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Phone Sex Therapy Gets ROUGH!

He barged into my office 2 hours before his actual appointment. I am so glad my appointment for that time slot had just canceled, because this man was not in the mood to wait for what he needed. He didn’t even manage to get the door closed. My assistant did that as he stalked to my desk, physically lifted me from my chair, and carried me over to my client chair. Phone sex therapyHe had me settled on my feet and undressed in no time. Once his clothes were off, he lifted me again, sat on my chair, and settled me on him reverse cowgirl style. I started to ride him, but even that was a no go. He lifted my thighs, kicked my legs back, and started to press my body. He lifted me and settled me back on him, managing to get in a full upper-body workout while fucking me senseless. He thrust his big, beautiful cock into me over and over again, never letting me have any control of any part of our fuck. I could tell when he was getting close, because he pumped me faster until he just held me still and drilled that big dick into me from below. His load shot deep inside of me, and set my own orgasm exploding around him. By the time his shaft slipped from my cunt, I was dribbling juices down my ass crack and all. I guess he had a really hard day!Phone sex therapist

Cheapest Phone Sex Vacation

Cheapest phone sexI’ve been on vacation, and let me tell you, I had my holes worn the fuck out! I went to a nudist resort on the beach that offered all kinds of amenities and activities, but no matter where I went, I wound up being one of the main attractions. I think my favorite part was when they told me I could drive the boat, as long as I did it from the Captain’s lap. Now, the Captain was as naked as anyone else there, and I could very clearly see that he had a massive hard-on for me, so I teased him a little. I sat on the very edge of his knees as I wrapped one hand around the stick and the other around the wheel. I wiggled a little bit, caressing the stick and wheel as my ass rubbed up and down his knees, asking if this was ok. Hot sexy womanHe pulled me back to where I was sitting directly over his dick, and I couldn’t resist, again. I pushed his cock down between his thighs as I settled my perfect, wet pussy down on his lap. His cock sprang back and was perfectly positioned along my wet gash. So I wiggled a bit more, telling him that I wasn’t quite comfortable, but if this was how he wanted me to drive, then I would. He growled into my ear as he lifted my rump, grabbed his cock, and slid it straight into me. I moved around a bit, grinding on him as I re-positioned myself. Then, I felt him start thrusting up into me, and I told him that that was so much better. I thought I could drive quite comfortably now. I started to move the stick, caressing it and the wheel as I followed his instructions. The entire time I was driving the boat, his cock was buried in me, slowly stroking both our ways to a long, body-shaking orgasm. I’d love to drive his shaft again!

Sex Therapy Porn at the Beach

I took a day trip out to the beach. I did some swimming, then dried my body and lay out to catch the afternoon rays. By the time I got ready to go, I was feeling a little crispy. I decided to make use of one of the showers, and made my way there. I didn’t realize it, but I was being followed the entire way. When I got inside and took off my top, I heard something behind me. I turned to see him standing there, absently rubbing at a massive hard-on under his trunks. He was gorgeous, and I decided to see where it went, so I undid my bottom, slowly letting it fall away from me. Sex therapy pornI cocked my brow at him, and he moved quickly. He had me pinned against the wall in no time, one leg cocked up, his hand on my cunt as his mouth moved over mine. He groaned when he felt how wet I was, and in no time at all had his dick buried deep inside of me. He lifted my other leg, wrapping me around his hips as he drilled me into the wall over and over. His hands on my ass, one finger dipping neatly into that hole, intensified my pleasure, and I came very quickly. He came only seconds later. I guess even at the beach, when people need that sex therapy relief, they really need it.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex for the Repairman

Exhibitionist phone sex

Summer’s officially here, and it is hot as fuck outside! Naturally, that means time by the pool! My AC went out over the weekend, and the AC guy is here this morning. He looks so sexy in that uniform, with his perfectly lean, well-muscled body flexing and working on the unit. I couldn’t help myself. I walked out there in my bikini, making sure he got a good view of my perfect body. I did a nice stretch, showing off how lean and limber I was. I knew I had his attention, but he was being a good boy, and kept right on working. I made my way directly to the lounger that was in his line of sight, took my top off, and laid down “to tan”. I slowly ran my hands up and down the length of my body, not missing a beat as my nipples hardened. I reached out and grabbed my tanning oil, seductively slathering some over my belly and chest and arms. By the time I had gotten to my legs, he was staring instead of working. I undid my bottoms and let them fall off of me, rubbing oil lower and lower, covering my legs and abdomen. Then, I hit gold. I ran oil lightly over my exposed cunt, and that was all she wrote. He’s walking over now! Oh my god, he’s got his cock in his hands!! I’m out, folks! More later!

Fucking at the Office!

Sex therapy pornHe had me laid back on my own chair, my legs spread wide up in the air, and his tongue dancing over my pussy. His arm snaked around my thigh and found its way to my clit at the same time that his tongue dipped into my honey pot for the first time. My eyes fluttered closed as I gave myself to the pleasure that was filling my core even as my pussy got wet enough to start dripping down my ass crack. He caught every drop, too, running his tongue straight up my crack each time some dribbled down, and then sucking my pussy out before resuming his play. I came twice from his tongue and fingers playing over me before he finally stood up and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my sweet little cunt. Erotic roleplayingI was nice and wet, and he slipped easily into me, stretching me just right in all the right places to make my pussy feel amazing. His dick rubbed over my g-spot, and I trembled with the anticipation of another orgasm. He reached up and grabbed my tits as he bottomed out in me, his balls firmly against my ass. He started thrusting, and I wrapped my arms around my legs to open myself up even more, allowing him to press my cervix and insides even deeper into me. I loved the full feeling, and the way he was so gentle but fucked me hard and steadily, too. It wasn’t long before he exploded into me, pulling me up into him as my own orgasm shook my body. Oh, he’s the most exquisite lover!

Phone Sex Therapy for Her

She was so stressed that I could feel it. I started off with a massage, around her head and shoulders, her neck. I slid my hands down around her tits and massaged them for a bit before moving to unbutton her blouse. I caressed down her stomach and belly, long strokes that were meant to relax and stimulate. Phone sex therapyBy the time I got to her cunt, she was gyrating her hips and kissing me. I slipped my hand into the undone waistband of her skirt and straight to her cunt, rubbing around her clit. Then, I got up and pulled her to the bedroom, laid her on the bed, and buried my face between her thighs. My tongue danced over and around her clit as my fingers dove deep inside of her, starting that long, sweet drive. After a few minutes of my eating her, she begged me to give her my cunt, so I slipped around and straddled her face. She immediately started doing amazing things to my cunt with her own tongue and fingers. She spread my ass cheeks apart and licked up and down there, too. We kept eating each other, fingering each other, until we got so close we were bucking hips. At that point, I needed her against me, so I whirled and kissed her deeply as I drove my fingers into her, massaging her clit at the same time. She followed suit and filled my cunt up with her fingers, driving my clit with her thumb, and we came together into each others mouths. She definitely relaxed after that!

Great Blowjobs and Sex Therapy

Great blowjobsHe rose above me, straddling my waist. He slid his cock up and down my belly, working his way up my body until he had it between my tits. He squeezed my tits together around his cock, and started fucking them, and I bent my head to lick and suck on the head every chance I got. Soon enough, he was done with my tits and worked his way even higher. He got to my mouth and slid his dick over my lips, smacking my cheeks with it a few times. He tapped my lips with it, and I opened my mouth. He slid into my mouth and straight down my throat. He started fucking in and out, filling my throat up and emptying it all over again with each thrust. I felt his body getting more and more tense, his cock getting harder and harder. I heard his breathing getting heavier and heavier, and I knew that he was getting close, so I started really working my tongue. I flicked my tongue over and around, licking and stroking his dick every time he moved. He finally exploded down my throat, and kept cumming as he pulled back. He filled my throat, my mouth and my face with cum. Oh, I love eating cum!

Phone Sex Therapy is a MUST!

Phone sex therapyI knew from the moment he walked into my office that he needed it bad today. I came out from behind my desk and immediately started stripping as he stalked around the room, looking very much like a caged lion. I almost couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. I walked over to him just as he passed my lounger, and he spun me around and bent me over that chair. He stripped right down and plowed into my cunt, and he started pummeling me. He showed no mercy, grabbing on and fucking me for all he was worth. He was so frustrated today, and it was showing in how hard a time he was having getting off. My pussy took a real beating, he battered it and slammed it, and he took out every bit of anger and aggravation on my cunt. His hands went from holding my hips to pulling my hair to holding my shoulders, as his hips steadily tried to dig his dick deeper and harder into me. I worked my pussy muscles, trying to help him along by milking him as he fucked me. Finally, I felt him start to tense up, and then I felt the explosion that just forced my own orgasm. He filled me so full of cum, and then he held me for a moment as his dick started to harden again. I knew this hour was going to be brutal, but I was here for him.

Phone Sex Therapy for the Therapist

Phone sex therapyMind-blowing sex isn’t something that everyone gets to experience in their lifetime. He was a fucking stud, and he drove me wild. From the moment our clothes came off, his hands and tongue never stopped. They explored me from head to toes, stroking, pinching, massaging, licking, and kissing every inch of my body. That, alone, had me worked up near a frenzy, and by the time he finally paid my cunt some attention, I was all but begging for it. His tongue curled around my clit as his fingers slid inside of me, then his pinky found its way into my ass. He stroked slow, deep, and kept licking and sucking on my clit like it was his favorite lollipop, and drove my body into heat. I was panting, and still I could hear the sounds of his fingers dipping in and out of my sloppy wet cunt, and I felt the juices dribbling down to my ass hole with every thrust. He never let me cum like that, though. He just drove me to the brink, over and over again. I was literally begging him by the time that he finally pulled himself up over me. He smirked down at me as his dick played havoc on my clit by rubbing up and down, pushing that sensitive nub even further. Finally, he slid into me, slowly, gently, as though I might break if he pushed too fast. I felt like I was going to break if he didn’t fuck me. He drilled me slowly, letting me feel the fullness of him inside me several times before he finally started rubbing my clit along with it. I came so fucking hard, and he wasn’t even done yet! After that first orgasm, he started drilling me hard and fast, that skin-slapping, body-shaking sex that kept me cumming hard. He drilled my damn pussy until he finally came inside me. I was so full of juices by that point that his cum started dribbling right out of me the moment he pulled out.Phone sex therapist

Erotic Roleplaying at the Spa

Erotic roleplayingHe was the best masseuse I’d ever had. His fingers were kneading each and every knot out of my neck, shoulders, back and more with a skill and gentleness I’d only felt a couple of times before in my life. He kept working his way up my thighs, though, over and over, coming back to them every time he would finish another part of my body. At one point, his thumb grazed my pussy lips, but he immediately moved away, so I let it go. When he came right back there after my lower back, and I felt his fingers inching their way toward my ass cheeks, I was done. I grabbed one of his hands and put it between my legs. I started grinding my cunt back against his fingers, until he finally caught on and started to finger me. I reached around, too, and grabbed hold of his big, hard dick through his pants, stroking him like he was fingering me. I felt his mouth kiss my ass, then his tongue slide between my cheeks to lick at my ass hole. He finger and tongue-fucked me into a frenzy, then finally slid that big dick into my ass. I felt the pressure, the pain, then the fullness, and I enjoyed every moment, all the way up until I came so hard that I squirted all over his sack and thighs. He chuckled before pulling out to get us both cleaned up.

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