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Let me be your new fuck toy

Best phone sex

I want to be your personal little sexy toy, and I mean that in the most nastiest way baby. I want you to use my cunt as your personal fuck hole all night long, and I promise I will be a good girl. I don’t get to fuck nearly as often as I would like because we moved to a neighborhood full of super old men that can’t even get there cocks hard. But its still fun to try, I like to go to there house all dressed up in something sexy and when they see me they almost have a heart attack. Then when I come inside I get on my knees and pull out there wrinkly fat cock and start to suck. Some times I get surprised when I feel a hot steamy load go down my throat, because I didn’t even that those saggy balls had any cum in them. So this is why I need your young  big cock tonight baby, and I promise you won’t regret it. I have  sweet young voice and a tight cunt for you to use. Once you have talked to me I promise I will be your new hot sexy woman you call.

Let Eden take care of you

Don’t you ever just get tired of those little fucking petite little girls with a flat chest? Well I am a thick curvy woman with big fucking tits and a nice round firm ass. My body is soft and smooth like a little ones but and I defiantly know how to ride that fucking cock better then these little fucking sluts. Let a older woman take care of you and show you how much better I am a draining those big fucking balls that are just full with cum. You should at least drain them twice a fucking day and  I could easily do that for you baby. I can be your good little fucking mature phone sex whore tonight, you would like that wouldn’t you? Have a older woman worship that fucking young cock will drive those big swollen cum filled balls crazy. Your big fat mushroom head will be squirting with hot sticky precum that I wanna clean up with my tongue baby. Let me be your dirty cougar tonight and I promise you won’t fucking regret it. You will end up getting addicted to my fucking voice and how good I am at draining those fucking balls.Best phone sex

GFE experience and some good fucking

Best phone sex

My biggest asset isn’t my face or my personality, its my big double D’s and my tight little fucking pink cunt between my legs. My little pussy is all that I am good for and I love fucking all night long. But honestly I love when I can give you a girl friend experience to because I can be a good little slut and  listen to you and actually talk better then a lot of these other sluts. My little fucking cunt is begging for you to call so I can rub her until she squirts all over my bed and I promise I will lick it off like a good little girl friend whore. I really like when you tell me you wanna make love to me and I turn it around and end up fucking your brains out where you cum hits the ceiling. Wouldn’t you like that tonight baby? I can make your cum hit the ceiling and give you a good conversation while I am at it. I just want to please you every way possible, that’s why I’m here. I just wanna make myself available for you to use all my little tight fucking holes all night.

Let Eden take care of those balls

GFE phone sex

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have some that you could really fucking nasty with and they could be a hot sexy woman? Well I’m not like your wife or girlfriend I can promise you that. I love to get really nasty and to please you, I want to drain those big fucking balls. I want you to unload those balls all over my big fucking tits, then after I make you drain those balls you don’t even have to talk to me after, Hehe. I can be all that you ever wanted in a filthy slut. I wanna be on hands and knees with my little whore mouth open ready for that cock as soon as you come home from work. I will move my tongue around that big fat mushroom head and then start licking down that shaft all the way to your big man balls. I want you to put both of your big balls in my mouth so I can gargle them and be a good whore. Then after your cock is all nice and wet I will bend over and spread my little ass cheeks so you can get a good look at my tight little cunt hole. Then you can rub your cock head on my little cunt then just start pounding away. You can get all your frustration out on my cunt and get your balls drained at the same time.

Fantasy phone sex with Eden

Best phone sex

I am so excited! I just started volunteering for this club in my town where all the old men go and don’t bring there wives. I mean it is going to be a free for all for me and my cunt couldn’t be more happy. I have been thinking about how I can go into the bathroom and have those big hard cocks come in one after another and they can use any of my little tight holes that they want. They can even double penetrate my little pink cunt and my rosebud little asshole. I would be so filled with fucking cum I would go home and when I take off my little lacy panties there is just a pile of white creamy cum from all the guys I fucked that night. Then seeing all that cum will make my little pussy horny again so I will finger my cunt hole until I squirt all over my bed. Of course being the little slut I am I will use my little tongue to clean up all the pussy juices I just squirted out.

Let Eden take care of that cock

Best phone sex

I have this neighbor who is really into bondage and I found that so interesting that I had to go over and flirt and make him want my little bald cunt. I just made sure that his wife wasn’t home before I went. Hehe. When I went over he took my upstairs to his room that is filled with nasty kinky things, and next thing I knew I was tied up on my knees at his fucking command. I never felt that feeling before being dominated and treated like a fucking slut and I loved it. I need to feel that feeling again so if your dominate and you wanna show me how I am a dirty whore then you should call me so I can get that big fat fucking cock off.

Sexy phone chat with Eden

Sexy phone chat

I think once you hear my voice your cock is going to become addicted to me. You are going to get a fucking hard on during the day thinking about all the kinky things I told you the night before. Since I am pretty much into every fetish we can talk about anything that turns you on and makes that mushroom head squirt precum. I would love to satisfy all of your needs and make sure you are completely satisfied which also means I will take care of your cock and those big balls. Your cock is my priority and I am a submissive little slut who wants your cock in every hole of mine. Do you think you have you enough cum to fill all of my holes.

Drop your wife and get you a Eden

Best phone sexI love being the whore of the neighborhood. I honestly love getting those fuck me eyes when I am out jogging letting my big double d’s bounce around. By the time I got home my cunt is all creamy and then I have to go next door and sneak the husband to my house for a quick fuck. We get inside and I waste no time I strip his clothes off and bend over the coach with my cunt up in the air. He sticks his thick shaft in and out of my cunt while he is grabbing my hips and pulling my hair. He loves coming over and fucking me because his wife is so boring in the bedroom. So if your wife isn’t cutting it in the bedroom give me a chance baby.

I can fuck you better then your wife.

Best phone sexCan you be a good boy for me? Can you listen to Ms.Eden and get on your knees and let me put my tight little cunt in your mouth. Mhm, I love when your trying to talk and my cunt is just filling your mouth. I like to bend over while your still on your knees and putting my tight little asshole on your tongue. I like when you listen and I get to use you like my own personal sperm bank. I would love to have your wife sit and watch you eat my asshole, and watching you stick your big cock in my cunt and watch is gush all over your shaft and balls. She would really hate that wouldn’t she? But she deserves it because she is such a bore in the bedroom that is why you come to house to fuck me.

Merry Cuntmas from Eden

Best phone sexI hope you had a good Christmas and you got lots of tight fucking cunts. I defiantly was a little fucking slut and I gave the gift of cumming to lots of my hot neighbors with huge cocks. That was all that was on my Christmas list was a bunch of huge cocks sliding in and out of my meat sleeve  and making sure I get lots of cum loads. I am excited to see what the New Year brings for my cunt, and I have been thinking about maybe taking a part time job at the local strip club.. It would be a good place to meet the older sexy men from my neighborhood. Mhm, what do you think I should do? Yes or No?

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