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Cuckolding My Boyfriend

Cuckold phone sex

I get a pure sense of satisfaction talking dirty on the phone with you while my sissy cuck boyfriend sits right next to me. I get so horny and wet knowing that he’s sitting there with his pathetic dicklet while you and I discuss all the dirty things we will do to each other. I love making that cuck listen to you tell me how much you to want to lick my dripping wet pussy and plunge your thick rock hard cock inside me. I love to see the look on his cuck face when I put you speaker phone! Why don’t you tell him all the nasty things we do together, how you face fuck me with your 9 inch cock while he is at work. I love making my cuck boyfriend watch while I finger fuck my bald wet pussy thinking and talking dirty to you. Let’s taunt him and tell him how his pathetic cock will never be inside of me ever again! It makes me squirt all over teasing him like that.

Exhibitionist Sex Gets Me Off

Exhibitionist sex

I am no stranger to hot exhibitionist sex, I get so fucking turned on knowing that fucking out in public. Yesterday, I went to the country club to scout out some sexy, older, married men. I took my tight body to the country club pool and lounged around with my legs spread and my tight body on display. I got so fucking horny, I just couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled my bikini bottoms off and spread my legs exposing my bald wet cunt to the country club goers. I rubbed my soaking wet pussy and moaned so loud. I waved over this older married man and begged him to fuck me. He pulled his cock out and fucked my sweet mouth and throat. I got it all nice and wet so he could shove it in my tight wet pussy! My pussy gets so wet fucking him in front of the country club crowd. I squirted all over him and begged for his cum!

Horny for You

fantasy phone sex

I am so fucking horny for you right now. My bald pink pussy is just dripping waiting for your call. I am so fucking horny and I would do anything that you want me to do. If you asked me to drop down to my hands and knees and suck your rock hard cock at the dinner table, nothing would stop me. Not even if your family is all there. I don’t care who watches. I would be your whore girlfriend whenever you please. Day and night, my mouth and my wet fuck holes are yours whenever you want. I will always be ready to please you. I’m laying in bed right now rubbing my hard wet clit and finger fucking my wet pussy just thinking about you. I want to grind my hot wet pussy all over your cock and ride you until you cum deep inside me.

GFE Phone Sex With Eden


GFE Phone Sex

I know I am the girl of your dreams. I get so excited and horny when you call. I can’t wait to get on the phone with you and talk about how I would sensually stroke your cock if you were here with me. Having GFE phone sex with you while you stroke your hard cock and I rub my wet clit is my favorite part of my night. I’m not like other girls, I know how to treat a man and worship their cocks. A proper hot girlfriend like me should know how to please her man. My tight wet pussy would always be ready to be fucked by you. Whenever you leave, I would rub my cunt thinking of you. And when you return home, I will make sure to greet you at the door on my hands and knees completely naked with my mouth ready to take your cock and relieve you of your stress. My sensual voice will have you wrapped around my finger.


Shower Hottie

Best phone sex

I love doing dirty things in the shower. I especially love doing dirty things in the shower with you! While the wife’s away at her book club or PTA meetings, I love stripping down in your bathroom and climbing into the hot shower with you. I know you love seeing my tight fit yoga body and perky natural tits dripping wet. I love kissing you from your neck down to your hard cock and sucking that yummy pre cum right up as the water pours down our naked bodies. I know she doesn’t suck you off like I do. I love when you press me up against the fogged up glass doors and rub the head of your juicy thick cock all over my tight wet pussy and asshole. Don’t you feel how much tighter and fresher my pussy is than her? She would never let you fuck her up against the shower door, but I do! Because I crave your cock and cum every day!

Teen Mistress Sex

best phone sex

I have always been asked how I became such a pro homewrecker. And the answer is easy, I have always had such a thing for married men. Even when I was just a young little slut, I enjoyed seducing married like my best friend’s dads, my teachers, my swim coach and even my step-dad. That’s right, even my own mother’s husband! She married such a young hot stud, I just couldn’t resist. Besides, he was closer to my age than hers. And I knew he couldn’t either. I knew he want my young hot bald pussy sliding up and down on his thick cock. So, I made a plan to seduce him. I wanted my step-dad to be my first married man. With my skimpiest bikini, I laid out by the pool and waited for him to see me. Looked at my tiny teen body up and down and I showed him my perky teen tits. His cock got so hard, I couldn’t help myself but to lick him from the tip of his cock down to his balls. I worked his thick mushroom head with my teen mouth and slurped up his oozing sweet precum right into my whore mouth. I shoved his cock balls deep inside my little teen mouth. Down to my throat, gagging and sucking on his rock hard cock. I wanted it so bad. I leaned back and pushed my bikini bottoms to the side exposing my young tight teen cunnie. My step-dad pushed me back on the pool lounger and shoved his sopping wet cock deep inside my little teen cunt. He popped my cherry and make me scream his name as I squirted all over him. So you see, I love being a mistress. I don’t care how many homes I wreck, even if it is my own.

Slutty Girlfriend

Cuckold Phone Sex

I know I said I was the perfect girl, but I might have embellished a bit. Everyone has their dirty sex secrets right? Well here’s mine. While I love being the perfect serving girlfriend, a dark part of me also loves being a dirty cock whore. I just can’t help being such a slut! Now I know you have been spying on me and you’ve discovered that I have been cucking you with your two best friends! Oopsie. I can’t help but love to get Eiffel towered by those big hulking cocks! Sorry baby, but your dicklit doesn’t cut it for me all the time. Meanwhile, Roger and Dodger have massive 10 inch coke can cocks! Sorry, babe, but I much rather be spit roasted by them and have Roger eat his brother’s cum out of my cunt than have your little sausage poking around inside of me. As If! You are welcome to join us any time. But as an audience, not a player. 😉

Your Dream Girl

Best Phone Sex

Every one deserves a sexy hot woman to worship their cocks and wait on them hand and foot. I’m the perfect girlfriend who will worship you and be subservient to you. Your happiness and pleasure is all that matters to me. I will gleefully await your return from work on my hands and knees, naked with supple breasts dangling while I bow for you. I’ve hungrily waited all day for you cock and I crave your creamy cum. As soon as you walk through the door, my hungry pink lips are parted wide open waiting and begging for your hard cock. As your dream girl, I will suckle on your thick hard cock ravenously, slurping every warm drop of pre-cum down my throat. I pull your cock deeply into my mouth and throat fuck your cock enthusiastically. Your cock pumps in and out of my throat passionately as I massage your balls with my hand. Fill my mouth up with your cum and I’m all yours!

Let me be your new fuck toy

Best phone sex

I want to be your personal little sexy toy, and I mean that in the most nastiest way baby. I want you to use my cunt as your personal fuck hole all night long, and I promise I will be a good girl. I don’t get to fuck nearly as often as I would like because we moved to a neighborhood full of super old men that can’t even get there cocks hard. But its still fun to try, I like to go to there house all dressed up in something sexy and when they see me they almost have a heart attack. Then when I come inside I get on my knees and pull out there wrinkly fat cock and start to suck. Some times I get surprised when I feel a hot steamy load go down my throat, because I didn’t even that those saggy balls had any cum in them. So this is why I need your young  big cock tonight baby, and I promise you won’t regret it. I have  sweet young voice and a tight cunt for you to use. Once you have talked to me I promise I will be your new hot sexy woman you call.

Let Eden take care of you

Don’t you ever just get tired of those little fucking petite little girls with a flat chest? Well I am a thick curvy woman with big fucking tits and a nice round firm ass. My body is soft and smooth like a little ones but and I defiantly know how to ride that fucking cock better then these little fucking sluts. Let a older woman take care of you and show you how much better I am a draining those big fucking balls that are just full with cum. You should at least drain them twice a fucking day and  I could easily do that for you baby. I can be your good little fucking mature phone sex whore tonight, you would like that wouldn’t you? Have a older woman worship that fucking young cock will drive those big swollen cum filled balls crazy. Your big fat mushroom head will be squirting with hot sticky precum that I wanna clean up with my tongue baby. Let me be your dirty cougar tonight and I promise you won’t fucking regret it. You will end up getting addicted to my fucking voice and how good I am at draining those fucking balls.Best phone sex

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