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Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I cater to them. The truth is I am ticklish plus I have a shoe fetish. I have a big closet of shoes; some I only have one outfit to wear with them. Most of my shoes are far from practicable, but I love designer shoes. I can spot a foot fetish guy quickly. I tease the ones who appear wealthy because it is tit for tat. You want a foot job? Well, I want a nice pair of shoes. You buy me the pair I have been eyeballing and I will let you cum on my feet. I find men at the high-end mall across town. It is not the mall of teens. It is the mall of trophy wives and rich soccer moms. The few men ever there are fetish guys. Either hanging out at lingerie stores for their panty fetishes or hanging at the shoe stores for their foot or shoe fetishes. When I met Michael, he was in the shoe department of Sacks 5th Ave. He was looking for a woman like me, so he could check out my sexy feet and my sexy legs. I spotted him immediately and made him a deal. I told him if he bought me some Jimmy Choos, I would bring him home and let him worship my feet. Guess who has a new pair of Jimmy Choos? I also got some hot cum on my toes.

Best Phone Sex Therapy for Your Wife

best phone sexThe best phone sex requires a big dick, at least for me! Tiny dick losers get the best phone fun with me because I give them the humiliation they need. Wives don’t want to rock the boat. They love their husbands regardless of their sexual inadequacies. I laugh at that notion. I was once that naïve. I would masturbate or cheat discreetly, and let my sexual needs take a back seat to my husband’s ego. Those days are long gone. I am a proud and loud cock size queen.  I don’t let men with small dicks fuck me. I also don’t let women think they need to deny their needs for their husband’s frail male ego. I saw a couple today who came to me for some phone sex therapy. I brought in my assistant to demonstrate what she deserves. Her husband came to see me thinking I was going to tell her to put her marriage first. I will never say that. I believe the woman is first. She is superior. Her orgasms matter more than his does. She liked what I was saying. After talking to her for a while, I brought in Chester. He is a frat boy who likes MILFs. Did I mention he has a big cock? When she saw his throbbing dick, she stripped naked and sucked him in front of her loser husband. I helped her deep throat his cock. The husband was not happy. I may not have saved their marriage but I sure as fuck saved her pussy from taking his little dick ever again.

This Phone Sex Therapist Tells You the Truth

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I get to talk to a variety of losers. I see a variety too during my office hours. A colleague asked for help off the record. I knew that meant he didn’t want me to take notes. He thinks his wife is cheating on him. Usually, if a man thinks his wife is cheating, she is because men aren’t as suspicious or as observant as women. Men and women, however, cheat for different reasons. Women either have asshole men and seek affection and affirmation from a different man or they just want a big dick. Men cheat because monogamy scares them, and they are horny toads. My colleague is a good man. I know he could fuck any hot coed he wants, but he doesn’t. He loves his wife. She is way out of his league. She married him I am sure because he is tenured, handsome and a decent guy. I had to ask him about his dick size. He told me he was a little bigger than average.  I feared he had no clue what average was, so I told him to show me. Maybe he was average for a Ken doll. He was not average for a man. He was not even average for a boy. He had a micro penis. I had to give him some small dick humiliation. Of course, his wife was cheating on him. Hell, he was so small, a 4-inch cock was twice the man he was. I told him let her cheat. Let her get what he clearly can’t give her. I talked to him about the benefits of being a cuckold husband. There are some pitfalls, but ultimately, being a willing cuckold is the only way to save a marriage. When I got home, I hit up his wife on Facebook. I need to make sure she is not fucking a 5-inch cock. That woman is a hot. She deserves 10-inches or more.

Cuckold Phone Sex Saves Marriages

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is what many men want and need. Every man that calls me gets asked the important question. “What size is your dick?” You can’t fool a cock size queen. I know from the way a man talks if he has the kind of dick that sexy women shame or fuck. If a man is not worthy to fuck me, he needs to negotiate his place in my world. Men who aren’t fuckable can be my cuckolds or my sissies. I encourage men to be cuckolds, especially married men because it gives them a chance to still be part of the marriage. Neither of my husbands wanted to be cuckolds and look what happened to them? They are divorced losers who can’t keep women or jobs. You could still be part of your marriage, feel like you are contributing in some manner. Sure, you might have to fluff some dick and eat some cream pies, but isn’t that better than being alone? I told my husbands if they wanted to save our marriage, I needed surrogate lovers. A sexy babe like me, like your wife, won’t marry a lover. We will just fuck them. We want to be married to you. My husbands were perfect in every way but one. They couldn’t satisfy me sexually. They had a chance to be a part of my sex life, but pride got in the way. Don’t let pride get in your way either. Be a willing cuckold and save your marriage.

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Phone Sex Therapist for Sissies

phone sex therapistAs a phone sex therapist, I encounter sissies often. There are all sorts of men I won’t fuck. I say no to small dick men, broke ass losers, cuckolds and sissies. I want a masculine man; one with a cock I can feel. Mark was no man. When he showed me is dick, it was like a turtle in its shell. I saw no dick. Just lots of skin and some balls. He was a no dick wonder. He was clearly a sissy. He just needed a sissy trainer. I have mostly cuckolds in my posse of losers, so a sissy was a nice addition. He craved sissy humiliation and training. I took him shopping for panties at Victoria Secret and made him tell the hot sales clerk that he needed pink panties to protect his little clit stick. She snickered at him, but that was what I wanted. The more he was shamed, the more he wanted to please me and any one I wanted him to please. I had him buy the hot sales girl some sexy lingerie she could wear for a real man. I made him buy me sexy things too. All he can do for sexy women like us was buy us things and entertain us. Sissies are a girl’s best friend because they wait on us hand and foot. Plus, they do whatever they are told to do from singing us silly little songs to buying us pretty things for real men. Sissies are growing in number, so we now have a new site of the best sissy trainers around. If you are a shameful sissy, check out SissySlutHut.Com

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Do You Deserve Small Dick Humiliation?

small dick humiliationHe deserved small dick humiliation. He had a 4-inch dick and tried to get into my panties. I met him at the gym. I knew he was not lover material. He was more like a stalker than a lover. He would show up at every machine I was working out on, asking if I needed help. I told him to get lost many times. My rebuffs fell on deaf ears. He just wouldn’t take the hint. So, I found this young stud I have hooked up with before and told him I had a situation. The trainer stud was happy to help me put my stalker in his place. We went into the men’s’ locker room and exercised my pussy. I was bouncing on his dick stretching my cunt out properly. I knew it would just be a matter of time before my stalker came in. He was looking for me and he found me riding on a huge dick. He looked annoyed. He said something about me not being allowed in the men’s’ locker room. I just laughed at him and told him he didn’t belong in a man’s room either.  He brought this on himself. He didn’t get it. My young stud lover pulled out his 10-inch, thick cock and showed off. He told my stalker that this is what I deserved and nothing less. It was a hard phone sex therapy lesson to learn for him, but I doubt my stalker will be following me around again.

Phone Sex Therapy for Small and Average Dicks

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy is necessary for many men. So many tiny dick losers out there and they need a healthy dose of reality. I have this new Pet who has 6-inches between his legs. Because he is above average for cock size, he thinks he should be able to fuck me. For hot women like me, however, 6-inches is too small. I want 8-inches or more in my sexy MILF pussy. I am in my 40s and my days of small cocks are long gone. I have been training my new Pet to understand he is not lover material. He is average and thinks he is God’s gift to women. Those sorts of men need sissy humiliation. They need to learn they are the equivalent of a pet. I treat my pups better than my pets, however. My pups are spoiled bitches. My pets are just bitches. He wants to be in my company, he needs to learn his place which is on his knees licking my cum filled pussy; by my side putting a big dick into my pussy; being my errand boy. He is slowly learning. Next up, he will learn to fluff cock and clean up my pussy. Do you need some sissy training too?

Some Men are Meant for Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is what some men just deserve. I have this new neighbor who has been chomping at the bit to get into my panties. He is a handsome bachelor in his mid-30s. Good looking, has a nice sports car and a nice bank account based on the way he dresses, where he lives and what he drives. I am a mature woman, however. I have my own money, a nice house and a mid-life crisis sport’s car too; so, all I need from a man is his big hard cock. I am a perverted voyeur. I have been spying on him for a few weeks now. I need to know if a man is worthy of my pussy or not. I know he doesn’t have the kind of cock that I need or want. I was in a bitchy mood yesterday. It was Easter and my holiday meal plans fell through. I thought I could at least have dinner with Russell my horny neighbor, but not fuck him. But the moment I texted him about dinner plans, he sent me a dick pic. I didn’t need to see his average dick. It pretty much ruined my appetite.  I am a sexy woman. I can get better than average cocks. I know I deserve better than 5 inches. Most women do deserve more. I went over to his place, stripped naked and cock teased him. It was more like small cock humiliation than teasing because I was telling him he could never fuck me as I played with my pussy. I didn’t get an Easter meal, but I did get my point across. I doubt my neighbor will be trying to fuck me anymore. His ego was bruised. He is the kind of man you cuckold. He is not the kind you fuck.

Ass Fetish for Mature Women

ass fetishI have a student with a naughty ass fetish. I caught him in my office going through my gym bag. He was looking for my dirty panties to sniff. I forgot to lock my office door in between classes, and he helped himself to what was not his. I had to admit to myself that it was sexy that he wanted to smell my dirty ass. I bent over my desk, pulled my skirt up and my panties down. “Sniff the real thing pervert boy,” I quipped. He fell to his knees and buried his face in my ass. He licked my taint, inhaled my scent and tossed my salad until I had an assgasm. I love a tongue up my ass, so when I find out a guy loves a woman’s ass, I make him my ass slave. Jerry is a college athlete. He has a pretty coed girlfriend. He is a good student and he likes ass sex porn. He will be coming by my office daily to take a whiff and lick of his hot teacher’s sweet ass. Do you want your turn?

Small Dick Humiliation Required

small dick humiliationDo you need small dick humiliation? So many men do. I could make a great living off of shaming little dicks. There are so many of you in the world. Nothing worse, however, than a man with a small dick who thinks he is God’s gift to women. I enjoy taking those men down a peg or two. Harry felt my wrath last night. He is the sleaze ball husband of one of my friends. I know from her he is like a dog in heat, always trying to put his little nub in anything that moves. He tried with me earlier in the week and I put him in his place. I don’t care how good looking a man is. He is no man with less than 6 inches. He wasn’t getting in my pussy. He kept telling me size doesn’t matter. Only men with small dicks say that bullshit. He was still trying to score, so I called in reinforcements. Chuck is a college stud with a nice 10-inch cock. He loves fucking his naughty teacher in front of older men with small dicks. I let my friend’s husband watch. I told him to watch and learn what a real man could do for me. I squirted on Chuck’s dick repeatedly. It was so funny to see my friend’s loser hubby looking so embarrassed, but seeing is believing. He needed to know that I know, size is everything to a woman’s pleasure.

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