s. My anal lover’s dick shot off like an overdue volcano.  We drained each other well. Not that we needed the doctor’s office, it just enhanced our naughty role play.

Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is something a cock size queen is good at giving. I did a call with a guy yesterday who was so small it was like his dick was invisible. It was a micro penis. A turtle hiding in its shell. He sent me pictures. It was hard to contain my laughter. I have seen small dicks, but I think this was the smallest dick I have ever not seen. It was so small I couldn’t see it with cheaters on. I had to share the photos with my fellow phone sex sluts. They all got a good laugh. Then we talked about how sad it must be to be him. Girls don’t want to fuck him. They don’t want to marry him either. He knew he was small. He was self aware at least. I asked him why he was calling. He likes candid women. He didn’t need phone sex therapy. He knew he had a micro dick.  He just enjoyed the laughter of a sexy mature woman. When you have a micro dick, you don’t have many options with the ladies. You can be a cuckold. You can be a sissy. You can be entertainment. Do you have a micro penis? I could us another good laugh.

Mature Phone Sex Babes

mature phone sexMature phone sex babes give great phone sex. That is what my last caller told me. He was half my age and a phone sex virgin.  In fact, he has not had much experience with women before. He wanted to do a roleplay. His fantasy was for a sexy teacher because the woman to get his dick hard first was a school teacher. I know a thing or two about being hot for teacher as a teacher. I got my affection for younger guys when I started teaching a couple decades ago. Before I started teaching, I was all about older men. When I was in college, I fucked professors, not frat boys. Now, I fuck frat boys. Funny, how that happens. My caller wanted to hear some typical teacher student scenarios.  As a naughty teacher, I have experienced them all. Just last week, I caught a student jacking off in my office. He was waiting for my office hours, and I was running late from my previous class. He wasn’t expecting my door to be open. When he discovered it was, he let himself in. I think he lost sight of his surroundings briefly. I was not expecting a student to be sitting at my desk with his cock in his hand. Not complaining. It was hotter than any teacher role play I could have made up. I got to relive the hot encounter with my caller. I could hear him fucking his pocket pussy. I know the squish squish squish sound one of those sex toys makes. Seriously, I love playing teacher for my callers and my students. Fantasy phone sex is the best way to explore those missed opportunities in your past. Both my caller and my student came for me; just one boy got a virtual blowjob and the other one got to cum inside the teacher’s warm wet pussy.

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

cuckold phone sexI love cuckold phone sex therapy calls. Nothing gets me wetter than laughing at your tiny dick and hearing all the excuses you have for why you aren’t fucking your wife. Men listen up. If your wife has excuse after excuse for not fucking you, you most likely are a cuckold. Women of a certain age want and need to fuck. If they aren’t fucking you, they are fucking someone. Trust me. I know about mature women. I have been one for a couple decades now. Men think that if they have an average or even above average cock, their wives won’t cheat. That is nonsense. Size matters, but what good is fucking a decent sized cock if it can’t get hard, stay hard or bring a woman pleasure. Some men have limp dicks and don’t know how to use what they got. I would cheat on a man with a 7-inch cock in a heartbeat if that cock was rarely working or a 12-inch cock came around. I told this caller today who uses me as his phone sex therapist to wake up. His wife has not touched him in months. She stays late at work and goes in early too. She comes home from work with bed head. I have never come home from teaching with bed head unless I was fucking a student before I came home. I asked him a series of questions and when he thought about the answers, he realized he had a cheating wife. I asked him some tough questions about himself too. Despite an above average cock, he has erectile dysfunction. A woman in her sexual prime needs working dick. I broke the news to him that his hot wife likely has a young lover. Many wives take younger lovers because they only want sex too.  When he thought about it he realized his wife spends a lot of time with her 22-year-old assistant. If you call me for therapy, understand I am nothing but honest. Can you handle the truth?

Mature Sexy Chicks Want Big Dick

sexy chicksSexy chicks need big cocks. We deserve big dicks too. I am a mother. I am in my 40s. My pussy isn’t as tight as it once was which makes length and girth more important. Men will discover that the older their sexual partners become, the more their dick size matters. Part of it is that women get more assertive and less concerned with putting others first as they age. Young girls want to nurture guys. They walk on eggshells not to hurt their feelings. When you hit your 30s and 40s, women become more concerned about themselves. Cock size matters to a woman’s sexual satisfaction. Why do you think so many older men date young girls? The older guys get, the more dick issues they have. Hugh Hefner had a bevy of beauties living in the mansion with him, but he wasn’t fucking any of them. They were young and what mattered most was money and fame, not sexual pleasure. You won’t find a hot sexy woman in her 40s or 50s with an old guy just for his money. He needs a big dick too.  I cannot be seduced by anything other than a hard working cock. I am on a cougar dating site because I know size matters.  I know stamina does too. What I love about Cougar Life is that the young studs looking for mature sexy women understand that they are being selected for stud service.  I picked Jeremy most recently because he was young, hung and full of cum.  Girls his age want sugar daddies because they have not wised up yet to the fact that only a fat hard cock in your pussy brings happiness. I fucked him all weekend long. Fucked my self into the happiest I have been in a while. That is because I am a smart woman. I don’t need a man for money or fame or even companionship. I just need a man for fucking.

Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is enjoyable to me. I am not necessarily a ball busting bitch, but I do love shaming little dicks. Older women don’t take any shit. We also don’t take any small dicks in our pussies. I was enjoying a night out with my girlfriends last night. We were at a wine bar. When this loser wouldn’t go away, he turned our place into a whine bar. He started calling us stuck up bitches. He was an annoying fuck. Horny men are the worst. They are ruled by their hormones and say and do stupid stuff because they want to fuck. This guy had no clue he was out of his league. He wasn’t tall. He wasn’t handsome. And, he was apparently broke because his card declined when he bought us a round of drinks that we had refused earlier. No amount of booze makes me blind to a man’s major short comings. There was no way this train wreck had a big cock. He kept saying big things come in little packages. He had little man syndrome. Often, short men have big egos and short tempers to overcompensate for their short stature. When I hit my limit of his annoying ass, I told him to put his money where his mouth was. If he had a big dick, then I demanded to see it. He pulled it out and we all laughed.  My girlfriends put on their glasses and still snickered, “Where’s the beef?”  We couldn’t even call the cops on him for indecent exposure because we couldn’t see anything! He was not handling the barrage of small dick jokes well.  He asked for it, just like some of my callers. I mean, if you have a dick smaller than 5 inches, you better check yourself before you claim to have what sexy hot women need.

Erotic Roleplaying: Playing Doctor with the Doctor

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying is something I enjoy. I am seeing this man who is a doctor. He has an amazing cock and he is creative and fun too. We had a date Friday night. I was dressed up fancy because we went to a high end restaurant in town. Afterward, he needed to stop by his office because he forgot is iPad there. He asked me if I minded. Of course, I didn’t. In fact, I looked at it as a chance to play doctor with the doctor. I love naughty role plays. He is a cardiologist, but he could still pretend to be a gynecologist or some sort of doctor who needed to check out my girl parts. He was game. I got dressed in a patient’s gown with no bra or panties on. My pussy was getting wet as he listened to my heart. Turns out my doctor has an ass fetish. I love a good hard cock up my ass. I bent over the exam table and let him check out my ass. He began our exam with a few well lubed fingers. He said he need to probe deeply to make sure my ass checked out healthy. I begged for a deep anal probe. His balls smacked against my ass as he checked me out to make sure I was healthy. It was a hot role play for me. I have always enjoyed playing doctor. We got dressed, went back to my place and fucked some more.

ass fetish

Phone Sex Therapy for Small Clits

phone sex therapyLet’s have phone sex therapy. If you are on my site, reading my blogs, my guess is you are searching for some one who will tell you the truth. The truth about your small cock. There are many self aware boys out there who know their dicks don’t measure up. I love reinforcing what you already know.  I would much rather talk to then men who know they have small dicks than the guys with small dicks who think they are a gift from heaven to women. Small dicks aren’t gifts, unless you count the gift of laughter. I had a call this morning from a guy with such a tiny dick it was just a nub. He sent me pictures. It was a swollen clit at best. Not sure how it could penetrate any pussy. Likely, he was a virgin and lied to me when he said he has fucked before. He did admit that girls never fuck him a second time and many have made up some excuse why they couldn’t sleep with him once they saw his wiener. They were nice girls. I am a mean girl. I am an honest phone sex therapist. I tell men what other women won’t. I don’t have pity sex. I think too much of myself to fuck a nub. The only way to fuck a nub is to trib like two lesbians lol. A clit stick doesn’t fit inside a pussy. He wanted help on pleasing women. Although I applauded his ability to know he can’t give sexual pleasure to others, I was blunt. Being a cuckold or a sissy is only way he could please women. Being a cuckold is harder as a single man, but I told him how to find couples and mistresses to work with him. I think he is just lonely. Loneliness is a small dick problem. That is why there are sexy hot women in this business. If you can’t get women to pay attention to you, you can always pay one to laugh at you.

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