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Sexy phone chatHe was trying to be slick and sneak into the kitchen on his hands and knees to surprise me. I caught him out of the corner of my eye, that bare skin of his catching my attention immediately. I waited until he was almost directly beneath me, then cocked a sexy little pose that showed off my pretty panties under my white dress as I looked down at him. He got that guilty little boy caught in the cookie jar look on his face, and looked so sweet. I leaned down and planted a big kiss on his lips as I pulled him up to me. He slipped the dress over my head and slid a hand into my panties. His fingers dipped into my puss, and that was all she wrote. I absently turned my burner down to low, and off we went to the bedroom, me wrapped around his waist as his fingers worked my pussy over. He laid me on the bed and pulled my panties down, burying his face in my cunt and working me into a frenzy. Only then did he slide up my body and run that beautiful, delicious shaft into my wet and waiting cunny. He fucked me hard and deep until we both came. I wound up burning brunch, after all.

Sensual Phone Sex Black Friday

Sensual phone sexI was up all night last night, amping up for the sales this morning. I started my bath routine a bit later than usual, waiting until about an hour and a half before I was going to be leaving. Babe walked in as I was getting ready to shave. I was still lathering up my right leg, and I guess I was looking really good because he started stripping to get in behind me. I warned him up front that he wasn’t allowed to interfere with my Black Friday schedule, but he got right in behind me anyway. He let his cock slide between my thighs so that the length of it ran the length of my gash. He kissed my neck as he picked up the razor from the shelf I keep it on. He pulled back and slid smoothly into me as he bent over me. He started dragging the razor up my leg for me, thrusting slowly and gently as he did. He stayed buried in me all the while he was shaving me, then as he bathed me, too. He fucked me so slowly and lovingly as he made sure every inch of me was clean. Then, he started to pound into me hardcore until we both came, and even cleaned my cunt afterward. I was so totally revved for those sales!

Sensual Phone Sex GFE Slut

Sensual phone sexShe was amazingly tall. I was at the dress rehearsal for a friend’s wedding, and another of her friends, one I’d never seen or met before, had caught my attention. She was wearing a pale cream-colored dress, and her tits and ass were as stunning as her height. I admit to being a horrible person, I kept an eye on her, tailing her until I was able to catch her alone. I told her exactly what I was after, and the grin that hit her face told me all I needed to know. I moved in for the kiss, and she had to actually crouch down a bit to make it work. Her ass was as firm as it looked, and her hand on my ass made my pussy tingle. I couldn’t wait, so I slid her dress up and off her body, not caring if anyone walked in on us at that point. I took my own dress off, and laid it with hers, before I slid down and dipped my tongue into her delicious gash. She lifted one leg up and over my shoulder, letting me have that entire wet slit to feast on. When she came on my face, I was in heaven. And, when she laid me back on the couch and buried her face in my snatch, I was done for. I took her home with me, and I can’t wait to see her again!

GFE Phone Sex with Feet

GFE phone sexHe loves my feet, so what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t indulge his fetishes every once in awhile? By the time he walked into the house, I was in the kitchen, in plain view, with my feet up in the air, ready for him. The grin on his face, and the bulge in his pants, were exactly what I was hoping for. He dropped his pants as he made his way to me, and then leaned down and started kissing my feet. He licked all along the arches, and he sucked each toe into his mouth, wrapping his tongue around them. His cock was bobbing and throbbing, and I could tell that he was getting off, which only made my pussy that much juicier. I pulled my feet away enough to drop them a bit and wrap them around his dick. He stood still and enjoyed it enough to let me stroke his dick a few times before he grabbed onto my feet and started fucking them. He pounded into my feet as though they were my pussy, watching my toes curl up and away from him. He came hard, pulling his dick away so that he could cum all over my feet, and then he licked and sucked the cum right off my feet. After that, I knew that it was going to be a long and delicious night!

Sensual Phone Sex – Bath Time

Sensual phone sexFor girls, there is just something about silk and satin that makes us feel sexy as fuck. That’s exactly how I was feeling as I got started running my bath yesterday morning. I sat along the edge of the tub, undressing while the water ran, and couldn’t help but start caressing my smooth, silky skin. I was almost to the point of fingering myself when I realized that I wasn’t alone. I looked up, and there he was, watching me stroke myself with a raging hard-on on full display. I decided to finish getting undressed, and let him see all of the sexy body that he loves so much. I squatted, showing him one of his favorite positions, and he was done for. Shaved wet pussyHe stripped his boxers off, picked me up, and in the tub we went. He sat down, settling me on his lap, and started stroking my cunt as he kissed me slow and deep. His hard cock was throbbing under my ass, and all I wanted was to feel it inside of me, so when he finally lifted me onto his dick, I was a happy girl! I rode him slow and deep, sloshing the water gently around us as I fucked him. His hands on my back and ass, caressing me and keeping me close, only drove me closer and closer. I finally came, and he was right there with me, filling my pussy up with his love juice!

Ass Fetish Sex with GFE Mercy

Ass fetishIf your girl has never let you hit that ass, then you (and she) are SERIOUSLY missing out! We both had pretty great days, yesterday, and were happy and full of energy by the time we each got home. We actually got home at the same time, and he opened the door, letting me walk in ahead of him. When his hand brushed over my ass as I did, I knew what was coming. Before the door even closed, he was on me, his hands pulling me back against him. My ass pressed into his already stiff cock as his hands found my tits and squeezed and kneaded them. His lips were on mine, and then we were at the arm of the couch. He pulled my shirt off, undid my bra, and had my skirt hiked up over my hips in no time. Ass sex pornHe bent me over the couch and massaged the globes of my ass before sliding a finger up and down. He dipped that finger into my pussy, and then pulled it out and rubbed that wet tip over my tight little hole. My ass got a nice finger-pounding before he finally gave me what I needed: a great big dick in my ass! I let him plow me like that until he came in me hard, and I’d gotten off twice. Mmm, I love a good anal-pounding!!

GFE Phone Sex at a Friend’s House

GFE phone sexWe were spending the night with a friend while we were out of town for the weekend. They had made up the sofa-bed for us, and were out for dinner and a movie together. Well, while he was showering, I got really horny, and I decided to surprise him by being completely naked when he came back out. I was sprawled across our loaner bed, doing my best to look sexy as fuck, and I guess I succeeded, because he got a raging hard on before he even made it to the bed. He was pulling me to him, kissing me, touching me, making me feel all kinds of sexy. His fingers slipped inside me, and my hips ground forward onto them. When he replaced them with his cock, I was in heaven! I worked my hips around and down until he was finally all the way inside of me. He was working my body up into a frenzy, and I felt my orgasm coming. I just peaked, cumming hard and screaming out his name, as the front door opened, and our friends walked in to find us. They were red-faced and irritated, but damn it was amazing sex!!

Sexy Girlfriend Porn For Big Daddy

Sexy girlfriend pornHe wanted to get me pregnant, and he told me so. Well, that got my pussy all kinds of sloppy wet, and when he dove down on me, he told me just how deliciously wet I was. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I rolled him over and rolled on top of him. I settled my wet pussy over his face, and forced his dick so deep down my throat that he moaned. He started fingering my pussy and ass, as he told me how beautiful it would be to fuck me while my belly was round and swollen with his baby. That only made me hotter, and I couldn’t wait anymore. I crawled down his body, planted my face and upper body in the bed, and rounded my ass out into the air as much as possible. When he crawled up behind me and started to stretch my cunt with his big dick, I was in heaven! He plowed me good and hard, too, making me cum fast! And finally, I felt him explode into me, and I knew we’d at least given it a damn good effort. I was so full of his jizz it was eeking back out, even from that high angle.

Hot Sexy Woman Drilled HARD!

Hot sexy womanWe didn’t even make it all of the way in the door before he was dropping my skirt to the floor. He used my ass cheeks to push me far enough into the house to close the door behind us, and then to hold me in place as he undid his own pants. He bent me over the couch, propping my left leg up on it, as he slid home into me. My hand found my tit as I held on to the couch for leverage. He started pounding my pussy from behind, deep, hard strokes that made my cunt hungrier and hungrier. His fingers dug into my hips as he drilled me like it was the last time he’d ever fuck. When he bent me further over, latching onto my hair and pulling it, I knew he was getting close. His other hand found my clit and quickly rubbed me off. I was just starting to cum all around him when his load shot into me, filling my pussy so full that our love juices started seeping out and down my cunt and thighs.

Sexy Babe Enjoys Movie Night Fuck!

Sexy babeMovie night! I love watching movies, especially with him, but last night, I was horny as fuck before the movie even started. So, as the movie began, my hand wandered over to his thigh, then slowly further up. I admit that I don’t remember much about the movie, I was just too focused on making sure he knew I was horny. So, when my hand made it to his cock, I knew that I wasn’t the only one, and I couldn’t open his fly fast enough. He let me slip the pants down and free his dick for my pleasure. I immediately bent down and started to lick and suck and massage his cock and balls, before into deep-throating him. Erotic roleplayingI sucked him until I could tell he was losing his mind with it, then twisted myself around and pulled his head toward my cunt. He didn’t need any urging, he dove right in, running his tongue over my clit and into my pussy, dipping fingers into my fuck holes. He drove me right into an orgasm, and then filled my throbbing pussy with his dick, and kept me there, cumming over and over! Ohhh, I love movie night!!

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