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Latina Stripper Whore

 Ass fetishI wanted to leave my miserable gang life behind, so I crossed the border from Mexico to the United States. It got better money wise but inside i felt like a dirty whore. I was working at this strip club called Jaguars in Odessa TX. It was so uncomfortable getting dirty looks from all my co-workers calling me beaner, wet-back telling me to go back to Mexico. I was the only Latina up in that bitch and of course i was getting all the attention from the gringos and black men. They would love how i would whisper some Spanish into their ear, asking them if they wanted a private. I had a line waiting and a face full of cum. Yes us Mexican Latina women love sucking dick. I deep throat that big fat dick of yours till you make me gag and make my fucking eyes watery. Do you want a private daddy?

Teasing The Tiny Cock

phone sex line gingerWhat is more fun then fucking a big and juicy cock while my hubby plays with his tiny dick and watches. Unable to cum unless I give him permission and ordered to clean up all the mess our fucking creates with his mouth.
I will tell you what is more fun. Walking around half naked all day, teasing him with my delicious body and wet pussy glistening when i sit and spread my legs for him to lust over.
he has to continue his duties as a cucky while he fights the primal urges that take over his body. Just because he has a little dick, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the same urges that every man feels.
Each time I see his little dick getting hard I cause it some kind of pain to insure that it gets nice and soft again.

Window Show

best phone sex candyI know you watch me every night from my window. Our houses are right next to each other. Lucky for you, you have the perfect view. I love to indulge your fantasy. I can only imagine how hard your cock gets as you watch me bend over. My long legs being caressed by my soft hands gently. I start stripping slowly. My crop top comes off over my head. I know you love it. I bend over. You can almost see my ass cheeks in my tight shorts. I slowly take them off. I am enjoying teasing you from a far. Once I have all my clothes off, I walk over to my bed. My legs are spread wide open. I know you can see everything through your window. I love giving you a show, knowing that you will never have the nerve to come over and get what you want.