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Newly Shaved Wet Pussy

shaved wet pussyShaved wet pussy tastes good. Now, I think all pussy tastes good if a woman is clean, but some guys swear a shaved snatch is tastier than a hairy one. I have always believed in a little fur for mature women. I don’t want a 70s afro looking bush, but a little landing strip or a furry triangle lets a man know you are all woman. This guy I am dating refuses to go down on me with even a little bit of fur on my pussy.  He makes a big deal about it. So, I made him a deal. If he shaved his cock and balls area, I would have my pussy looking and feeling like a bare ass. I didn’t think he would agree. Men like to have some pubes, some more than others. He totally shaved every pube in his crotch, so I had to follow suit. I asked him to shave me. I thought it would be hot and it was hot. He lathered up my pussy mound with shaving gel and used his razor on my cunt. I was dripping wet. Not only was I trusting him, but I was enjoying the lack of control I had. He wanted to test the newly shaved beaver out on his tongue. How could I say no to that? Confession: I came so hard with his tongue licking my smooth snatch. Cum isn’t the right word. I squirted all over his face. We eventually ended up in a 69 position so I could enjoy his clean surface too. We gave each other oral sex and fucked all night long. I am not sure why I find a shaved cunt so sexy, but seeing my pink lips and puffy mound, turned me on. Turned my man on too. At the end of the day, if it gets a worthy man rock hard, whatever it is they want, is worth doing. What do you prefer: a hairy wet pussy or a shave one?

Naughty Teacher Farah is Excited for Back to School

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is excited that school starts back soon. I have been enjoying my summer, but I love checking out the Freshmen class. Every school year, I get to enjoy the new school talent. Not every young stud is interested in a mature woman, but the majority are MILF fans. What is not to be a fan of? I am sexy and horny. Young boys love fucking an older woman. Most freshmen are not virgins nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they have much experience. Young girls know nothing about giving head and fucking. Not yet at least. Like a young man, a young girl needs some one older to make her cum and teach her how to be a good lover. My freshman orientation includes sex education lessons. If the student is lucky, I give him some private tutoring. I look forward to freshman orientation every August. The way I look it, I can size up the new meat and they can size up the sexy babe who will be teaching them in the Fall. Last freshmen orientation I picked up two young studs with big cocks who were just waiting for a hot mature woman to show them how to get the best use out of those big dicks. I can suck circles around freshman girls.  Are you ready to go back to school?

Cuckold Phone Sex: Shaming Losers

cuckold phone sexDo you enjoy cuckold phone sex? You must be a loser if you said yes. I love losers. I won’t fuck a loser. I married two losers so no more losers in my life. I mean no more losers in my pussy. I have no problem turning a loser into a cuckold or a clean up bitch. I also have no issues with shaming a loser. This guy I know loves to be publicly shamed for his little dick. He pays me for it too. Poor bastard. I had him over last night for girls’ night. Talk about fun. Me and 10 other hot babe size queens into small dick humiliation. We had him stand in front of us. We spent a good half hour ridiculing his little pinky dick. We wrote Loser and other such things in red lipstick on his body. The fun really happened when we dressed him up like a sissy. We even did his hair and make up. We put her in a sissy maid outfit I have for such occasions and took pictures for public shaming. We made him up load the pictures to his Face Book page so his family and friends could see what a shameful sissy loser he had become with our help. I broke out the bag of tricks so we could all fuck his little boy pussy. He cried and pleaded with us. Even claimed we had gone too far, but I knew he wanted a good ass fucking. All cucks and sissies love their asses played with, don’t they? You know what I am saying is true because if you are still reading this, you are enjoying what I have to say. Your little clitty is throbbing. Put on some panties, get out a toy and let’s have some fun.

Best Phone Sex in the Sky

best phone sexThe best phone sex is with sexy mature women. We love to get naughty. I am a classy woman in appearance, but a dirty slut in reality. I flew to visit my daughter recently. She lives in Yosemite Park for the summer. She is in her last year of college and doing an internship there. I thought, this may be my only chance to see one of the Seven Wonders of the word. I found the 8th wonder on the plane. Bob, the co pilot of the Delta flight I was on, caught my eye. Or, I should say, I caught his eye. He gave me a tour of the pit. He even let me play with the knobs. I just wanted his knob. I wanted to join the mile high club. I took a risk and unzipped his pants. I mean we were in the cock pit. I wanted some cock. We were flying somewhere over Colorado and I was blowing the co pilot in front of the pilot. I don’t think great blowjobs are cause for emergency landings. I was deep throating his shaft when the pilot pulled out his cock too. Equally as big and thick. I was the queen of the mile high club. I missed my calling. I should have been a sexy stewardess, then I could have flown and blown daily. After the pilots tag teamed me, I went back to my upright position with cum leaking out of me. I had almost as fun on the plane as I did seeing Yosemite National Park.

mature phone sex

Cuckold Phone Sex Dating

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex expert is what I consider myself. Men call me for MILF fantasies too, but most of my callers are cuckolds or cuckold wannabes. Which are you? Many of my callers wish their wives or girlfriends would fuck other men. Personally, I don’t get women who pass on a free pass to cheat. Like what the fuck? You know if a woman told her man he could have all the pussy he wanted, he would not hesitate on doing just that. But for some reason, many women would rather be sexually unsatisfied than cheat on a husband with a tiny dick. Luckily, I am not one of those women. Never will be either. I know that size matters. I know that in my forties I need a cock that can go all night. That is why I traded my date Friday night in for his son. Perhaps Tom could once fuck like a porn star, but those days are long gone. Now, he had an 8 inch cock, which is a decent dick size. But what good is a big dick if it won’t stay hard? After an hour of dealing with his flaccid dick, I was ready to call it a night. That was until his college son came home and busted us. He had MILF fever. I could see the way he was eyeballing me, but it was confirmed when he said, “Dad, this hot sexy woman is way out of your league.” Tom’s son was shaming him in front of me. I loved it. I walked over to Tom Jr., pulled his pants down and started blowing his cock. Hard in 2 seconds. Tom Jr. Looked at his daddy and said, “She has a real man now.” He sat on the couch and I sat on his dick riding him reverse cowgirl until we both came. Daddy sat pouting on the chair yelling at his broke down dick to work. If your cock doesn’t work and you have a young son, well you know who I am going to fuck.

Cuckold Phone Sex with a Sexy MILF

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex mirrors my sex life. I had a date with an age appropriate man against my better judgment. I don’t enjoy men in their 40s. They tend to whine, be self absorbed and have emotional baggage. As if that’s not bad enough, they often have dick problems too. My best friend dated this guy and swore up and down that none of the usual problems plagued him She didn’t really date him. They had an affair. I guess her sex starved pussy that led her to cheat clouded her better judgement. I found him to be narcissistic prick with a broke down dick. His cock wouldn’t come to life with a tire pump. He got pissy with me as I was blowing his limp dick. I give great head. There was nothing wrong with my technique as he suggested. Since he kept blaming me for his flaccid dick, I brought in reinforcements.

milf phone sexThe neighbor boy I have been fucking who is home for his last summer before graduating college, has a cock that gets hard at the wind. My limp dick date was not amused when a young stud arrived to join the fun. I am a milf phone sex specialist for a reason. I much prefer younger cock for this very reason. A young stud never has problems getting hard. On the rare chance that he does, they admit they drank too much or smoked too much weed. They never blame the sexy bitch blowing their cock. I blew the neighbor in front of my flaccid date. He didn’t like being cuckolded like that, but I didn’t like being blamed for his limp dick. The neighbor boy was hard as a rock in less than a minute. The power of good head. I had to fuck him since his cock proved my point. I don’t think I will be dating men over thirty again any time soon.

Sexy Women Masturbating

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating would be the name of my porn movie if I was a porn star. I have had many hot callers lately that I can’t keep my fingers out of my cunt. Now, I enjoy all my callers, but my sissy and cuckold calls only get me wet from the humiliation. It is so much fun to laugh at losers with tiny dicks. However, it is always quite enjoyable to get fucked by a real man too. The college boys are home for summer and horny. I am grateful so many of them have being calling this hot sexy woman. I always play with my pussy when a guy calls me for a fuck call. I’m in my sexual prime being in my forties, which pretty much means I am insatiable these days. I don’t really do drugs because I am a teacher and we get randomly drug tested, but it’s summer. I figure I can do some weed and stop in August and piss clean. Mary Jane puts me in a kinky mood. What about you?  After 8 hours of talking dirty and playing with my pussy while getting high put me in the mood for the real thing. I went next door to see if the neighbor boy wanted to play. He is home from Princeton for the summer. We fuck every summer. He is about to start his senior year, so this may be my last summer he will be home to fuck me.  He loves fucking me too. According to him, no coed can handle his 10 inch cock. Last night, I handled it balls deep in my ass. I love anal sex. Younger guys love fucking a woman in her ass. He didn’t last long. My ass is tight. I fucked him in his twin bed in his parent’s house. I felt so naughty. I came home, took calls and played with my cum filled ass I love this job.

Cuckold Phone Sex is the Best

cuckold phone sexI love cuckold phone sex calls. I can talk to callers for hours about my cuckolding experiences. Small dicks love me. Not sure why, because I don’t love them. I loathe tiny pricks. I do like a good cuck, however. Some guys with small dicks are jackasses. They think they are God’s gift to women with a pin dick. Then there is my favorite kind of small cock loser. The guys who know they can’t satisfy women and want to be with you so badly they will subject themselves to ridicule and cock sucking. Tim has a 2 inch cock. It is this fat extremely squat thing that couldn’t please a nymphomaniac. He hit on me at a house party over the weekend. He approached me already knowing I am a size queen. He didn’t attempt to tell me he had what I needed. He just called me a queen and a goddess; explained what an honor it would be to fetch me a real man to fuck. I liked his thinking. I knew he could liven up the party for me too. I told him if he bought me back a premium fuck toy, I would let him watch. He was back with Jerry in 10 minutes. Jerry was the son of the party host and hostess. He was 25, buff and hung. Eager to get blown by a mature sexy babe too. We all three slithered off to Jerry’s room undetected. When Jerry dropped his boxers, my face beamed like I had won the lottery. What a magnificent find. Tim was granted fluffing rights. Jerry was hesitant at first, but I explained it didn’t make him gay and he would soon be fucking a hot MILF. Watching Tim get Jerry’s monster cock hard for me made my pussy wet, but not as wet as when Jerry fucked me like an animal. I think Tim is going to be my new favorite cucky. He finds great cocks for us to share.

Mature Sexy Babe

sexy babeA sexy babe can be any age. I am enjoying my forties more and more. I live close to the beach. Since it is summer, I spend my days at the beach basking in the sun and picking up younger men. There was a group of young guys playing volley ball that caught my eye yesterday. When their ball landed next to me, I caught their eye. They invited me to play a round. I have not played volley ball since college, but I was pretty good. I surprised myself with how good I still was at the game. I certainly surprised them. We flirted. I was enjoying the attention from a group of hunky men. What woman wouldn’t? I was in heaven with those sweaty college boys. They invited me back to their house for a cook out they were having later that evening.  Of course, I played coy at first, made them convince me, even though this cougar never had any intention of saying no.  That night, I enjoyed drinks, grilled burgers and the cocks of 12 young college studs. I felt like a coed gone wild. I guess I was a MILF gone wild. On my knees with big, hard cocks surrounding me made me feel young again. But I wouldn’t trade being a MILF for being a coed again. Now, I have the skills to handle 12 cocks at once. When I was a coed, I could barely handle one cock at a time and I didn’t know size mattered.

Mature Phone Sex Fourth of July

mature phone sexMature phone sex on the Fourth of July puts some bang in your day. My neighbors were being obnoxious with fireworks last night. My dogs were freaking out, so I had to pay them a visit. I don’t like being a bitch to my neighbors, but it was after midnight and they were being drunk and obnoxious. I put on something sexy to get their attention. Turns out it was my neighbor’s college son and a bunch of his friends. His parents are on a cruise and he is house sitting for them. I was offered a beer. I took it to be neighborly. I asked them if they could cease the fireworks because the noise was giving my pups anxiety. One of the boys said, “What do we get in return?” I paused for a second, surprised by that response, then said, “What do you want?” They gave me that look of lust. I know what boys like. Boys like a mature sexy babe who knows how to handle a cock. They unzipped their trousers. I inspected the merchandise because I am a cock size queen, after all. They were each ample to say the least. I walked around the fire pit stroking their cocks. We were in my neighbor’s back yard. If the other neighbors were awake and looking out their windows, they would have seen some college boys rocking with their cocks out. I made out with the boys as I delivered each one a mind altering hand job. Feeling their throbbing shafts in my hands made me wet; very wet. Feeling each boy cum to my expert stroking, made me cum in my panties. My pussy was so thick and creamy from all the stud cock surrounding me. I gave into my desires. They all fucked me up against the garage like a paid whore. I loved it. Talk about naughty neighbor porn! I started my Fourth of July with a bang; a boy gang bang. How you spending your day?

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