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Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are something I enjoy. I find feet phallic. Do you? That is why if a man wants me to suck on his toes or feet, he better wear at least a size 11 if you know what I mean. If a man has small feet, that means he has a small cock too. If a man gets back to my place wanting me to give him a foot job and he has tiny feet, he is getting the same treatment he gets if he has a small cock. Since I let small dicks lick my pussy and ass, I will let small feet give me a foot job. I made Mr. Size 7 suck my toes as I cock teased him. I wouldn’t let him cum, because only big feet and big cocks get that privilege. I do enjoy having my toes sucked. It is sensual for me, often humiliating for the man, especially if my feet are bigger than his cock. Mr. Size 7 enjoyed sucking my toes and he enjoyed the small dick humiliation too. Dare I ask, what size shoe you wear?

As a Phone Sex Therapist, I Love Cuckolds

phone sex therapistAs a phone sex therapist, I talk to all sorts of men with a slew of kinks, fetishes and issues. I must be honest, however. Cuckolds are my favorite. Why? Because it takes a special kind of man to be so pathetic he would suck cock and take it up his back door to please a woman. I have a theory on cuckolds. I think many cuckold men are just gay for cock and either in denial or in the closet about their cock desires. I know the saying, “anything for love,” but does love make a man swallow another man’s cum or is it homosexuality? A real man has limits, even for the love of his life. I cuckolded two ex-husbands. If they didn’t want to suck dick and offer up a warm hole to keep a big cock hard, they would not have done it. They took cock because they had either latent or blatant homosexual tendencies. Under the guise of pleasing their cock size queen wife, they sucked dick and got fucked in the ass. Men with small dicks are just as curious about big cocks as women. Admit it; cuckold phone sex, being a cuckold, fascinates you too. You want to know what a big cock feels like in your mouth and back door pussy as much, maybe even more, as your wife or girlfriend. I get it. You don’t have to lie to me about just wanting to please the goddess in your life. I will have just as much fun with you as a submissive man as I will as a gay man. Think back. I bet there has been a time or two when you checked out the men in the locker room and realized one of these things was not like the other. You got a little chubby looking at all the real dick that surrounded you. Phone sex therapy can help you embrace your gay side. You don’t have to lie to me or yourself any longer.

Revenge Naughty Neighbor Porn

naughty neighbor pornI made naughty neighbor porn last night. My neighbors had a huge fight. They were yelling at each other and breaking shit. It was the middle of the night too. Woke me up. I am a light sleeper, but there was some serious Jerry Springer fighting going on next door. I put on my robe and coat since it is below freezing outside. I went next door to ask them to keep it down or I would have to call the cops. The wife went off on me. I mean I never heard such vulgarity from a classy woman. She was shaming her husband; calling him every name in the book. I felt sorry for him. I knew he didn’t have a small dick. Their bedroom faces mine. She was just being a shrew and a bad drunk. I told him he could spend the night at my place. She didn’t like that one bit, but he didn’t hesitate to leave with me. When we were back at my place, I made sure she could see us fucking too. If you like voyeur phone sex, you would have loved watching me fuck my married neighbor. His cock was perfect in length and girth. He had incredible stamina fueled by revenge. We fucked for hours. I lost track of how many times he made me cum, but I was drenched in sweat and jizz after a marathon fuck session.  He stayed the night, went to work this morning. I assume he is going home tonight, but maybe not. His shrew wife has been texting me and harassing me on Facebook all day. She is fucking with the wrong woman. I will take her man just because I can. If your wife isn’t treating you right and you have a nice cock, I will take you too.

More Cuckold Phone Sex in 2018

cuckold phone sexDo you see my well used pussy? That is the look of a satisfied cunt. A cunt that got a big fat cock for New Year’s Eve. It is the look of pussy that got exactly what it deserved. We both know you can’t give me the hardcore fucking that leaves me exhausted, yet begging for more, right? That is why you looked for cuckold phone sex. You know you couldn’t satisfy a mouse with that puny thing between your legs. I bet one of your resolutions was to get more humiliation. I bet you even vowed to get your wife some big cock too. You know she deserves to have a well fucked pussy like mine. Not just any cock can stretch out a pussy and make her meat lips sag. That takes many more inches than what you got. But the real question is, are you man enough to follow through with getting your wife some real dick?  In fact, after looking at you, I have decided you need more than humiliation and cuckold therapy. You require some forced feminization. I am going to put you in pretty pink panties because that shrimp dick is swimming in your boxers. You need to keep your pin dick secure in panties. Now that you are in panties, let’s find you a matching bra and garter belt. Slip on some high heels and put on some lipstick too. Now that is a look better suited for someone with a clit stick. This is going to be the year you embrace the fact that you can’t please women. This is the year you become a good cuckold and a sissy bitch. This is the year I own you. What are you waiting for? Call me for some phone sex therapy. You know you need it too.

Sexy Women Masturbating: My Wet Cunt is for Real Men Only

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating is a guarantee when you call for phone sex. I love letting men hear my wet pussy. The operative word is men. Little sissy bitch boys and tiny dick losers are not men; therefore, they don’t get to hear me play with my pussy. They may not even get to cum depending on my mood. My cunt only gets wet for real men with big cocks. I am a cock size queen. I am a bitch in charge type.  I have yet to encounter a sissy or a cuckold with a worthy cock. Even if they had one, it is doubtful I would want any part of it because a sissy or a cuck is hardly manly. Real men not only have big working cocks, but they know how to please a woman. They don’t want to be humiliated or shame. They don’t want cock and ball torture. They don’t want to suck dick. They don’t want to watch a woman take a big cock while their little dick is throbbing in a chastity cage. They don’t want to wear my panties or my clothes. Real men take control. They romance a woman. They eat pussy. They keep a hard cock. They cum a lot. They get hard easily for the second time around. They are the ones who get to hear a sexy babe like me toy with her cunt on the phone. Make sure you know the difference between a man and a sissy bitch cuck. It never fails. After talking to a sissy or a cuck, they start begging to put their tiny dick inside me or on me. No fucking way. I am too hot. All you losers get is phone humiliation and sex therapy for a per minute charge. Feel lucky if I let you cum.

This Sexy Babe Wants to Wish You A Merry Christmas

sexy babeThis sexy babe wants to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. You may not be able to find some alone time today to beat your meat, but I bet your wife goes shopping tomorrow. That will give you a window of time to get your freak on. Most women like to take advantage of the day after Christmas sales. Not me. I am not most women. I want to be home to talk dirty with my favorite perverts. I want to laugh at small dick losers. I want to dress my sissy boys. I want to discipline my naughty boys. I want to get foot jobs to my fetish guys. I want to have mature phone sex with my young, hung studs. Sure, I could be out shopping with women like your wife, but I have so much more fun staying inside and playing with perverts. We can let your wife get all the holiday bargains, while you and I have phone sex. Understand though, although I am a phone sex slut, I am a dominant woman. Men call me for certain fetishes, mainly cuckolding, sissy training and mature fetishes.  I can be a sexy mature GFE. I cannot, however, be your subby whore. If you are home alone today or the day after Christmas, call this phone sex therapist. I will be the best gift you give yourself.

Ski Bunny Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex stories happen everywhere for me, even the ski lodge. I went skiing with a few friends for a couple days this week. We do it every year over winter break. We drink wine, ski and pick up men at the lodge. I make a hot ski bunny. On the last night there, we fought over a guy. Fought isn’t the right word, because we don’t compete in a bad way like the term suggests. He picked me out of the three ski bunnies. My fellow ski bunnies each picked up a guy too, it was just I got the hottest one. We all went back up to our suite for some naked hot tub fun. I was expecting a big cock on my catch, but was disappointed when he got in the hot tub and had a small pecker. My girlfriends and I, even the other two guys started laughing. It was like a bad Seinfield episode because he kept shouting “there’s shrinkage,” like George Costanza. Not that much shrinkage. I mean he was like a frightened turtle.  My girlfriends started making out with their hung studs; they were real men. I wanted to throw my catch back in the water. I told him to go put on my panties. Little clit sticks belong in panties. I didn’t want to see that eyesore anyway. The other guys were all like it’s okay babe, we got enough cock to share. I started sucking one of them by the fire. He was about 8 inches bigger than my loser. My girlfriends tied him down, so he wouldn’t rub his nub as I gave head to a real cock. Real men deserve great head. Losers deserve small dick humiliation. We taunted him, even the other two guys made fun of him, but instead of running away, he popped a chubby and got off. He was a good sport for a tiny dick loser. Would you have been such a good sport?


Mature Phone Sex Workout

mature phone sexMature phone sex was what he wanted. He has been watching me work out for weeks. My subdivision has a club house. Any resident can use the gym 24/7; same with the pool. I am off school for a few weeks for the holidays, so I have been hitting the gym every morning. There are never very many folks working out in the day. There has been this college boy hitting the gym the same time as me the past week. Turns out it is not a coincidence. He has MILF fever. I caught him staring at my ass as I was doing squats. I figured he had an ass fetish, many men do. I wanted to see if I could get a rise out of him, so I used the medicine ball to work my stomach and legs. Suddenly, he had a tent in his shorts. We were the only ones in the gym, so I spread my legs and asked for his help working my stomach muscles from the inside. He knew what I was suggesting. He had my leggings ripped off my body and my legs spread wide in just a few minutes. His hard dick was thrusting deep into my wet pussy. I was working that fine ass of mine too. He gave me the best work out I have had in ages. He is coming over tonight for a proper fuck, however, I am quite fond of the quickie workout fuck too.

Foot Fetishes are Common

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. Women have them just as much as men. I have a confession. I love putting my sexy feet on a nice big cock. The feel of a throbbing shaft between the soles of my feet makes my pussy drip. When I picked Tom up at the bar last night it was because I saw what big feet he had. Most women know that a man with a big shoe size, most likely has a big cock to match. I wanted to give a foot job more than a blow job last night. Sometimes, I just want to feel hot flesh between my pretty feet. I got a pedicure earlier in the day, so I knew I had the perfect feet to give a hot foot job. When we were back at my place, I watched him undress for me. I was anticipating his beautiful cock as I watched him unzip his pants. His cock was above average, but it was not what I was expecting either for a size 13 shoe. I didn’t want to fuck him, but I did want to feel his cum between my toes. I told him his cock wasn’t big enough for my pussy. He read my mind, however, when he asked about my pretty feet. We shared the same fetish. I stretched my feet up to greet his cock and pretended like I was making a fire out of a stick. I rubbed my feet against his cock and soon fire erupted. He was quick to cum on my toes, so I was smart not to fuck him. It was still a hot encounter that fed my secret foot fetish. This sexy babe may be a size queen when it comes to what enters her pussy, but you may still have a shot of cumming on my feet if you have an average dick.

Mature Phone Sex Women are the Best

mature phone sexMature phone sex is what men crave. A hot teen slut is not the latest fad. A decade ago, every mature man wanted a younger girl. Younger men always want mature sexy women, but now so do dirty old men. Why? It is not that they aren’t attracted to coeds. It is that the need the experience and knowledge that comes with age. A woman in her forties just has certain life experiences that a nubile girl lacks. Men aren’t just attracted to me physically, they crave my honesty and experience. I have been fucking longer than most coeds have been alive. I know that cocks vary in size and performance. I understand that as women age, they become less complacent with bad sex. Young girls don’t want to hurt a guy’s feelings, or they are just fucking him for a free dinner, so they won’t admit that his cock is too small to satisfy her. A mature woman fucks for pleasure only, so if she is not getting pleasure, she has no problem saying so. Many men want that brutal honesty. Most men with small dicks know they are inadequate but if the girl isn’t complaining, they just go with the flow. However, when a woman is honest, they are eager to please. Men have an innate desire to pleasure women sexually. They will do anything to give pleasure too, even find a sexual surrogate to do the job he cannot or over compensate by spoiling her. All my ex husbands and small dick lovers have jumped through hoops to make sure I was sexually satisfied, even if that meant me taking a hung lover instead. The small dick losers in my life, never go away either. They keep coming back for more cuckolding or small dick humiliation. They pay my bills, take me shopping and spoil me. Why? Because I was honest and unapologetic about my need for bigger cock. Young girls could learn from sexy mature women. Being honest with a man goes further than blowing smoke up his ass.

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