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Today is all about sexy pussies. And I have one of the sexiest pussies around my cunt is hot and tasty enough for you to eat all night long. Do you want to fuck me right? What do you like? All I want to do is fuck you; I don’t give a fuck about anybody at all. My pussy is wet right now it is so fucking hot as fucking hell. If you like bitches that can suck dick, then you will love me because I know how to suck dick better than any fucking freak I’ve ever met. Do you have some drugs because I want some weed and I could have some coke too, babe can you make that happen for me? I will do whatever you want to do if you can get me fucked up we can have a good time we don’t have to stop for anyone at all. So let me run my motherfucking tongue down your chest down your tummy then I can follow your happy trail right down to your big fat swollen cum-filled cock. Let me be your super nasty freak you can fuck me in my ass tonight. Will you drill me like you know you should? My whole body is horny ass fuck I can taste your cock from across the room if you are horny like me then we can make this happen right now. Let’s do it let me be your trifling fucking bitch I have no respect for myself if you haven’t already guessed. My mother raised a whore, in fact, she raised a dirty scuzzbucket slut. I know that you have someone that you’re interested in, but that bitch is nothing like me you won’t have fun with her so why don’t you just do what you know you want to do so you can have the fun that you deserve. All the bitches say that they’re nasty, but when it comes down to it, they can’t handle what I can. You should try me, you should try me out and see just how fucking good your cock is going to feel when I get through with you.

Hell of a Show

Great blowjobs


I’ve been thinking of lusting it doesn’t matter what the fuck you think of me. I love hard cocks I really get off to some fucking nasty shit. I am a dancer, and guys gather around my cunt they love how I fuck they love how I move to it turns them on. If you want to watch me, you better get ready for a hell of a show. I’ve got it together, and I can fuck all night if you want me to. This guy came into my club, and he was acting like he was the money man I caught him looking my way and that was my shot I had it over. When I got to his table I started dancing on him he really got hard as a rock. This guy like my attitude, so he started throwing hundred dollar bills at me. I dance like a sex-star I had a good time with this guy yeah. I am a hot bitch, and last night was for sure proof of it. But let me tell you I got the guy to go home with me so I could get more out of him. My pussy was so wet because he had Stacks and stacks of hundreds. I didn’t even care what his name was I called him money, man, and he was terrific. I let money man fuck me; however, he wanted to, and it was the fucking best. I have got to do it again sometime. The most significant part of it all is I made $5,000 off of his ass.

Mike and Camilla


Erotic roleplaying

My special group of friends sat at the table in the coffee shop, laughing and joking, the conversation began to shift, and sex became the topic. “When did you guys have your first orgasm,” my friend Heather curiously pried. Everyone started throwing ages of when they first experienced a climax, Camilla was the only one who couldn’t relate “I’ve never had one” the whole table shook and stared in complete disbelief. “you’re lying right, where’s Ashton Kutcher with the camera” Mike erupted in laughter. I’m serious, and I don’t see what’s so funny,” Camilla said in a disgruntled tone. Mike became very interested, he had already been trying to date and fuck Camilla for months. Mike knew she was the type that played hard to get. “Let’s make a bet, if I can make you cum then you have to go on at least 5 dates with me” he chuckled. “It’s impossible you bozo if it hasn’t happened already I doubt it ever will” she sassed. ” Let’s bet on it then if I lose, I never bring it up again. Camilla shook his hand and took him up in his offer, the table was shocked and also amused, “be at my house at 7 p.m.!” Camilla commanded. That night mike arrived at her home. They sat and watched movies until he brought it up ” we had a deal ma’am,” ” I guess we did she replied do what you must.” He softly ran his fingers through her hair and started kissing her neck, sliding his hands down her pants ” to be a person who’s never come before you sure are wet, wet as hell” he looked up at her and smiled “I wanna drink you up” Camilla’s face turned red. Mike lifted her legs back planting his face in her sweet nectar, he sucked on her clit, he could feel her shake all about he had already felt he won, but he wanted to see how far he could take her. He sucked until he felt her thrust her hips back and forth, making love to his mouth. Camilla could feel something that was so foreign on the horizon, she couldn’t wait; she wanted it. “Cum in my mouth pretty girl” Mike screamed as she grabbed his head rocking her hips faster. Mike’s bone hard cum-filled cock was getting harder tasting her. “Ughhhh!” she let out a loud moan her juices dripping down his throat dripping from his chin, he was pleased “fuck me please,” she yelled. “As you wish, maybe you should be planning those dates while you’re at it” he smiled Camilla rolled her eyes

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She Kissed Me


Sexy babe

I didn’t know she liked me this whole time but I went along with it. Stacey is a sexy girl and I have been wanting her. My chance was now and not later so I began kissing and sucking on her neck while caressing her supple nipples and squeezing them. Then Stacey began to lick her fingers and massage my clit. We were doing this it was amazing, we were both moaning and enjoying each other. I then flipped her over onto her back and started eating her yummy cunt out. She loved it as I started fingering her beautiful cunt fast and getting her nice and soaking wet for me. As I sucked and played with her clit and shoving my long tongue in her muff toy she took it all. She was loving it moaning and turning red, I knew she was getting close to an orgasm for me. I grabbed my strap-on with two dicks to fuck her real good. I grabbed her legs, spread them wide got her in a middle split and start fucking her pussy crazy. She was screaming and scratching my arms as her juices were splashing everywhere. I wanted to fuck her crazy shoving and stuffing her so good wanting to split her in half. She squirted everywhere. My dicks were nice and creamy, I grabbed her face to clean my dicks off and I decided she was my bitch now.

My Sexy Playmate

Sensual phone sex


My sexy playmate and I were playing around he then said, “follow me but keep quiet so we won’t wake up everyone,” “ok I won’t.” I said, where are we going as he grabbed my hand, leading me into the laundry room. He picked me up and put me on the dryer then started it up.”What are you doing?!” I laughed, “let me taste that pussy,” he said. “We are going to get in trouble,” I explained. “No, we are not as long as you cover your mouth and just be quiet.” He took my pants off and pulled me closer to the edge of the shaky dryer. The vibration was very arousing, and the adrenaline rush that we might get caught turned me on. He then spread my legs wide and began licking my wet vibrating clit flicking it with his tongue, also sucking my lips and traced it back to my sweet cherry down inside me. It was pure ecstasy with extra stimulation from the dryer. Fucking me with his tongue while he fingered my sopping wet asshole. I couldn’t help grabbing his head-scratching him while shaking and trying to hold on. He spat on my clit and sucked me so good I squirted two times, but he was freak nasty he wanted more. I squirted so much it ran down his chin. He licked it off and licked me clean like he hasn’t eaten in days it turned me on so much. My body was so weak and exhausted from over stimulation I tapped out. He then grabbed me and said, “you know what to do.”I licked my juices off his face and kissed him. He smiled and said, “that’s a good girl.”

Wet for You


Erotic roleplaying

Sobbing into your torrid broad shoulder as you tease my clit with your massive member. The feel of your skin under my nails as you fuck me like you love me causing my warm cunt to flood like the ocean. I scream and bring you in closer as you begin to stroke into me further and further. We are one. Inside of each other and loving one another; I can feel you. You pick up your drenched face from the inner corner of my neck to pour into my eyes with your sensual glare of passion. You bring your hand to my hot cheeks and gently wipe my tears while placing a kiss onto my lips. You grab my face and pull me into your now rough embrace, making me shiver all over. My nails dig deeper as your grip tightens around my soft neck. I know I bruise easy, yet I have no problem with these marks of passion. You thrust into me harder and faster; my cries begin to sound like music to your ears. I am wet for you…

Sexy Latin Goddess


GFE phone sex

I’m a proud sexy Latin goddess, and I merit being treated like I am supposed to be treated. I need a powerful, profound individual who is all about spoiling me to the core. I need a big rich buck to give me fancy dresses, diamond rings, mink coats, and all of the things I’ve ever fantasized about getting. If you are going to get this yummy cunt just be ready to buy me a brand new Benz. I want to sit my superior perfect bubble ass in my new Benz’s cream leather seats. I have not ever wanted any old regular whore’s car I require a limited edition 2020 Mercedes Benz with cream soft leather interior and black exterior. I desire always to be attended to as the super great bitch I am. I need you to understand that you should not ever fuck around with me. Do what you are supposed to an in return I am going to provide you with the best sexual experiences of your whole being. I am going to engulf your cock and balls until you lose your mind. I will make your cum filled balls cry for me. I know how to expedite pleasure, I’m the best. Every night you can fuck me in my ass until it’s gaping. I’ll beg you to discipline me, like a naughty girl needs. Listen, babe, you won’t know what hit you when I’m done because I am a real pleaser and I know what I want. Remember my love, I don’t have any rules what so ever.

Lets Have Fun!


Erotic roleplaying

Kiss me how you want to kiss me and touch me how you want to feel me. I want you to fuck me Wild and Free I want you to Buck this pussy. You can be whatever you like to and fuck me all day straight into the night time I need you so much you don’t know. I want your cock strong, loving babe you know that you will be the one for me. I want to suck your cock until you’re all Juiced out. Would you like to fuck me in my ass hole? Do you think it would feel good if you drove your massive meat inside of my ass? I’m always really horny for you. I’m aching for you to fill me up. Don’t you want to make me feel like I’m special all you have to do is treat me like a slut? I am your slut, honey when you fuck me you bring out all the bad girl Behavior. You are the guy I want all the time because I can’t get enough. I am your mistress, your wife is such a whore she has no idea that I’m much better than her. You just make my body go crazy because I’ve wanted you for such a long time, I need you right now so fuck me hard and deep. Give me all your cock baby I want you to ram your cock in me all night everything you do honey is just right for me. You make me dream about you I can hardly take how sexy I feel when we are in the same room. Your wife has no idea that you’re such a kinky come guzzling cock strong maniac. If she only knew that you could fuck so hard for so long, she would not know what to do with you at all. Babe, I know just how to make you feel like you’re supposed to I can be your lot-lizard I can be a nasty fucking wench. Your body makes me want you; my body is always vibrating for you. I want to worship you. You do these things to me don’t you even have a clue I would do anything to have you fucking me.

Sensual phone sex


I Miss You

Sexy breasts


My pussy is wet and hot. I want some dick right now. I am willing to do anything to fuck you because it’s been so long and I miss you. I know you have a girlfriend, but she just needs to be able to share today. I don’t care about your woman I want your fucking body I want to fuck you, and I want you to fuck me. I will ride your cock so good I know that you’re full of cum because you used to be and why would you have been done changed. You’ve got a hot body your washboard abs, or just what I know you turn me on every time I see your pictures. I like to go to Facebook and watch your live feed because I lust for you all the time I miss you so much. Please call me and let’s get together tonight I won’t disappoint you at all. I miss your big fat throbbing cock I miss it inside of my cunt I really want you right now. Can you tell me that you don’t miss me sucking your cock all the way to the balls? If you can say to me that you don’t want me as much as I want you, I’m going to stop, and I’ll let you be with her even though I really want to fuck you so bad. I need you, please give me a callback tonight I’m begging, and I need it so bad I don’t know what to do. It’s raining outside remember when it rained we used to fuck all day and straight into the night we would fuck so good it would feel so fucking right. I love you. I need you. I miss your beautiful body. I want you back with me so bad. I’ll bet your girlfriend doesn’t suck your cock and lick your ass quite like me I know she isn’t as nasty as we used to be. You are my dream guy and I really miss you so much I can’t say it enough you are my everything. I had a dream about you last night, and you came inside of my pussy so much it drove me insane.

I need sex

Sensual phone sex


Kiss me because I wanted very badly. I need someone to come and help me feel good, and I know that might be you don’t you want to try at least. I will give you anything that you want I will suck your big bone hard cock for you really well better than any girl you’ve ever thought of before. I am a super freak I am a hungry for cock super fucking freak, and I’ll do anything for it. Please come and save me from this life of boredom and no dick I need a cock right now so very bad. I am the slutty whore that you want you to want me more than anyone you’ve ever wanted before, and I’m not just hypnotizing you. I’m telling you because it’s true. I am so horny right now my body is craving and needing to be pleased only you can do that so come and get me now. Hot horny whores like me love to get nasty we love it more than anything, and we will do everything to be pleased. I need you you can make it happen for me so come and make it happen for me right now.

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