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Cuckold Phone Sex: Cuckolding is a Marriage Saver

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex keeps me busy. So many men want their wives to cheat on them with bigger dicks. I get it. Men are becoming more self aware thanks to an Internet filled with big black cock porn. Guys have the proof of their short comings now. When I first got married, the Internet wasn’t around. My husband at the time didn’t have evidence that his dick was super small or that size matters. I divorced him because he failed to recognize that we had a problem, a huge problem. Well, a huge small problem lol. Now when I am with a lover I need to take to the curb, I can show him some videos of what a sexy babe like me deserves in her fuck holes. If my first husband would have just been a cuckold husband, I would still be married to him. Honestly, the best way to save a marriage is by letting a wife have better cocks. We live in a world of sexual deviancy. Polyamorous relationships. Swinging. Cuckolding. This is the new norm for marriages. If you are still holding on to some archaic notion of monogamy, you need some phone therapy now. Let me help save your marriage and bring sexual satisfaction back to your wife.

Phone Sex Therapy for All Kinky Fetishes

phone sex therapyDo you need phone sex therapy? Most men do. The sexy doctor is in. Guys think I am just a phone sex slut. There is far more to me than being a dirty talker. I have a Ph. D in psychology. I teach college and talk dirty. I started doing phone sex as research on sexual deviance. Turns out, I love sexual deviants. I am one too. I talk dirty when not on campus. My friends come to me for their sexual woes because my doctorate focus was human sexuality. I am qualified to hear your sexual woes.  I love being a phone sex therapist more than teaching college. I get to talk to cuckolds, sissies, mommy’s boys, fetish guys and perverts. This morning I talked to a guy with mommy issues. Oedipal complexes are common. I just played his surrogate mommy. Turned out he wanted to be an adult baby. I love an adult diaper lover. I treated him like he was my son. I breast fed him, gave him a bath, put him in a diaper and rocked him to sleep signing him a lullaby. I can be a sweet mommy or a mean mommy depending on the adult baby. Some boys deserve nurture and love and others deserve shame and punishment. Whatever your kinky fetish is, this sexy therapist is ready to help.

Sexy Women Masturbating

sexy women masturbating

Sexy women masturbating is what he loves, so I gave him a show. I wanted to fuck him, but he is off limits because he is married to my best friend. She knows he is into me, and she is okay with the flirting, just no fucking. I was over at her place last night to go out. We were gussied up and he was hard as a rock at our appearance. My friend is such a sexy bad ass. She told her husband to stroke his cock for us. He wouldn’t do it unless we played with our pussies for him. My friend and I lifted our pretty dresses, exposed our bald pussies and started rubbing our clits. My sexy ass friend teased her husband for his crush. He said he could look but not touch. He started stroking faster, we started rubbing faster. He had a nice cock. It was a shame that my friend insisted he was off limits to my pussy. We all had a hard cum, which was just what we needed. Why masturbate alone when you can jack off with a couple sexy hot women?

Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are what men crave. Most men will tell you that even a bad blowjob feels good. I don’t do bad blowjobs. It is not in my DNA to give bad head. If I am sucking your cock, it is because you have a nice cock and I want to suck it. If I had to suck small dicks, I am sure I would give bad head. There is no reason at all for me to suck losers off, however. I am a mature woman. Twice divorced with lots of cuckolding experience under my belt. I know what I like and deserve. So, if you are lucky enough to feel my lips on your cock it is because I want to suck your dick. Therefore, you are getting great head because I put my all into something I enjoy. So, this begs the question you must ask yourself. If you are getting bad head, does that mean your dick is small. Likely it does. If a woman finds your dick underwhelming, she is not going to blow you with enthusiasm. When a woman likes a cock, she can’t get her hands or mouth on it enough. It is that simple. If you are not getting laid. If you are getting no head or only bad head, the issue is you not her. You have something she doesn’t want. If this sounds like you, then you need some cuckold phone sex therapy to figure out how to give your woman what she does want.

Phone Sex Therapist

phone sex therapistA phone sex therapist like me stays busy. I found myself in a state of disbelief this morning when he came for help. He acted like he had a small cock. I believed him when he said women wouldn’t fuck him, not even his wife. His wife told him his dick was too small for her. He has had a complex ever since. I was set to counsel him on how to be a good cuckold, then I saw his cock. I was surprised because it was anything but small. I measured him at 8 inches soft. When he became erect, he was damn near 10 inches. That is not small unless you are a black cock whore. In talking to him about his wife and their marriage, I concluded that his wife was a cheating black cock whore. His wife wanted him to think his cock was too small, so she could get a pass on the cheating. I told him he should leave his wife. Let the black men have her. They will never marry her or provide a life of luxury for her.  They will just fuck the shit out of her. I told him that with a cock like his, great blowjobs were in his future.  He can have just about any woman he wants. This was all news to him. I assured him I was telling him the truth. I sucked his cock and let him fuck me to prove I was serious. I almost didn’t charge him for the therapy session because his cock was that nice. We fucked for hours. He said it was the first time he had fucked in months. He had a lot of cum for me too. One woman’s small cock might be another woman’s perfect cock. I will always tell you the truth regardless if you are too small, just right or have a freak of nature monster cock.

Naughty Teacher and the Geek

naughty teacherI enjoy being a naughty teacher. I love it when a student surprises me. Tony seemed like such a geek. He is not Greek. He doesn’t play sports. He is a computer science major. He wears nerdy glasses and is a gamer. There was nothing about him that screamed that I wanted to fuck him. That all changed when he came by my office hours on Thursday. He was upset about a B on a test. That is not a bad grade, but to a smarty pants geek it seemed like failure. I tried to talk to him rationally, but then he did something unexpected. He pulled out his cock. He pulled out a big cock too. Holy crap I never saw that coming. The little nerd was trying to blackmail me. He said he heard I liked big cock and that I fuck my students. He wanted me to suck his dick and give him an A. Now, of course I sucked his cock. A 9-inch cock is nothing I pass on; however, I won’t be blackmailed. I recorded him while he was threatening me. Boy was out of his league with me. I played it back for him after we fucked. I told him I was not changing his grade. If he didn’t want blackmail on his record, he would come by once a week and fuck this sexy teacher. As far as his grades, I offered tutoring. I turned the tables on him, but I think he is hooked on my pussy now. He said he had never cum like that before. Being a total little geek boy, pretty sure many girls never think he has a big dick. I would have overlooked him too if he didn’t have balls of steel and think he could call the shots with this sexy babe. I have a knack for getting things the way I want.

Phone Sex Therapy Time

phone sex therapyHe needed some phone sex therapy. When he came to my office, he was shy. He was reluctant to talk to me about what made him seek therapy. I asked a few questions to make him feel at ease. His issue was not typical. He told me no woman wants to fuck him. I assumed he had a small dick. I was prepared to give him the cuckold speech. Any man with a small dick who is married is encouraged to be a cuckold, so his wife can get the pleasure she needs. He didn’t have a small dick. It was the opposite. He had a huge cock, one so big that most women are afraid that he will hurt them, or even ruin their fuck holes. His wife is cheating on him, but in a strange twist, she is cheating on him with a man with a smaller cock. I was impressed with his size. Not everyday you see a foot-long thick cock on a white man. When he pulled out his cock to show me, it was bigger than he described. I could see younger women or women concerned about having a tight pussy being afraid of it. This is the kind of cock that will hit a woman’s cervix. It is also the kind of cock that gives a woman a G-spot orgasm and makes her squirt for the first time. I know all about what a big dick can do for a woman. Unlike his wife, however, I am a size queen. I would be a bad phone sex therapist if I ignored his huge cock and cum filled balls. The man needed release. The kind of release that is required daily. I rode his cock until we both came. I made him make appointments for the rest of the week too. It is my obligation to help him drain his balls if his wife won’t. Her loss is my gain.

Do You Have an Ass Fetish?

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? I do. I am an anal whore. I love a big dick up my ass. I had my ass pounded for hours last night. This dude I picked up wanted to fuck a MILF in the ass. I wanted fucked in the ass. He left me full of cum. I was about to hop in the shower, when this little cuck I know knocked at my door. Perfect timing. I invited him in because I needed cleaned up. It was like he could smell the cum on me. Turns out he was stalking me. Saw a man go into my house and knew I was getting fucked. He is a creampie slut. This was the first time he got my anal creampie. I was on all fours, so was he. He buried his face in my fine ass and licked me clean like a good pet. I pushed the cum out. It flowed into his mouth like a faucet. He is such a pathetic loser. I mean who stalks a sexy babe waiting for her to get fucked just so he can clean up the fresh cum from her holes? Nick, my neighbor with a 3-inch dick, that is who. I laughed at him. He had an itty bitty boner from tasting a real man’s cum. So, tell me something. Are you the man who gets to fuck me or the loser who gets to clean me up?

Phone Sex Mommy Farah

phone sex mommyBeing a phone sex mommy is something I enjoy. Many men have longings for a mommy. I can be that mommy. I am a mature woman, with a daughter. I understand the needs of men. Some need a nurturing mommy, some need a stern mommy. I can be either. I remember when my daughter was in college, she brought home a boy she was dating for a long weekend. I caught him in my bedroom, smelling my panties. Being a psychology professor, I new what the boy needed, something my daughter couldn’t give him. I wasn’t angry. He was worried I would be livid. I had a reaction he was not expecting. I told him to stroke his cock with my panties. I knew he wanted to feel my silky panties on his cock, to experience a mommy’s warm wet touch. I pulled off the panties I was wearing and gave them to him. “These smell much better,” I told him. He looked amazed and shocked. When he started stroking his cock with my musky, moist panties, I encouraged him to jack off for mommy.  He had a hard cum. I wanted to fuck him, but he was my daughter’s boyfriend. He just needed a little mothering like all boys. Sometimes a man just needs some mommy phone sex therapy. That is what mature sexy women like me are here for. Cum to mommy honey.

Naughty Teacher and Her Favorite Pet

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher goes both ways! I have quite a few female students I enjoy sexually too. Amanda is a top pet of mine. She has been for a few years because she has the tastiest cunt. It’s a young bald pussy. It tastes like cotton candy. Amanda was hot for teacher the first day she sat in my class when she was a freshman. Smart girl; didn’t need tutoring, just wanted alone time with me. At that time, she was a bi curious coed. Now she is a full on lesbian sorority girl who is still hot for teacher. She is a senior now, but she still comes by my office for a little Sapphic love. She has some coed lovers, but she needs a mature sexy babe to get her off the best. I taught her how to eat pussy and ass. She has only gotten better with time. I hate the fact that she will be graduating in the spring. It will be hard to replace her sweet cunt. When she stopped by to say hi, I locked my office door and we got naked on my desk. Kinky games with rulers and strap-ons lead to two hot squirting pussies. Amanda will always be one of my favorite teacher’s pets.

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