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I need sex

Sensual phone sex


Kiss me because I wanted very badly. I need someone to come and help me feel good, and I know that might be you don’t you want to try at least. I will give you anything that you want I will suck your big bone hard cock for you really well better than any girl you’ve ever thought of before. I am a super freak I am a hungry for cock super fucking freak, and I’ll do anything for it. Please come and save me from this life of boredom and no dick I need a cock right now so very bad. I am the slutty whore that you want you to want me more than anyone you’ve ever wanted before, and I’m not just hypnotizing you. I’m telling you because it’s true. I am so horny right now my body is craving and needing to be pleased only you can do that so come and get me now. Hot horny whores like me love to get nasty we love it more than anything, and we will do everything to be pleased. I need you you can make it happen for me so come and make it happen for me right now.

Our Little Secret

Erotic roleplaying

Let Me dance for you. I know I’m going to turn you on if you let me. When I saw you walk into this club, I got instantly wet because you’re so fucking sexy to me. I knew it was you, but I decided not to hide because my boyfriend has no idea that I’m dancing in this club. I know you’re attracted to me too so why don’t you give me a chance to make you happy I want to dance for you babe. I know you seem nervous you feel like you’re wrong because my boyfriend is your best friend. I don’t want you to worry because it’s our secret we can keep it if you can keep your mouth closed. I know you want me like I want you let’s go back into the VIP room and we can explore our lustful feelings. I will give you an experience that you won’t forget, and I’ll give you a reason not to tell my boyfriend that you have seen me here dancing. Let me get in between your legs dig my head down on your cock take it out of your pants and kiss it for you. You look like you’re perplexed like you are sort of scared but believe me you won’t have to worry at all because I can keep a secret. I’ve always been attracted to you I just never said anything because of my boyfriend, but now we have the perfect opportunity since it’s just you and me and I’m half naked in front of you. I want you to relax and let me please you the way that you need to be pleased.

Indecent Bitch

Hot sexy woman


I am an indecent bitch who loves to do the nasty ass shit that has ever been possible. Last night I was at a party, and I sucked so many cocks you could call it shameful, but I would call it shameless because I don’t care what anyone thinks. Put me on your radar I belong there I belong in a place that’s going to make you blow your load extensively. I want to be your naughty cum dumpsters slut all night long. Let me suck your steaming hot asshole please I need it. I dream about doing wild fucked up things all of the time. I need a guy any fucking guy to slam me with a hard dick. I need you, and I fucking hope you need me too. I am in love with being a stupid piece of stripper tramp trash. I am the worst kind of fucking cunt.

I’m in Lust

Sensual phone sex


I just want to be the one you love to fuck I just need to be the girl who is good luck to you, babe. Can you let me suck your cock today I’ve been needing to wrap my lips around your cock all day, and now I really want to do so babe let me please you like you deserve to be treated and pleased? You’re the man who does the things for me that other men could only wish they do you make me happy babe you make me so sad inside and everything you said I believe it’s true cuz I believe in you. Whenever you want to make me feel like joy all you have to do is come around because you’re mine and I am yours, and that’s the way that life is supposed to be. Kiss me in my pussy wrap your tongue around my clit my cum guzzling pussy needs it more than anything. I’m Your Love slave, and you just make me feel overjoyed, I’m not playing with you boy. I need your body why don’t you come along and make it happen for me? I have been wanting you for so long. Everything you do is correct in my eyes, I think you’re special you’re so talented you make the world go around for me. And when you stick your big fat cum filled cock inside of me, you make me feel like I’m weak I love you so much. If you don’t fuck me, I am depressed the whole day long because I need you more than you understand. So please I’m begging you to give me a call back I am begging you on my knees I want to suck it, and all you need to do to me is say yes. I’m in love with you. I’m in lust with you your whole body turns me on. Please give me you because I deserve you and I will please you.

I Want a Star Role


Erotic roleplaying

I want to be on the casting couch and do all the nasty shit that the actresses do to get a role in tv and movies. I simply need to be a star, and I will do absolutely anything to become a star, and that includes sucking ass licking cocks and getting fucked by dozens of guys, I mean there is no limit. Calvin is an up-and-coming producer who is producing this great movie that I will do anything to be in, I mean I’ll take any role, and I will earn it in flesh. Bitches just don’t understand I am so fucking hungry for the spotlight I’m so hungry for the attention that comes with it, and I’m so fucking hungry for the money, all of the beautiful cash that comes with being a star. Calvin is going to put me in this movie, and I’m going to make sure of it I am going to sneak into his office and suck his cock all day long while he’s having meetings I’ll be under his desk sucking the cream out of his cock securing my way. I don’t care about any bitch that calls me a whore, I’m convinced all those country sluts are just jealous and they wish they had the opportunity to be in the midst of a producer like Calvin, that was making a great movie. Just watch what I’m willing to do I even think that I am going to videotape the whole thing to make sure that I get to watch myself over and over again.

5-Star Fucking Review

Sensual phone sex


So I got in an uber the other day, and I was going to go pick up me and nice little meal from not too far from my house. The Uber driver was so fucking sexy, and he looked so good it made me think to myself my pussy is getting wet in the back of his car. I saw him look at me from the mirror and he gave me this look like he loves my tits I saw him like looking at my cleavage, and it made me extra wet. I asked him would do you me a favor and make an extra stop somewhere for me, but you have to wait like 30 minutes. I really wanted to know, would it be okay with him if I paid him extra. He looked at me, and I gave him those eyes of course, anyway he said sure so I told him, can we stop at this Motel. I got a room, and I told him I really needed to take a shower, and I asked him to come into the room and sit down and wait on me cuz I really didn’t want him to leave, and I was going to tip him so well. I knew he wanted to do it and he said yes, of course, we both went into the room. I got into the shower I took a shower and then when I came out of the shower I purposely left all of my clothes off. The Uber driver looked at me his cock, it got instantly rock fucking hard I got down on my knees, and I opened up his zipper and started sucking his cock like a mad woman. He began to push my head on to his cock which made me so fucking horny and so nasty I loved it. My cunt was thumping, he forced his cock into my mouth; he laid back before cumming hard, he sprayed his juices down my throat. I kept sucking his rock hard bone until it got hard again, I couldn’t help myself he tasted so fucking delicious. After he got bone hard again, I hopped on top of his cock and started fucking him hard and started driving my pussy up and down on this rock hard thick boner. That was the best Uber ride I had ever had because I came all over that big fat dick of his. He gave me an excellent review, and I gave him a 5-star review myself it was so great.

Barnyard Bucking


Forced feminization

When I get down and dirty, he likes me to cover myself with mud, and he loves for me to squeal like, oink, oink out loud. I think my friend is kinky, but it’s okay with me because I like to squeal it really turns me on. He calls me his Barnyard babe and says I can do it all, I’ve been loving it because I like to make those sounds. The other night he wanted me to moo, moo like a mother fucking piece of living beef. I don’t mind it, it makes him hot and makes his dick so hard, so I do it. I make that outdoor motherfucker go barnyard crazy with my sounds. I danced around for him while shouting out the things that he wants me to say. I guess you can call me if adventurous because I don’t mind being the wild girl who will do anything. Do you want me to be one of the worst whores, do you want me to put a strap-on and fuck you while you make those sounds too? I don’t mind because that’s what he likes; also, he loves to be those things while I fuck him real hard. He can really take a ten-inch strap-on so good. Do you have a need to be fucked by someone who really knows how to work a strap-on you should connect with me if you do? Don’t let me stop you from enjoying yourself I can really help you to love what you do and what you’re a part of Boo. Do you want to be my sweet boo, do you want to be my bae if you do then you should try us. Open your mind let’s decide what you want to, don’t hold back because that holding back shit it’s not useful you need to enjoy yourself thoroughly. I’m going to make sure you have fun don’t worry about anything at all. I’m not the type to lose the ball if you know what I mean. I’ll suck your cock to the balls I will fuck you good to that’s what I do I take care of every single want and need.

Beautiful Threesomes


Latina phone sex

I’m a call girl, I do escort work, but I’m much more than that. I love my wild imagination my big dream is to be an actress did you know that actresses get ready for rolls and do work around it like what I do for real so I guess I’m getting into character. I like to fuck I like to get wild nasty, and out of control, if I could fuck you in front of an audience I would do it I wouldn’t say no. I’m just who I am nobody else I really know how to satisfy myself and hot wet cunt bitches like me love to go crazy on other women’s big men. I like to fuck and get wild and nasty I can’t help myself. I can suck a dick so good I’ll make your man scream in passion and joy he will lose his mind. But this night I was too big for my shoulders I had to deal with a wife, and that was scary. She came into the hotel room she was angry as fuck a huge big fat white woman she kept calling me names like you fucking spic and saying that I was a perfect reason for the wall. I told her I was sorry I tried to pretend like I had no idea her husband was married. That bitch snatched my hair and started to scream she went crazy. I told her the only thing I could think of I said, I will fucking eat your cunt so good. I was so scared that she was going to fuck me up so I told her I can eat your pussy so good it will make you cry I tried to say anything, and she agreed. She made me get down on my knees she opened her fat legs and told me to lick my pussy skinny bitch. Her sloppy wet pussy tasted like candy, it was so sweet it was like she had been needing to be satisfied for so long and I was getting the chance to please her. I am really good at satisfaction I am tremendously sexual with women and men I know how to do my job. That was a day and a night that we all fondly remember and laugh about as we’re doing Bountiful, beautiful threesomes together. The best part of the whole thing is I get paid to have the most fabulous sex ever.



I’m a Cheater

Latina phone sex


Fuck you, you stupid piece of shit, who the fuck do you think you are you think you deserve to have sex with me. Guess what I’m not ever going to fuck you. I’m always going to take you right to the point of losing control, and then I’m going to get up and fucking leave. If you happen to be at my house, I am going to kick your ass the fuck out because you don’t mean shit to me you’re just a paycheck. I mean really who do you think you are with your small little dick you can’t even make me scream you make me mad. I can’t stand you I tried to like you, but it’s just not possible you’re so arrogant for nothing. You and your little bitty pink dick means nothing you should be in a dress you fucking sissy I should have a strap-on making you scream. You’re not a winner you’re a fucking loser a nobody, a complete nothing and you think you deserve me. For some reason I’m at a loss I cannot understand how someone like you could feel that you deserve someone like me. I love sex I love having sex I love one night stands I love being a dirty fucking whore, but you make me feel so bored. You can’t keep your little cock up for more than 10 minutes it’s disgusting it’s embarrassing, and it doesn’t turn me on loser. I’ve had enough of you. I am going to fuck your brother I’m going to let him suck my pussy, and I’m going to make you eat all of his creamy cum From my cum guzzling cunt. Your brother has been looking at my tight ass for so long he’s been telling me how he wants to bite my ass right in front of your face. Your brother calls you a wimp, and I do believe him he told me how he could fuck me for hours, and he’d love to put it on videotape I’m down for it. I’m going to suck his dick so fucking good that you’re going to feel it except for you’re not going to be getting it. I know that you deserve punishment for being so arrogant and stupid for thinking that you deserve sex from me and you’re never going to get it.

Submit to Me

Domination phone sex

Let my cunt tell you what to do from now on you motherfucker. I am your mistress I own you everything you do you better beg me to do it, and that includes breathing. I want you to thank me for letting you lick the bottom of my feet after all that’s a delicious treat for your dirty fucking tongue. Your mouth is a filthy Palace that doesn’t deserve any residence. I’m going to give you golden showers all day long I’ve been drinking a lot of water. You should get down on your knees and bow to me let me know who the queen is. If you displease me I’ll spank you with my leather whip I’ll make you see that annoying me is the worst form of disobedience. Your a foul nothing you mean nothing to everyone that’s why you’re all alone because of your sick twisted mind. Without me no one would want to be around you but because I’m beautiful Sultry and tremendously sexy I make all everyone you know come around. You want me you dream about me so beg me if I tell you. Remember I am your owner oh I am the ruler of your world and my happiness is the only thing that’s ever going to be important. Do you understand? I’ve got some Adventures I’m going to send you on really soon.

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