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More Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy in the Internet Age

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex therapy is in high demand lately. Internet porn is easily accessible on tablets and phones. You can watch porn from your office computer too. Guys are seeing a lot of dick in the technology age. A lot of dicks that are way bigger than their dicks. Now, men are understanding why wives cheat. They are better understanding that not all cocks are created equally. This leaves many men confused about their relationships. Their wives or girlfriends don’t go crazy for their cocks like the women in those porn videos. That is because most men don’t have a porn star cock. I am not saying every woman needs a porn star cock, but most women over 30 want a cock 7 inches or bigger. This mature sexy babe certainly does. I knew, like most women, that size mattered before porn was a key stroke away. Men with small dicks are calling for advice now more than ever. They want to know if their women are cheating. They want to know how to be better lovers. They all say things like, “I don’t have a dick like those black guys in porn movies.” I tell all the men calling me with small dicks that the best thing they can do for their women, is be their cuckold. Women need big dicks and if you don’t have a big dick, you shouldn’t stop your woman from getting the big dick she needs. You can enjoy yourself vicariously through her. If you wife is satisfied, you should be satisfied too. That is because your woman, should always cum first.

Phone Sex Therapist for Your Panty Problem

phone sex therapistA phone sex therapist is what every man needs. Honestly, I am cheaper than a psychiatrist and more fun to talk to also. Lyle had a problem he was too embarrassed to discuss with anyone, even his wife. Luckily, he found me. Lyle has a panty fetish. At first, I thought that was no big deal. I mean lots of men wear panties for numerous reasons. Lyle steals panties whenever he gets. He sneaks into the ladies’ locker room at the gym and lifts dirty pairs while the women are showering. He told me he has over 2,000 pairs of women’s panties. He has an obsession. He is a panty addict. He has gone as far as to rent a storage unit, so he can hide his fetish from his wife. I mean it would be hard to hide that many pairs of panties in your house undetected. I had to ask many questions to find the root of his obsession. He likes wearing women’s panties. He likes jacking off in women’s panties and he loves to sniff dirty panties. He even goes to laundromats to lift dirty undies. I wasn’t going to fix a man with that many panties. My goal was to keep him from being arrested for his fetish. I told him how to approach women. Many women will masturbate in their panties for men. I sell my panties to men just like Lyle. Money is not a problem for him, so I suggested paying women for their panties instead of stealing them from places that might get him arrested. Sexy women masturbating in their panties gives him the smell he wants and gives some woman a few extra bucks. It is a win win situation. I even promised him a pair of my wet undies. I may not be able to fix you, but I can help you have your fetish and remain under the radar.

My Doctor Indulged My Ass Fetish

ass fetishI am not the only one with an ass fetish. I went to the doctor for a check up and to get my flu shot. When you teach college, you must get a flu shot. College boys and girls are germy creatures. I thought I should get my stuff in order before the new semester starts. I was not prepared for a sexy doctor. He is new because my old doctor retired. He was flirty. When he put on a rubber glove, I joked if I should bend over and cough. I knew he wasn’t giving me a prostate exam, but I wanted him in my ass, finger or cock. He gave me the shot, then told me to bend over. I was shocked, but I did it. He took the glove off and probed my asshole. Holy fuck, I started cumming just like a man would. My cunt gets super wet with anything in my ass. I heard him unzip his pants. I felt his hard prick against my left ass cheek. I bent over the exam table further and braced myself for an ass sex porn in the doctor’s office. It didn’t last long because we could have been interrupted at any time. Getting a flu shot and pumped full of cum in my ass will make me want to go the doctor’s office more often.

Milf Phone Sex Stories

milf phone sexMilf phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share. As a college professor, I encounter younger men daily. I am out on holiday brake for another week or so. My pussy starts to crave younger men soon into the semester break. A sexy mature woman, however, can find a young stud without any problem. Last night, I dressed up and I went to one of the college bars. I wasn’t dressed like I was going to a formal, but classier than a college coed. Not that I need to dress to stand out in a bar full of college students. When I walked in, the bar was not busy, but there was plenty to select from. I noticed a few men my age. Likely sugar daddy wannabes looking for some coed pussy. One of the men asked me if I was someone’s mother. He was clearly not comfortable with a woman his age being there too. I asked him which one was his son or daughter, and he left. That is when a young stud sat down next to me and bought me a beer. He liked the way I handled myself with the “creeper.” I guess he is a broke ass loser who tries to get in the college girls’ pants and never takes a hint. He asked me if I was a cougar because he wanted to be my cub for the night. He was direct, and I liked that. We finished our beers and I took him home. He had a surprising 9-inch cock. He wasn’t very tall or stocky, so I was not expecting him to be well-endowed. He doesn’t go to my college, but he is from my town, which meant I would see him on college breaks. He was a great lover. Just what I wanted. A big cock and he knew how to use it. He ate my pussy for 30 minutes until I came so many times, his face was glistening. He had the stamina I wanted too. He is coming back tonight. He quickly got a bad case of MILF fever and it may be terminal.

Phone Sex Therapy for 2019

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy in 2019 should be your resolution. There is no shame in admitting that you need to talk to some one about your small dick or your fetish. I am here for you. I am an open-minded, sexy therapist with decades of experience and research in a slew of sexual deviancies. I don’t see them as deviancies, however. Just desires that need taught how to control like a vampire needs to control his need for blood. Chuck is a small dicked man. He can’t get a woman. He sets his sights too high and he thinks he is the total package to women. If you have a small dick, you have no business acting like you are 10 foot tall with a big fucking cock. Chuck was hitting on me and my girlfriends at the bar. He was handsome, appeared to be rich based on his clothes and his car keys. But something felt off too me. He was trying too hard. Men confident in their cock size, don’t need to come on that strong. It was clear he needed some therapy. I took him off to a dark corner and told him to show me his cock. I new it wasn’t going to be big, but I was not prepared for it to be that small. Holy shit, I couldn’t see anything but balls. He had a micro penis and was hitting on me. I had to give him some small dick humiliation. He deserved it. Like many men, Chuck needed to know his place. He is not lover material. He can be a cuckold, a sissy maid, even an adult baby or a cross dresser, but he is not man. I told him if he wants companionship, he needs to change his ways. Look for a dominant woman and serve her. He was shocked at my brutal truth because he has money and looks. I’m here to tell you that size is all that matters.

Cuckold Phone Sex Christmas with My Ex

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex Christmas? My ex-husband begged for cuckold sex. All he wanted for Christmas was me to fuck a big dick in front of him. It is funny when you think about it because he insisted on the divorce. He couldn’t please me with his 3-inch dick but he didn’t want me fucking other men. He just wanted me unhappy and unsatisfied. Fuck that. I divorced his loser ass. Now that we are divorced, he wants to watch me fuck big cock. He wants me to shame him for his little dick. He is my second husband. I am not close to my parents and my daughter from my first marriage was with her daddy this holiday.  I told my loser ex if he wanted cuckold sex and small dick humiliation, he would have to pay for it. Literally, pay for it. He opened his wallet and laid down a stack of Benjamins. I took my cell phone out of my purse and called the hung neighbor boy next door. He is 19 and twice the man my loser 55-year-old ex could ever hope to be. Wish granted. I made him kiss my stud’s dick. When that went well, I had him fluff his cock. When I fucked my hung lover, my ex had to watch sitting on his hands. He was a good cuck, so I let him clean up my messy pussy. Why was he not such a good cuckold when we were married?

Christmas Morning Ass Sex Porn

ass sex pornNothing says Merry Christmas like ass sex porn! I was feeling naughty and horny last night. The college boy next door is home for the holidays. We often screw when he is home.  I fuck his father too but neither know about the other. I know that is super naughty of me. Santa likely won’t leave me anything under the tree this year. That is okay because I got what I wanted last night. Junior came home late, I was still up, and I texted him to come over. He has a huge cock. He is bigger than his father, but they are both good fucks. It is just that junior can fuck my ass better because his cock is like a hammer. His dad’s dick is nice, but his age makes him not hard enough for my ass. When junior arrived, I had the lube ready. He has a huge ass fetish, so he is always down to fuck my back door. Coeds don’t enjoy anal sex like a cougar does. We got high and ass fucked. The only Ho Ho Ho last night was me because after junior left, his father came by for some early morning oral sex before his wife was up. I gave him a Christmas blowjob and he gave me some holiday cunt licking. I am such a naughty neighbor. Best Christmas morning ever.

Giving Great Blowjobs Can Be Taught

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs can be taught by the right teacher. It is no secret that I am fond of college boys. I like college coeds too. Many come to my office hours for sexual advice. Lana stopped by yesterday. She is a former student, but she has sought my advice before. Her current boyfriend told her she gave bad head. I found that hard to believe because she eats pussy like a pro. I encouraged her to bring her boyfriend over that night. I would get to the bottom of this issue for her. I figured the guy she was dating was some small dicked frat boy who just likes to bitch. I was wrong. He was quite endowed for a white boy. The problem was that Lana couldn’t deepthroat him. He was too big for her. Her last boyfriend was too small, and I counseled her to kick him to the curb. She took my advice and found herself a hung college boy. His dick was curved, which means many G-spot orgasms. She has herself a keeper, so I was happy to show her how to suck his cock. I coated her throat with olive oil. It is a porn star trick. I had her lay on her back with her head over the edge of the bed, which is another porn star trick. I primed his dick first. This naughty teacher is no fool.  I wanted to suck his big cock. Once I had him hard, I guided his cock down her throat until his balls were nestled against her chin. My tricks worked. She was chugging his cock like a porn star. I almost wanted her to fail just so I could be his cock sucking bitch. He asked for my number, and she didn’t flinch, so I will be hooking up with the young stud too. A hung guy can never have enough talented cock sucking whores.

Best Phone Sex Therapy

best phone sexThe best phone sex starts here. Men like mature women because nothing shocks us. We have no limits or taboos. I have this friend who came to me because she found her husband’s stash of fetish stuff. She didn’t know what to think. He had women’s panties and butt plugs. She thinks her husband is gay. I told her that was likely not the case. I had a talk with him. He just likes his ass played with while he is wearing women’s panties. That may sound gay to you but consider the fact that women’s panties smell like women’s pussies and the male G-spot is in the ass. Her husband isn’t gay, he just like’s ass play. He has an ass fetish. I like it in the ass too. I had to sit down with them and have some marriage therapy. My girlfriend was hesitant to take the lead with him, so I put on a strap-on and fucked his ass. Once she saw how much pleasure he got from that strap-on up his ass, she started to soften her stance a bit. I was enjoying myself too. I like fucking a guy in the ass. I am a dominant woman in case you couldn’t tell. It took some intervention on my part, but I think I saved their marriage and made it even stronger. Guys, you shouldn’t have to hide your fetish from your partner. Sometimes, you just need a little phone sex therapy. This doctor is in to help your marriage too.

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies: Coffee, Tea or Me?

mature phone sexMature phone sex fantasies are common. You are not alone. Guys think about their best friend’s mom, hot teacher, neighbor lady, boss’s wife, even their wife’s mom. I am here to help men like you with their mature fantasies. I have a few younger lovers with mature fantasies. That is why they are with me. They are hot for teacher! One of my young lovers asked me if I could help him with a mature fantasy the other night. I was happy to do it, of course. A few years ago, this sexy older flight attendant hit on him when he was flying home for a Christmas break. He always regretted that he never took their flirting further. I shopped all day for a naughty stewardess costume and finally found one at a stripper clothes store.  When he came over his jaw hit the ground when he saw me. I seductively said, “Coffee, tea or me?” I bet you can guess which one he wanted! I love erotic roleplaying, so I even had the hand moves of a flight attendant. I fucked him in the upright position too. I enjoyed the cos-paly aspect of our fucking. Dressing up, pretending to be someone else is always hot. He gave me the biggest cum shot yet. Must have been the high altitude, or my sexy ass.

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