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Sexy Babe Enjoys Movie Night Fuck!

Sexy babeMovie night! I love watching movies, especially with him, but last night, I was horny as fuck before the movie even started. So, as the movie began, my hand wandered over to his thigh, then slowly further up. I admit that I don’t remember much about the movie, I was just too focused on making sure he knew I was horny. So, when my hand made it to his cock, I knew that I wasn’t the only one, and I couldn’t open his fly fast enough. He let me slip the pants down and free his dick for my pleasure. I immediately bent down and started to lick and suck and massage his cock and balls, before into deep-throating him. Erotic roleplayingI sucked him until I could tell he was losing his mind with it, then twisted myself around and pulled his head toward my cunt. He didn’t need any urging, he dove right in, running his tongue over my clit and into my pussy, dipping fingers into my fuck holes. He drove me right into an orgasm, and then filled my throbbing pussy with his dick, and kept me there, cumming over and over! Ohhh, I love movie night!!

Sexy Chicks Have a Hot Fuck!

Sexy chicksShe was a tall, sexy drink of water, and I wanted her! We were both attending a friend’s wedding, and it was my first time meeting her. We liked each other immediately, and danced and dined together. By the time the night was over, we went home together. It was so right, so natural, to have her hands on me, and to feel her body under my own. Her clothes seemed to fall right off of her, almost without help. Her skin was perfect, so soft and silky, warm and creamy. I just wanted to taste every inch of her, and I did. I tasted her mouth, her jaw, her throat, all the way down to her pussy. It was so sweet, the taste of her when I lifted one of her long, beautiful legs over my shoulder to bury my face in her. I was so hungry, all of a sudden, and I couldn’t get enough of her. My fingers naturally danced their way to her little ass, and a couple of them slid inside of her, and it was so fucking tight. I started working them in and out of her ass as my tongue slipped into her pussy to massage her walls and g spot. When she finally came, it was nectar of the gods on my tongue, and I wanted more. We spent the entire rest of the night fucking and sucking each other, and we will definitely be spending more time together!

Sexy Babe at the Beach

Sexy babeWe got to the house just as the sun was setting, and it was gorgeous. It was right on the beach, and we could stare straight out of the full-glass wall, and watch the sun set on the western horizon. His arms were wrapped around me, his chest solid against my back, and I was so turned on in that moment. I moved his hands down to my waist and started grinding back against him. He took the cue, but decided that we needed to step out onto the secluded wood patio first. He pushed me up against the railing that ran the span of the patio, grinding his hips into me as his hands squeezed my tits tightly. He kissed the back of my neck, ran his tongue over it, and then dipped down. He kept me bent over the railing as his tongue slid down my ass crack to my cunt. He pushed down on the center of my back as his tongue dipped into me, and his fingers came around to toy with my clit as he tongue-fucked my pussy. Just about then, I noticed a neighbor with a patio similar to ours was standing there watching us, and I didn’t even care. I lost myself in the feeling of the orgasm that was building in me, and felt his cock slide into me at last. My muscles clenched and flexed around him as he drilled up into me, driving me even deeper into my orgasm. We finally moved it into the house after that, but damn that was erotic!!

Roleplay Phone Sex – Rescued

Roleplay phone sexHe had the most delicious fantasy the other day. He wanted me to roleplay like I was a damsel in distress, being molested by a stranger in a dark alley, and he wanted to swoop in and rescue me. I was so grateful to him that I invited him back to my place for coffee, and immediately offered him my body as a reward for his help. I slowly stripped my dress off, then my panties and bra and stockings. He was hard by the time I finished, but kept saying that it wouldn’t be right. I knelt on the floor in front of him, ran my hands up his thighs til they were just grazing the bulge at the center. I looked up at him and asked if he was sure, and he gulped. I ran my hand gently over that bulge and watched his face as I slowly massaged it through the fabric. Then, I pulled the fly down and reached into the pants to pull that cock out. I stroked it and ran my tongue over the head, finding moisture already beading there. I wrapped my tits around his cock, looking up into his eyes as I started to bounce up and down, tit-fucking him. He pulled me up then, and settled me on his lap. I reached between us, grabbed his cock and fitted it straight into my entrance, sliding my hot, wet cunt right down over that huge shaft. He filled me up, stretching me perfectly, and touching all the right places. I rode him to a fantastic orgasm, and took him over the edge with me as my muscles worked his cock over.

GFE Phone Sex in Public

GFE phone sexWe went out to dinner, and had a great time. The best part was when I excused myself from the table after dinner. Apparently he paid the bill immediately, because I’d hardly started to wash my hands and check my makeup and hair when he walked into the restroom. I started to say something, but he held a finger to his lips as he checked each stall. He locked the door to the ladies room and walked up behind me. We looked at each other in the mirror, and he pulled my hair down. His hands trailed through my hair, down to my ass, and slid up my skirt. He pulled my panties aside and started fingering me. I watched him watching me as he finger-fucked me, and I knew the exact moment he pulled his cock out. It slid between my thighs and replaced his fingers inside of me. I watched him watching me as his hands slid up to my tits, and he started to thrust into me. He fucked me in long, deep strokes, driving me quickly over the brink just as someone came and knocked on the door. He came just then, filling my pussy up. We fixed ourselves, and he snuck into the cubby at the end of the room. I excused myself from the restroom to a couple of curious old ladies, and laughed all the way to the car. He made it out without being found out, we think.

Sexy Chicks Surprise Boyfriend

Sexy chicksShe was so sexy, and I wanted to taste her. So, I started flirting with her hot and heavy, and by the time we left the gym, we left it together. She stayed the night, and when he called the next morning to tell me he was on his way home, I had the most brilliant plan. By the time he walked in the door, she and I were in sexy lingerie, making out on the couch. Our cunts and asses were bare and facing the doorway, so that the first thing he saw when he walked in was our hungry pussies. He wasted no time in getting undressed and joining us on the couch, running hands over each of our asses as he joined our make out session. Fingers found each pussy as our hands found his dick. We made matters worse by picking the same time to push back and away enough to lean down and share in tasting his cock. He fucked me first, sliding that big dick into my wet, hot pussy. Well, she was the jealous type, and she decided to climb onto my back and put her pussy in his face while he fucked me. We spent the entire rest of the day fucking, and have plans to do it again this weekend!

GFE Phone Sex in the Kitchen

GFE phone sexI knew he was almost home, he’d texted to let me know he was picking up the bottle of wine that I had asked for. I was almost done making dinner, and was just finished cleaning up the prep when I heard the door open. I climbed up on the counter and got into doggy-position, pulled my shirt up and my panties aside, and waited for him to come around the corner. His eyes locked onto me the moment he did, and his cock made a huge tent. I wiggled my ass as I beamed at him, and he immediately dropped his pants and walked behind me. His tongue found my ass hole first, while his fingers dipped to my clit. I was already wet and ready, and he was just driving me closer and closer to the edge. When he pulled my hips down, I knew he was about to shove his big dick into me, and I pressed my chest and belly into the counter, making sure my ass was at just the right angle for him to slide his cock straight in. The fullness of him inside me once again made my eyes shut, and I moaned loudly. He started thrusting, and the way his dick rubbed over the muscles and nerves inside of me, and massaged my g-spot, drove me wild. I came so quickly, and he was so hot and ready that he came inside me just about the same time. We had a little mess to clean up before we could eat, but dinner was amazing!

Sexy Babe and Her Boyfriend’s Car

Sexy babeI went out and washed his car for him today. He’s been working really hard, and I know how much he loves his car, so I put on my bikini and started washing it. I got it all wet and lathered up my sponge. I started rubbing suds all over the car from back to front. It was as I was getting to the front end that he walked out, stretching, asking why I hadn’t woken him like I normally do. I turned around covered in suds where I had been rubbing to reach the center of the car, and his cock was instantly hard. He walked right over to me and put me up on the hood of his car. His hands undid my bikini and tossed it aside before covering my tits. My legs wrapped around him, my pussy already dripping wet, hungry for his cock. He pulled his dick out and slid it between my legs, pushing the bikini bottoms aside, and slide smoothly inside of me. I lifted my legs, letting him push in as deeply as he could get. We rocked that poor car for a good bit before we finally came together. He helped me finish washing the car, but damn me, we had the best time doing it!

Erotic Roleplaying to Porn

Erotic roleplayingI love watching porn. Anything from vanilla to super-kinky, it turns me on so much. I watch it when I’m alone, and sometimes with him. More often than not, I also touch myself. I massage my tits, pinch and twist my nipples, and run my hands the length of my body. I like to flick my clit a few times before I spread my pussy lips and slide fingers up and down my gash. The feeling of my pussy juices spreading along my slit makes me even more excited, and I love to taste it. I’ll dip fingers into myself and start massaging my clit with my other hand. When my guy is with me, he’ll often push my fingers off my clit, and start licking and sucking on it while I finger-fuck myself. My favorite, though, is when he moves my hands completely out of the way, and slides into me at parts that he knows are turning me on a lot. Feeling him fill me up as I watch things that just make my pussy throb is the most erotic feeling, and it makes me cum so hard and fast, every time. Then, I’m pulsing around him as he thrusts in and out, and I keep getting off, driving him off even faster. Yeah, porn is so much fun!

Ass Sex Porn with Mercy

Ass sex pornHe had me bent over my couch, his finger deep inside my ass, playing with my g spot from the other side. I held onto the couch with one hand, and my tit with the other, feeling all kinds of hot and bothered and just ready to be fucked. I wanted his dick inside of me, and he was taking his time. Finally, he pulled his finger out, and I felt that soft, fleshy head starting to press against my sphincter. I gripped the couch and my tit tighter as I felt my muscles start to give way, and his head press harder into me. The hardness of his shaft was starting to stretch me, and I worked to make sure my muscles didn’t clench up. I wanted him inside of me, and I just had to withstand that first bit of pain. At last, the head had worked its way in, and he started thrusting into me gently. Each thrust, though, got harder, and drove him deeper, until he was as deep as he could get. GFE phone sexThen, he did the most wonderful thing: he stepped up on either side of me on the couch and lifted me up with him so that my ass was further in the air. He started driving and drilling me deep, pressing so far into me, and slapping my clit with his balls so hard, that I came quickly. As I shook and screamed under him, he just kept on plowing my ass. He finally came deep inside my tight ass, but not until I’d cum 3 more times. Damn, I can’t wait for him to come back!

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