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phone sex TherapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I tell men what they need to hear, but no one else has the balls to tell them, especially their wives or girlfriends. I will tell you your cock is too small. I will tell you that you are a latent homosexual. I will tell you that you belong in panties. I will tell you need sissy training because you are not meant to be a real man. I have no problem with brutal honesty. I don’t need to sugar coat anything because I don’t need anything from you nor am I financially dependent on you. That is why so many men call me. They know the truth, but need it confirmed. Guys enjoy phone sex therapy because it is cathartic to be validated. Some women think all men are dumb; I am not one of them. I think many men are very in tune with their short comings and their issues; however, it feels good when a sexy woman like myself confirms that their dick is too small to give anyone pleasure or that they were meant for sucking cock, not fucking women. Andy called me this morning about his wife. If you have your suspicions about your wife with other men and aren’t one of those people who doesn’t trust anyone, then likely she is getting cock on the side. Some tale tall signs, however, include you having a small or limp dick; lack of sex between the two of you; her spending more time on her appearance; and her being gone from the home more for any myriad of reasons. If a woman is in her 30s or older, married to a man with dick issues and not fucking him, likely she is cheating if she appears happy The older we get, the more important getting some is to us. Don’t delude yourself into thinking something else is going on. Call me and admit how turned on you get thinking about your wife with another man.

Sexy Girlfriend Porn with a Young Stud

sexy girlfriend pornI made a sexy girlfriend porn with this young stud I am fucking. I am twenty years his senior. He is all about making dirty little movies with his phone or his iPad. I’m more old school. Hand held video recorders, which are obsolete nowadays. At first, I was against being filmed. I am a teacher. If he leaked it on the Internet, I would lose my job for fucking a student. He is actually a former student, but I don’t think the powers that be would care much about that detail. He convinced me after a bottle of wine that it would be hot spank bank material when he goes back to college. You only live once, right? I did a sexy striptease for him first. He loves my sexy MILF body. I love his sexy hard and huge cock. He is bigger than both my ex-husbands combined! He has such stamina too. He was struggling holding the camera as I gave him head. I give great blowjobs. It makes any man weak. I can’t get him all in my mouth. I have been practicing for months. He is ten inches hard. I get at least ¾ of his shaft down my throat which is better than any college coed can do. He set the iPad up on the table as we fucked. I rode him reverse cowgirl so he could see my face and his cock going in and out of my wet pussy. He even pulled out for the cum shot all over my body, which was my favorite part of the video. I woke up with a wine hangover and regret. That was until I saw the video. It was my best work yet. I took all ten inches in my shaved wet pussy. Balls deep too. I can’t wait to make another one with him. This time he will be fucking my ass.

Phone Sex Therapy

phone sex therapyDo you need some phone sex therapy? This doctor is always in. I counsel guys in a variety of phone sex fetishes, but cuckolds make up most of my virtual patients I love cucks. I was married to two small dick losers, so I am uniquely qualified to deal with small dick losers. At my age, I no longer fake orgasms. Not when there are so many well hung studs to fuck.  Over the weekend, I had an intense therapy session with a man with a 2 inch dick. When he is soft, it is a turtle hiding in its shell. It is so small it’s invisible. We have been trying to find things that bring it out of its shell. Turns out two things do. Wearing my panties and seeing a big cock. When I was sucking my therapy stud’s cock, Larry’s turtle made an appearance. He had never seen a cock that big. He didn’t know that a cock could be that big. In his mind, cocks didn’t vary that much in size. Silly delusional boy needed to see for himself how much better some cocks are. In the process of therapy, we discovered he also likes big cocks. I guided my stud’s dick into his mouth and he was as hard as he had ever been. I sat back, watched and let him come to the realization that he is at least part gay. He is definitely submissive to big cock, like many women. He was hogging the cock at one point. I let him break out of his shell and gobble down that cock and cum. Larry is married, so I told him that he needs to tell his wife about our session. She has been cheating on him for months now. I think when men embrace their small dicks that gives their wives a sense of freedom to cheat in front of their husbands. I love cuckold phone sex therapy because it liberates everyone.

Best Phone Sex is Honest Phone Sex

best phone sexThe best phone sex is with a woman who will be honest with you. I am not the kind of woman to tell you your cock is big if it is small. I will not tell you that you are an amazing lover if you can’t find my clit with a GPS. I will not tell you your wife is not cheating on you if all the signs are there. I don’t operate like that. What good does it do you to delude you into thinking something that is not true? Eventually, you will meet a woman like me who will laugh at your three inch cock and ask to meet the lying bitch who told you it was big. Many of the losers I meet in my life are delusional because some chick didn’t have the balls to be honest. The truth hurts, but it can also heal. My ex husband number one is an example. He was my first husband, but I was his second wife. His ex wife told him there was nothing wrong with his dick. He had barely four inches hard and it was pencil thin. I never had an orgasm with him. She faked all her orgasms, so he thought the problem was mine. If she could cum, why couldn’t I cum. I wanted to slap the bitch. I had to dish out the harsh reality to him that he couldn’t please women. I became a cheating whore. We ended up divorcing because he couldn’t accept that he was only going to be my cuckold. Now, a decade later, he has embraced his role in my life. He came over last night and sucked a cock and watched a real man fuck me. He could have been enjoying life as my cuckold all this time if his first wife had not put him in the land of denial. If you think your wife is blowing smoke up your ass too, let me give you some brutal phone sex therapy so you can embrace your reality.

Ass Fetish: Want to be the Teacher’s Ass Slave?

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? I love punishing men by making them worship my ass. One of my students was a naughty boy. He plagiarized a paper. He thought he got away with it, until I showed him the same paper from another students 3 years prior to him. He must have bought the paper from a former student. This school expels students for plagiarism. It is stealing. I could have ruined his future. Instead, I offered him a very generous deal. I made him my ass slave. Instead of banging erasers or getting kicked out of school, he must worship my ass for an hour a day for the rest of the school year. Guess which option he took? It is a no brainer. Lick and smell naughty teacher ass or ruin your future by being expelled and labeled a plagiarist. I think he has grown to love ass worshiping. He has been my ass slave for two weeks now. He gets a boner rimming my pink puckered butthole. Today, after class, I sat on his face, almost smothering him. I could see the tent in is boxers. I don’t allow him to cum, however. He is being punished. He gets teased and denied. This is about humiliation, punishment and my pleasure. I can say this; it has only been a few weeks, but I have yet to have my asshole eaten out better. Are you ready to be my ass slave too?

Naughty Teacher Roleplaying

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is my Tinder name. I have been hooking up with naughty boys who like some old school corporal punishment. I miss the days when you could discipline students. My generation grew up tougher because a bare bottom spanking or a wooden spoon to the ass never hurt anyone. In fact, it built character and taught respect. I am a bitch in charge sort of woman. I may be equal with worthy men, but I was not born to be some one’s submissive slut. I wasn’t submissive to either of my ex-husbands.  A friend of mine is on Tinder. She is like me, a sexy dominatrix. There are lots of men who love a dominant woman; maybe you are one of them?  Roy is 22. One of those millennials lacking character. He has harbored teacher fantasies all his life. We hooked up last night for some naughty roleplaying. He got into trouble for cheating on an exam. Corporal punishment with a side of humiliation was necessary to discourage cheating in the future. I made him pull his pants down. When I saw how small his pecker was, I could not help but laugh before my firm hand spanked his bare ass 100 times. He was aroused. Too aroused for punishment, so I put him in a cock cage. That would teach him not to be aroused, unless he was a pain whore. Turns out he was a pain whore. Even under lock and key, his little shrimp dick got hard. That’s when the teacher decided the strap on was required. I bent him over the desk and fucked his ass until he couldn’t take it any longer. I think I fucked some discipline into Roy. He texted me from his job today that he was sitting in an innertube. He asked me if I would be up for some erotic roleplaying this weekend too. I am always for that if you can handle it.

Cuckold Phone Sex is a Hard Pill To Swallow for Some

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is something I enjoy. As a sexy mature woman, I have grown bolder with age. A man with a small cock is not welcome in my pussy any more. Frank had all the potential in the world for good fucking. Athletic build, handsome, wealthy…a dreamboat. Wrong. Perfect man in every way, but where it counts. Small dick city. So small, I could not even see it. I could hear my internal monologue going, “Where’s the beef?” He thought he was in charge with a turtle when he said, “Suck my dick honey. Let’s get the party started.” There is no party with a turtle dick. I laughed. I asked him to leave. It was over. A done deal. I was not fucking a man with a shrimp dick. He grabbed me, tried to get rough. I kneed him in the groin and tied him to a chair. I called over a real man so he could see the difference. Sometimes men need a visual to understand just how inadequate they really are.  When Shaun arrived, I made him watch as I blew a real dick. Frank has a clit. Shaun has a cock. No comparison between the two. Shaun liked humiliating a man twice his age. As he was fucking me, Shaun made sure to tell Frank that my pussy was off limits to him. Shaun owns my pussy now. Life is too short for small cocks. A hot size queen like me wants fucked. You got to have a big dick to fuck. You need at least something I can feel. Shaun fucked me for hours. We both kept coming and coming and coming. Frank was not happy. He kept insisting he had what I needed. Shaun pulled out of my pussy and shoved his dick down Frank’s throat. “Now, I own you too,” Shaun said with a smirk. To our surprise, Frank started sucking back. Frank has found his calling as a little fag boy. Have you found your calling yet?

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

cuckold phone sexIf you are looking for cuckold phone sex, you found it. It is my favorite type of call. I have cucked 2 ex-husbands and countless men who thought they could satisfy me with their small cocks. I thought there were a lot of small dick losers in my life, but since I became a cuckold sex queen, I have discovered there are way more men than I thought with tiny dicks. Get this. Some guys lie about being smaller than they are for humiliation. If you have a big dick, even an average cock, and lie that you are smaller for phone humiliation, then you are a different breed of pathetic. Some guys love a ball busting cock size queen. I have a full time job as a school teacher. I am a therapist too. I counsel students on everything from relationship woes to performance issues. It was a natural leap to being a phone therapist too. I had a student recently come to me about her boyfriend. She is one of the popular girls. Super hot coed type. Cheerleader, smart and the girl other girls wish they could be. Her boyfriend is an all American football player. Handsome guy, likely the most popular boy in school. Apparently, however, he has a small cock and it rarely gets hard. When he does, he is a minute boy. She feels the need to stay with him because they are the “it” couple at school. I gave her some honest advice. I told her to make her boyfriend a cuckold and take a lover. Most married women, maybe even your wife, cheat on their husbands with small cocks. Some women won’t divorce a tiny dick loser because of financial security or family. In those cases, cheat cheat cheat. I told Lexie to get a black lover. There are plenty of hung black guys in school who would love to fuck an unsatisfied white cheerleader. I love being a phone sex therapist too. When we talk, I will help you come to terms with your small cock and also help you encourage your wife to take a lover who will satisfied her properly.  

Great Blowjobs on Viagra

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are the best, aren’t they? Some guys will say even a bad blowjob is good. Roy was amazed at my cock sucking skills. We met at a mixer. He was my age, but when we were dancing, I felt how big his cock was in his pants. He had me at big dick. I am weak for one thing only, big cock. It was refreshing to feel a bulging cock on a man my age. Usually, they have limp dick syndrome, so I fuck younger guys.  Roy’s cock was not only big, but it was thick. I struggled to take it in my mouth. I was on my knees between his legs as he sat on my couch enjoying the best head of his life. I rimmed his ass, sucked his balls and jacked his cock until he exploded in my face. I was a bit disappointed that he came so quickly. I wanted that jizz in my pussy. I asked him if he had a second cum in him. He looked at me and said, “with you, I have unlimited cums.”  I sucked his cock until he was hard again. I rode Roy’s cock for hours. I was so satisfied. My pussy was drenched. After we collapsed in my bed, he admitted he took 3 Viagra’s at the club. I think I need to keep Viagra in my medicine cabinet from here on out.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah Loves Weak Men

phone sex therapistAs a phone sex therapist, I hear all kinds of things from my callers. I talk to submissive men, cuckolds, sissies, tiny dick losers and a variety of fetish guys. I don’t judge. Now, I cannot promise not to laugh. I spoke with a subby loser this morning who enjoys being exploited by dominant women. He acted at first like he didn’t like it, but he does whatever a woman wants. He will drain his bank account; wear a chastity belt; fuck his ass with a dildo; wear panties and ladies’ clothes. I bet he would even suck cock if a woman told him too. As a sexy dominatrix, I love submissive men.  Men who are too weak to say no and too pathetic to fuck, will do anything to be in the presence of a strong, hot woman. I have had many men like my caller in my life. I see to it to always have one handy. My current weak link is Harry. He is a 58 year old banker. Makes a shit ton of money, but is neither masculine or handsome. He has no options with women. Mature sexy women won’t fuck a man with a limp dick. Sexy coeds don’t want to fuck an old, ugly man. So, what does a man like Harry do? He finds himself a dominant woman and he tributes her. Harry pays me for my company. I’m not an escort. He is not paying to fuck me. He is paying simply for my company. I go to work functions with him. I play the part of the too hot for him girl, then back at his place he is getting small dick humiliation from me. He pays me to deny him and laugh at his inadequate dick. I know you are thinking to yourself, you would never do that. But, ask yourself a few questions. Are you handsome? Are you hung? If you are neither, I am sorry, unless you are filthy rich, likely all you will hear from a woman is her laughter.

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