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cuckold phone sex Cuckold phone sex is my favorite. I love cuckolding men. My ex husband number two stopped by last night unexpectedly. He was hand delivering the mortgage check. Per our divorce decree, he must pay the mortgage on our nice house. I had a young lover over, so I hid him in the bedroom. I thought this would be a quick in and out sort of thing. If there is one thing about my ex, it was that he was always quick; too quick when it counted. Anyway, he kept talking about getting back together. I left him because of his small dick; I wasn’t going to get back with him. My small dick days are long gone. When he pulled out the little fellow, I called Simon out of the bedroom. In walks this college boy with a ten inch semi hard cock, glistening with my pussy juice. My ex looked embarrassed. I had Simon fuck me in front of him. I shamed his tiny dick as Simon slammed his big hard dick in and out of my hairy wet pussy. When I started squirting, my ex started rubbing his shrimp dick and I halted him. “You need permission from me to rub your worthless nub,” I quipped.  I cut him off. Told him he would have to rub one out at home, but not here. He had blue balls by the time he left. I had a cum filled cunt and a sense of accomplishment. I think my ex finally gets what I need now.

Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks Only

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs can only be given on great cocks. I am not putting my mouth on a worthless dick. I was on a Tinder date two nights ago. I saw photos of his cock before I agreed to meet. The camera either added ten inches or he didn’t send me a real photo of himself. When he pulled out his cock, I said goodbye. I am not hooking up with a loser. Not when there are plenty of big cocks down to fuck a sexy milf. I left him in the hotel he paid for with his tiny dick. I went to a college bar and picked up the first young stud to talk to me. I took that boy home and gave him the best head of his 19 years. It wasn’t all about him either. He slipped between my legs and ate my hairy wet pussy. He never had a hairy pussy before. It isn’t like I have a 70’s bush, but I am growing out my winter coat. He was between my legs for hours licking the alphabet on my clit. I kept squirting on his face and he kept begging for more. Coeds have bald pussies and rarely squirt. I think having a hot squirting pussy comes with age. The older you get, the more you know size matters and the more experimental you get. I discovered I could squirt accidently masturbating with a big dildo one day, so I made sure I only fucked big cock after that! I sent the Tinder loser a thank you text. If he had not been so disappointing, I would not have hooked up with the best pussy eater ever. I sent him a pic of me sucking on a worthy cock too. He clearly had no clue what a woman like me needs. Do you?

The Best Phone Sex

best phone sexThe best phone sex is amazing. There is nothing worse than bad phone sex, especially when paying for it. I don’t do bad. At least I don’t do bad on the phone! I am a naughty woman, perhaps some would describe me as bad. Right now, if you were to ask my best friend what she thought of me, she would say I am the worst person in the world. Why? Because she caught me fucking her son. He was home from college on fall break. I had some odd jobs I needed help with at the house. I am divorced, living alone. My daughter and him went to school together, even dated briefly. I became best friends with his mom through him. She thinks I betrayed her. He is legal age. It was her that offered her hunky son to do some handyman work to her cougar best friend. I am not the only one at fault here. He came on to me. I know that the sons and husbands of your close friends are forbidden fruit, but I am in my sexual prime. It is hard to resist that fruit when it is dangling a 10 inch cock in your face. My BFF decided to surprise us with dinner. She got the surprise when she found me bent over the kitchen island with her son’s cock up my ass. She has not spoken to me since. I know I should go apologize and promise to never fuck her son again, but he has a 10 inch cock. I will be the bad friend until he goes back to college and starts fooling around with coeds again. Until then, this hot sexy woman is going to get all the young, hung cock she can handle. Friends are easy to find; ten inch working cocks are not!

Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherI am such a naughty teacher! I have been having a torrid affair with a student. Often, I fuck a boy after he was in my class. It is frowned upon, but not grounds for immediate termination. Fucking a student in your class on your desk is grounds for immediate termination. I got busted by another teacher last week. She was not happy with me. She started talking about how it’s harder for female teachers in a patriarchal world. I am not exactly a raging feminist.  I am a dominant woman, but I have survived patriarchy many times by being a hot woman. I knew she would get me fired if I didn’t think quickly. I was quick on my feet. I grabbed her hand and put it on Tyler’s cock. I knew if she could just feel it she would weaken. I mean he is hung like a porn star. He can make his cock dance and throb. He twitched his dick in her hand and she fell to her knees. I shoved her head on his cock and took a few pictures. The pictures were insurance she would not say anything. I thought she would immediately stop, but she devoured his cock. Tyler got to fuck two hot teachers on a school desk. I am jealous I need to share his young cock but grateful I can still fuck him. As a size queen MILF, I never want to give up a great cock

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies

mature phone sexMature phone sex fantasies are common. Every guy has a sexy mature woman he has stroked his cock to in his life. As a teacher, trust me, I have been that hot mature woman on many occasions. I won’t lie and say I have never fucked a student while in my class. Of course, I have fucked some young cock. I do, however, try to show some restraint while they are in my class, but some boys don’t take no for an answer. Toby pursued me hard. He said I was his fantasy woman. He found my phone sex site and blackmailed me into fucking him. There is a morality clause to be a teacher. He had me by the proverbial balls, but I could have reported him. I know I could have turned the tables on him, but I wanted to fuck him. I was just playing hard to get and he threw me a curve ball. I was happy he did because his cock was huge. He didn’t need to blackmail a woman to fuck her; not with a ten inch rod. I let him think he had power over me because it was hot, but I never fuck anyone I don’t want to fuck. I am a dominant woman and a cock size queen. Our first fuck had me squirting all over the place. His cock hit my G-spot. He is my dirty little secret. I have been fucking this student all semester. I know it is risky, but the risk is worth it for that huge of a cock. Can I be your naughty teacher too?

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

phone sex therapistWord is out what a great phone sex therapist I am. I have a few specialties, but my clients are mostly cuckolds and sissies. Sometimes they are sissy cuckolds. Peter, who I now call Pam, is a sissy cuckold. When we first started talking, he was wearing his wife’s panties. He had a small cock and I told him his shrinky dink belonged in his wife’s panties. He was swimming in his boxer briefs. I bet you are too. I gave him little tasks like going to glory holes to get some real dick. Eventually, I had him come out to his wife about being a dirty cock sucking sissy. I wanted her to make him her cuckold. She did too. In fact, she loved the idea of one of her manly lovers skull fucking her pansy husband. He sent me pictures of one of her lovers reaming his sissy ass. Dressing as a girl, helped his wife’s lover fuck him hard. Some men love a sissy too, especially one already feminized. My caller went from a panty wearing sissy to a sissy cuckold fluffer. I helped him find his proper place in his wife’s life. I can help you too with some phone sex therapy.

Phone Sex Therapist for Couples

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. Callers tell me things they would never tell their partners. Sometimes, I get to do couples counseling, which is always fun for me. Last night I talked for an hour with a man and his wife. Their situation is like many of my callers. Sexually frustrated wife but she doesn’t want to cheat. Husband has a small cock, thinks his wife should take a lover. Where do I come in, you ask? I helped the wife understand that her need for sexual pleasure supersedes her husband’s pride. Men with little cocks shouldn’t have any pride. What is there to be proud of? A three inch limp dick? I told his wife that I cuckolded two husbands and countless men. I explained it is not cheating if her husband wants her to cheat. I explained that cuckolding is very common in the modern age. She asked me some questions and we watched a few cuckolding videos together. Consider it sex therapy porn. Seeing is believing. Of course, I showed her some black cock cuckolding videos, so she was a true believer after wards.  It is funny to me that wives are the ones more hesitant to cuckold their husbands. I know as a once sexually frustrated wife, I had no problem cheating. I was in my sexual prime. I knew I needed to get fucked, so I found myself working hard cocks.  If you have a wife that needs a little urging, remember I do offer couples phone sex therapy too.

Erotic Roleplaying : Naughty Nurse

erotic roleplayingLike my callers, I enjoy erotic roleplaying in the bedroom. Trey is this guy I met on Tinder. He has a nice cock, but sadly he is not very manly. It is okay though, I still get to have fun with him. He wanted to play naughty nurse. When he suggested it, I knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a prostate exam. He wanted something up his ass. I had the feeling he was gay or at least bisexual, just not self aware about it. I am happy to help guys accept who they were meant to be, even if it is a waste of a great cock. I put on my naughty nurse outfit complete with latex gloves. They make the prostate exam. I lubed him up with some KY warming jelly. When I told him to bend over and cough, I thought he might cum right then. It took me only a few seconds to wiggle my finger around inside his ass before I found his pleasure spot. He was oozing pre cum as I massaged his prostate. I wanted him to have a hard, ball draining cum, so I put just enough pressure on his love gland to make him spontaneously shoot his load. He hit the ceiling he shot his load so hard. He loved it so much, he begged for some more. I gave him what he was afraid to admit he wanted: cock up his ass. Well, I didn’t give him a real cock. I put on my strap on I use with sissies, subs and closeted homosexuals. He came even harder as I rode his tight virgin ass. I called him a fag and he loved it. He was my bitch for a good two hours. Some guys just need some female domination porn star action. Do you?

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies

mature phone sexMature phone sex is for men who like older women. Is that you? I’m in my forties, so younger men are my best friends. Younger guys know that a sexy MILF can keep up with them, even teach them a few things. I was at the local farmer’s market this morning. This young Amish looking guy was working the truck I always get my garden vegetables. He was clearly flirting with me. “Ma’am, if I was around you wouldn’t need any cucumbers,” he said assertively. I started to grope the cucumber while watching the bulge in his jeans grow. I was having very impure thoughts for a boy half my age, but clearly, he was feeling the same for a much older woman. I am horniest in the mornings. What about you? When he told me he had some nice ripe vegetables a woman like me would appreciate in the back of the truck, I knew I was about to fuck a young stud at the farmer’s market. I followed him around back while his brother helped the other customers waiting. I was going to get something far better than cucumbers. I was in the back of a farmer’s truck getting the shit banged out of my shaved wet pussy by an Amish stud. Wasn’t what I had expected, but it certainly made leaving the house worth it.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

phone sex TherapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I tell men what they need to hear, but no one else has the balls to tell them, especially their wives or girlfriends. I will tell you your cock is too small. I will tell you that you are a latent homosexual. I will tell you that you belong in panties. I will tell you need sissy training because you are not meant to be a real man. I have no problem with brutal honesty. I don’t need to sugar coat anything because I don’t need anything from you nor am I financially dependent on you. That is why so many men call me. They know the truth, but need it confirmed. Guys enjoy phone sex therapy because it is cathartic to be validated. Some women think all men are dumb; I am not one of them. I think many men are very in tune with their short comings and their issues; however, it feels good when a sexy woman like myself confirms that their dick is too small to give anyone pleasure or that they were meant for sucking cock, not fucking women. Andy called me this morning about his wife. If you have your suspicions about your wife with other men and aren’t one of those people who doesn’t trust anyone, then likely she is getting cock on the side. Some tale tall signs, however, include you having a small or limp dick; lack of sex between the two of you; her spending more time on her appearance; and her being gone from the home more for any myriad of reasons. If a woman is in her 30s or older, married to a man with dick issues and not fucking him, likely she is cheating if she appears happy The older we get, the more important getting some is to us. Don’t delude yourself into thinking something else is going on. Call me and admit how turned on you get thinking about your wife with another man.

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