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My Wildkatt


Femdom phone sex

I know she does what she wants; she doesn’t like to be submissive. It’s really her way of telling me, fuck you, and she knows it. She’s high-and-mighty, and I am going to fix her ass I’m going to show her I’m in control. I always liked her sexy little bubble ass I’ve always thought of it is a fantastic set of cheeks. She gets nasty for me; that’s what I like about her, she makes me a lot of money, but she doesn’t apply herself like I want her to. You know what surprises me, I had her do a job for me last night. I had her work with this guy will call him Peter, anyway Peter is a real good customer I sent girls his way before, and he aims to please just as much as I do. Peter pays well, so that makes him way more inviting anyway. Peter gets bored easily, but he is not bored with sweet cheeks. So I set him up on a date I told her he was in for his bonus she looked at me she smiled coy and sexy. She got right up to my ear and whispered, does that mean I give him anything he wants? My pussy got instantly wet because I like her; she looks so innocent, but she’s such a fucking walking whore. I had to keep my composure; it took me a second or two later than I would have liked, but I got my mental capacity together responded. Yes, he could have what he wants and more. I have to be in control; I don’t want my girls to think of me is weak. I can’t be seen as submissive at any time; that’s not good for my job; it’s not good for my bottom line. My Wildcat met up with Mr. Peter, and she fucked him and sucked him and did all of the tricks that I love for her to do. She did more than a phenomenal job; she said she had more because he’s definitely hooked on her. There is a lesson in this; we’re just going to have to figure it out together. I’ve got some hot sluts, but my Wildkatt will do whatever I instruct her to. She might be hard to tame, but she’s my challenge, and I accept it.

My Boyfriend is not Enough

Mutual masturbation stories

I had a show this weekend it was a private show. I remember being super fucking horny and having to dance in front of all those guys I was going to have to get my rocks off. My boyfriend was worried he thought that I would fuck them all because, after all, that is the kind of girl that I was before I met him. Secretly I must say that’s still the kind of girl that I am today, but I gave my boyfriend a chance to satisfy me. He took me right in the dressing room he took all of my clothes off and my panties off with his teeth. He started to lick my pussy so deep and so good I thought he was looking for family members. I rode his face like a cowgirl, and believe me; my boyfriend loves to eat my soft yummy cunt box. I had to go down and suck his cock because he ate my pussy out so good. I took his cock out of his jeans and started working on it like a crazy Beast. I sucked his cock and his balls and made them feel like I was their best friend. Soon my boyfriend’s cock was hard as steel. He bent me over my vanity desk and started to fuck me doggy style ramming his cock in and out of my soft wet pussy. I loved it; it was so intense. The sad thing for my boyfriend is when I got in the room and started dancing for all of those guys, those horny guys I had to give them some of my cunt box. I’m a nasty whore; I can’t help myself I love to have a good time. I want to have a good time with you right now make your move.


Work Slut

Erotic roleplaying

Guys tell me all the time how sexy I am, and I adore the compliments. There’s one guy though that’s really been lusting over me; he works with me, and so does his wife. His wife is always giving me an attitude because she’s jealous I think. One day in the break room, when everyone what’s gone, his wife stopped me and said she needed to have a conversation with me. Honestly, I thought this was going to be something that got on my fucking nerves, but it didn’t turn out that way. You see Jackson, that’s his name, and her name is Laura. Laura told me that she was angry when she first found out her husband was lusting over me, but then she saw an opportunity for her to get things that she wanted by giving him something he wanted. She propositioned me she told me that she would give me a raise if I fucked her husband for her. I smiled because honestly I’m kind of attracted to him. I told her that I was listening, and I wanted to find out more information because I definitely needed a raise. I’ve got bills to pay. She said she wanted me to fuck him after everybody left work. I was okay with it; in fact, I was really turned on, so today, after work, I’m going to fuck Jackson and give him my come guzzling pussy; however, he wants it. I’m going to let Jackson suck my pussy and fuck my pussy and my asshole in every fucking position that he could think of. The best part of it all is his wife is going to know everything, and she’s going to get whatever she needs to get from him because of it. I am so looking forward to this arrangement.

Let me Fuck You Right


Great blowjobs

I can make a motherfucker scream. I can make a horny man so happy you could do what I need all I want is a little money. Let me be your nasty bitch for tonight; let me be your motherfucking whore and cum-dumpster. I can make you happy you can see and feel the best cunt slut in me. If you want to have a whore who is going to make you feel good it’s me that you need I’m a mother fucking cunt and believe me I can satisfy you in every way you can imagine. You will want me to be your everything. I’m a bitch who can do the best I can do the most I can make you work like you need to because I want you and I need you. Bitches like me don’t have any rules at all in this world I am everything that I knew to be. I’m a cunt I’m a slut I’m a motherfucking cock sucking bitch who can make you happy for real. I’m a fucking cunt bitch, and I love it. I cannot stop myself, and I wouldn’t if I could. Bitches like me have fun all the time we do whatever we want to. I sleep with all the motherfuckers who I want to anybody who I have an appetite for is who I get because I’m beautiful. I’m hot, and I’m nasty. Would you like to go on a ride with me and let me ride that cock of yours I can make it feel real good?

I want it all

Great blowjobs
My pussy was made to satisfy I don’t give a fuck about any other whores. I’m number one as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t need help from a bitch who is just nothing. I know this married woman who always tries to get me in a pickle she really is jealous because her husband wants to fuck me raw naked head. I am the kind of bitch who can take it all I’ve fucked guys with 10 inches of hard cum-filled cock, and even more. I don’t give a fuck about your feelings; they are not relevant to me what have you ever done for me. I’ve got a message for jealous whores, and that is girlfriends you need to leave me alone. I will help a woman out with her man. I’ll take him off of her fucking hands. I like to be the woman who gets caught fucking him in her bed; I don’t care about the names they call me. I care about my satisfaction instead. Fuck me if you want some drama in your life tonight, don’t care about your girlfriend and I don’t give a fuck about your wife. I’m a bad girl and bad girls do the most. I have been this way all my life I cannot stop myself now and I wouldn’t if I could. My mother says that you should just let a whore be a whore and a bitch be a bitch. My mother told me that everything I did was right and I don’t have to change. Would you like to sleep with a woman who can make all your dreams come true? I’m serious I can make all of your fantasies come true and I can make you come so fucking hard that you will fall deeply in love with me. You will love my voice you will love my touch you’ll love the way that I suck on your cock and slobber all over it. I know how to make a man like me, I know how to make a man want and Lust For Me. I learned all my tricks when I was just a young girl, my mother, my auntie and my grandmother are all fucking cunt bitches. I know if you’ve got a dick you want it to be please and I know if you got a wife or a girlfriend who complains all the time you’re not getting what you want you’re not getting what you need. You know what to do if you really wanted I’m waiting on you.

Hi Mr. President

Erotic roleplaying

The president wants to kick me out of the fucking country. I’m afraid that if I don’t get a special meeting with the president me and my family will be kicked out of the country forever. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to tell the president, but I know that I have to do something and I’m desperate. I have always been a top money-making cunt slut in this country. The money that I make is all for my family it helps me to take care of everyone. I really have so many responsibilities because I have to send money back to my country to help my family that is still in my country. I suck dick all night long every night to make that cash to take care of my responsibilities. If I get this meeting with the president, I will lick his cock and make him feel that I need to stay. I was a young cum-slut when I first came to this country. I was selling my ass to whoever would pay me enough money. I was desperate, so my prices were low but now that I’m experienced and so much better at giving pussy I charge the right rates. I have pulled myself up from a nothing little scrunt to a top bitch. I saw the president at an exclusive Club he was in for essential people. Because I’m such a good slut whore, I’ve earned my way around the famous people. Now I have access to politicians and musicians actors just anyone who is anyone. I got into the president’s private VIP room I was wearing a tiny little skirt with no panties on. My ass was looking so good and tasty if I must say so myself. The president looked at me, and he said are you and nasty little trifling cum-dumpster slut? I told him I would be whatever you want me to be Mr. president because you make my pussy so wet. The president told me to drop down on my knees and suck his cock right there, so I drop down on my knees and started sucking his cock like a super pervert bitch. I sucked the president’s cock so good that he came in my mouth; the president told me to swallow his juices in front of him. I looked the president in his eyes, and I told him after I swallowed all of his cum that I really hope I pleased him. I said Mr. President I really don’t want you to kick me out of the country because I’ve been a good girl and being a bad girl and this is the only place I can make money to take care of my family. The president told me that I would have to do more than just suck some cock to convince him, so I took off all of my clothes, and it began. Hi, Mr. President I want you to know that I will do anything to stay in Great America. America is the land of the free money all I have to do is fuck and suck and dance and have a good time.

You are my Superstar


Sensual phone sex

You look like you’re about to crank that cock on me. I want you so bad, believe me, and I can’t live without your dick at all. I know that you’re about to fuck me hard I know because you’re looking hungry like a beast in heat and your cock has gotten so fucking hard. I knew you have always wanted to plow my cunt. I knew you were going to bring out the best slut whore in me. I’m about to fall so deep in love with you because I want your dick all the time and now I’m going to get it. You are my Superstar; you are my number one; you are the man that I’ve been dreaming about forever. All I’ve ever wanted was your big dick to ram inside of my cum-dumpster pussy. All I really ever dreamed about was you and all the nasty things you would be doing to my body. I know you want to fuck my little sister and we’re going to have a good time. My little sister has been after your dick for a very long time. At first, I didn’t want my little sister to give you her virgin pussy, but now I don’t give a damn I want for you to feel like a big man on campus. You’re my heartbeat you’re my fucking number one. I don’t ever want to please anybody as much as I want to please you. You’re exclusive to me, and I worship your dick. I just want it all the time, and I’ll give it to my sister too. I know you’ve had some dreams about being my number one guy it’s okay babe because I know that you are you’re a star. You turn me on, and you make me wet, you make my pussy go crazy, and I can’t think of anyone else who can do me like you. Your dick is great. I love it so much I can’t get enough. I want it all the time.

Mistress Satisfaction


Erotic roleplaying

Call me Mistress satisfaction. I know how to give you all the naughty lustful fetishes that you want. I know how to drive your cock insane. You have been a bad fucking boy, and I know exactly what you’ve done. I knew that you were a problem; I knew that you were a few screws short in your toolset. You’re a loser you are a fucking faggot sissy piece of shit. I’m your ruler I am your fucking owner and you better not ever disobey me, or I’ll spank your ass until it’s red and raw. Every time I see your little bitch face, I get the urge to dominate you. I am your fucking owner everything I tell you to do is what you need to be doing. Your mommy had a weak son that’s right loser your mommy had a weak fucking sissy son. You don’t have any balls, but you have the fucking audacity to try and talk to a woman. You know that you like getting fucked you know that you like for me to put on my strap-on and RAM it in your fucking sissy ass. What gave you the thought that a woman would want to let you stick your little 2in dick inside of her pussy? I’ve always thought of you s a bitch I’ve always seen you as a faggot little sissy. Look at your face I think you’re going to cry you know why you’re going to cry? You are going to cry because you have no control over your female instincts you’re a woman Inside, and that little bitty dick is proof. You need to be flogged you need to be beaten you need to be fucked in your little butt pussy. Tonight I’m going to give you everything you need, and I’m not holding back at all.

He’s Cheating and so am I


Sex therapy porn

I was wondering, when are you going to show me how much you love, me when are you going to show me how much you miss me. Don’t you know what I’ve given up to be with you? Rich trophy girlfriend, to a business Tycoon who’s family, has money and that’s not a joke, they have money they can fucking incinerate, and they’ll still have too much money. I gave all of that up for you because you knew how to fuck me, you knew how to make me feel right. I have given you everything, I have given you my best moments shared with you times that I can’t get back. I know that you have been having wild and crazy sex with my little sister. Don’t look so shocked yes I know all about what you and my little sister have been doing, and it is not good. You’ve been having sex with her at least six months, that’s how long I’ve been having you followed. I have been watching you, while you thought I was just some stupid dizzy wife waiting for you to come home and make me feel Worthy. You know, I feel sorry for you, but I am going to take you for what little cash that you got. When I first found out, I got me a young sexy boyfriend to fill in for you. The young man that I have been having my grand affair with, he’s gorgeous, and he has stamina unlike you. You know I wonder, how in the fuck does anyone get any satisfaction other than spending your money from you? My lover, he drives his huge hard cock inside of me for hours at a time, and it is beautiful every time.

Super Drive Cock

Sensual phone sex


I want to fuck you I want you to drive your big fat mother fucking dick deep inside of my hot wet fat pussy. I want you to fuck me all night long I want you to fuck me bareback and crazy like a pornstar. I have been wanting you for so fucking long I don’t know how I’m going to hold it in anymore, so I’ve decided I’m not holding it in I’m letting it all out. When you were away for a month, I was missing you, and I know that I play hard-to-get, but I’m not playing anymore. You are the dick stallion that I want to make me into a cum-guzzling whore. I want you I always lust after your body ever since I first saw you jogging in the park. Your legs are so fucking strong, and your arms are strong, and I can tell that dick of yours is huge. You are my fantasy I need you. I want to fuck you all the time. I know that you pay attention to what you do to me, and I believe you are teasing me. It is time for you to please me. I want you, and I know that I’m sexy, so stop playing hard to get. My tits want your mouth to take them in completely and suck. You’re my Don Juan babe you are the man that I have been wanting for so fucking long. If I cannot have you, I don’t want another bitch to have you. So let’s get busy and stick that dick in me and make me scream from Pleasure and Pain at the same damn time. Everybody knows that I am a freak so let me be your freak of the week. I will be your slut, and you can even fuck me in the butt I need to make you blow a big load. Don’t worry about tomorrow because you only live once so have some motherfucking fun.

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