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I want you to my little bitch tonight

Best phone sexI like to be a little dominate sometimes over all these young boys around me, and even the old dads that jog around the neighborhood. I can be really kinky and my favorite thing to do is get my big black strao on and bend over the lucky guy that gets to me my little bitch that night. I will make you get on your knees dressed up in my sexiest panties and a bra and of course I have some lipstick on your lips so I can see it on my stap on. I will take the back of your head and make you take the whole 10 inch black cock making you gag all over it.

I bet you would scream and cry like a little bitch and I make you take the tears and lube your asshole up for me to fuck your little asshole. I wanna grab your hips and slide that little asshole on my stap on until you can’t take it anymore. Wanna be my little bitch tonight?

The little neighbor boy has his first P mommy

Best phone sexMe being the cougar I am, had to go visit the new neighbors they have a teenage son that I just couldn’t wait to meet. I decided to wear a skimpy little white dress and some sexy panties underneath just in case. I walked over and knocked my pussy dripping awaiting the door to open, and then bam there is there hot ass son looking straight at my tits as he opened the door. I went in and to my acknowledgement his parents weren’t home, so he started to show me around and we went to his room. I acted as if I was intrested in the design of his pants but really I just wanted to see that big fucking cock in my face. I came on a little strong when I just started to unbutton his pants and pull out that big cock and start sucking every inch of it. He looked down at me and could barley control himself as I went deeper and deeper.

I started rubbing my pussy and slowly I took my soaking wet panties off and shoved them into his mouth. I told him I was his new p mommy and that he was going to do whatever I said. I told him to get on his knees and start jerking his cock to me rubbing my cunt for him. He did as I asked and then I bent over and told him to come fuck my tight p mommy pussy. He came over and started thrusting his cock in and out until he just couldn’t help himself and busted all in my tight cunt.

Best phone sex with a sexy MILF

Best phone sexI have seen you walking up and down my street all week. I see you getting off the bus and walking home looking so freaking cute. This time I waited outside to invite you in for a after school snack. You gladly accepted my offer and followed me in, I was wearing a tight little dress that was showing my little ass. I seen him sneaking a peek as I bent over to get him a drink. I felt him get close to my ass and I started thrusting back letting him know I wanted that cock in my tight pussy. He took control and bent me over my kitchen counter and fucked me better then I ever got fucked before. I let him shoot those loads in my cunt over and over again.

Best phone sex with a little slut

GFE phone sexI love touching myself while I talk to dirty to you.I like to lay down and spread my legs and start rubbing my pussy making my clity nice and wet for you. My favorite thing to do is putting the phone down by my pussy  you can hear how wet I am. I like to smack my pussy lips with one hand, so you can hear it. I also like to hear you jerk your cock off and you telling my how you are getting harder and harder for my pussy. I love to hear you shoot your load everywhere and how good it feels. I love pleasing you and making you feel good baby, that is what I here for. I am here to give you the best phone sex you ever had baby.

Best phone sex with Eden

Best phone sexHow would you like a thick milf cunt on your big meat stick? I am the best little whore in the neighborhood, believe me you will not wanna fuck your saggy wives pussy after you had a taste of mine. I like feeling all your precum drip out of your big mushroom head on my clit and I use it as lube to get my cunt nice and ready for you. Then I will grab the shaft of your cock and let you feel all the ridges in my cunt as you push deeper and deeper. Is this making your cock hard? If so, then pick up your phone dial my number and get ready to shot load after load. I am the best there is and I will make sure you feel good.

Best phone sex with Eden

Best phone sex Do you like that I have my pretty pink cunt spread open for you? I am ready to take your fucking huge cock in my tiny pussy hole and my asshole baby. I like to be a submissive whore and please you in every way. I will be on my hands and knees waiting for you to get off of work and I will have my mouth open ready to clean your cock, balls, and asshole after a long hard day at work. I will even put on the nastiest porn you like so you can jerk off right onto my face after. Do you like using a little whore like me as a sex doll? I like when you degrade me and call me really nasty names it makes my pussy cush with wetness.

Best phone sex with eden

Best phone sex If you want the best phone sex you ever had then I am your girl baby. I love getting really nasty and please you as much as I can baby. I wanna take my big fat tittes and wrap them around you cock while you thrust between them and I will open my mouth and suck your big fat mushroom head. Mhm, wouldn’t that feel good baby? I want to please you in ever way I can, don’t you want that? I will suck on that cock till your balls burst all down my throat and I will drink it all. You can treat me like a little slut and make me your own. I love fingering my little pussy while you tell me all the nasty things over the phone.

Best phone sex with your new master

Best phone sex

I know you have been wondering where you can get the best phone sex at? Well you came to the right place baby. I haven’t had a good sissy boy in a long time, do you wanna be my little puppy? I can put a collar on you and walk you around with your wives panties on that soft little cock. I want to make you my little bitch boy and make you please me in every way… if you lucky.. I will let you stroke your cock to me and maybe you will get to feel how my pussy grips around your pathetic little cock. I like making men my little slaves, if you want to have a sexy milf be your master than you should call and we can do some erotic roleplaying all night long.

Best phone sex with eden

Best phone sex

I haven’t got fucked in a while and momma needs some good young dick. I kinda want this young brat that just moved in down the road, he has been riding his skateboard up and down the street teasing me every time I see him. I thought about telling him he can come swim in my pool and then I could force him to give momma that young cock. I can be a little whore sometimes and just takes things I want and not think about the other persons feelings. Hehe, but who wouldn’t want this tight cunt on there young little cock. This would be the best phone sex you would ever have baby, and I can’t wait to tell you the rest of the story baby.

Let me please you

Best phone sexMy favorite kind of phone sex is GFE phone sex, Do you like calling a girl and just getting nasty things told to you? I love when I get calls and you tell me you want to take full control and please every inch of my body. My pussy soaks through my panties and I can’t help but to stick my hands in my panties and rub my tight little cunt. I love rubbing my throbbing clit and taking two fingers forcing them in my cunt feeling the all my squirt juices go over my fingers. You can feel how good I am feeling through the phone and you can’t handle it you just explode all over your hands. I wish I was there to clean it up.

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