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Let’s Go to the Moon and Fuck

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Brad is the hottest big dick weirdo nerd that I have ever met. He is always doing some out of the world experiments dealing with human sexuality and the outer limits of space. Brad is always telling me how he want’s to be the first guy to bust a nut in a hot cunt in space. He makes me laugh but I assure you that Brad is working hard on his dream. I like to come to his lab and give him some space age cocksucking I love when he sprays his load in my mouth and I never spill a drop. I’m here for Brad I am glad to fuck him on earth to help him with his studies. He always tells me how important I am to the work that he is doing and that along with his fat long cock does what I need so well. Brad and I have a perfect arrangement. 

Do You Need My Cunny

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Let’s get fucked up Charlie I’m really feeling like I need to just get drunk. I know I can trust you Charlie I never had to worry about you before so why worry about you now. Charlie give me another drink it’s getting late and I just wanted to drink my brains away. Charlie my boyfriend cheated on me with my sister I’m so lost I don’t know what to do. Look at me I’m beautiful doesn’t he love me Charlie do I make you horny I want to make you horny. I like the way you look at me do you want my cunny Charlie do you want my hot sweet pretty pussy Charlie. I think I’m going to fuck you Charlie I feel so good I feel so free and I’m so mad am I fucked up boyfriend I want to do something to get him back. Charlie take my clothes off I’m going to fuck you and let you fuck me are you going to Charlie?

Josh Did this to Me 

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I remember it like it was yesterday in fact I cannot ever forget it. My cousin Josh he always treated me nice he bought me things he was a few years older than me he kept me in the best cheerleading outfits. I had no idea what was really going on in his mind. He told me he wanted me to reach for the sky he was always so encouraging he said I was beautiful and that I deserved to be the number one cheerleader on the squad so that’s why he bought me everything that I needed and spared nothing. Well one day when I was at home one Saturday my cousin Josh came in on me he saw me undressing getting ready to take a shower. He said to me come here I want to see you. I was startled I must admit I didn’t know how to feel he had never done anything like that before. I walked over to him wearing nothing but my panties and bra he said to me you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and then he reached to kiss me I turned away and I think that that made him angry and that’s when it all began. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what happened it was so intense and it was my first time.


Latin Men Fuck So Good

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I know this very sexy guy his name is Javier. I have been lusting after him for so long I have wanted him inside of me making me feel so right I just have the feeling that he knows how to do that. I think tonight I’m going to get my chance to see how Javier can suck my wet cunt. I want to see just how he can suck my pussy and make it feel so good. Javier is the Latin love machine he looks so tasty and he always smells so fucking good. I don’t know what cologne that he wears but it turns me on and makes my pussy drip. I invited Javier to my house I told him that I wanted him to help me with some things around the house that I couldn’t do by myself. And Javier is such a chivaris man that he didn’t mind in fact he was excited to help me. He came to my house around 7 in the evening I told him we would have to do a lot of work and I needed his help for several hours. What Javier did not know was that I had some things planned like bubble bath with roses cuz I wanted to bathe him and get his body really clean before I dirty him up. Oh how I was going to PLS Javier if you want to know what’s going on maybe you should call me I won’t hold anything back.

I Always Loved Big Dicks


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I love to suck big dicks I love to wrap my mouth around big fat meat sausages. I love it so much if you could fuck me would you do it, would you drive your pole inside my pussy if I beg. I need it and you know that I want it, the penetration so bad. You said you’re bringing those five guys over tonight you told me that they all have big fat cocks and they’re just right for me. Well you’ve got to prove it tonight is the night. I want those cocks inside of me taking advantage of me giving me everything that I can take and believe me I can take it all yes, I can. I’m a fucking Tramp slut and I liked it so much I can’t help how I feel. I need big fucking cocks taking me over at every turn filling my holes up. I’m so glad you know what I need I’m so glad we’re going to have so much fun. Five big dick studs pounding me taking control of my whole body treating me just like a dirty slut like I love so come in and give it to me now. I’m waiting I wanted right now.

The Freaky Photoshoot

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I guess I’m fancy free and ready to fuck. Paul is a top photographer that everyone wants to work with including me. He likes to get down and dirty and go places that reeks of naughty behavior. I got lucky and he chose me to work with on this hot grunge princess shoot, I was so excited to have this chance. I didn’t know all that was in store for me though, you see Paul had some nasty plans for me. We arrived at this old house in a shady part of town where things were already set up and ready to start shooting. I noticed a few big Black strong looking guys that were hanging around near the house and they were tall, dark and hot. We must have been shooting for about an hour or two before there was a knock at the door, it was those three guys who were hanging around outside. Paul motioned for them all to come in and meet me I must say they looked even better up close. Paul told me that I would be taking a few shots with the guys because as he said they made me look even more yummy than I was looking. Before the guys were all over me getting really intense touching my tits and my twat I was getting super moist. After taking a few innocent shots with the guys Paul suggested that we opened up a little more, he told us to get into the action of what it would look like if three hard cock guys had their way with a soft grunge snow bunny. If you want to know how it went you should call me. I won’t hold back just like I didn’t hold back on the photoshoot.


Tammy is a Little Rich Bitch

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I danced with this sultry poo name Tammy kind of prissy said she’s doing it so she can get out and not just be such a boring stick-in-the-mud. Tammy is such a little goody two shoes she’s always doing the right thing like she doesn’t know how to do the wrong thing. I want to show her more about the Chocolate World because she’s been vanilla, and it makes me so upset. The question is how will I begin to explain my case and to tell Tammy that she needs to go somewhere with me let’s leave the dance and let’s get Wild. Tammy we’re going to a party one you’ve never been to the name of this party is a furry party and we’re going to have a furry good time. I’m going to save Tammy from her boring existence she barely has any rhythm on the stage when she’s dancing but it’s okay I’m about to change everything for Tammy. So, we are going to a furry party just like I said we are going to dress up and Tammy’s going to be a cat how someone is going to get fucked and their furry butt watch! Tammy’s going to get it for sure.


Nasty Mr. Charlie

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Is your dick on hard is it nice and fat like I like it? Is it ready for me, you know I love the way you do things with it like I love how you bend me over and you drive that piece of Steel in me real deep so incredibly fucking deep. I lose my mind I hope that you can feel my cunt throbbing I want you to feel my breathing cunt how massively good it feels with your big fat pulsating dick ramming me. I am your cum guzzling whore I’m your nasty little bitch your fucking slut feast whore. I have been lusting for you to thrash me with your solid stroking dick. Fuck me hard with your cock stuff your balls in my mouth and make me take them all the way. I need it I want it, Mr. Nasty Charlie you’re the one that I want to take advantage of me you can do whatever that you want to with no limits. Because you are good yes you are really really good you make my toes curl whenever you’re shoving your cock in me you fuck me hard until I scream and then you make me feel like I’m dreaming with cream. I want you to cum in my face and make me squirt all over yours.


Let Me Dance for You

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You can do what you want to do to me it’s okay with me baby. All I really want from you is a bit of your dick you can give it to me I’m going to earn it baby I’m going to shake my money maker. I want to dance for you I want to show you how I shake my thing. If you need a lover who’s going to love you right you need me to fucking night you can have me if you want I will do anything. I wanted to work for you I want to shake my ass I want to show you how good I dance I can do it baby if you need it let me soothe you. Yeah you know how I like it you know how I want to really give it to you and I will really give it to you that way if you want me. Do what you can do whatever you want. Let me take off my clothes for you I want to take off everything and do whatever you want to do.

Let Me be Your Living Doll

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Ever since I was a little lad I felt like I was out of place in my own body. I have kept my thoughts and my feelings about not being myself or not feeling like myself to myself for all these years. I enjoy traveling so that I won’t have to stay around my family’s community and risk them finding out and judging me. I keep my most prized possessions hidden away locked away because I have a secret. I think I am ready to reveal myself because for the last 7 years I have been preparing myself to become Diana the living doll that I’ve always wanted to be. When I am in my character Diana I am beautiful I Feel Like a Woman I feel like I should. And only with your help Renee have I become so brave I want to thank you for everything you’ve made it to where I can truly be myself and I can’t wait to make love to you as the living doll that you deserve to experience this love making with.


I bet you are wondering why I’m telling you about my friend or why I’m sharing his feelings with you it is because more than my friend I love strapping a big fat cock on and fucking the shit out of a living doll. I love sliding my strap-on in and out of bed soft squishy gooey B pussy. I’m so in love with it that I thought I might share with you all how satisfied my friend is I love to get nasty with my friend I love my living doll we do so many things together I can’t get enough of her. And I would love for you to dress up and be my living doll too I know you’re going to love it.


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