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You make me want to dance

Erotic roleplaying

I met Howard at the club last night, and Howard is impressive. Howard is tall dark chiseled and oh so handsome. I found out that Howard was super stressed at home with his annoying, stuffy wife. The handsome man said that he had to just get away and he wanted someone to dance for him you see Howard, says he’s not going to cheat. Well, I guess I’ve got the challenge set. I offered Howard a free private dance because he was so fuckable. My pussy got wet before we got to the VIP room, I was so horny for this man, I mean I had not had a man like him in a very long time. I kept thinking in my head how will I get to see what’s going on in his pants. I started to dance on Howard moving my perfect little tight ass on his cock. I felt his cock rising, and it was girthy. I could tell there was something substantial going on with Howard down there and it turned me on like nothing else. My nipples got hard I started to think to myself I’m going to turn around and give him a head dance. I told him I didn’t want to make him cheat I just wanted to dance for him I said, Howard, I wish to do a special head dance for you. It took some convincing before Howard would let me take his big fat cock out of his zipper, but it was worth it, it was huge and as thick as I imagined. Straight away I filled my mouth up Howard was saying something about stopping this is cheating. I kept sucking viciously passionately taking as much of his delicious cock in as I could. All of a sudden Howard grabbed the back of my head and started to push his cock as far into my mouth as he could. It started there I bet you want to know where it ended.

Dumb Fucking Cunt

GFE phone sexHis wife Jenny is a fucking cunt whore Bradford’s wife called me today and attempted to tell me something crazy. I’ve always thought of Bradford’s wife Jenny, as a problem she’s so fucking needy. She can’t just let the man go, leave him alone you dumb bitch. Of course, Bradford was next to me sleeping in my bed after fucking me all night long. Bradford was exhausted after he stuck his big fat solid cock into every hole in my body. What is the problem with his wife, she is not getting him back, I deserve him Jenny is a loser. I hate bitches that are so fucking pretentious and entitled. I have a mind to tell that entitled cunt that her husband is mine now and I’m not giving him back. This bitch thinks she’s someone because she created two or three little cubs with him, and I hate them too. I have plans for her little rugrats, I’m going to sell them on the black market and get money for the becoming sex slaves. I hate dumb fucking cunts like Jenny. I want to tie her fucking lips together so she won’t talk so much shit. She’s always saying how she’s going to kick my ass and beat me up, I’m waiting I have been waiting for that bitch. Her man is fucking me right now he’s making sweet hot sex with me with his big fat cock. Jennifer, you’re nothing but a piece of whore trash you could never take the place of a sexy situation like Bradford and me, he is mine now, I’m not giving him back you fucking bitch.

I will do anything for You

I will do some crazy things to make the man that I love and want happy. I don’t have any limits when it comes to that special guy in my life as long as he keeps our sexual endeavors a secret we will have an experience every time. I want to take all my clothes off slowly every sexy piece of cloth. I know that it’s turning that special man on to be treated like a king like he’s the most important man in the world and that’s what I aim to do. After my clothes are all off of me, I’ll crawl over to him. I’ll take his cock out of his pants and start sucking it; I’ll drink all of that sweet pre-cum. I want to smile in his face while my lips are covered with his pre-cum. I know that will make him so happy to see my beautiful lips covered with his lovely pre-cum. I want to make sure I pay close attention to those beautiful balls as I’m putting them in my mouth licking and sucking them gently but firmly. I want to tease the tip of that dick head until he’s forced to grab my hand and make me suck harder. Now I’m ready to wrap my pussy lips around that big hard pulsating dick. I want to ride it reverse cowgirl style and twerk on his dick. I want my full focus of attention to be on pleasing that special man in every way that he wants to be and that I want to please him. I wish that special man right now I wonder, are you that special man for me? Do you want to be happy in every way Without Limits

Show the Wife or Pay the Price

Mature phone sex


I have got my probation officer by the balls, and I fucking love it. Mr. Dick Head Davis, my sour smelling probation officer, is a goddamned vindictive loser from the deepest depths of hell. I’m sure the devil didn’t want this son of a bitch, so he’s stuck on earth reeking havoc. I got busted with a minimal amount in one of the clubs I dance for in a fucking raid. Some little young cunt runaway happened to be there, and the cops were looking for the jailbait slut. To make a long story short, I had a few packs of coke taped to my ass that I forgot. I was arrested and given probation for six months, now I have this piece a shit probation officer who won’t stop coming by the clubs I dance, “making sure I’m at work” he is a twisted fuck. I asked two of my girlfriends to help me set him up for blackmail, and they were in, all the way. We were going to get that motherfucker on camera completely harassing me and forcing me to have sex by threating to revoke my probation and take me to jail. My girlfriends pretended they were jealous of me and found out who he was, and they told him they wanted to help him fuck me. My girls are the fucking best; they will do anything for me. I got drunk as fuck which was a violation of my probation, and I pretended like I didn’t know he was there, that’s how my girls set it up they told him to stay in the shadows and watch how I got toasted. I blasted down ten shots of Patron back to back and shook my cunt better than ever. I twerked my ass and rode the pole on stage like a true alley cat tramp. I played with my pussy as an extra special treat for the guys and Mr. Dick Head Davis of course. My pussy was so wet by the time I got off stage and out of nowhere came walking up to me was, Mr. Davis! Renee, he said with a stern voice, I need you to come with me right now. I acted surprised, but I was ready to do nasty fucking cum guzzling deviant shit. I knew I was going to be being taped, so I wanted to be super cocksucking dirty. Mr. Davis ushered me to one of the VIP rooms to reprimand me, or whatever was on his demonic mind. We reached the room where I was naked except for a pair of Christian Louboutin silver glitter 6 inch high heels. “Look at yourself, what the fuck are you are doing”, he spewed out to me aggressively. I tried to explain but he took fake information my girlfriends gave him and started threating to lock me up, he screamed at me telling me I was a fuck-up. I started to cry and beg I told him I would do anything to keep from going to jail. Mr. Dick Head Davis fell for the bait. He made get on my knees then he whipped he huge 9-inch cock out and slapped my face with it. “Suck it, you fucking slut”, he demanded before shoving his rock-hard cock into my mouth. I sucked his balls like an award-winning porn star I even lick his balls clean. Soon after horny Mr. Davis got ready to put his cock-rod in my cunt my girls walked in. Without saying a word they both started sucking and kissing on him, his cock got even harder. I felt his hard cock pouring into my pussy it felt so fucking good. Did I forget to say Mr. Davis was a family man with a beautiful wife and four little bed wetters, yea that’s funny isn’t it. There is something else very funny about Mr. Davis his father is a very well known honest straight legged politician. All night long fucking and secretly filming that piece a shit was amazing. The next day I passed by his office and gave him a copy of his work, I let him know that I wanted money, gifts, and no more fucking shit. He has been great ever since.

My Sister Cathy the Soccer Mom Slut

Naughty neighbor phone sexThere are a few soccer moms that are not Saints at all and my sister is one of them, she pretends that she’s not but she’s definitely a soccer mom slut. I spent the weekend with her and found out all of her little dirty slutty secrets. My sister Catherine is a simple woman, she takes care of her little ones she provides love for them and all that they need. A person wouldn’t believe by looking at my sister that she was an all-out cum guzzling whore. It is so true that you wouldn’t have any idea that my sister could give you the kind of fellatio that would make you go insane. The reason why I was staying with my sister this weekend was to help her out with her Rugrats because her husband Daniel left on an overseas trip. I first got wind of my sister Catherine’s bad behavior when the little ones were all with their teachers. I looked into her bathroom medicine cabinet and saw a little bottle with white powder in it. Being nosey, I opened the bottle and it was cocaine, wow my sister the innocent flower with cocaine in her medicine cabinet, that was a secret exposed. I took the bottle to her and I asked Catherine what she had the cocaine for. My sister looked into my eyes and she said, I love to sniff Coke off of my crazy Black neighbor’s cock until my nose bleeds. I laughed at my sister it made my pussy soaking wet. I had no idea that my sister and I were going to have so much fun this weekend but guess what, fun is exactly what was on the menu.

A little good morning message

Erotic roleplaying

Hi my love I can see that you’re awake and I know that you’re going to have a really long day you know I hate when you have long days  it takes too long for you to get back to me and let me satisfy you and you satisfy me. I have a few questions for you and a few treats too. Is your cock horny for me this morning, look at me I want you. You look so tasty what about me, do you think that I look so tasty right now? Can you tell in my eyes that I want you, that my cunt is thumping for your huge pulsating cock to fuck me Untamed and raw. I can tell when you wake up you want to just jizz all over my cum drinking mouth, your cock is usually so hard and I can’t help myself but need to taste it. Let me wrap my dick sucking lips around the head of your cock and slide down on your cock until it’s stuffed in my throat. I want you to have a good day and I know a good day starts out with a good cum. All I ever think about is pleasing you treating me just like you deserve to be treated like I mean you work so hard you deserve all of the pleasure that is afforded to you. Good morning sweetheart I love you.

You Ghetto Trash Whore

Female domination porn


I hate this bitch, this silly piece of fucking ghetto Corner Store trash. Bitch don’t you know that you’re nothing every time I come to the store to get me a pack of cigarettes I see you’re wasted slutty no discretion trash bag ass around. Who the fuck gave you money to go and pay for a motel room to take a bath because bitch you got a little soap in your life and you have lost your mind but I will bring you back. I’m not your type of loser you cannot do what I do because I’m sophisticated and you my dear are slut trash on the floor. Don’t you ever come you’re silly black disgusting ass around me and roll your eyes The Audacity Of You is petrifying. I saw you behind the dumpsters having sex with three guys real dingy dirty guys and what they were doing to you didn’t surprise me because you are behind the dumpster whore trash. I saw you on your knees guzzling cum in your mouth wow that’s why I took my phone out and I have proof. Now I want you to do some things from me since you’re a disgusting nasty uninhibited whore I’m going to make some money off of you you deserve it too the worst treatment ever. Too bad I can’t bring you into my dance club because you’re much too fucked up for that.

Dance For You

Forced feminization

Let me make you feel good after all I want to feel good too. I know you said this was your first time coming to a place like this so I want you to be completely relaxed and get ready to have an experience that will blow your mind and your load across the room. Me and my two girlfriends want to dance for you but we dance a special dance. All around you there are huge plush leather and satin fabric pillows trimmed in gold. LaLa is my Persian girlfriend who has the deepest green eyes you have ever seen in your life and her body is a masterpiece. Annabelle is my Spanish attraction fireball and she has all sorts of treats in her bag, remember that. The music is electrifying and all the curtains and lights in the dark let you see glimpses of wild feasting barbaric sex acts. LaLa starts to dance for you getting so close you can taste her sweet nipples in your mouth. I begin to take your shoes and pants off and you notice Annabelle is going into her treat bag. I grab your cock and start to suck it while LaLa straddles your face now her cunt is dancing on your wet face. Annabelle makes her way to us and she has got a treat to remember…..

Kelly I Tease no More


Exhibitionist sex

It’s a beautiful day outside today, I’m feeling so sexy on this sunny and naked worthy day. Right now all I need is some authentic bulging rock hard cock to eat up. Kelly, my insatiable neighbor has been sitting on his deck, ogling over my ass and I can imagine the ways he punishes his cockstick after watching me pour suntan lotion all over my toppless bakinni bottom body. I do it for him I love his cock control while forcing himself to fight off the instinct to take his precum soaked man meat out and start ripping at it. My soft supple primed ass drives him bonkers I can tell because of the way his lips tremble. When I turn on my tummy, Kelly curls his lips at me like a hungry motherfucking monster I can feel him sniffing the wind begging for a bite of me. My cunt is a juicy pussy and I need to touch myself, I lick my lips take my fingers and start to fuck my cunt in the sunshine on my deck. Kelly takes his cock out of his shorts and starts to beat it up. I notice his cock is so fucking big and beautiful. The head was calling me so I went over to his deck, do you want to know what happened next, I’ll bet you do.  

My best friends husband has lost his Mind 

Phone sex therapist

Karla my best girlfriend has a really plush life I mean her husband is so fucking rich, he buys her anything that her spoiled ass wants. Last month he took her on a two-week special vacation and he even invited me and we had a ball to remember. We came back and he treated us to a lavish shopping spree and spa day, it was absolutely amazing. He was acting sort of weird but Karla never pays much attention to him when shopping time happens and I don’t blame her, we shop big and bigger than most. Anyway, her husband had a big meeting with a few hundred shareholders about some kind of multi-billion-dollar deal. He was really acting strange too I tried to bring it to her attention but she was preoccupied so I called him into his private office and told him I was noticing that he was a ball of nerves and I felt that I had to help him or he would fuck up his major money deal. He spilled out to me while I started to unzip his pants and take his throbbing dick out oozing pre-cum, that she hadn’t fucked him the whole vacation. I swallowed his cock to the balls and let him fuck my moist mouth until he filled me with cum. I know the importance of him being on top of his game so I swallowed every drop of his hot salty sweet cum and cleaned everything round with my tongue so he could go get that deal done. My best friend’s husband lost well, almost lost his mind until I saved the day I know I’m the best girlfriend a rich spoiled girl could have because I will make she keeps shopping big.

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