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Sexy Night In

Shaved wet pussy

I wanted to surprise you this evening. I made a delicious dinner and chilled some wine, lit some candles and really tried to set the mood. When you walked through the door I was waiting for you in nothing but a cute little apron and some high heels. I wanted to give you the ultimate 50’s housewife fantasy! I sat you on the couch with a glass of your favorite drink and took off your shoes and socks. I massaged your feet until you relaxed into the couch, I know how sore they get from working all day. I then got on my knees between your legs and massaged your cock through your pants before undoing your them, slipping my hand inside and pulling out your stiffening member. I used my hand to stroke you before pressing my lips gently against the head and taking your dick into my warm, wet mouth, I used my mouth and tongue until you were writhing on the couch. Then I straddled you and slowly slid my soaking wet cunt onto your cock and began to thrust my hips slowly, riding you, tits bouncing in your face, kissing passionately. I fucked you like that slowly at first and then faster and harder until you climaxed and came deep inside my pussy. I then cleaned you up with my mouth, redid your pants and then led you to the table. Dinner is served my love.



Threesome with the New Neighbors

Naughty neighbor phone sex


A new couple moved in across the street last week and I decided to welcome them to the neighborhood. I brought them a bottle of wine and went to knock on their door after work. I heard moaning and could see them through their sheer curtains getting it on in their living room. I stood there watching for a bit before deciding to walk away but they must’ve noticed me because the door opened and he was standing before me in a robe. I stuttered out a welcome while offering the bottle. When I was invited me in I turned bright red but nodded out a yes. She was still naked on the couch and I could feel my pussy get wet at the sight of her perfect breasts. He put his hand around my waist and told me to relax, they were having a great time and could tell that I wanted to get a better view when they saw me watching. He slid off his robe and I could see his huge, swollen cock and couldn’t help but reach out and grab it. I looked back at her as I got on my knees and she nodded her approval and I started licking the pussy juices off of his cock. Soon she was beckoning me to her and I buried my face in her pussy, pleasuring her with long strokes of my tongue. I could feel him come up behind me and push his dick into my tight little asshole and start to thrust. I moaned out and pushed my tongue deeper into her. We went like this with all of us sucking and fucking for what seemed like hours until his balls were empty and cum was covering both of our faces and tits. Welcome to the neighborhood! We will definitely have to do this again!

Mutual Masturbation Stories

Mutual Masturbation Stories

I know you get so aroused watching me play with my pretty pink pussy that I sometimes just can’t contain myself and find my hands wandering. I love putting on a show for you by rubbing my little clit and fingering my wet hole while you stroke your big, thick cock and watch me pleasure my cunt. There are times when we will just masturbate and cum together and be perfectly content and satisfied without even needing to fuck. I absolutely love when you stand in front of me while I’m on my knees before you, allowing me to lick and suck on your dick and balls while you stroke hard and fast and then pull back to cum into my open mouth and on my face and tits. The explosion of hot cum on my skin is enough to send me over the brink of orgasm myself!

Titty Fucking Porn

Titty fucking porn

You know I’d do anything for you, so when you wanted to make a home video of course I said yes! First you had me do a sexy little striptease for you and the camera. Then you motioned for me to come get on my knees. I worked my hands and mouth up and down your cock til you were groaning. I slobbered all over your hard dick and then spit on my tits before pushing them together around your cock. You titty fucked me while I licked the tip of your cock and kept you nice and lubed up. You alternated between fucking my tits and fucking my mouth, pulling my hair and making me choke and gag while you forced your cock deeper into my throat. You pulled out and came all over my face and tits and told me to smile for the camera while I clean it up!


Tease and Denial

Tease and denial

My God how I love teasing you. Brushing my breasts or ass up against you in when we are in public, resting my hand on your thigh during dinners out, whispering in your ear how wet I am. I love going to the ladies room in the middle of dinner and bringing you back my soaked panties. I absolutely love seeing you quiver and shake as you feel that tingle down your spine and rush of blood to your cock. Building that anticipation of getting to fuck my tight, wet cunt just makes me want to tease you more. The best part? You might not even get to fuck me, yet. I may decide to build it even more by telling you no. Not only that, but telling you not to get off at all. To wait and build that orgasm so that when you finally do get to cum deep inside me it’ll feel even more amazing. Tease and denial is the name of the game…and you love every minute, don’t you?

GFE Phone Sex

GFE phone sex


I know how hard you work and I thought you deserved some recognition. When you got home today I met you with kisses and your favorite drink. I led you to the bedroom where I had a large towel set out on the bed. I unbuttoned your shirt and undid your pants, stripping you down until you were naked and then I had you lay down on the bed. I had nice hot massage oil that I drizzled down your back before deeply massaging it in. I worked on your back and shoulders until you were fully relaxed and comfortable. Then I had you flip over. I knew it felt good but seeing your member standing at full attention confirmed it. I massaged your chest and legs, working my way towards the grand finale. I put the hot oil in my hands first before massaging it onto you dick and balls, hearing you moan out in pleasure. I worked your hard cock until you couldn’t stand it anymore and you pulled me down onto the bed and forcefully slid your dick into my wet and ready pussy. You fucked me harder and faster than usual, just focusing on that end result. When you did cum you filled me past the brim and cum poured out when you pulled out of me. A nice hot creampie to reward for the hot oil massage. Fair trade I think!

Lesbian phone sex

Lesbian phone sex

I love a girl’s night out. Especially one that turns into a night in. We went to this really fun tiki bar, had far too many pina coladas and ended up dancing so close and provocatively we basically put on a show for the rest of the crowd. The way your fantastic breasts looked pushed up into that little silver dress and the way the fabric clings to your every curve had my pussy dripping wet before we even got home. I know our Uber driver loved watching us makeout in the back of his car, he probably went home and thought about us. We made it to the bedroom, kissing passionately the whole way. Your hands on my face while my hands were running up your thighs and gripping your perfect tight ass. I pushed you down into the bed and pulled those panties down and buried my face in your delicious pussy. My tongue devouring every inch of you as I feel your hips rock back against me. I use two fingers to gently enter you and slowly start finger fucking your tight hole. That combined with my tongue rubbing small, fast circles on your clit must’ve been what you needed because soon you were cumming on my face. I love the taste of your wet juices all over my face. A perfect girl’s night.

Erotic Roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying

Tonight was wonderful! We had a lovely night out consisting of dinner and a show. We both had a little too much wine with dinner and were touchy and giggly on the ride home. I just couldn’t wait to get upstairs to the bedroom and I started kissing you as we moved quickly to the couch. Hands wandering and clothes being removed between deep kisses and whispered sweet nothings. I took to my knees and took your cock into my hand, pointing the head of it towards my red lips and licking with my hot tongue. Swirling the along the tip before parting my lips and taking you into my mouth. I bob my head up and down taking your thick cock deep into my throat. You moan out and I straddle your lap, facing you as we deeply and passionately kiss. I position my tight cunt over your stiff cock and slowly ease myself onto you. I rock my hips back and forth faster and harder as you hold me close. We climax together as our bodies are intertwined, your hot cum filling me to the brim. A perfect end to a great night!

Foot Fetishes Massage

Foot fetishes

I know how much you absolutely adore my feet. The way they look in strappy high heels, the scent of them after I go to the gym. Everything about them turns you on. Tonight is for you. I went and got a pedicure today, so my toenails are perfectly manicured and painted princess pink and my skin is nice and soft without any callouses. I lay on the ground and have you sit on the couch and massage my feet with warm massage oil, getting them nice and slick. I sit up and wordlessly take your cock out of your pants and grab a little oil and get you nice and hard with my hands before laying back down and putting my feet in your lap, gently rubbing them up and down the length of your rock hard dick. With one foot on either side you hold my feet together onto your cock and slowly fuck my feet. It tickles slightly but feels so good and I smile up at you. I can tell you are getting close, so I lean forward as you finish and hot cum shoots across my face and tits, dribbling down my feet as you moan slightly. I love using every part of my body for your pleasure.

Sunset on the Beach

Cocksucking phone sex

It sounds cliché but I really do love long walks on the beach. The sun is setting along the waves as we slowly walk along hand in hand after a day of fun at the beach. We found this deserted little alcove and rook a detour to explore it. When you realized how secluded we were you took me into a warm embrace, and we kissed so deeply time stood still. I smiled at you as your hands wandered down my sides and found their way to my hips, pulling me close. I softly kissed your neck as you undid my bikini top. It fell to the sand, exposing my soft breasts to the dimming sunlight. I gasped as you leaned down and took my nipple into your mouth and gently sucked on it, my hands at the nape of your neck pulling you in tighter. I got down on my knees and pulled your stiff cock from your swim trunks and leaned forward to kiss the head. I held the base as I slowly licked up and down your shaft before taking you fully into my mouth. I love hearing you moan as the tip pushes against the back of my throat. I moved my head up and down, my hands grasping the backs of your thighs. I adore making you feel good and I could tell you enjoyed it from the taste of precum on my tongue. I worked you harder and faster, moaning onto your cock until I felt that salty hot cum fill my mouth which I swallowed right up. Looking up I smiled and stood to embrace you tightly, my head resting on your shoulder. A perfect end to a wonderful day.

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